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Nokia OEM CA-53 USB data cable for Nokia 3300 6230 6255i 6620 6651 7610 3155i 6235i 6282 6265i 6126 9300 9500 & more
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Product Description

Connect a compatible PC and Nokia phone.

Transfer data and synchronize with a PC, including calendar, phonebook, notes, to-do list - depending on the version of Nokia PC Suite.

Supports USB 2.0 standard and maximum data transfer speeds.

Software driver files are required for installation.

Free Software download from Nokia web site.

Compatible with Nokia N93, N90, N80, N73, E70, 9500, 9300, 7610, 7370, 7270, 6670, 6265i, 6256i, 6255i, 6235i, 6230, 6170, 6165i, 6133, 6126, 3155i, 2865i, N80 ie, 6151, 6288. Cable only, software and driver is not included

  • Nokia OEM USB Data Cable.
  • Nokia PC Suite software required for some PC connectivity features.
  • 1 year warranty from Nokia

Customer Reviews:

  • Great buy!
    Seems to be the real deal. Nokia product for bargain price. Time will tell if product holds up....more info
  • Nokia connection cable
    How exciting can a connexion cable be ? Well, this one does what it's supposed to do : connect your phone with your computer (USB port). That's it ! :-)...more info
  • data cable for nokia 6126
    worked very well. low price. fast. nokia memory system requires study to use....more info
  • Good Product
    This cable allows for phone to PC image and picture transfer. You will need to download the Nokia software for free, but it gets the job done. Some small hicups with data coming from media player, not all song info transfers to Nokia program, but very usable....more info
  • Excellent
    This product was exactly what I needed, it was exactly what the seller said it would be and about $45.00 cheaper than buying it direct from Nokia. Thanks!...more info
  • Looked like it would not work but it does
    Even though my Nokida model, 6126, was listed as working when this arrived I thought oh-man they shipped the wrong thing. Then I looked at the model number on the cable and it was the one I ordered. Then I thought oh man I ordered the wrong thing.

    Turns out it works even though all the connections do not seem to match, it is secure, and actually have a very high transfer rate. So if you get it out and it doesn't seem like it would fit, play with it until it snaps in and it probably will work for you if your model is listed....more info
  • RFTM
    I am sure this cable works fantastically.

    As long as it is used with the correct phone. I should have know better, but the price was so incredibly low- especailly having originally purchased the correct cable from Nokia 2 years ago for fifty bucks- that I felt, even if my phone was not listed, hey, it could still work, right?

    Wrong. But in an effort to write a 'helpful' review I have to add, it is in fact an OEM Nokia CA-52 cable, it was very inexpensive, and it arrived much sooner than expected.

    ...more info
  • Works for my Nokia 6085
    This is the PERFECT USB cable for a Nokia 6085. DON'T be fooled!!!!! ALL you need is this cable and a FREE software download from Nokia and you can use your phone and PC together. I also got a memory card and headphones so, who needs an iPod now? Works for Pics, MP3's, Contacts, phone as a modem, and MUCH, MUCH more!...more info
  • great deal and it works perfectly
    This cable is OEM and it works perfectly. I use it to load music on my mp3 player in my nokia 6275i. I didn't even have to do any set up, I just plugged it into my mac and it was ready to go. Great deal....more info
  • Technical difficulties
    Its works ok, but for some reason when I would connect it to my computer from my phone,on the monitor it would say connected..then a few seconds later disconnected, and switch back and forth and I never even touched it!...more info
  • Nokia 6133 Data Cable
    the cable is a nokia branded cable, haven't had time to try it yet as I use the bluetooth most of the time just got this for any phone software updates so I don't have to rely on wireless....more info
  • Nokia 6058 USB Cable
    Genuine, high quality and sturdy Nokia product. A little tricky to plug in to the phone (hold your tongue just right) but connects just fine.

    The Nokia PC Suite software I downloaded (not from at&t) is a little buggy, though.

    This cable cost less than $3.00 + shipping from A1. The at&t store wanted $39.95 and didn't have it in stock....more info