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He's back. A hero for our millennium. And not a moment too soon, because during the five years (much longer in movie-fan years!) Superman sought his home planet, things changed on his adopted planet. Nations moved on without him. Lois Lane now has a son, a fiance and a Pulitzer for "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman." And Lex Luthor has a plan that will destroy millions - no, billions - of lives. Filmmaker Bryan Singer (X-Men) gives the world the Superman it needs, honoring the legend everyone loves while taking it in a powerful new direction. Brandon Routh proves a perfect choice to wear the hero's cape, leading a top cast that includes Kate Bosworth as Lois and Kevin Spacey as Lex. And the thrills - from a sky-grapple with a tumbling jumbo jet to a continent-convulsing showdown - redefine Wow. "I'm always around," Superman tells Lois. You'll be glad he is.

If Richard Donner's 1978 feature film Superman: The Movie made us believe a man could fly, Bryan Singer's 2006 follow-up, Superman Returns, lets us remember that a superhero movie can make our spirits soar. Superman (played by newcomer Brandon Routh) comes back to Earth after a futile five-year search for his destroyed home planet of Krypton. As alter ego Clark Kent, he's eager to return to his job at the Daily Planet and to see Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth). Lois, however, has moved on: she now has a fianc¨¦ (James Marsden), a son (Tristan Leabu), and a Pulitzer Prize for her article entitled "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman." On top of this emotional curveball, his old archrival Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) is plotting the biggest land grab in history.

Singer, who made a strong impression among comic-book fans for his work on the X-Men franchise and directed Spacey in The Usual Suspects, brings both a fresh eye and a sense of respect to the world's oldest superhero. He borrows John Williams's great theme music and Marlon Brando's voice as Jor-El, and the story (penned by Singer's X-Men collaborators Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris) is a sort-of-sequel to the first two films in the franchise (choosing to ignore that the third and fourth movies ever happened). The humorous and romantic elements give the movie a heart, Singer's art-deco Metropolis is often breathtaking, and the special effects are elegant and spectacular, particularly an early airplane-disaster set-piece. Of the cast, Routh is excellent as the dual Superman/Clark, Spacey is both droll and vicious as Luthor, and Parker Posey gets the best lines as Luthor's moll Kitty. But at 23, Bosworth seems too young for the five-years-past-grizzled Lois. It's nice to see Noel Neill, Jack Larson (both from the classic Adventures of Superman TV series), and Eva Marie-Saint on the screen as well. Superman Returns is one of those projects that was in development for seemingly forever, but it was worth the wait -- it's the most enjoyable superhero movie since Spider-Man 2 and The Incredibles. --David Horiuchi

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  • It's All About Nostalgia
    It sure can't be easy to live up to audience expectations set by movies generations have grown up with like Star Wars. However, I think Superman Returns succeeds where the new Star Wars films failed. After languishing for what seemed an eternity in development hell, Superman Returns, directed by Bryan Singer, is a credit to Singer and his crew, and quite a marvel to behold.

    Like with Star Wars, audiences have had more than twenty years to process, scrutinize and savor every moment of the 1978 movie version directed by Richard Donner and starring the unpretentious Christopher Reeve. In fact, I found myself at once nostalgic hearing the familiar score by John Williams and from watching the flying blue credits preceding the film. And for but a brief moment, I even expected Christopher Reeve to appear on the screen--just as he was remembered.

    Though Christopher Reeve did not appear, his presence was definitely felt. A relative unknown, Brandon Routh had an uncanny knack for capturing that which audiences loved about Reeve and adding some of his own personality to the dual roles of Clark Kent and Superman. Even Kate Bosworth brought her own to the role of Lois Lane, made famous on celluloid by Margot Kidder. Her Lois Lane appeared more conflicted than frazzled the way Kidder's Lane always appeared, and it was a welcome and fresh approach. Equally notable was the continuity of a story line from the second film of the original movie run; a perfect segue to this updated rendition. And as the CGI effects of this version dazzle and amaze, the third and fourth installments of the former franchise are easily dismissed like a bad dream.

    While in recent years iconic comic heroes have been brought to the screen with flair and heart, I think for the updated Superman franchise, the best is yet to come. Though it's clear the film is an homage to the director of the1978 version--with everything from the visual to the spoken echoing its former incarnation--Kevin Spacey's characterization of Lex Luthor was tiresome, trite, and just plain distracting. It was especially disappointing considering the complexity Michael Rosenbaum has given the television version in the Smallville series. That Lex Luthor would have been a wonderfully frightening addition, considering the heart and soul of the Superman Returns script; one in which takes pride in its portrayal of a more complex protagonist, and could have had an equally complex adversary. Instead of wondering what other scheme Luthor might concoct in future installments, I found myself wishing for an indefinite reprieve.

