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  • Not a bad thriller.
    Action thriller set in 2002 in which a neo-Nazi terrorist group gets hold of a small Israeli nuclear bomb that went missing during the Arab-Israeli war of 1973 and uses it to try and trick America and Russia into nuclear war with each other, and the efforts of a CIA analyst played by Ben Affleck to prevent this nightmare scenario from happening. Not a bad thriller, with one particularly horrifying moment on which the whole film hinges, but it must be said I have seen films with `preventing World War Three' plots that had greater urgency (e.g. Crimson Tide starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman). Still, worth a look. ...more info
  • Does Not Live Up To The Novel......
    The Sum Of All Fears falls short in my cateory. The movie basically follows around a missing Israeli nuclear bomb, and the bomb is brought by a neo-nazi who plans to use it against the Americans. Now Jack Ryan (played by Ben Affleck) is a young CIA analyst who is still learning the ropes in the spy world, he has a girlfriend; Cathy Muller; a doctor for John Hopkins in Baltimore. As Jack learns his way around the CIA, he gets the information that a bomb is planning to come to America, for what Jack does not know until it is too late. The bomb is used at the Super Bowl, and a fake colonel in the Russian Navy orders Russian MiG's to fire on a American ship, and now the President thinks that the Russian's set the bomb off, and the President wants to wipe out Russia for so-calling killing thousand of lives in that game. So now Jack Ryan comes into the picture, and tells the President that the Russians didnt do it; it was a neo-nazi who set off the bomb. So Jack saves the day, and the neo-nazi is taken care of thanks to a car bomb, and the end.

    So why did I give it 2 stars? In the novel, the enemy was not a neo-nazi, it was Palentinan terrorist who get a hold of a bomb that was used during the six-day war which it failed to explode. Also Jack Ryan was much more older than Ben Affleck, married, and two kids. Also Jack Ryan in the book was DDI at the CIA, he was not an analyist in the book. I was so disappointed with this movie, they should of gotten someone else to play Jack Ryan instead of Ben Affleck....more info

  • good dvd
    It is a good merchandise very low price. It a great opportunity to collete all those movies that can t bee fond in any store....more info
  • Has some good qualities
    I went into "The Sum of All Fears" expecting to be disappointed by Ben Affleck. I'm not really a fan of much of his dramatic work ("Changing Lanes" is an exception). I have not seen the other Jack Ryan movies, but I still didn't really think Affleck would make a credible CIA agent. So I was pleasantly surprised by his performance. It certainly isn't Oscar material, but he is very credible, which was more than I was expecting. The supporting cast is also quite good, especially the always impressive Morgan Freeman as Affleck's mentor and Ciaran Hinds as the Russian president. Speaking of the Russian president, I was impressed by the way the film portrayed him. Usually, foreign leaders in films are very one-dimensional. President Nemerov, however, is very well developed, with clear motivations for his actions. He is not the evil madman Hollywood commonly makes foreigners (especially Russians) out to be. In fact, he is arguably a better person than the film's American president. So I commend the writers for that. However, despite the acting and the good characters I did not really enjoy this film. Why? Because it's supposed to be suspenseful, and it's not. I know that Jack Ryan is trying to avert a major world crisis, but having him run around with a cell phone and type on computers does not generate much suspense. This is what a lot of the film, including the "climax" basically comes down to. The film is not deep enough to be a serious drama, so it needs the suspense and the action to deliver. Unfortunately, this does not happen. Although "The Sum of All Fears" does have some good qualities, it ultimately fails to deliver the basic needs of the genre, so I can't really recommend it. You could definitely do worse, but you could also do a lot better....more info
  • It ain't over yet
    Even in this new era of Russian and American friendship
    into which this film came, there are still atomic bombs on both sides.
    Technically the handling of people in the bomb area in this film is very wrong : at the hospital and on the streets.
    Everyone is taught that the ashes from the bomb are as deadly as the bomb itself. No one was doing decontaminations here.
    The brinkmanship here was classic and the Jack Ryan as good as ever.
    Tom Clancy is a very good spy/ suspense writer, he just doesn't seem to know that much about atomic bombs....more info
  • An awe-inspiring, well-conceived thriller
    Maybe I'm too easy to please, but I found The Sum of All Fears to be one powerful humdinger of a motion picture. I should point out that I came into this film with no preconceptions; I have not read any of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels, nor have I seen any of the earlier movies starring Harrison Ford in the central role. I can certainly see how major and strange a transition it must be for fans to go from the older Ford to the young Affleck, and the obvious disparity between the film and the book that inspired it would also probably bother me had I previously read Clancy's 1991 novel. I was attracted to this movie for two reasons: one is the plot. Delaying the release of this film in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attack was the right thing to do, given the subject matter dealt with here, but it also served to pique my interests in the film. As an old and unrepentant Cold Warrior now viewing the world through eyes permanently rimmed red by the reprehensible actions of cowardly terrorists, the idea of an American-Russian nuclear war brought about by the maneuvering of terrorists definitely spoke to me. The other aspect of the film that appealed to me was the prominent role played by Morgan Freeman. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again: in my opinion, Morgan Freeman is the greatest actor working today.

