Dragon's Lair (Blu-ray)
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Dragon's Lair HD delivers the fun, tongue-in-cheek medieval adventure that made the original arcade games a hit. The Dragon's Lair games were the first fully-animated arcade games, and were favorites in the 1980s. Now the funny, fast action gaming experience is available on your Playstation 3, with the added bonus of HD technology. Sharper images, DVD-style bonuses and no more annoying pauses at decision points - all making a classic game even better. Comes with full-length visual commentary on the game All special features presented in 1080p

  • Become Dirk The Daring, a brave but bumbling knight is out to save Princess Daphne - again
  • Control Dirk as he fights through Mordroc's castle and its many dangers
  • New characters combine with advanced cel-shaded graphics for a bigger, better adventure
  • Digitally restored and enhanced with 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Features interviews with original creator Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Rick Dyer

Customer Reviews:

  • I don't really see the difference.
    I had the older version of this game and thought it was a little grainy. I thought the blu ray version would have been better but it still looks grainy. In all fairness I didn't do a side by side compare. It's still a great game and works just like the original arcade game. You can also chose to just watch it....more info
  • Wish I had read all the reviews first
    The only portion of the positive reviews that I would agree with is the amazing detail in the game. The clarity is awesome, but the game itself stunk in my opinion. I had played it a few times as a kid and was always fascinated by it, but when I tried it on my PS3 I was very disappointed. The interruption/delay in between scenes was very annoying. I would most definitely not recommend this game. What a waste of money!...more info
  • Best translation of the arcade besides an actual laser disc!
    Well, I finally got my copy of my all-time favorite video game and I was VERY pleased to see that this is the best translation of the laser-disc game from the arcade period. The color saturation is excellent although the images are a little grainy. Sometimes you can see some blurring of images, but the response time is instantaneous! On my computer blu-ray drive, it's a little too fast and sometimes you don't see Dirk resurrecting. Overall, it's the best implementation you are going to get these days....more info
  • Buggy and Un-usable
    The game I received was so buggy it was unusable. I will return it or throw it away. It is hard to say what is good about the game when it simply won't work properly. The game did not respond reliably to input, it frequently hung, and basically acted as though it was horribly scratched or something (but it was not scratched -- it was fresh out of the box with no handling whatsoever). Maybe mine was faulty, but from reading the other reviews, it seems like this disc just isn't ready for prime time. It appears to be a faulty product and should be recalled....more info
  • Dragon's Lair is back!
    Dragon's Lair and Space Ace were my favorite arcade machines back in the mid 80's. These laser disc machines offered something none of the other arcade machines could. I have fond memories of dumping quarters into Space Ace and Dragon's Lair with my friends. It was great playing Dragon's Lair again on the PlayStation 3. The inrush of old memories and emotions while playing was incredible. Now, where can I get Space Ace for the PlayStation 3?
    ...more info
  • Dragon's Lair Looks Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a Fantasic game. I remember playing this when it came out, miles ahead of anything in it's time.

    The Bluray version is the best yet, so clear and very sharp, great looking colour, far better then the original game ever looked.

    The sound is in 5.1 surounded sound and much better then the mono track the DVD verison had.

    As far as extras go, they could have had more so a bit thin on the extras.

    I play this on the Playstation 3 and plays perfectly with the firmware update 2.60.

    I notice there is far less pausing then the DVD version.

    Dragons Lair is better then the reviews given, but must state that if you can remember Dragons Lair and playing it, then you will most likely love this version, the best yet.

    Love the colours, nice and bright and stand out, not washed out colours like the previous versions.

    I am running this in 1080i and still looks nice and sharp, as well as colourful.

