2CG923IR-6 - 1/3 Sony Super HAD 420 TV Lines 28 LED Waterproof IR Camera
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Product Description

MyStore4u proudly carries High Quality CCSG, Corp. Surveillance Cameras, DVR's, and other CCTV Equipment! All cameras are BRAND NEW & CE & FCC approved products!! Retails for $190.00.

  • Genuine PROFESSIONAL QUALITY CCSG, Corp. Day / Night, Weather-Proof / Water-Proof Camera.
  • CE and FCC approved product.
  • Built in ORIGINAL 1/3 Sony Super-Had CCD, Sony DSP!!
  • High-resolution: 420 TV Lines, COLOR Camera.
  • **3 YEAR Manufacturer Warranty for items purchased through MyStore4u** - Please Contact support@ccsgcorp.com for Tech Support Issues