    The complex yet tightly-wound plot of this film is impressive. The sudden death of a Soviet (now Russian) leader still carries with it a significant amount of trepidation in the West, but this film takes such fears to an unprecedented level. The characterization of Russian President Nemerov is, I think, the most crucial element of this entire plot, and it comes off magnificently. Talk about being boxed in against a wall. Try being a new Russian leader already regarded as a hard-liner by basically everyone in the West (except for CIA analyst Jack Ryan) and then have forces that should be under your control but are not attack Grozny, Chechnya, with horrible chemical weapons. No Russian President can admit less than total control of his military. Then have a nuclear bomb go off in a major American city, a tragedy made to look rather convincingly as an act of Russian aggression. Americans are going to respond to such an attack with extreme prejudice. Thus, before you have your new Presidential chair adequately adjusted for your comfort, you're on the brink of nuclear war. Ciaran Hinds deserves all the credit I can give him for his convincing performance as President Nemerov; he (not Affleck, and not even Freeman) makes this motion picture the overwhelming success I think it is.

    The entire cast of this film is excellent (even Affleck), and so is the production value of everything you see. The special effects are impressive (and it was a treat to see just how they were brought to life in the DVD special features dealing with the visual effects), but these are just the trimmings on the real feast. The meat of The Sum of All Fears is a plot which is compelling, believable, disquieting, and, in the end, rather moving. This movie drew me in completely to its world of intelligence, espionage, deception, politics, and diplomacy, and I could not possibly give it less than five stars....more info

  • Can't watch it enough!
    I don't know why, but I love this movie. It's very very entertaining, which is the reason I watch movies. Lots of suspense, love the special effects when the bomb goes off, and I'm a die hard Morgan Freeman fan anyway. ...more info
  • Sadly disappointing!
    Tom Clancy's "Sum Of All Fears" is a 900 page thriller - complex, highly detailed and smart. A mini-series would be necessary to preserve the integrity of the story, but alas it was squashed into two hours for the theater. Large parts of the story were completely discarded and what remains has been compressed to the point of being barely recognizable. What makes the book so interesting is the premise that the US and Russian governments could be manipulated by clever terrorists, and in spite of all safeguards the world could be brought to the brink of nuclear war. The movie shows us the escalating danger, but without the insights. Be afraid, be very afraid!

    While I can understand the problem of creating a coherent screenplay I cannot understand the characterization of Jack Ryan (played by Ben Affleck). Jack Ryan (as portrayed by Tom Clancy) is not just a guy who runs with guns. He is smart, thoughtful, and highly articulate. He is the Deputy Director of the CIA and an advisor to the President! Yet in this film he says things like "I really don't believe the Russian leader would act that way, Sir." Apparently we are supposed to believe that Jack Ryan saves the day because he can walk away from helicopter crashes, and because he's really, really sincere.

