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Cables To Go 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub
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Product Description

Cables to Go 7-Port USB 2.0 Aluminum Hub conveniently adds seven high speed USB 2.0 ports to your desktop or notebook computer. The slim form factor saves space while the port placement and hard-mountable metal base keep the hub in place even when several USB devices are connected. The hub easily slides out of the base making it convenient to travel with as well.The 7-Port USB 2.0 Aluminum Hub can be self-powered from the USB port or utilize the included power supply. Add additional hubs to support up to 127 devices. USB-IF certification ensures high speed data transfers up to 480 Mbps. Whether you are downloading or transferring spreadsheets, MP3 files, digital pictures, or video streams- the Port Authority2 7-Port USB 2.0 Aluminum Hub will make connecting several high speed USB 2.0 devices hassle-free.

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  • 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub

Customer Reviews:

  • good at first.... then bad
    It only worked for a couple of months. Now windows doesn't recognize it as a proper device and anything plugged into it isn't receiving power or functioning in winows....more info
  • Does exactly what it's meant to do
    I've had this USB hub for a few weeks now, and I am extremely pleased with how well it simply works. I've had absolutely no problems with Windows recognizing the device, and I haven't noticed any speed issue with any of the ports - and I have all seven ports occupied quite frequently. In addition, I haven't noticed any problems with the cord length - it would fit well for a laptop or a desktop. For the price, you can't beat this amazing organizational tool, and I would be surprised if you could find a cheaper 7-port hub that's anywhere near as well-made.

    It's important to note, however, that the power supply to the hub has some quirks that I didn't anticipate. Unlike other reviewers, when this hub wasn't attached to my computer, it didn't charge my iPod - I've had this problem at USB outlets at airports as well, so it may be my iPod, but I have a feeling that iPods simply don't charge unless they establish a USB connection to the computer, or are using Apple's chargers. Also, whenever my computer is shut off, my external hard drive (Maxtor brand) somehow "thinks" that it's attached to the computer, and continues to spin violently after my computer goes to sleep. It doesn't have this problem when connected to one of my computer's own USB ports, so it's probably just a design flaw of the external hard drive. I just keep it plugged in to my computer, however, and I only need to use two ports for 8 devices, and everything has been working fine....more info
  • Nice design but.....
    First, I love the way this hub was designed. It's very sturdy, looks great and has 4 hubs in the rear for items always connected and 3 in front for quick access for things like cameras and cell phones. Unfortunately, sometimes the ports lose connection and I have to unplug and replug the device for it to be seen. I'm on a late model Apple so I'm not sure if the same thing is going on with PC's. Bottom line, if I wasn't having this problem, I would give it 5+ stars. ...more info
  • Effective and efficient
    The hub is smaller than I expected, which is a positive. Takes up very little space on my desk. Was very easy to set up and my wireless mouse worked immediately....more info
  • Its a good hub if you don't need it powered
    I bought this after reading the favorable reviews on the site. For the most part this is a pretty well made hub. It has a bit of heft to it, a decent stand that comes with hardware to mount to a desk.

    As a powered hub however I am not 100% happy with it. The power plug doesn't fit in all the way, and comes loose quite easily. This is annoying when you have a more than just a keyboard & mouse plugged into the device. The other annoying thing is that there is no on-off switch. I think a hub that is going to sit on my desk could use one. If I plug my mouse/keyboard in first they don't always get recognized because they are already powered up. So if you want devices plugged in to turn off you have to unplug the power in the back, or unplug the USB devices. Otherwise you are left with glowing mice, and in addition the hub itself has a huge glowing LED on the top which lights up your ceiling at night. I ended up putting tape over the light so I don't have to see it.

    One more beef I have, is that the upstream port (the one that goes to your computer) uses a mini USB cable, which also gets in the way of the port next to it and I have had it come out on me also. I think it would be a better design if the power and upstream port were both on the back or side so the wires could be tucked away. Then add a power switch or button and I could leave my devices plugged in and just plug one cable into my laptop when I bring it home, then turn on the extra power. ...more info
  • Great hub
    I've bought two of these for myself and recommended it to half a dozen clients. Very solid, none have failed yet, unlike many other brands of hubs I've used. I like how low-profile it is, and mounted my pair on the underside of my desk....more info
  • Nice Hub - No Issues
    Put 7 powered slots on my desk next to the monitor -- everything works in it. Some stuff that had to be directly in the PC slots work fine on this. Sturdy and recommended....more info
  • A great value in a USB 2.0 hub.
    Great price-to-performance ratio. I have mine connected to a Mac Pro, feeding 4 USB peripherals, with no performance issues.

    Well-made, and looks like it will last a long time....more info
  • Plug and play
    The hub is working good. I just pluged it in, connected my USB cables and everything worked. Have not touched it since. ...more info
  • Solid performer
    This Hub provides both the convenience of 2-sided cable management and the solid construction that make it a winner. The box contains mounting materials to allow this to be mounted on a vertical surface. The powered HUB makes this a great solution for both sync and recharging those mobile devices.

    Overall solid construction and fast performance.

    ...more info
  • Can't believe I waited so long
    This is a great product. I've been debating about a usb hub for awhile, and this one had great reviews. Not sorry with the purchase, love that it slides out of the base for easy travel usage....more info
  • 7 port USB 2.0 hub
    The hub works well. My only cricism is that I expected a somewhat heavier base. Out of the box, I needed to connect about 5 USB devices. I did not want to use the option to physically anchor the hub to my desk. So, the weight of the USB cables has the hub somewhat tipped over, even with the removable heavy base. (This is a minor issue for me.)...more info
  • Great product.
    Working great so far. I love how solid it feels. The only thing that kept me from giving it a 5 stars is the sticky pad that keeps the unit stuck to the base plate. Works fine, but it could have been designed a little better....more info
  • well build... solid device
    plug it in. works perfectly. well design. solid material. small footprint. this is what a good product should be....more info
  • As excellent as it is compact.
    There are some very common problems with USB hubs regardless of assumed quality that this one, I'm glad to say, has none of.

