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TRENDnet TEW-631BRP 300Mbps Wireless N Broadband Router
List Price: $92.99

Our Price: $79.99

You Save: $13.00 (14%)


Product Description

The 300Mbps Wireless N Draft Router incorporates the latest wireless networking technology to increase speed, range and reliability of your wireless network. Advanced antenna technology increases wireless data coverage throughout homes and businesses. Increased speed and throughput make it the perfect solution to fulfill your multimedia needs.

  • LAN Ports - 1x10/100 Port
  • WAN Ports - 4 10/100 Mbps RJ-45
  • Firewall - NAT

Customer Reviews:

  • GREAT product and GREAT customer service - MAC COMPATIBLE
    QUICKIE SUMMARY: This router works wonderfully, is Mac compatible (80211n and b/g) and has prompt helpful tech support.

    FULL STORY: I just bought a new MacBook Pro and couldn't get it to hook up wirelessly to my existing NetGear router. I had already spent hours on the phone with Apple and more hours in the Apple Store with no joy. When I had first purchased my NetGear router, I had tried to get tech support from them and never ever wanted to repeat that useless exercise. So, I finally ordered, as a last resort this TRENDnet TEW-631BRP (which was cheap and had decent reviews) fully expecting to just spend more hours with a tech person and have no joy either (lots of forums of MacBook Pro users with no wireless hookup with any router).
    I received the router and immediately called TRENDnet's tech line (humans available 24/7!!!). I was on hold for less than 5 minutes (5pm on January 2nd) and not only did I get someone who knew his stuff....he even knew how to walk me through the more complicated aspects of getting it to work with a Mac. Within a half hour I had a fast, running wireless network with all the Macs in the house hooked up to it.
    Some of the other reviews have complained about the look of the router, but personally I like the blue color....more info
  • Great Router
    I chose this router because of the cnet review and the price. [...] I bought this one to replace my Dlink 624, which had to be reset everyday. It was easy to set up, found my modem right away. The security features were also easy to set up. So far it has worked flawlessly, unlike my Dlink. I have not upgraded my notebook nic, it is still running on wireless G, but I have still seen an improvement on the speed, not so much on the range. It does not feel as durable as I would like, other than that, it is great. I would highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Stay away from Trendnet
    I tried this on 2 PC, and it didn't work on either one. The manual was easy to follow, but after I had done what it told me to do the device still didn't work. I called tech support (I don't believe they have 24/7 as they ads) and a lady asked me for my name and number so that they would call me back the next day. She told me she was not a tech support (so why should she take the call?), and it was late then (how a 24/7 service can have late hours, you judge it).
    I came to this site to see another customer had the same problem with Trendnet tech support, so I decided to return it. Your purchased item doesn't work and you can't get tech support. What else can you do? Stay away from Trendnet....more info
  • Great Router for home/small office use
    I've had this Trendnet TEW-631BRP for 8 months. In that entire time I've lost wireless conductivity once for 5 seconds. It's range, speed and reliability is much better than the g routers I've had in the past. I found this router extremely easy to set up, and it has great security features.

    Some of the negative reviews of this router are just plain dumb. This router was built for home and small office use--wireless connections with multiple devices in small and medium size homes and small offices. If you want to use it in a big building with many walls you will need a access point (signal booster).

    Although Trendnet technical support guality varies from technician to technician, the two times I've used tech support I just hung up on anyone I sensed was a jerk and called back until I got a competent human being. That method worked well. There are great prices for this router available. I highly recommend the TEW-631BRP!! ...more info
  • Recommended Router
    I read many evaluations of similar routers from other brands. Choose this one.
    - Solved the problem of weak signal in my house.
    - Solved the problem I had with other brands about Wake-on-lan.
    Excellent product. I'm looking forward to see if Trendnet will make the software upgrade to turn this equipment a full N-specification (when the specification get's published - in 2008, I think).
    ...more info
  • Great Router
    This router works extremely well and was relatively easy to setup. All of the available options that you could want with fast through put and extended wireless range. Set this one up for remote administration, because it was installed in a remote location where the user doesn't understand routers, and it has saved me countless hours which would have been otherwise frustrating and expensive. Have two units actually, one that replaced a Lynksys WCG-200, and it is much faster than that unit and performs without any drops....more info
  • Good Router
    The setup was a little difficult but once we connected everything and fiddled with the settings everything was fine. We haven't experienced any sudden shutdowns and the speed is consistently fast. I would recommend it. ...more info
  • Outstanding router with rock solid wireless perf
    This is a great router with rock solid performance. Unbelieveable price/performance for a Draft 2.0N wireless router. I was deciding between this router and the D-Link DIR-655 and am glad I picked this one up because it has similar capabilities for a lot less (after the MIR).