    Still, on the plus side the film is nice to look at, moves at a fast pace, has a few well done special effects, and some decent acting (notably Morgan Freeman). The ride can be enjoyable if you don't think about it, so I give it two stars. Regardless of how you feel about this film I say read the book. You won't believe how much more there is to this story....more info
  • This BD is best thrown in the garbage bin.
    This is the worst transfer I've encountered. It's like something from Paramount's garbage bin that accidentally got made into BD. Noise galore from start to finish. Best avoid this BD. Hope Paramount will follow Sony's example and recall this title... ...more info
  • Actors excellent! Script not so good.
    I enjoyed the first hour or so of this film, but then it turned into a replay of War Games. The last 30-40 minutes jumped around and were so rushed that all that remained was the predictable outcome....more info
  • Latest Jack Ryan movie from Tom Clancy
    This is the latest one of Tom Clancy's collection. I have always enjoyed his movies. This was one of the Tom Clancy books that I really enjoyed but the movie did not do it the book justice. It was a little more Hollywood then it needed to be. They should have worked off the past, it would have been much better. Still it is not all that bad, I have seen much worse....more info
  • Read the book instead
    Nobody writes military thrillers like Tom Clancy. A handful of the movies made from his novels are worthy of the original manuscript. "Hunt for Red October" is my key example.

    If I had to sum up the problems for "The Sum of All Fears", I'd first mention acting. I really like Ben Affleck, but he simply doesn't define the role like either Alec Baldwin or Harrison Ford. Perhaps if he were cast in an earlier portion of Jack Ryan's life, he might have worked, but Affleck simply lacks the authority and competence inherent in Ford's manner--and being a MUCH younger man following Ford just seems out of sync.

    This was also one of the rare roles where I saw Morgan Freeman as Morgan Freeman. Usually, he transports me to the place and time he's inhabiting in the character--not in this film.

    The plot is interesting--but nowhere near as well done as the book. Just read the book. It's available here on Amazon and well worth the price.

    ...more info
  • Ouch, this is bad.
    The only thing that this movie and the Tom Clancy novel have in common is the title. All the subtle character developments and sub-plots from the book are gone. Most of the major plot is modified and what is left is something that you would swear you were watching on TV, in the 8 pm time slot. And speaking of TV, did Ben Affleck resemble and sound just like Jerry Seinfeld?

    The book wasn't great and aside from the technical explanations of a nuclear weapon, was not too believable. The movie however, was so bad that with a little work it could pass for a skit on SNL. This is a movie to be avoided at all costs. It is a shameless attempt by Hollywood to put up a big name "Movie Hunk" in place of substance....more info

  • The Sum of All Fears (Special Collector's Edition)...
    This is a good movie that invites one to think. The acting was very good. Morgan Freeman again, is outstanding!...more info
  • Excellent Cast, Excellent Movie!!
    The Sum of All fears is a fitting name for this movie. I believe the line that sums up this movie is "its not the Country with a thousand nukes that worries me, its the country with one nuke" - now picture the deep voice of morgan freeman saying this and you should get a slight tingle in your spine! Imagine a country with one nuclear bomb.... now let your imagination run wild.... thats what this movie is all about!!! This is not my best movie of all time, however coming close to my best deserves it to be a part of everyones collection!!...more info
  • Propaganda is hateful, epecially when it smells antisemitic
    This film could have been a good one. It came out after 9/11 but before Iraq, at the time of Afghanistan. It is about the "final" confrontation between the USA and Russia. A nuclear terrorist attack is organized in Baltimore so that the USA may believe it comes from the Russians and may start the procedure leading to a full out nuclear war. From the very start the theory that is illustrated here is that terror in the world is organized by the Israeli secret services with the help of some western autonomous adventurers and with the complicity of the hard liners in the Russian and Ukrainian armies. Then the whole story is difficult to believe because of the total lack of real believable hard facts. The American president appears as quite manipulated by his own military personnel and his State and Defense Secretaries, without speaking of the CIA. The Russian president appears just as much manipulated but with maybe a little bit more nerve. The whole plot fails because a small CIA intellectual agent manages to speak to the Russian president directly via the red telephone and make him take the decision to halt his alert, a decision that the US president immediately imitates. How can we believe that. The Weapons of Mass Destruction are quoted in some remote small sentence somewhere unimportant but the propaganda is clear. The various actors of this plot are then eliminated one after the other in the most radical way possible. That's a shame in a way because the film is rather well made and acted but it is obvious war propaganda that supports the theory pretending the world is being manipulated if not controlled by the Israelis, a resurgence of sorts of the old hitlerian anti-semitism of old. I guess some believe that good old hate-theories can always be revived in a way or another, with a little bit of upgrading if necessary.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
  • Reall good film
    Can Ryan save the world from a terrible war? Well we can only hope. Ben Affleck has been cast as Ryan, and he actually surprised me. He takes over for Harrison Ford who had the part in previous films. He was really good in the role. He brings something new and different to the role. I watched this movie more because of Morgan Freeman then Ben Affleck. I know I'm dating myself, but I've been a Morgan Freeman fans since seeing him on the Electric Company on PBS. Ryan is a rookie who helps to unravel a plot that could have the Russians and America at war with one another. A nuclear bombs goes off in Baltimore and the two countries point the fingers at one another. Morgan plays Affleck's boss and friend in this film , and his performance is outstanding. There is a touch of comedy that takes the edge off in the flim, but you never lose fact of the terror and drama in the film. I've rented this film 4 times so far. I think I will end up buying this one to add to my collection. It's not often I like a movie with Ben in it....more info
  • I liked it. I REALLY liked it.
    I saw this movie at a theatre for the first time and thought it was an 'excellent' movie. I thought it was excellent because I felt 'something' as I was walking out of the theatre. I don't know- I liked particularly the latter part of the movie, where Ben Affleck tries to convince both side to the very ending of the movie. I am not personally familiar with Tom Clancy's novels (I began to read his novels, after watching this movie twice, starting with 'the Hunt for Red October'), meaning I'm giving this review purely from 'unadulterated' perspective.