    1.Price: For a true USB 2.0 7-port hub with AC adapter and mounting base, the price was low enough to make me question its quality. I'm glad I took a chance on it.

    2.Speed: 2.0 tends to get tossed around a lot especially with a lot of the Chinese junk that even Amazon sells. Nonetheless, this one is the real deal. I can run two external hard drives on it to my MacBook Pro with no difference in speed than if I had them hooked to my computer directly.

    3.Build quality: All the ports on this thing hold plugs tightly, to include the AC adapter. It sits quite well when it is placed loose on a desk though due to limited space, I have mine mounted vertically on my desk.

    Though I have only had this hub for a month, I have had no issues with it whatsoever despite having all ports used most of the time....more info
  • Power issues
    I bought this device to connect 5 USB devices: a USB hard drive, 2 printers, and two sync cables (cell phone and MP3 player).

    My USB hard drive is self-powered via an A/C cord, as are both printers (obviously). I even have the USB hub "optional" A/C power cord plugged in. Despite all this, the hub threw an error when i tried to connect my cell phone (a Blackjack II), saying it didn't have enough power to handle the device. I didn't even have my MP3 player connected at the time, and both printers were idle... as was the hard drive.

    So... this device is unable to provide power with even half it's ports occupied by active devices. I would not recommend this device unless you are connecting devices with near zero power consumption (e.g. a mouse or keyboard.)...more info
  • Great performance
    I bought this item because I recently added a Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive that needed power and my current hub could not handle this. This hub does and does it beautifully. I have 5 other peripherals attached to it in addition to the hard drive and have had no problems. Installation was a breeze as everything worked immediately upon installation. The hub is sturdy, well made, looks nice and is very small. A great value for the price....more info
  • Very poor performer
    I bought this in October after reading the reviews on Amazon. This is a piece of junk. It gets dropping connections, the A/C connection keeps popping off, and the blue light at the top is way too bright and distracting. I would avoid this product like the plague....more info
  • Not too bad
    It works fine as a USB 2.0 hub. I don't understand the power cable and the main usb cable placement. Why wouldn't they place those next to each other so you could twist tie them? Now I have to reach through two cables to plug in USB devices. That's the biggest problem with this device....more info
  • Cable to Go 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub
    I have been using the Cables to Go 7 port USB hub for several months with an iMac G5. It has worked flawlessly. I put a strip of thick double sided tape on the bottom of the hub's separate base plate and stuck it to the base of the iMac. I was worried that the blue LED would be too bright, but find that it is just right. Not too bright to be annoying or so dim as to be useless. This one one of the few hubs that I could find that put more ports on the back than on the front. The Power supply, 4 USB ports, and the uplink port are all on the back, which keeps cable clutter for permanently connected devices out of the way. ...more info
  • Cables To Go 7 Port UST 2.0 Hub
    This item allows me to use all my USB accessories without error messages since it comes with its own power supply....more info
  • Meets my needs, but maybe not yours
    My 2008 iMac has only 3 available USB 2.0 sockets and I have a number of USB peripherals. Obviously I needed a hub expander which I had put off for some time. After reviewing a number of choices, this seemed a safe bet. Other reviewers gave me some concerns since they had problems which seem to be either PC/MS related, network, related, or personal preference. It works fine with the iMac. My only problem was with my now ancient flatbed Microtek scanner which only cooperates if plugged into one of three dedicated USB ports on the back of iMac. One is needed for the keyboard/mouse, the remaining one for the 7 port hub. I like the clean look and design, but it is ruined of course once you fill it with cables. I, too, don't like blue LED pilot lights staring me in the eyeball. In addition to this one, I have two external hard disk drives that have them; but all three lights are blocked by the iMac, so it is a non-issue. If it bugs you, block it or cover it with something. How creative does one need to be?

    It would be very handy to pack with my portable, but I no longer travel as much, so this unit is a fixture behind my desktop machine. I haven't tried it without the included power adapter, so can't comment on how it performs without it as some people seemed want to do. I would consider buying another if needed....more info
  • Exactly what I wanted!
    The 'Cables to Go' 7 port USB hub is perfect for anyone that has a desktop computer...seriously. =)...more info
  • Love the hub so far!
    I've had many usb hubs for my Mac Pro over the past year or two. Unfortunately most "powered hubs" aren't truly powered and cause usb disconnects and all kinds of issues. This hub has been perfect so far. I have 7 peripherals connected at almost all times including multiple iPhones and iPod touches, and don't have any usb disconnect or power issues.

    I recommend this usb hub!...more info
  • Nice design, good throughput, great customer service
    I got this unit and really liked it, nice design, two ports died after about 6 months, the customer service on was really great, a new unit is on the way in less than 24 hours....more info
  • Runs hot, died after a year
    I was initially really excited about this as well, since the metal construction seemed really solid and reliable. But, it may be for a reason. The device generates a lot of heat, and it's performance degraded over time. A couple of months ago I started getting warnings from Vista that the hub was no longer running at 2.0 speeds, and transfers to my disk drive were getting slow and unstable. Then, last week, it died entirely, showing up as "unrecognized device" in the OS....more info
  • Quite a value!
    Excellent value! Attractive and compact. With the help of a small, man-made shim can be mounted vertically. Bright blue light serves as a 'night' light. Ordering and delivery were simple and quick....more info