    I enjoy this game, but not in long bursts, great for a quick game, well worth buying I feel, especally if you have found memories of Dragon's Lair....more info
  • Dagons Lair Blu- Ray
    Dragon's Lair (Blu-ray)
    This is the best representation of the game to date.
    It is a complete reproduction that far surpasses all prior releases.
    Great in 1080P....more info
  • A beautiful travesty
    This game looks spectacular, but it is a game, and when a game doesn't play they way it should, it is a waste. The watch mode allows you to enjoy the lovely animation, but I wanted to play Dragon's Lair. Sadly, even with the latest PS3 firmware, playing the game is a joke. Glitch after glitch, and the scenes randomly jumping from one to the next if you make a wrong move, make this a sad experience. This is nothing like how the arcade game plays. I love Dragon's Lair in the arcade, on the Atari Jaguar CD or on the PC, but this blu-ray version is just terrible. Digital Leisure should be ashamed for releasing such buggy garbage....more info
  • Another format, another Dragon's Lair port. A beautiful re-re-re-re-release for the retro masochist.
    Would you like to see a cartoon character die in dozens of comically gruesome ways, again and again? Then this is for you!

    Are you a fan of former Disney animator Don Bluth ("The Secret of NIMH," and "Pete's Dragon" are most illustrative of his style)? Then this is a must-have!

    Are you looking for a cutting-edge game with retro roots to play on your Playstation 3 console? OK, give this a try -- but be careful. If you're under the age of 30 or so, you're unlikely to put up with this old style of game.

    This game was a revolution back in 1983 when it launched in arcades. It was simply stunning to see branching digital video in this pseudo-interactive form back then. The novelty wore off quickly when the game's high price and limited replay value came through, though. At fifty cents a play, it was a better deal to watch someone else suffer through the trial-and-error gameplay while you watched the beautiful video.

    The game has never looked better. This edition is leaps and bounds over any other edition yet released, and there have been dozens, including platforms you'd never think would work, such as the black-and-white Macintosh on multiple floppy diskettes, the GameBoy Color, and the low-color, screen-door graphics of the Sega CD. Even the original LaserDisc and deluxe DVD editions are trumped here.

    Controls are fast and responsive, and the gameplay is true to the original The original scene selection order has been preserved and the controller timing feels accurate to me. You can play with your Blu-Ray remote or a Playstation 3 controller if you're on that system.

    Sadly, while it's beautiful and is the best version of the game yet, it's not perfect. The menu items don't work properly on the Playstation 3, which is the most popular BD player at this writing. When you select the "5 lives" option, the machine conveniently forgets this and you have 1 life forever, as if your arcade machine were set on FREE PLAY. That's not a bad thing from my perspective, but it would be interesting for people to simulate just how annoying a quarter-snatcher the arcade version was. The disc seems to request access to the internet, so there's a possibility this could be patched, but I have a feeling this disc will remain as-is unless they do another publication run.

    There are ARCADE and HOME options so you can choose to see the shorter clips as originally presented, or as seen in home versions (like the playable drawbridge scene at the beginning). Since there is no effective limit on your lives, you just play until you finish or can no longer take any more. Each scene is presented at least once (sometimes flipped left-to-right) and you can't get to the ending unless you have beaten them all. Pauses to access the disc are imperceptible, much faster than any prior home version running off an optical disc.

    The extras are nicely done. There's a "watch" mode in which you can see the solution for each of the screens, as well as the MANY different ways your hero can die. From what I can tell, it's the only way to see the animation where Dirk crumbles to bones, because of the "5 lives" bug above.

    There are some interviews and a commentary track with 3 of the game's creators looking bored. I only glanced at the opening, but turned it off when I felt that I could read Don Bluth's mind. He seemed to be thinking "I'm tired of this 25-year-old ****, give me my check so I can go home." Good for the sake of completeness, but I doubt you'd watch it again and again.

    There's a lovely clip showing the endgame with graphics from the rasterized Amiga version, the early PC version, the deluxe PC version, the original LaserDisc version, the DVD version, and this new HD version. Each one is added as a stripe on the screen until you see them all side-by-side. The comparison is stunning. When you looked at the fisheyed monitor in the 1983 arcade, you had no idea the game could ever look this good.