    It looks like lot of reviewers gave this movie low rating due to 'political incorrectness' and 'revisions' from original plot. However, I still thought it was an excellent movie for several reasons. Honestly I could not pinpoint exactly why I felt 'moved' when I was walking out of theatre nor inspired watching it on DVD again- I think, I think I felt moved and inspired because it does demonstrate a glimpse of 'truth', the truth that all nuclear war is possible as long as we and they have them. Our very fear of nuclear war might have diminished considerably after the end of the Cold War era, however, the 'possibility' still exists as long as the existence of nuclear weapons is a fact. I do not think the 'possibility' of nuclear war would differ whether it's Neo-Nazis or some fundamental terrorists trying to accomplish their purpose; the 'more' important point is that the sum of all fears will exists no matter what. I think I was moved because of another possibility that this existence of sum of all fears can be prevented by one side's willingness to yield and back down 'unconditionally'. This was very important factor, at least for a novice movie critic like myself, because you are preventing the sum of all fears by 'putting down' your pride and even risking everything you have- I was definitely inspired by Russian president's very courageous and bold decision in the heat of the moment... wow.

    You know, perhaps I was moved walking out of the theatre on one sunny day because of realization that anything is possible. Anything is possible in the sense that I might die or vaporize instantly without knowing it, especially when you went through and witness 9/11. I was motivated to live my life more faithfully and courageously. And I also want to believe that the good of humanity can be achieved through true courage. (I'm being sidetrack here...but who's real 'chicken' when you refuse to smoke back in high school under peer-pressure? Those, who try to force you to smoke and call you 'chicken' for not smoking, are the ones who couldn't stand up to the peer-pressure in the first place...the true C)

    I liked the ending, whether it's realistic or not, to see that there are still forces working for the good of humanity.

    Alrite people..better get back to Ryan now....more info

  • Good plot, good film, hedious adaptation
    Tom Clancy knows how to make vivid and realistic stories, because he walked in the halls of power and really understands about politics, the military and secret services. "The sum of all fears" is no exception, and shows how a determined partie with the right connections can begin a series of events that leads to a war with dire consequences. This film, although changing lots of plot, character and faction elements, keeps the main substance of the novel: Fear will tear us apart.

    Especially in europe we believe that we live in a state of grace and permanent peace, but it's so fragile that we must cherish it. This film and novel is really a cautionary tale.