    But where this movie succeeds in revisiting the celluloid version introduced nearly thirty years ago is the wonderful marriage of special effects and storytelling. This relationship invokes a welcome nostalgia for the old while appreciating the new, complete with a story full of layers and action. Though the length of the movie may turn off some movie-goers, running at 154 minutes, it's well worth viewing for two reasons: first, for fans of the Christopher Reeve Superman, it will leave them feeling nostalgic for the kid who first sat before the giant screen hearing the resounding musical score and watching Reeve fly effortlessly as no one had done before. Secondly, even if you're not a fan of the original movie series, the ease with which Routh's Superman defies gravity, and the impossible task of stepping into roles made cinematically famous three decades ago handled capably, it makes it all too easy to get caught up in the Superman lore.

    Here's hoping this Superman stays a little while longer. And unlike the last set of films, only gets better with age....more info
    To the Superman fans of the world, please believe me when I say that this movie lives up to my expectations. I'm sick of seeing the words "lack-luster" when people describe this movie. It is by far full of luster and imagination. Dedicated to Christopher and Diane Reeves and also blessed by Richard Donner, this movie brings back Superman to us when we fully need him. An true hero to me and many others. I understand why plenty of people like Spiderman or Batman better, because they are able to cross the line now and again and say it was for the right reason. Superman never crosses that line and will always be the true hero to do the right thing, even if the jaded world doesn't agree. We can look to him and be inspired to be better human beings. Brandon Routh is a excellent Superman. Strong and tough, but also shows his emotional hurt when he finds out that Lois has moved on with her life. An epic story, much better seen on the big screen, but the DVD will also make you believe once more that a man can fly. In closing, Superman Returns is one of the best superhero movies ever made, I can't wait until the next one....more info
  • The Passion of the Christ, I mean Superman
    Release date: June 28, 2006
    Director: Bryan Singer
    Runtime: 2 hours, 34 minutes
    Locations: New South Wales, Australia, and New York City
    Cast: Brandon Routh (Superman), Kate Bosworth (Lois), Kevin Spacey (Luthor), James Marsden (Richard White), Parker Posey (Kitty), Frank Langella (Perry White), Eve Marie Saint (Clark's mom) and Marlon Brando (Jor-el).

    STORY: Superman returns to Earth after five years trying to find out what happened to his homeworld. As Clark Kent he gets his job back at the Daily Planet newspaper, but finds out Lois Lane has moved on without him -- having a live-in fiance (Marsden) and a five-year-old child, not to mention winning a Pulitzer for her article "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman." Meanwhile Lex Luthor and his henchmen discover Superman's Fortress of Solitude and steal some of the alien crystals. Luthor's mad scheme is to create a new continent, killing billions of people in the process.

    Before seeing this film I scanned many of the Amazon reviews to see if it was worthwhile and the first thing I noticed was that most of the people wrote very long, detailed reviews. I thought, "Wow, these Superman fans really take ol' Supes seriously." I also noticed that people either seemed to love the film or hate it.

    Count me as one who loved it. I'm not the biggest Superman fan but I used to collect many of the comics and I loved the first two movies. I only had a half hour to kill last Saturday night but the movie was so good I watched well over an hour without really realizing it and finished it the next night. In other words, the film successfully pulled me into the story and I lost track of time. This is a good sign (especially when the film has so many dramatic parts).

    The story is an obvious retelling of the Christ story:

    -- Jor-el gives his son to protect (save) humankind.
    -- Superman repeatedly states that he's everywhere and will always be around (i.e. omnipresent).
    -- Luthor and his henchmen's beating of Supes is reminiscent of Christ's beating before his crucifixion.
    -- Superman sacrifices himself to save humanity from Luthor's new continent.
    -- When superman "dies" above the atmosphere of Earth he is shown in a cross posture.

    In adition to this, Lois Lane is an obvious type of atheism. Although she once believed in and even loved Superman, she's now convinced the world doesn't really need him. She's obviously unhappy and bitter; she lacks the pizzazz she had when she once believed.

    Of course, all this heavy symbolism is useless if the story itself fails to capture the viewer's attention. This is especially vital when the picture is two and a half hours long. But it succeeds!

    The film definitely has an epic vibe to it, even more so than the first in the series. It seems more serious, i.e. less campy, especially where Luthor and his team are concerned. The film also possesses an imperceptible reverent quality. Even though the whole Superman mythos is totally absurd, the film somehow enables the viewer to accept it as real. On top of all this there are numerous humorous parts, which are truly laugh-out-loud funny (watch out for the hilarious "It's a bird," "It's a plane" piece).