    Finally, there are some previews of similar games that are coming soon, namely Space Ace and Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp. In my opinion, they're completely non-essential because they're so much more annoying. They're so much more annoying because there's a lot more speech in them, which means you get to hear the same silly dialogue again and again and AGAIN! Perhaps they'll be bundled into a value package with a fixed version of this disc in a few years. Given the publisher's penchant for reissuing this content, I think that's a pretty sure bet....more info
  • Don't trade your old one in just yet...
    Just a heads up on this, I'm having the exact same issue that the PS3 owners are having with my brand new Panasonic blue ray player. If your main reason for buying this on blue ray is to play it, I'd be very care full, playing it on a regular player doesn't necessarily eliminate the problem the PS3 owners are having. I've tweeked it every which way in the set up menu and I still fall short of being able to actually play it. But if all you want to do is watch it or check out the features for the memories, your going to be very happy with this, it looks and sounds amazing!

    Oh and just to let you know, the features on the old DVD like all the old arcade footage from the 80's is not on the blue ray. Overall I'm very dissapointed.

    ...more info
  • Worth every penny if u have a ps3
    The game play is flawless, just like I remembered back in 1983 ( Yes I'm an 37 year old still playing video games ) Using a PS3 and a controller with this game is a must!!!! I used to be the high score champ of Dragon's Lair at the local arcade, If u are a hater then u wouldn't understand how big this game was when it first came out!! In the arcades people would line up to play at 50 cents a turn, no one knew the moves, so it could last only a minute if u suck, I invested a lot of my allowance money to finish this game. It was worth every penny!! Some people watching would even clap after the dragon was killed. GOOD TIMES TO A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD.
    If your an adult gamer like me then buy this game.
    If your too young to remember this in the arcades forget it.
    ...more info
  • This is great - seems most issues are down to the player...
    Well i just got this from Netflix and ran it on my Media PC with PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra.

    There were absolutely no pauses in a scene.
    There were some small ones before / after death scene.
    Quality is outstanding.
    Yes running this on a PC you still get an infinite lives issues (even if you set to 5) and the menu screen background turn black.

    Gues this is what happens when a beta product (blu-ray) wins over a finsihed product (HD-DVD) - i assume DL will release a bug fixed version eventually.

    However i had a great few hours playing this - i have bought many other versions and got bored / not go past opening few scenes. With this i played it all the way trhough. Great fun, great experience, shallow gameplay by modern standards but fun!

    Can't wait for space ace to appear in my next netflix shipment :-)...more info
  • Not bad
    I waited until the price came down, and I am glad I did. The game is as fun as I remember, but not too much for replyability.

    There are 2 different modes arcade and home. Home adds a few animations and boards, but other than this, they are quite similar.

    Get it if you can, or just wait for the price to come down....more info
  • Not so good (or bad ?)
    I will always remember me looking at people playing the arcade version of Dragon's Lair.
    I was too young even to approach the machine, and I could barely see images of the game because there were too many people around it.

    It was not a game - it was a cartoon ! It was INCREDIBLE !

    I played it years later on Amiga, but the resolution and animation quality did'nt compare the original.

    With this BRD release, I can now feel what the player felt when playing the arcade - the feeling of being inside a cartoon, a really strange and pleasant feeling (I am playing it on a PS3).

    Too bad the NOISY (?!WHY?!) "transfer" makes this release not-so-ultimate.
    Really too bad.

    Philip....more info
  • dragon's lair rocking
    Dragon's Lair (Blu-ray)

    Outstanding conversion superior to the arcade original. Special features are satisfying.

    There were many reviews suggesting buggs so I contacted digital leisure before I bought DL and they reassured me that with all the updates the PS3 would play without a gliche. At first my sound was dropping out but I discovered that by changing the PS3 sound output setting from bitstream to linear everything worked perfectly. Stunning picture and full 5.1 surround I could not be more satisfied with DL.

    I bought my product new from Amazon and was gobsmacked when it arrived in just 4 working days from Texas to Australia! Must have been sent through the most efficient means possible.

    People were paying $4000.00 for the DL arcade unit in the 80's and now you can play on a better screen and sound for chicken feed. Most highly recommended game ever made!...more info