    This Jack Ryan is a freshman in the CIA, not the hardened sub-director we're used to, and Ben Affleck fulfills the role quite well. Morgan Freeman is great as a top CIA executive; charismatic and with great leadership characteristics, easy stuff for such a good actor.

    Secondary roles like the russian president and the american operative are also well played, leaving their mark.

    The story itself as some "reality checks", like the secret services almost omnipotence, a walk in post nuclear bomb Baltimore, total discardance of nuclear Electro Magnetic Pulse (although the commentaries of Tom Clancy state that a small weapon probably would not knock out the entire network of com nods) or the fist fight with the big nazi (why????).

    Good entertainment with a message. Common sense and wisdom must always be present in politics, especially when we have weapons that can destroy us all.

    The extras in the DVD are quite good; explaining how was done the main scenes that required most special fx (like the effects of the explosion, or the A4 being shotdown); there are also interviews with the actors, and great commentaries from Tom Clancy (don't forget to watch this film a second time with the commentaries on - they should have hired Mr.o clancy as an adviser...the film would be better). Three stars for the extras....more info
  • The Moose Hole - 'Fears' Realized
    Ben Affleck is not the most likely actor you would expect to see playing CIA agent Jack Ryan from the famous Tom Clancy novels. But whether you like him or not, he is the third actor to take on the role after Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red October and Harrison Ford in Patriot Games and Clear & Present Danger and it will be interesting to see how the film fares out. Not for the sake of Affleck's ability to take on the role but to see if a film with a story so deeply involved on terrorism can succeed. Though the villains in the film had been changed from Muslim terrorists from the novel to Neo-Nazis, this decision was made before the September 11th attacks and kind of represents our innocence back then. If the film pays off in the end, perhaps studios will be less reluctant to release films in genre like they are now.

    The story for the fourth film based on the Jack Ryan series finds the famous Tom Clancy character at a much younger age then in the previous theatrical efforts and showcases his early start in the CIA. Jack Ryan is recruited to the CIA program by Bill Cabot after the president of Russia dies and is replaced by a man the United States does not know about and therefore fears. The only thing they have on him is the report that Ryan wrote on him years ago. After a bomb goes off during the Super Bowl in Baltimore, Ryan must get the right information to the president before a conflict between Russia and the United States ignites World War III. The story for The Sum of All Fears holds together pretty well and the reason may be because it is based on a best selling novel with little changes made overall. Despite this being a lower budgeted effort then Attack of the Clones or The Scorpion King, the story for this film is ten times better then the more budgeted fare.

    Though the cast really only carries two big names, those being Affleck and Freeman, the cast is put together well with plenty of lesser known, but exceedingly more talented, actors. Ben Affleck, who has had a series of unmemorable films including Reindeer Games and Bounce, takes over for Harrison Ford in the role of Jack Ryan and, quite frankly, doesn't do bad of job. Affleck certainly proves the critics wrong about his range of acting by showing much more emotion then previous efforts like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor. Morgan Freeman is, once again, wonderful and one has to wonder if there will be a role that he can't pull off. James Cromwell comes off effectively as the President of the United States who is faced with decision of whether to push the button or not. Obviously the emotions are extremely intense in this feature and the delightful cast of characters make the film all the more so though they aren't as great the leading roles, which can be expected from time to time in films of this nature.

    Overall, The Sum of All Fears, despite some eerie unintentional reflections of September 11th, manages to hold its ground with such explosive material. At the time the film was released, India and Pakistan were near nuclear war and the United States was involved in the war on terrorism with the horrible images of the World Trade Center attacks still embedded in our minds. With those events in mind the release of this film may seem a bit controversial but they actually help make the film more realistic and message it expresses is more efficiently produced because of that. The Sum of All Fears awakens people to the real problems in the world and may give some people the incentive to join government programs like the military or the CIA. If a film can inspire young movie-going to achieve a promising job then that film deserves some praise. Certainly not as exciting as the other summer efforts but an overall good popcorn thriller....more info

  • It was alright, but in the end was weak.
    The movie is ok, not one of the best. There are better Jack Ryan movies out there (The Hunt for Red October). The main problem with the movie is it leaves out a ton of stuff mentioned in the book, this was why the book was good. In the end though, I'd only rent this movie, not buy it....more info
  • Sum of All Fears is the sum of all Spy Thrillers!
    The Sum of All Fears takes place in the past when Jack Ryan is a young CIA analyst, getting his first taste of national intelligence and meeting high level people in the government. This movie has lots of action and some good humor between Affleck and Morgan Freeman, showing how Admiral Greer dies toward the end. The part where the American aircraft carrier gets attacked is great (along with the Russian fighters getting blown up). They threw in some romance and spy intrigue to the mix as well. Definitely worth your time and to add to your collection!