    Other things worth commenting on:

    -- Some complain that Kate Bosworth lacks charisma as Lois Lane, but this all fits into the bitter "I no longer believe" subplot. Bosworth is fine in the role.
    -- Some complain about Superman's 5-year visit to Krypton. What's the problem? Part of my youth was spent in Minneapolis and I've gone back there numerous times to quell my curiosity. Why wouldn't Superman feel the same way? Why was he gone so long and why did he need a crystalized craft? Because he was potentially exposing himself to large amounts of Kryptonite (radioactive pieces of his homeworld) which would severely weaken him, not to mention he gets his powers from the Earth's sun.
    -- Some complain about Lois' fiance and her son, who may or may not be the offspring of Supes. Wouldn't it be natural for Lois to move on after about two years waiting? Her "shacking up" before marriage can be attributed to her new "I no longer believe" mentality.
    -- Love is a strong theme here as is fitting for any retelling of the Christ story. Superman loves Lois and vice versa, even though Lois is initially in denial. Love gives life and saves from death.
    -- I liked the fact that Lois' fiance (Marsden) isn't made out to be a villain. Interestingly, Lois picked a man who, as a pilot, could fly her around like Supes, albeit less spectacularly. I also like the fact that the film shows Lois being faithful to Marsden even though she discovers she still loves Superman. The human heart is capable of loving more than one person, but can only be faithful or committed to one, if you know what I mean.
    -- Frank Langella is his usual charismatic self as Perry White.
    -- Kevin Spacey is excellent as Luthor, much better than Hackman; this is especially evident as the story progresses. His larger-than-life lunatic scheme is truly fitting for Supe's main foe.
    -- There are numerous dramatic parts where the film takes its time to tell the story; there's obviously no rush to get to the next cgi action scene. Those with ADD beware. Needless to say, this is a film for adults even though kids will enjoy many aspects.
    -- "Superman Returns" was one of the most expensive films ever made at $209 million but made most of it back in North America ($200 million) while almost doubling it worldwide ($391 million). What's strange is studio heads were disappointed with these numbers (!), claiming it should have made $500 million.

    BOTTOM LINE: I was truly surprised to discover how good "Superman Returns" is. This is an epic and moving superhero film -- sci-fi/fantasy at it's best, in fact. Is it as good or better than the best superhero films? Not only is it as good or better, it's deeper. ...more info
  • I Want Lex Luthor's Boat
    I thought the original Christopher Reeve movie had its moments, but reversing time was just too stupid for me to take it seriously. I didn't watch the Salkinds finish killing the franchise, although I did read about the destruction on the Agony Booth website, where they treat me like kryptonite. And as a child, I thought the comics were just stupid. Thus, I was hesitant to see this. But one of my Chinese students, whose English name is Bruce Wayne, said he preferred it to BATMAN BEGINS. I love BATMAN BEGINS. So even though Bruce Wayne's loose lips gave me one of the big plot spoilers, I decided I oughta watch it anyway. Then, in Thailand, Jan gave my DVD to a student before I had the chance. No matter. I found another last week.

    Superman has always required a willing suspension of disbelief that's been difficult for me to pull off. The flaws in his secret identity really come to light when Superman and Clark Kent both return from five-year absences, and look much alike, and nobody notices.

    His supersuit is never harmed by the stresses of his lifestyle but yields to Martha Kent's scissors, needle and thread. It's creepy watching him spy on people with super-hearing and X-ray vision, not for some "greater good" that he has no right to judge, but rather to sort out his love life. Being invincible is boring, kryptonite is contrived, and why were doctors giving him oxygen when he flies through space and apparently doesn't need to breathe?

    But Lex Luthor finally makes sense to me. I love his boat.

    On the whole, a fresh approach, a good reimagining of the Superman concept, and a watchable movie. But I won't be rushing out looking for any sequels.

    ...more info
  • If you still have HD DVD, this is STILL the DEFINITIVE version of the movie.
    For those of you who (like me, were format neutral, as in bought both HD DVD and Blu-ray.) still have HD DVD get this version! It's that the Blu-ray is missing special features, or the visual quality is worse (Most dual-format movies have the same encode.) but the audio quality is perfect! That's because it comes with a Dolby TrueHD track (which the Blu-ray version lacks.) and it is astounding. As of right now, it's the only version to contain this soundtrack, and it's well worth it.

    For those that don't know what a TrueHD track is, it's a lossless version of the soundtrack, which means it's master quality! Believe me, it makes a difference! This is a great movie with a great visual look, and with the HD DVD version, the definitive version of the audio. ...more info
  • What Made Superman Become So Dull In His Rebirth.
    I have to say first, I'm not a comic book fan. I've never read, nor will I ever read any sort of comic book. I am, however, a movie fan. I loved the first two Chris Reeve Superman Movies, (3 and 4 were just dreadful) and I was hoping that with this reincarnation it would bring back the awesomeness of the first two. It seems that with Superman Returns for whatever reason it decided to become a sequel, but not a proper sequel, just a sequel where they change things that happened in the past which we know didn't happen because we watched the first four movies. (The last two, yes unfortunately)

    I'm going to touch on quite a few things that I noticed in this movie where I raised one eyebrow and thought, WTF? The first one is the main one that I think most people will have noticed and genuinely asked the question. What were they thinking? OK, Superman had left Metropolis to find the remains of his home planet which had apparently been discovered by astronomers. This was something that had happened after Superman 4, and now he returns to jump back into the job he abandoned and make friends with the bitter Lois Lane. This is what annoyed me. Lois Lane, for whatever reason had suddenly forgotten that Clark Kent was Superman? Forgive me if I'm wrong here but didn't she find out his real identity in the first Superman Movie? I know this film wasn't billed as an actual sequel, but if you're going to name a movie Superman Returns, and it's released 28 years after the original Superman movie then you have to at least keep it consistent because you have a lot of people at least expecting a bit of a sequel feel to it.