    I was intrigued by the polarity in ratings on this router - many 5 stars as well as several 1 star. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive and I felt compelled to review it. My conclusion - don't touch this router if you have limited experience setting up and configuring computer networks. You are better off with one of the Linksys WRT54G series in this case.

    As someone else has pointed out there are 3 versions of this router (with the same name). shipped me the latest (V3.0) version a few days ago. The first thing that you want to do is to update the firmware - I updated from to from the Trendnet website. There is no password for the admin acct initially (though the documentation says that it is "admin"). The router interface is also a bit confusing e.g. port forwarding is called "games" under Advanced Features. You can run an emulator available on the Trendnet site if you want to get a better feel for the interface.

    If you are looking for advanced capabilities such as QoS, Port Triggering and Forwarding, WPA2-PSK security, Draft 2.0N wireless, DHCP static assignments, Dynamic DNS etc. at a reasonable price (<$50 after MIR) then this could be the router for you.

    I have a lot of complexity for a home network (includes this Trendnet router, my old Dell Truemobile 2300 running as access point - with WEP & MAC access control for Nintendo DS Lite access, 2 wired Ethernet switches as well as 2 Homeplug AV powerline Ethernet devices working as a network bridge). I did not use any of the wizards in the interface so can't comment on those, but was able to get up to 100% within a couple of hours with manual configuration.

    The QOS feature works very well with VOIP. (My home phone line is VOIP). Wireless performance is also very good (I am currently running 54G with WPA because of legacy devices on the network) - a definite improvement in terms of range as well as robustness as compared to my older Dell Truemobile 2300.

    Cons: no GigE ports, confusing user interface and documentation, cheap blue plastic look.

    Once again, highly recommended for users with intermediate to advanced networking knowledge who are looking for value in their purchase....more info
  • Initial setup and performance great, but...
    Installed this on a Monday with little effort. Immediately updated firmware, also with no problems. Great performance until Friday night and Saturday. It could not sustain wireless connections on any of three computers using wireless in my home or the wireless print server/bridge. I attempted to go through setup again but this router could not find my Motorola cable modem (model 5101). As recommended by the setup GUI, I disconnected the cable modem for longer than 2 minutes -- still no luck. After doing this several times, the router still could not "see" the cable modem. I reconnected my Netgear WGR614 and its setup also asked me to power off my cable modem for 2 minutes. I did and it found my cable modem right away and began working. I checked all three of my computers using wireless adapters in the house and all were working fine. My Netgear wireless print server/bridge (WGPS606) worked also. This indicates that my existing hardware is not defective. I am very disappointed because the wired portion of the router really does outperform the Netgear model it is replacing. This is the only reason I got it as I am not ready to replace all the "g" adapters in my home....more info
  • Trendnet N wireless router
    I was skeptical of this router until I plugged it in and ran the setup program from the CD. I had been warned by many reviewers that this was the least way to go, but knowing that I would get some extra programs on my computer, I went ahead anyway.
    This router replaces a Netgear that was flashed with dd-wrt. The Netgear was always stalling out. Since my son was moving & taking the Netgear with him, I was forced into something.
    I am pleasantly surprised. The Trendnet performs at least a bar higher (4/5) through a second story floor & kitchen cabinets & is a bit faster than the Netgear. I have had no stalls or drops. No going to the computer upstairs to reboot the thing. Seems to be worry free. I would recommend this router. Read all the reviews, though. The buyer reviews were what convinced me to buy and the router's performance makes me happy....more info
  • Economical Purchase
    I have Linux Ubuntu and I was able to get it to work. I had to go to a forum to realize that the software it comes with (only for windows) isn't really necessary. The setup was easy once I found the internet address for the router.