    Carl...more info
  • Excellent Movie!
    I saw the first two reviews of this movie and I'm very glad that I ignored them. I thought that this was an excellent movie, very suspensful, and a wonderful ending. Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck do a great job as the head of the CIA and a young Jack Ryan. The only reason I can figure out that these people hated the movie is that they are hard-core Tom Clancy fans who like to be bored to tears when reading. If this movie had stuck 100% to Clancy's book it probably would have been 5 hours long. The man just goes far too much into explanation and you could probably cut out 200 pages of his books and still have a good plot. Once again, see this movie....more info
  • Great film, especially when Tom Clancy keeps his mouth shut!
    I love this movie, and I never would have guessed that Tom Clancy is a pompous ass.

    After watching this excellent DVD, complete with shocking scenes, an absolutely perfect score by the late Jerry Goldsmith, and unforgettable direction by Phil Robinson, I decided to listen to the commentary by Robinson and Tom Clancy.

    I have never heard Clancy do an interview, I have never listened to a commentary by him, though I am a fan of his older books. But to listen to this man ramble on about where he's been, what he's done, and how important he is absolutely disgusted me.

    I hate know-it-alls.

    Phil Robinson delivers an informative and amusing commentary, while Clancy interjects at every opportunity, spouting on about which rooms of the CIA he's been in, how Robinson used the wrong jet for this scene, how "CIA is not that good," asking if "that's supposed to be a bomb or a torpedo? A bomb. "Wrong proportions."

    "Yeah, up on 7th floor, I've been there several times. I've lectured there. Actually they just called again last night asking me to lecture... No way in hell, chemical weapons are not that efficient... That's one of the few places in the White House I haven't seen... I know that author... Pictures aren't good enough, this is total crap... I've driven Russian T72 tanks before"

    Clancy, if you're such an important man, why didn't you bless your ultimate wisdom upon the world of film-making while the movie was still in production?

    Just listening to this man go on about how important he is infuriates me - almost enough to write a review and publish it on

    Watch this excellent film, and you'll enjoy it. Just beware of the commentary. Of course if I were a (formerly) successful author and hadn't written a halfway decent book in over a decade I would try my best to come off like a know-it-all too....more info
  • terrorism and wmd brought to the big screen
    Great video with all star cast that shows the realities that face us here in america. A terrorist mastermind wants to drag the U.S. and Russia into WW3 and uses a smuggled nuclear device to do it. The only thing i would have done differently, is to have used Islamic terrorists to make it more lifelike....more info
  • Good movie - bad, bad, bad choice of actor!
    Like all Tom Clancy stories, this oe is a bit far-fetched! What the hell, I love Tom Clancy! There's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy escapism now and again, and this movie woud have provided apart from one thing - Ben Afflicted!!! What a poor choice as a replacement for Harrison! Ben cannot act at the best of times, but in a undemanding role such as playing Ryan, he is at his very worst!

    I don't care for the lack of temporal continuity that "The Sum Of All Fears" now gives to the other titles in the series. I mean, if "Sum" takes place in the present, and Ryan is not married and has no kids, then how does he maage to have a family in the other three movies? Whose "clever" idea was it to try and fob that off on the audience? It's not like noone would realise, is it?

    Final complaint - Ukranian soldiers of a certain age would easly be able to understand Russian, so when they are told to take off their boots, they would have known exactly what was being asked of them, and would not need it saying in Ukranian! Someone shuld have researched that one a little more. Oh, and yes, Afflek's Russian accent is appaling! Maybe it was his pronunciation the Ukranians were having trouble with!