    The other thing I wanted to poke at was something another reviewer has also mentioned. This is a comic book movie, correct? This is a movie based on a man from another planet who's pretty much invincible, correct? Then why is it that with this sequel they had the beauty of CGI and the ability to bring a crazy villain (rather than Luthor) to go against Superman. Why don't we get some real comic book action in this film? Spiderman did it, The Incredible Hulk has done it, hell even the Dark Knight has done it. So why did Superman not bother? Why did Singer, Harris & Dougherty decide to give us a soap operatic movie that simply, Superman fans weren't after. Sure the Lois reunion would have been cool and to see her moved on would have been interesting, but this was the whole damn movie. Superman returns to Earth to find that a bitter Lois had written a Pulitzer prize winning article on "Why the Earth doesn't need Superman." Lois has moved on and she's now in a new relationship with the unlikeable Richard played by James Marsden and has a child to him. Sure a new relationship storyline is fun and all but this consumed the entire movie and the Lex Luthor's insane plot was overshadowed by that.

    That's not the icing on the cake, you're going to love this ridiculousness. The kid, while on a boat being kidnapped by Luthor, along with Lois by the way. Lois is being approached by one of the henchmen who's ready to beat the crap out of her, then BAM!!! out of nowhere a piano flies into the face of the henchman. So the child is the child of Superman, remember Lois can't remember who Superman really is, she's forgotten. Nothings confirmed though, you see it could have been just one of those crazy feats of strength that you hear people have on the news.

    I've got nothing else to say, apart from this is THE worst superhero movie EVER. I know that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I can assure you I'm not. This is even worse than the Batman & Robin movie from 1997 because at least that had more fighting and action. In Superman Returns we were presented with about three major action scenes and they were literally no longer than 5 minutes. Brandon Routh can make a good Superman and Spacey a good Luthor. Bosworth needs to be dropped as she's just terrible as Lois Lane. I'm only hoping that in the sequel entitled Man of Steel (the DC movies are creating a theme with comic book movies now, just look at The Dark Knight, sequel to Batman Begins) the cast have another bout of amnesia and the child and the poor relationship are forgotten about and we can be given a real comic book movie from the new Superman. I would like to see an intergalactic villain in the sequel, maybe Metallo or Doomsday?

    Terrible movie, stay away....more info
  • Unsatisfying
    I found the story and the ending unsatisfying. First of all, the disasters just seemed like they were put there to give Superman something to do. Secondly, I don't like how Superman never, ever really gets the girl (Lois Lane). And I don't like how he never kills Lex Luthor. Lex just keeps coming back to cause more trouble, and Superman keeps coming back to defeat him. And you know that these issues will never be resolved because D.C. Comics wants to keep everything the same. If they make another movie, I would at least like to see Superman fight other villains, because I'm really sick of Lex Luthor. I would say this is the least satisfying of all the Superman movies.
    ...more info
  • I hate this movie
    This movie probably wins my award for Worst Movie of the '00s. Every single thing about it is terrible. It's so bad that they're re-rebooting the franchise rather than try to make a direct sequel to this. Barf....more info
  • Decent but fails to capture the essence of Superman
    This is a good movie with 100 times better special effects than the 1977 version, yet it fails to capture the essence of Superman as the 1977 version did. This movie is yet an another example where superior special effects do not make up for inferior character development.

    What makes Superman super?

    Is he super because he can bend steel, fly faster than a plane, and run through walls? Would Superman be super if he had used his powers only for his personal gain?

    Superman, as the 1977 version so beautifully conveyed, brought hopes and dreams to youngsters during the Great Depression. Despite his powers, he is very human inside. He is capable of insecurity, anxiety, jealousy, love, and even hate. What sets him apart, however, is his willingness to do the right thing even when the tempation to do otherwise is great. He chooses to hide his powers and not use it for his personal gain. He chooses to sacrifice himself for humanity who often rejects him as an outcast. What makes Superman super is his unyielding moral character against all tribulations and temptations.

    The movie casts aside character development and relationships that make Superman story so compelling. Smallville, the TV version of Superman, is popular because it focuses on the trials and tribulations of becoming Superman. It also focuses on Superman's relationsips with his earth parents, his high school sweetheart and best friend, and his alien father Jarrell. This movie mostly fails to capture that magic.

    Lois Lane's character in this movie is too simple. This movie could have expounded the reasons why she loves Superman. Is it because he is such a good news story? Or is it because he has superpowers?

