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Victorinox Swiss Army Explorer with Free Pouch
List Price: $46.00

Our Price: $31.41

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Product Description

The company that created the renowned Swiss Army knife in 1897 offers this 15-tool pocket knife toolbox for campers, hikers, hunters, fishers, and other outdoor lovers--plus a leather belt pouch at no additional charge. All tools neatly fold up inside a single implement sheathed in durable plastic that measures just 3-1/2 inches long and has a key ring on the end. Tools are all stainless-steel, except for a plastic toothpick. In addition to the toothpick, the tools comprise a large knife blade, small knife blade, can opener, bottle opener, small screwdriver, large screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, wire stripper, reamer, magnifying glass, tweezers, corkscrew, scissors, and hook. The Explorer carries a lifetime warranty against defects.

About Victorinox
In 1884, Swiss cutler Karl Elsener set up shop in Ibach-Schwyz, installing a waterwheel in Tobelbach Brook to run his grinding and polishing machines. Thus began what would become the international brand name Victorinox, a combination of Victoria, for Elsener's mother, and "inox," or stainless steel. Today, Victorinox produces watches, luggage, clothing, and, famously, Swiss Army Knives. The forerunner of that name dates to 1897, when Elsener patented the Swiss Officer's and Sports Knife he supplied to the Swiss Army. Following World War II, American servicemen and women shopping in PX stores shortened the name to Swiss Army Knife, which lives on in English-speaking countries around the world and has become a metaphor or versatility.

  • Pocket knife contains 16 different tools
  • Features blades, magnifying glass, scissors, corkscrew, and more
  • Compact, 3.5-inch long knife is ideal for camping, fishing, and more
  • Comes complete with a lifetime warranty
  • Includes FREE leather pouch with snap lock

Customer Reviews:

  • WooHooo My first Swiss Army tool, too good!
    This is my first too, the explorer is something one must have if u are a swiss knife fan. It had all the wanted features and the leather pouch that came was an asset as I now can store it easily and the kids also do not know what it is.

    The oil was spilling when I first opened all the tools, but now it seems to work well. Grab one while amazon has these in stock....more info
  • Great survival tool
    I bought my explorer in 1972. Since then, it has:
    Fixed scores of electronics
    Cut virtually anything that needed cutting
    Opened myriad bottles of wine and beer
    Opened far too many C-rations
    Screwed and unscrewed thousands of mechanical and wood screws
    And even started fires
    It is possibly the best purchase I have ever made
    ...more info
  • Best Combination of Tools for the size and weight
    I have had carried Explorers since 85. It is one of the few Swiss knifes that have a phillips from the end instead of from the middle. Its weight and combination of tools is perfect! I have Leathermen (too heavy), smaller Swiss knifes (too limited), and other pocket size tool collections (too flimsy), but the Explorer does it all and does not pull too heavy in your pockets. The magnifying lens seems like wasted space until you need it again and again and again. The large screwdriver/opener, has a wire bending notch that is more useful than you know. My first one had the blade broken by a customer who needed to borrow it for a second (never loaned it again). The second one had the case cracked when I was in a wreck (never wreck again).
    I never, ever, leave home without it....more info
  • Good knife but lousy pouch
    The free pouch is too lousy.Doesn't fit perfectly to the knife and not so durable.The sides of the pouch are just made of elastic
    (Plus 7 Usd more you have to pay for this pouch is definitely not worth it,it is not really as FREE as said.)

    I strongly recommend you to get only the knife and find other proper pouch.

    Hope this help.

    The track-package funtion didn't work well,so it was hard to track my order....more info
  • Swiss Army Champion
    This model has been my favorite Swiss Army Knife for over 30 years. I have purchased three of them during that time. It contains almost every miniature tool one could want for making adjustments or repairs in a pinch, except a saw, which is why I rate it a 4 instead of 5. I've used it virtually every day for one thing or another, and it has held up extremely well. The most recent purchase was a gift for my son, who at 20 is younger than the second of these knives I purchased in 1982. I lost the original knife in 1982 after using it for six years. Replacement parts such as toothpick, tweezers and scissor spring are easy to obtain, though the average time between replacement has been about ten years for each. The price on Amazon is the lowest by far, even cheaper than the first one purchased 30 years ago, but the quality is the same. ...more info
  • Nice knife, bad pocuh
    I have had a Swiss Army knife for a very long time, I lost it unfortunately and bought this new one. I am enjoying it as I did with the first one I had, the quality of the steel and the tools is unsurpassable.

    Anyway, the pouch that comes with this offer does very little in terms of quality. For the future buyers I suggest getting another pouch separately....more info
  • Best combo for everyday use
    This knife is a replacement for one (same model) that was recently stolen. The combo of tools found on this model has proven to be the most useful during travel, while camping, and just around the house and office. I have used it to fix bicycles, remove splinters, snip loose threads on a suit before a major presentation, repair luggage, clean a fish for dinner, tighten loose screws on a microphone, open a celebratory bottle of wine and much, much more.
    Virtually every tool has come in handy at one time or another. Love the size, reliability and function of this knife.
    If you are looking for a working knife that has the kind of tools needed for the typical kind of stuff we all encounter on a day to day basis, this is the model! ...more info