    Choose another Ryan - anyone will do (apart from Owen Wilson - Afflek's rival for the worst actor ever award!)....more info

  • The film is good but...
    it's about as different from the book as a film can get. Did the screenwriter even READ the book? I think not; there is very little they share other than the name and a bomb.
    Despite that, I liked Affleck as a younger Ryan and I liked the story of the film. Comparing the two, however, is like comparing oranges and umbrellas....more info
  • A good movie, but...
    This movie is really pretty good. I've given it a three star rating because that is what it deserves. It is a decent movie, no Oscar winner here, but did you really expect that?
    Ben Affleck portrays the recurring character of Jack Ryan pretty well, make no mistake, though, he's still Affleck. He's a little to pretty to imagine as a CIA official, but lets not dwell on that.
    The plot is good, and Morgan Freeman is excellent as Ryan's superior and friend.
    The movie has a lot of romantic and comic relief, so at least it's not 2 hours of intense scenes of Ben Affleck on a Nokia!
    Certain parts of the movie aren't extremely believable, but of course, after 9/11 it's hard to imagine that anyone could sneak a bomb anywhere, less a big football game with the President attending.
    This wasn't my favorite movie, but if you want to be excited and enjoy a movie for a few hours, this movie will do!...more info
  • A good movie
    I was very happy with Amazon and it's partner as to the speed and quality of how everything went smoothly. I received the DVD in a timely manner and was pleased at the price for the entire experience....more info
  • Tom Clancy sold out
    The WSJ had an article a few years ago ("How to Market Movie About the Bomb So It Won't Be One," May 30, 2002) where Clancy admitted he changed the bad guys from Arabs to neo-Nazis for the movie because he wanted to be "sensitive to stereotypes." Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. Is it a stereotype to say that the biggest terrorist attack in the history of the world was carried out by Arab men? The one group that Hollywood still feels it can beat up on is neo-Nazis, even if it's completely ridiculous. I guarantee you, most neo-Nazis in this country are more interested in getting enough money together to buy a six-pack, than trying to get their hands on a nuke to blow up their own country. Foreign Nazis? Even more lame.

    On the other hand, if Clancy (who's an executive producer of the movie, so he's got NO excuse) had had the integrity to keep the Arabs as the bad guys, we could have had an ultra-realistic, prescient, hard-hitting and thought-provoking movie. Shame on you Mr. Clancy, shame!...more info

    I've had this DVD on the shelf for a few years but never watched it. And the book is one of Tom Clancy's I'd never read. Having the three other DVDs of Clancy's books I kinda knew what to expect. But the movie was a pleasant surprise in its realism of just what a small detonatioin could do. And the subject is still a valid one today, what one deranged group with one device could achieve.

    I noticed Tom Clancy was the producer, so he must have had some input to this movie. I have trouble with Ben Afflect playing Jack Ryan, but then I have never liked any of the actors that have filled that role. Don't ask me who could do it, but none of these actors would have been my choice.

    For this movie the special effects steal the show, and one of the problems with putting a Tom Clancy on the screen was pointed out not only by some reviews here, but in the special features on the disc: the books are sprawling epics too large to be reduced to the screen. I doubt any other books will ever be filmed, unless Mr. Clancy becomes less "James Michener" like and reduces the number of pages in his books.

    Overall, the film was both more and less than expected. More enjoyable and less pandering to what a fallout attack would bring. All in all for an action adventure film it does the job.