    Overall, this is a decent movie worth seeing. But too bad the movie could have been far better, deeper, and visceral if the producers had focused on the true super qualities of Superman....more info
  • We dont want him back!
    No, its not that I didnt want to like this movie. I loved Superman and Superman II but the series went downhill with Superman III and IV: The Quest For Peace putting the nail in the coffin. But even though Superman 3 and 4 were awful they were more entertaining in their badness than this movie. Bryan Singer made X-Men and X2-X-Men United sizzle on the big screen. But where he succeeded in X-Men he fell on his face here. The whole plot is that Superman(played by Brandon Routh) returns after searching for some so-called remains of his home planet. He comes back a bitter Lois Lane(played by Kate Bosworth)who is upset that he left without saying goodbye. In the meanwhile Lex Luthor(played by Kevin Spacey) finds Superman's hideout and steals his crystals with a peculiar scheme in mind: use the crystals to create a land mass that is practically inhabitable(as you find out later in the movie).

    Opinion: I dont know where to start when criticizing this movie but here goes nothing. Brandon Routh is bland as Superman/Clark Kent. Christopher Reeve brought some type of charm to his role as Superman while Brandon Routh is just there. Another mistake is Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane. She's bland and doesnt have the spunk that Lois Lane is known for. On a positive side Kevin Spacey is perfect as Lex Luthor(he's no Gene Hackman but he'll do). Parkey Posey's brainless character "Kitty" provides some laughs which break the moments of boredom this movie causes. When they're not on the screen, the movie just drags on and on which brings me to my next point: Superman Returns moves at a really slowwwwwwwwww pace. There's hardly any action and even though the special effects are good and Metropolis is nice to look at the movie still feels longer than it has to be. Another complaint is the movie insults the intelligence of its viewers and leaves them with a lot of questions to ask like: If Lois Lane's son was strong enough to kill one of Luthor's goons with a piano than why couldnt he get himself and his mother out of the pantry? How can Superman lift a whole island made up of kryptonite(his Archilles heel)when he had trouble handling Luthor's henchmen on this same island? Why would Lex Luthor, Superman's clever foe come up with such an idiotic idea such as making an island no one can live on? Why would Superman leave withou saying goodbye to Lois Lane? Wasnt he the same one who was willing to give away his powers to be with Lois Lane? Who's bright idea was it to cast Harold of Harold & Kumar fame as one of Luthor's henchmen. You get the drift. This is an incredibly dull superhero flick that just looks good visually but is a bland soap opera that is 154 minutes longer than it needs to be....more info
    Frist thing is first Lex Luthor is back yet again after I don't know how many defaets by Superman. Will Lex ever give up. I don't understand why Superman doesn't jut break Lex's back so he can never walk again or put him into a coma so he can't come up with another evil plan. Also there is a catch there is a superboy in this one who kills a henchman with a piano but can't break out of a pantry. Did i mention the boy threw the piano at the henchman. Anyway Kevin Spacey does a good job as Lex. Lois Lane is her same old self like in all the rest of the movies. Why can't Superman get a villain who he can actually fight. Kitty Lex's clueless henchgirl pulls off her role. Brandon Routh as Superman I like. The movie is to dramatic though. Barely any action but good effects. So it was a movie I can watch when there are no other choices. Yeah, it is that bad....more info
  • Another deadbeat dad
    Leave it to Hollywood to turn a once-virtuous Superhero - who now only believes in "truth and justice" but not "the American Way!" - into another deadbeat dad with an illegitimate kid. PHOOEY! This is precisely the reason I wouldn't see Superman II - Superman and Lois Lane in the sack? Are you kidding me? Superman oughta sue for defamation of character! George Reeves and Phyllis Coates would have seizures. This one's cape looks brown half the time - and where's the American flag? How precious to add Messianic symbolism to the affore-mentioned deadbeat with the illegitimate kid. Give me a break! ...more info
  • Ghoulish imitation of the late, great Christopher Reeve...
    I really wanted to like this movie, and, admittedly, there are some good moments. But seeing as the studio gave Bryan Singer all the money in the world, plenty of time, and quite a bit of creative control and artistic license (I cannot imagine that DC comics was eager to have Superman portrayed as a deadbeat dad!), there should be more than just a few good moments. Here are the main problems, in no particular order:

    1) Brandon Routh is not a good Superman. When he is Clark Kent, he mostly closely resembles Max Fisher from `Rushmore.' But Max Fisher would have been a better actor. The worst thing is, and I don't know this was Routh's idea or Singer's, but he does a note-for-note impersonation of Christopher Reeves. IMO this is just plain ghoulish, considering that the beloved Reeves died just 2 years before this movie. The various James Bond actors have all played the character with at least slight differences. Each actor playing Superman has, up to this point, played the character very differently: Kirk Allyn, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, and Dean Caine each brought a different interpretation of the character. Why in heaven's name Singer had Routh simply ape Reeves is beyond all comprehension, unless Routh is simply so horrible an actor that he could not be allowed to make the role his own. On the plus side, Brandon Routh has caused me to give greater respect to Kirk Allyn, and to put George Reeves and Christopher Reeve upon even higher pedestals.
    2) Kate Bosworth is simply the weakest, blandest, most boring Lois Lane ever. Not only is there no chemistry with Routh, she has no chemistry with anyone. She appears simply to have been cast for physical attractiveness and demographic appeal. But on the upside, she enhances my already great appreciation of Noel Niell, Phyllis Coates, and Margot Kidder.
    3) Kevin Spacey is usually a good actor, and I guess you could say he gives a good performance here, but ultimately I think he is not quite what Lex Luthor should be. But maybe if he'd had a decent script. I don't object to Luthor being played as a closeted gay, Lyle Talbot played Luthor that way in the 1950 movie serial. But ultimately Spacey is a little camp in the role, even more camp than Gene Hackman in 1978.
    4) Ultimately, the script is bad. [SPOILER ALERT:] As much as it must have simply reeked with dramatic temptations, the idea that shortly after bedding Lois, Superman would just fly off into space for 5 years is absurd and offensive. The real Superman, being raised on Kansas farm, would have too much Midwestern sexual guilt to permit him to just desert Lois for 5 years while she incubates his baby and marries someone else. This is creepy. Also, there is a scene in which Superman uses his X-ray vision to spy at Lois, her husband and baby in their home. I'm sorry, but Superman should not be a Superstalker.
    5) Speaking of the script, there is a lack of internal logic regarding kryptonite. [SPOILER ALERT:] Supposedly the kryptonite in Luthor's artificial island makes Superman as weak as drugged kitten. Yet 15 minutes later, Superman is supposedly able to lift the whole daggum island up and carry it into outer space.
    6) There is the reuse of Marlon Brando's voice and John Williams' musical score from the 1978 Superman movie. While these things were good in the original context, in this film they, along with his star's attempt to channel Christopher Reeve serve to create the impression that Bryan Singer really has nothing new to add to the Superman mythos, that he is flailing blindly here, creating sound and fury, but signifying nothing.

    And that is the thing. Nothing that is new in this film is any good, and all the good things were already done in various, earlier celluloid incarnations. And so, the upside is that this DVD has sent me happily back the `Adventures of Superman' TV show. You are far better off viewing those concise and charming episodes than in owning this pretentious piece of grave robbery.
    ...more info
  • Five years and a sucker punch by Lex
    Kind of long, and the special effects are sometimes strange, but for a superman fan, it is good stuff. Just it has been done before,
    without the twist of super-son.
    Kevin Spacey is quite the villain you might want and Kate Bosworth
    is maybe not as sexy as other Lois actresses?
    But the plot with the crystal growing island is pretty good.
    I like it.
    ...more info
  • A Vision of Superman that taps into deep spiritual questions -- and is great for group discussion!
    Most comic fans I've met in the last couple of years really like this new movie vision of "Superman" -- and that's high praise because comic fans, like myself, are a pretty skeptical lot when it comes to our beloved heroic icons.

    But there's an important aspect to this particular film version that keeps cropping up in discussions, because I'm a journalist who specializes in reporting on the impact of spirituality in people's lives. Over and over again, people tell me that this movie made them think about their faith and their values concerning social responsibility. That's remarkable for a heavy-duty action flick loaded with special effects.

    There are thousands of small-discussion groups in congregations across the U.S. looking for ways to kick start their conversations. I'd strongly suggest that groups think of watching this film together and talking about the issues it raises. I know you'll have fun with it -- and countless fans of the film have told me that's precisely where this tale of high-adventure took them....more info
  • The End Of The SUPERMAN Movie Franchise!
    I watched it with anticipation for a possible great film,instead it was a very bad SUPERMAN movie! Kevin Spacey is a great actor but there's only one LEX LUTHOR and that it Gene Hackman,just like Kate Bosworth,she's a terrible actress! Well, Margot Kidder was a terrible actress as well but at least she was a better LOIS LANE! I don't know who Brandon Routh is but he tried too hard to be CLARK KENT/SUPERMAN but as everyone has said it Christopher Reeve was the better actor/character! ...more info
  • Watch Out!
    this item was very heavily used. box was in terrible shape and the disc was scratched and horribly dirty. box has water damage as well. would never do business with this person again. watch out!!...more info
  • Better than the originals
    As blasphemous as it might be to say it, I like this cast, this director, this film a good deal more than the original. Metropolis feels like it did in the 1930's cartoons. Superman flies and soars as he never has. Lois Lane is bitchy, as she should be. Lex Luthor is perfectly sinister. But I think jimmy is the best cast of them all, personally.

    This is a film to add to your blu-ray collection for sure. No questions asked. It may not be the perfect film but it is beautiful to look at and well acted. Brian Singer gave up X-Men 3 to do this one and I think it shows. X-Men 3 was awful and Superman Returns was excellent....more info
  • brilliant, brilliant, brilliant
    i won't expend a huge amount of energy praising this film - others have done so far better than i could.

    i remember the first time i saw "superman the movie" as a child, and this amazing film succeeds as a most unsual hybrid of sequel, homage and, in some ways, a quasi-remake of the original film.

    popular opinion tends to hold that "superman II" is a classic film, but watching it through adult eyes, you'd be hard-pressed to seriously argue that case. a fine idea, with fantastic sequences - but a hammy train-wreck of a movie, as mangled after the dismissal of original director richard donner.

    i can only imagine that the inexplicable complaints about "superman returns," and the absurd statements of it being amongst the worst films ever made, come from the same folks who can't take a critical view of "superman II" and its ultimately embarrassing idiocy.

