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SanDisk Sansa c250 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $36.90

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Product Description

Created by the leaders in flash memory, the new Sansa C250 flash-based MP3 player provides everything you need to play music, enjoy photos, and FM radio in vibrant color. This compact color-screen MP3 player has an amazingly easy-to-use interface. It supports Microsoft PlaysForSure subscription music and has a 2GB capacity. Supports Subscription Music Stores Rechargeable & Removable Battery MicroSD Slot System Requirements - Windows XP, Windows Media Player 10+, CD-ROM drive, USB 2.0 port required for high-speed transfer

The latest in SanDisk's audio line, the Sansa c250 2GB MP3 Player provides everything you need to play music, enjoy photos, and listen to FM radio. This affordable device also includes a bright color screen, on-the-fly voice and radio recording, a microSD slot for memory expansion, and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

The Sansa c240 can hold 16 hours of CD-quality MP3 tracks on its 1 GB memory.

Easily transfer music to your device in Windows.

Import several image formats to your device.

Full-Featured MP3 Player
The SanDisk Sansa c250 will play MP3, WMA, WAV, and protected WMA DRM (digital rights management) music files. Enjoy the album art on the compact color screen, along with track information via ID3 tag support. The Sansa c250 MP3 player has two gigabytes of built-in flash memory, which allows you to store up to 500 songs (32 hours of playback) in 128 kpbs MP3 format, or up to 1,000 songs (64 hours of playback) in 64 kbps WMA format. Additional capacity can be added via the microSD slot. It also supports subscription music stores, for easy purchase and downloading of new music to your player. Finally, you can adjust the sound to your preference using the digital equalizer's five presets: normal, rock, jazz, classic, pop, and one customizable user setting.

Take Your Photos With You
Use the c250's color screen to share slideshows of photo thumbnails with your friends. The device supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and GIF files, which are easily converted using the included Sansa Media Converter software.

Portable FM Radio
Enjoy programming in a more traditional way with the built-in digital FM radio. Keep your favorite stations stored in the twenty programmable presets, and cycle between them with ease. Record FM radio on the fly, saving your favorite programs for later.

Voice Recording
Have a thought you need to get down before it evades you? Use the built-in microphone to record voice memos. Capture interviews, classes, presentations, short notes to yourself, or anything else you might feel inspired to record for later listening.

Easy Transfer
The c250 uses a high-speed USB 2.0 connection for fast file transfers from your computer. Once connected to your computer, the device is detected by your operating system and appears as additional drive. Simply drag and drop your music files to the device and you're ready to go. Alternately, you may use Windows Media Player or other music software to manage your files. Requires Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10 or later.

Time to Play
The included rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows for hours of music before needing a recharge, and is removable--buy a spare for a long road trip or other situation away from power outlets.

What's in the Box
Sansa c250 digital audio player, Earphones, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Lanyard, and 1 lithium ion battery.

  • Flash-based player that provides you with everything you need to play your favorite music, enjoy your best photos
  • Able to play MP3, WMA, WAV, and protected WMA DRM music files, and supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and GIF as import media types
  • Screen can exhibit up to 64,000 colors, and lets you choose to display album cover art for the current song via ID3 tag support
  • 2 gigabytes of built-in flash memory allows you to store up to 1,000 songs, while MicroSD slot for reading MicroSD cards
  • Comes in a stylish black, with earphones, a USB cable, and a rechargeable and removable lithium-ion battery

Customer Reviews:

  • Very useful for our needs
    A little challenging to navigate, but this is my first mp3 player so I wouldn't say that is an indictment on the product. Very easy to transfer music. Great sound no matter if it is on headphones or a speaker system....more info
  • Sansa C250 great!
    This was a great Mp3 player. I used to sell electronics and this was one I would recommend. I always liked sansa and was never an Apple fan. 2 Gigs was great for me but may be small for people who like lots and lots and lots of songs. I have a hundred and some songs and havent filled a quarter of capacity. I am very happy....more info
  • hey, it's nice.
    the sansa c250 mp3 player i received, promptly, and have been enjoying since the beginning of sept.08 is my initial foray into the marvelous technology of personal and very compact music players. it's so easy to learn to use, recharges with a usb plug into any computer and it really does sound great (i purchased earbuds for comfort). i like it, especially, for the wma support (and now i've let the cat out of the bag); which many other player manufacturers are giving up on. i feel as if i should buy a couple of more and store them if i ever need another but i suppose i'll just stay with this one until it gives up the ghost. real good price and everything else about this little player i'm really like enjoying, dudes. ...more info
  • Bad Battery?
    Received the player very quickly, as expected. It was given as a gift for the holidays, and out of the box, it did not work. I was able to connect it to a computer, read all the directories, even do updates and such. The only problem is the battery would not charge at all, to allow it to power up when not connected to the computer. I even bought a separate wall charger at the same time, and no luck there either. So now I await a replacement....more info
  • Ok, but hard to use
    Bought from Blueproton (via Amazon) got a version 2 of the c250, so sadly it is not yet compatible with the much better Rockbox firmware. [...]The player doesn't have it's own software appears automatically in Vista as a mp3 player (storage device). Making playlists is clunky. It's a lot like a 1st gen MP3 player, I would say skip unless it's selling for ~$25....more info
  • Horribly Disappointed
    I bought this specifically because I had the M240 and I had been so pleased with that.