    Semper Fi....more info
  • The Dividend of All Concerns

    I hate people that go around complaining about "political correctness". I do it myself some, but I'm not a rightwing nut. It ain't all like the Drudge Report and Hannity etc. tell ya monkey. 6 stars for THE SUM OF ALL FEARS for it's "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS". Ohhh how dare a movie be critical of the military industrial complex. _OOOOOH_MY_GOD_ Israel looks not like a bunch of saints in a movie. What??? It didn't make Muslims look evil?!! The outrage. Anyway, at least this Tom Clancy movie has something going for it: it annoyed wingnuts. ...more info
  • Why is this even a movie
    It's as if the writers and directors had a good idea, started to write it down, fell asleep, then woke up and added ending credits.
    The best part of this DVD is the commentary by Dir. Robinson and writer Tom Clancy. From the opening line:
    "Hi, I'm Phil Alden Robinson, the director of The Sum of All Fears"
    "Hi, I''m Tom Clancy, I wrote the book that Phil ignored"
    I was hooked. Clancy spends the entire movie pointing out flaws, perhaps as revenge for changing his plot so badly. Other than Clancy's commentary, this movies was horrible. If they couldn't get Ford to play Ryan, couldn't they have at least gotten someone close to his age to make the movie closer to the book. There's a whole John Clark subplot in the book that would have made this movie 500 times better.
    This really only deserves one star, but I gave it three because of clancy's commentary...more info
  • Total disappointment.
    Other reviews already written go into specifics about the film. So let me just add my two cents. The movie is awful. It is not anywhere in the same league as the other Tom Clancy novel films. It's boring, poorly paced, not true to the book, cliche, and all together lacking any depth or originality. I never felt on the edge of my seat or worried about any of the characters. The actors are excellent in other films (esp. Morgan Freeman) but in this film cardboard cut outs. Don't waste your time....more info
  • What can I say?
    A Movie that will make you wonder if it could be true. It made you wonder what would happen next or if they would be able to stop it in time and did not come with the normal hollywood happy ending that we all wait for. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good action movie....more info
  • Like a roller coaster, this movie has ups and downs
    After watching this movie once, I don't watch the whole thing any more. What makes it worth purchasing are segments of the movie--not the whole story. I'd have preferred someone other than Ben Affleck in the lead role, but Morgan Freeman was superb in his role. Who can forget his expression as he finally "gets" the word "Baltimore" as the bomb location, and gazes around the football stadium? Another great moment is when Ben's character has been cut off during his message read by the leaders of both America and Russia, and the Russian courageously takes a step back from the escalating nightmare.

    I was impressed with the supporting role of our spy in Russia--an actor who has played comedy roles such as the boyfriend one in Kate & Leopold, but was superb in this role...very believable with both dry humor ("so, write a report about it") and in the end sequence.

    If it wasn't uneven, I'd give the movie 4 stars.
    ...more info
  • Good movie for a night in...
    Although I had seen the movie before, it had been awhile. Overall, still a great movie with some pretty good names in it. (Ben Afleck, Morgan Freeman). Both are very good actors imo. Although this came out before HD was really mainstream, still not totally yet, the BD version was a very nice addition to the library. Not exactly a blockbuster on graphics, sound effects, etc., but none the less, a great movie. I am amazed every time I put in a BD to see the differences. AMAZING. Although, I am not an expert, I do have my fair share of knowledge on HD and the like, definately worth it to me. ...more info
  • A B-flick masquerading as an A-flick.
    For me, there is really just one problem with this film. Even if a film is illogical, I am still able to suspend judgement and enjoy a film for what it's worth. The problem with this film is Affleck who is just horrible in the role of Jack Ryan. This guy (the character that is) has a PhD?! Get serious! In my opinion Liev Schreiber (John Clark in the film) should have been cast as Ryan. He has great physical and mental presence and is by-far a better actor than the wimpy Affleck....more info
    Not one of Ben Affleck's fans, I found his performance in this film one of the best I've seen him in; while some may have found him flat, I found his understated performance a perfect counterbalance for the hyperantics of James Cromwell and his assorted staff members; not saying they were bad, just that they had enough vinegar in them to carry the "oomph" factor. Affleck's reactions seemed genuine and controlled, and in this age of action heroes overacting, it was refreshing. Morgan Freeman is very good in this one, as well, with excellent support from Ciarin Hinds as the Russian president; Liev Schrieber as the cool headed American assassin; Alan Bates as the cold hearted perpetrator; and Bridget Moynahan as Ryan's soon to be wife.
    The explosion in Baltimore is a shocker and spellbinding!
    I liked this film a lot....more info
  • book better than movie
    I'm reading the book and decide to checkout dvd, boy what a waste! The only reason buying this dvd is to keep all the jack ryan movies together, patriot games and clear and present danger the best. This movie doesn't match what im reading so don't buy it think it will....more info