    "superman returns" echoes the dignified tone and character-driven emotionality of the original film, and does so with grace and respect for the source material. the casting of lois lane might be my only criticism, but brandon routh, kevin spacey, frank langella, and the rest of the cast step into their roles as if they'd played them the first time around.

    to those who didn't "get it" and would rather express over-the-top criticisms, without backing them up with intelligent explanation or examples, please stop trying to be film critics. your inability to objectively critique or string together coherent opinions should be cause for nothing less than embarrassment.

    if you are a fan of the first christopher reeve film, i strongly urge you to sit dow and take in the beauty of "superman returns," the only proper sequel to the original classic....more info
  • A Super Blunder
    Superman leaves Earth for 5 years? Lois Lane hooks up with another guy? Superman fathers a child? Three absurdities that would never happen in the Superman universe, yet Bryan Singer gave us all of them in the dark, depressing and ridiculous Superman Returns. Brandon Routh is adequate as the Man of Steel and the special effects are top-notch, but neither is enough to save this sagging and sorry addition to the Superman film legacy. Morose and miscast, a film to avoid. ...more info
  • Didn't do it for me
    I purchased this as a gift for my Superman-crazed younger brother, but I couldn't get past about 45 minutes into it. I found it slow, unexciting, and didn't feel the acting was very strong. Definitely nowhere near the level Christpher Reeve played Superman/Clark Kent, though I'm not sure anyone could top him....more info
  • Green bad
    I didn't go into this film with any expectations, and ultimately I thought it carried the torch fairly well, in spirit. There was enough overlap from the original film to fill in the storyline without clinging unnecessarily to its coattails. Whether the story progression in this film would align with the comic universe itself... I have my doubts. If you are a stickler for the die hard comic characters, this film will not live up to your expectations.

    I did not find Brandon Routh to be a particularly stand out talent. I've never seen him in anything else. He seemed to be moving along the plot without making any real contribution. Spacey and Parker were quite the caricatures of their roles, all but stealing the film for their villainous depictions. Even with them, though, I felt like they were doing the best they could with a weak script. Bosworth played a fairly subdued Lane, but in the end she came across more one-dimensional to me than just hyper focused on her work ethic while trying to hide a fiery passion for blue tights. In fact, she came off flat out cold in her interactions with her son, the enigma of which is deciphering who his real father is. With that interjection of doubt shadowing the little one you would think that with all this overwhelming love we are supposed to believe that she feels, that she would show a little more compassion to her son. The majority of the characters were so bland that in the end I found myself not really caring if some of the principals didn't make it. In fact, it would have been more in keeping with the canon storyline if... well. You just have to see it.

    The plot moved somewhat slowly in the middle, with quite a few leaps in logic (or flat out misinterpretations of the original Superman mythos) conveying it through its shallow and open climax. There were no particularly dazzling special effects but the CGI maintained the comic vividness rather well. Honestly I spent most of this film working out contradictions in my mind regarding collective consciousness, archetypes and which came first--the broken planet or the displaced hero, but I wouldn't expect those to convey well in a film review. =)...more info
  • HD DVD was a disapointemt.
    I bought this movie mainly for the HD part. But it was the worst HD dvd I ever seen. The picture quality is just like a regular standard dvd or worst. The picture is not clear and vivid like a true HD dvd. I had other movies that are regular dvd and had a better picture quality than this movie when it's upconverted to HD. Not recommended for HD....more info
  • Mistake...
    I was so upset over how badly done this movie was I cried. It's an example of what not to do when restarting a franchise. First they pull on the heart-strings and feelings of nostalgia by using Marlon Brando's voice overs and the original John Williams theme. Unfortunately, they then inflict on us a plot with holes and hire good actors but give them horrible dialogue and scenarios to work with. Stitching it together with CGI doesn't make it good.

    There's no uplifting feeling at the end of the movie. Such films and heros should pull us out of ourselves and remind us of what we should strive for and can try to achieve. Otherwise, what's the point?

