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HP Quickdoc Docking Station
List Price: $149.99

Our Price: $71.00

You Save: $78.99 (53%)


Product Description

Want fast and easy expansion for your laptop? The ability to connect to power, peripherals, and the Internet with a single cable? Make HP's Notebook QuickDock, the "home base" for your notebook. You'll easily keep everything plugged in while simultaneousl

  • Product #: HPES631AA
  • Manufacturer: HP Consumer
  • Manufacturer Item #: ES631AA#ABA
  • UPC: 882780391550

Customer Reviews:

  • when purchasing dockstation don't forget
    when purchasing docking station, don`t forget to buy power cord - it is not included and they do not advise you clearly....more info
  • Almost what I needed
    I have an old HP L2005cu laptop. Still a great machine after upgrading to a bigger, faster hard drive. The dock works just great but only after I separately purchased an expansion 2 to expansion port 3 converter. Even HP documentation was unclear which type the quick dock was but the Amazon info lead me to believe it was a port 2 type. The converter was an extra $20 but the combo is just what I needed....more info
  • Over priced, does not work well at times

    It does not have or come with a power supply and you must use your laptop AC plug for power. That means you will have to lug it back and forth with you if you use this at work and use your laptop at home too or vice versa. Unless you want to spend another $50 to buy an additional AC adapter!!! Another great HP screw over!!! After all, isn't the point of a docking station to make it easy for you to use your laptop in multiple places and by not having to plug and unplug multiple cables???

    Do you have a DV4000? This dock does not pass video through that model either, as well as on some other models even though HP says it does. HA!

    I think the universal dock with video by Kensington would be a better choice and you can find it cheaper....more info
  • I only use one cord now.
    I read the other reviews, so bought another power cord. The power cord that came with my HP dv5-1150us wouldn't fit in the docking station. Luckily the power cord I ordered came with an adapter that fits into the docking station. Everything (printer, camera, TV tuner, and speakers) plug into the docking station. The cord from the docking station is short, but is not a problem for me. Everything I have plugged in works. I didn't think the usb TV tuner would work, but it does. I would recommend this....more info
  • Good product, nice to have something for the Expansion Slot!
    I don't have an issue with the lack of the power supply or AC adapter because I seem to collect them, and PS aftermarket ones with the typical #2 tip which works with HP, is very common.

    The issue I have is that the thick cord has frayed a bit near where it attaches to the body of the Docking Station, which has made me nervous. This happended in only a few months of use, but is probably my fault to a degree as I was demanding the sort of flexibilty that the AC adapter cord provides. In other words, I was moving the cord much in the way in terms of repositioning ability, as the ac adapter provides and not as a relatively stationary device as it was intended.

    Simply stated. I was hoisting it around, typically as I would lay on my back, and place the laptop on my belly and compute and surf for hours, then put the notebook down beside me, and twist the cable, then hoiste it back on my tummy....more info
  • Simple Dock does what it needs to
    I bought this docking station to simply interface with my television, stereo, external hard drive, and Gyration wireless mouse and keyboard. The plug is a little difficult at times to line up, but the dock successfully interfaces with all of the above devices without any trouble - and gives a home to the myriad cords and connections. As has been implied in other reviews, HP's tech support seems to know nothing about this device or its capabilities (I contacted them to try to resolve a few questions I had before I purchased it). It does not come with a power supply, which would make it it even more useful, but doesn't require power except from the laptop for the tasks I am using it for. I simply leave the laptop plugged in on its own power supply or run it on battery....more info
  • Almost perfect
    I bring my HP Compaq Presario 6030 laptop to the office every day and then take it back home after work. It also travels @ 50,000 miles each year. I have multiple devices such as a wireless mouse and keyboard, scanner, Ethernet cables, external hard drives and multiple printers, not to mention my power supply. It takes a while to connect and disconnect all the appendages, and I do it twice each day.

    When I read about the HP Quickdoc Docking station, it seemed to be the answer to my problem, so I ordered one from Amazon. It does everything it is purported to do, and take up very little desk space.

    My only complaint is that attaching the cable is a little tricky because you can have it inserted into the port, the light comes one, but the power portion of the doc does not connect, so after a while the battery runs down. A simple way to prevent this is to start up the computer, once the desktop is visible, hook up the dock. If the battery symbol does not go away, just redo the docking and usually the power feature begins to function.