    The price was very reasonable and it works really well for the most part. The one drawback is that on my laptop, it seems to periodically lose connection than regain it immediately afterwards even though the signal strength is at 4/5 bars. This happens about once every few hours. So I wouldn't trust it for downloading something more than a few hours. I have a fast connection so that really doesn't stop me. ...more info
  • nightmare router
    Software to connect does not work on my older XP laptop works on my Vista. After a few months 3 of the 4 network ports broke....more info
  • has worked well
    I've had this installed for about 6 weeks. I got it after frustration with a series of wireless G routers.

    It's worked well. There has been no problem with signal strength to the two laptops. We live in a fairly large house and there are walls. Two other computers are connected directly to the ethernet ports on the router.

    Configuration was simple.

    Pages load quickly. There are few hiccups.

    What's to say when it's working well?

    Here's the only weirdness that could be attributed to the router (not saying it was the router, just that it was a suspect):

    For the first few weeks, videos from espn wouldn't play. Streaming videos from anywhere else, no problema. I changed a few of the configuration options, but no dice. Then, a couple of weeks ago, espn videos started playing perfectly too. Beats me. Too bad it didn't last. I was better off without 'em. You know, the cliche-laden interviews (like, every other word), the inane drivel of the announcers... How easily I succumb. Makes me wanna barf....more info
  • Quick connect, stable transmission
    After shopping several routers, I decided to take advantage of the newest release (wireless -n) and the rebate for this item. The install was quick and easy, although my XP still will not work with the WPA or WEP enabling, so I lock it to the MAC. Stable transmission at max available rate, great reception throughout my house. Worth every penny of the $50ish I paid.
    ...more info
  • Easy wireless
    This started out as a pretty straightforward installation. It took about a half hour to get things hooked up, mostly because I was chasing cables and connections from the old router and I like to have things neat. The installation disk seemed easy to follow, but I couldn't get online. A call to support immediately got me a friendly techie but my call was dropped after twenty minutes of fruitless attempts to rectify the problem. A second call got a another friendly voice and this guy stayed with me for another twenty minutes. After checking with other support staff and running me through several routines and reboots, the connection was made! I haven't done any testing for speed or signal strength, but have no trouble getting an excellent signal anywhere in the house. I don't notice lags on downloads or uploads worse than what I had with the wired system. It's only been six weeks, but I'm happy with the performance so far. I don't know who the settings/connection problem belongs to, but I was pleased with the support even if it took the better part of an hour....more info
  • TRENDnet TEW-631BRP 300Mbps Wireless N Broadband Router
    Speed claims state 300Mbps . Most I get even when right next to router is 259 Mpbs. Set up with software disk for driver was simple enough, but all the options and technical stuff associated with setting up the router on the router's web site is difficult and the manual has nothing for these steps. Also tech support was not helpful in giving me correct information concerning a printer sharing problem on the wireless network using the TEW-631 model router. The technician's trouble ticket response to my trouble ticket question was: rebuild the home network and change the workgroup, "this is the only thing I know that will fix the printer sharing and accessing other computers on your home network". Well I did just as he suggested and it did not work. I found the problem myself it was the firewall setting on my desktop's MaCafee internet and computer security software installed on my desk top. As soon as I lowered the firewall security I was able too access the printer and other computers on my home network....more info
  • Decent for home, NO NO for work
    If you need to download big files, this thing is a piece of crap. The proximity is low, it's good for about 12 feet, but if you're needing connectivity 20+ feet, this thing is HORRIBLE. Avoid....more info
  • Very Poor Customer Service - N configuration is not worked out...
    If you are buying this router for the N connection speed beware! This is a draft version and the N speed is not compatible with some wireless cards that are supposed to provide N connection. Their customer service is backed up and of really bad quality (everytime you call they ask to take your information and call you back, but they never do). I don't recommend this router....more info
  • Excellent wireless router
    Great range, no disconnects, fast, everything you want in a wireless router. Works much better than the Belkin Pre-N that kept losing connections every few hours. The Trendnet router is not the prettiest router around, but performs great for this price range....more info
  • Excellent price, superb range
    I had a setup with Linksys WRT54G and Airport Express to get wireless signal everywhere at home. I just replaced it with this router, and the coverage is superior than the past! I am also getting 114mbps data rate on my MacBook Pro. The price for this item was also quite low when compared to other Draft N routers. The only concern I have is if TRENDNet will release a firmware to make it compatible with the 802.11 N spec when that goes final. ...more info
  • Perfect!
    Works great! Top quality product. I have used many different routers, this one is easily the best. I recommend this router for anyone (easy setup)....more info