    This movie is not what Superman is about. Pick up the comic books or re-watch Christopher Reeves first Superman film, you'll be better off. And for those of you who want "realism" there's plenty of pain and strife and struggle in the comics, without resorting to what this film did. ...more info
  • Very fine movie
    Great movie and it is made better with the fact that it is in HD...more info
  • Nice Tribute to Previous Movie
    My husband and I are both Superman fans, and our young children are starting to like superheroes. I thought this movie was a nice tribute to the Christopher Reeve version of a beginning Superman story. The only thing I thought odd was that Lois Lane was married and had a child. I'm not sure I liked that since Lois and Clark Kent are supposed to end up together. I guess they were trying to appeal to more age groups by adding a child to the mix, but they missed the target on trying to appeal to family values. Anyway..I loved the familiar music and felt that was a great tribute to the previous movie. The mannerisms and acting style of the Superman character also paid tribute to Christopher Reeve. The changes in storyline didn't bother me at all and I felt the movie was interesting with great special effects. Overall, I liked it and felt it was a tribute to a previously great Superman saga. ...more info
  • Is it TrueHD Audio? Yes!
    I recently re-purchased this movie because mine was just Dolby 5.1. You just can't have that with a movie like this. Dolby 5.1 sounds like you're watching a movie at home, while truehd audio sounds like you're at the theatre. Obviously, the better your home theatre system, the more apparent the difference. Yes, though, this is in fact dolby truehd, and is worth buying again....more info
  • it takes more brains to be batman,it`s more fun to be superman
    Superman Returns is a very good film that could have been better.It is a very spiritual,emotional and magical film.Superman has the POWER OF THE GODS.He is like an angel from heaven wth superhuman strength and power that he uses to protect himself, save people and fight evil.Superhuman strength and power come from a SUPERNATURAL GOD.The airplane sequence is exhilerating and spectacular.Brandon Routh is perfect as superman,Kevin Spacey is excellent as Lex Luthor.Bryan Singer is a genius film director.I wish Kate Bosworth looked like Victoria Silvstedt or Elle Macpherson or Bollywood Indian film actress Ishaa Koppikar then Superman would have a very beautifull and attractive Lois Lane.Superman returns is very romantic and entertaining.The part when Superman tells lois she says "the world doesn`t need a savior",but every day" I keep hearing them cry out for one" is touching.Superman Returns is a great supernatural,fantasy film.Highlander,Wishmaster 4,and Superman Returns satisfy people`s hunger for spiritual entertainment.Superman is immortal,invincible and more powerfull than the HULK.


    ...more info
  • Superman Saves the Day!
    Saw this on cable and my little boy discovered Superman. Had to get it for him to keep and he loves it. It's a little long for kids- he usually does not make it through the whole film. But it's pretty tame as far as violence and focuses on being good and doing the right thing. Good messages for kids....more info
  • Superman Returns...sort of.
    Its not that I didn't enjoy this movie. I liked it enough to buy it. Its just not the grand reboot of the franchise that I had hoped for. I understand things have to change and people have to change, but I just didn't see this as a movie to begin a whole new chapter of the man in blue. I now read online that the next movie will not even have Routh recast. So, now that you've restarted the thing you switch the central character casting already? I think the Batman reboot was handled much better. All that being said, the movie is really enjoyable in its own light. The HD audio and video are great as well, if you can take advantage of that....more info
  • How does Lois know???
    I liked the movie and thought Brandon Routh did a good job. One question though with Spoiler Alert...if this movie is to be viewed as a continuation of the Superman I & II storyline, how is it that Lois can whisper into Superman's ear while in the hospital that he has a son (my assumption of what was whispered based on the subsequent events)? If, in Superman II, Lois received the "kiss of forgetfulness" (Lester version) or Superman, once again, turns back time (Donner version), then how is it she remembers sleeping with Supe's at all?...more info
  • I wish he didn't
    I only watched half of the movie and overall I was not happy.The versions starring the late Christopher Reeve were even better.I'm not taking anything away from Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor,he is a good actor,but I like Gene Hackman better.Also,this movie I hear didn't do well like the previous ones.Why?I think the studio rushed this movie out to the public who are still mourning the death of Christopher Reeve.Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh are in fact too young to play their roles,they should had casted even more older stars.The good thing I like about the movie was the openning credits using John Williams version of the first movie.Attention Bryan Singer,next time make sure you make more movies that are good....more info
  • One of the worst movies ever made.
    I love the orginal Superman and Superman II, but Superman III could've been better. But, Superman III is the greatest movie ever made in comparrison to this boring, poorly acted, badly scripted, piece of crap. Everything that can go wrong, went wrong with this. Why does Lex Luthor hate Superman? Because of this movie....more info
  • A surprise in the story
    This movie has a good plot twist that is revealed when one of the henchmen is killed by a piano. The other good thing about this movie is Kate Bosworth, who with black hair looks a bit like Norah Jones. The movie lights up whenever she is on screen. On the downside, the special effects are a bit murky. Kevin Spacey is not that good in the movie. He sucks the life of the movie (which is Kate Bosworth) when he shouts "Wrong!" at Kate when she brings up Superman in their conversation. Parker Posey has a poor role in the movie: at one point, Kate's character (Lois Lane) calls her a hooker. As far as the rest of the plot goes, there are some unanswered questions. When Lex Luthor's executes on his idea to wipe out all of America, Superman only saves a few people in his city. What happens to the rest of the country? We are not shown....more info
  • Not the best
    I am still a fan of Chrirtopher Reeve. Although this was a good attempt at ressurecting the series, it was still missing the action the the older movies had....more info