    This is a small matter, in fact a few days after I received the first docking station for my home, I ordered a second for my office. Nothing is perfect but this comes close.
    ...more info
    This is the first time I have to say something bad about not only this product but also about how HP customer service handled my enquiries. I have been a very good HP customer but I just can't fathom why they would sell something without a power extension. I must have spent 6 hours between misdirected and dropped calls and numerous emails. My last attempt was to write to HP CEO which got me a "scaling" customer phone call. After a brief conversation, the guy simply dismissed my complain. Bottom line, why would you sell a docking station which purpose is to help you with not having to plug and unplug wires and have you plug and unplug a power cord, IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. BAD DESIGN, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE....more info
  • HP support sucks
    This docking is cumbersome and extremely useless. Calling support does not work as is legendary with HP, also besides the power supply issue, the video from LCD monitor does not show up. What a waste of time....more info
  • exactly what i was needing!
    i bought an hp pavilion tx1000cto laptop with a 160gb hard drive and i use it for school, work, and entertainment. one problem i was having was having to disconnect all my cables from my laptop everytime i wanted to take it somewhere else (ie to my home entertainment system to watch tv shows i d/l) and this product allowed me to do it with ease. it doesnt come with an additional power supply, but that was a non issue for me as i had an old compaq laptop that i rarely use that has the same power supply. the only issue i have with it is the expansion port on my laptop is on the right and the cable is too short and stiff to route it underneath my laptop when elevated, so i have it sitting to the right which causes a slight eyesore....more info
  • What is Quick About It?
    The entire purpose of a docking station, in my opinion, is to be able to quickly connect your computer to other peripherals without having to continuously plug in power. Since this unit requires you to use a separate power adapter, it is tedious to use, since you will still need to plug and unplug your adapter into this in order to use it. You will need to have an extra adapter (i.e., spend more money), in order to "quickdoc." Right now, I have to crawl under my desk to retrieve my power cord when I need to carry my computer, which means I am doing this at least twice a day. I just want to plug in and plug out the computer and be done with it. I am not happy....more info
  • Simplifies Packing & Going
    This docking station works well and acommodates my flat-screen monitor just fine. And you cannot beat the Amazon price! My only gripe is that this does not come with a power cord (what is it with HP selling products that never come with the needed cords/cables???)...more info
  • So far so good!
    This is a very well designed product; doesn't take much of my desktop space. Very good overall......more info
  • HP Quickdock
    Product totally met my needs for price quoted. Wish HP would wake up and add HDMI output, but otherwise worth it....more info
  • Save me buying new computer
    Compaq AC power cord is totally junk. Actually the computer design where it connects is flimsy and easily breakable. After replacing the connector part in the laptop to the tune of 300 dollars and having it break again just days after 90 day warranty was over I was ready to buy a new computer. BUT WAIT I hadn't backed up my hard drive (imagine some dumb A-- not doing that. My battery was dead and I had no friends with this model to charge it. TAA DAA here HP comes to save the day - the QUICKDOC docking station connects (and charges) using the expansion port!!! Can you choose wisely? Back up your hard drive today dummmy! ...more info
  • clear the clutter, and make it easier to take your laptop with you
    This is a great product, especially for clearing the clutter from your desktop since HP puts so many of the connectors on the side of its laptop for some reason, and none on the back. Also, it makes your laptop so much easier to just grab and go, if you're like me and have a bunch of peripherals plugged into your laptop.

    However they have two different kinds of expansion ports so newer model laptops will need an adapter for this quickdock which will run you another $20-40 online, or you can get the newer, more expensive quickdock 2 that plugs straight into your dv5000, 6000, et cetera. It's that weird looking port on the side that says either "Expansion port" or "expansion port 2" If it says 2 you will need to buy the adapter to use this quickdock.

    I don't know why I waited so long to get one of these....more info
  • Except for the missing power supply, this is a worthwhile product.
    First off, I agree with the other reviewers - this should have come with a power supply. I shouldn't have to use the same one that came with my laptop, since the intention for most people is to be able to carry one with you as needed (it's not like these HPs are rated highly for battery life). And once I have the quickdock set up and everything plugged in, like everyone else I'd prefer to just leave it connected and plug/unplug my laptop as needed for instant access. Fortunately, in my case, I bought an extra power supply which was part of a package deal from HP that included a laptop case and usb mouse. Still, HP should have included this with the quickdock, although the recent price drop to $79 compensates for this somewhat.

    That being said, I hooked this up to a new HP DV2210US laptop and it worked like a charm. No issues with pass-through video, and the laptop quickly recognized every device I attached to the dock, including an external cd/dvd drive, external hard drive, printer, keyboard, and mouse. Based on what I had read, I was expecting something to go wrong, but the only issue I encountered was getting video output, and that was a matter of adjusting Windows to recognize an external monitor and nothing at all to do with the Quickdock. I also like the fact that one cable on the dock provides everything - particularly power (recharging my laptop battery as well), along with video and access to all the quickdock ports. And as soon as I disconnect, the unit goes to sleep until I connect later. This is exactly what I was looking for, since my goal was to eliminate a larger desktop pc. At the same time, it doesn't require any quirky connections like older docking stations or take up any excess room on the desk. In fact, considering what you get it's smaller than I had expected. Since I just received this recently, I'll continue putting it through the paces and test the audio and s-video options as well. Beyond that, I think this is a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for a quick and easy solution....more info