    This MP3 player has never worked correctly. It freezes up on daily basis, often takes 5-10 tries (and 15-20 minutes) to actually get it to turn on AND play music and is generally a huge hassle. I've updated the firmware, bought a new battery, contacted Sansa multiple times (and got NO response) and the thing still doesn't work correctly.

    The sound is good once it ever turns on and plays, but that's about all I have to say for it. I understand that other people are happy with it and suspect mine is a lemon, but the lack of response from Sansa has made me cautious about trying another one of their products, to say the least....more info
  • good player
    very good little player. Had to get headphones though because buds were too big and uncomfortable for me. ...more info
  • mp3
  • Wouldn't recommend
    Mine worked fine for the first month, but then quit working. It won't take a charge at all. When I try plugging it into the USB connector, nothing happens. The battery is dead and I cannot turn it on, and the computer doesn't recognize it. I have 3 computers and tried connecting it to each of them with the same results. It's a worthless piece of junk now. I wish I had purchased a different brand....more info
  • The worst!
    I picked up the Sansa c250 for $12 and I paid too much for it. It is one of those pieces of technology that, instead of working for you, makes you work for it. Most of my complaints are against the OS, but the physical build was nothing to brag about. The volume reset to halfway everytime I powered it on, so my ears got blasted if I wasn't paying attention. The display is impossible to read in sunlight. The software, however, is what made me finally smash the unit on the floor. It was a constant struggle to get it to do what I wanted. There's no way to play files by directory, so you have to make sure all your tags are correct. I tried installing Rockbox, and that was, if possible, even worse. I will never buy another Sansa. I'll stick with iRiver....more info
    So far, this player has worked as advertised. I got a 2gb mini card and it also worked just fine. Took a LONG time to load my music, and I can only hope that it continues to work...
    Because my SANSA e280 died 10 months after I got it, and it took easily 10 phone calls, five emails and finally threats of going to the Chief State's Attorney to get Sandisk to honor their warranty. I only JUST got the RMA to return the faulty device.
    So why did I buy another SANDISK device? Because I was leaving on a trip and already had all the peripherals. The c250 was inexpensive since I didn't have to purchase the additional charger, car charger, etc.
    I bought SANDISK because I thought that the company was a leader in memory and reputable. My dealings with their support services lead me to believe that they are as lousy at customer service as any.
    Too bad. I like the players, just not the company....more info
  • Good performance, while it works!
    I have had two SanDisk Sansa C250s that have both suffered premature deaths.

    The first unit lost one of the channels and became a mono channel player.

    The second unit saw the digital display fail, rendering it useless.

    Both units died shortly after the expiration of the warranty period.

    I hope my poor experiences with the c250 were unique....more info
  • Doesn't play from where you stopped
    I wanted to listen to protected audio books on it and after listening for 30 minutes if you pause and the player goes to sleep, it starts the track from the very beginning and not from where you left off. This is very frustrating :( I checked it with mp3s and it's the same case, goes back to beginning of the track on restart (or wake from sleep). I wonder if all mp3 players other than iPods do that. Comments anyone?...more info
  • Hardy little player!
    I have previously owned:

    And I continuously return to this little sansa, it works great, and is still going strong today! I did install rockbox onto it (this only works on v.1 of these, not v.2), but I switch between using rockbox and the default sansa interface and have no issues.

    The sansa interface only supports 2gb micro sd cards, just keep that in mind.

    But I have had zero problems with this little player, highly recommended....more info
  • Good Product and excellent service.
    Good Product and excellent service. The device works straight forward like a mass storage system. For photos, you have included the required software. Do not expect High Definition on a 1" screen. This is a MP3 player, photos are good to have....more info
  • Great Mp3 player
    I bought this for my little brother for Christmas, and he loves it. For the price, I think this is a great Mp3 player. It it has basically a lot storage since it has an SD card slot....more info
  • I cannot recommend this
    It was hard to setup and sync. Battery charging process was weird. Headphones jack was broken in a few weeks....more info
  • great mp3 player
    great product for the price. screen is a little fuzzy when you upload pictures but the sounds quality is great!!!!!!...more info
  • I love it!
    I really enjoy this mp3 player. I can get over 500 songs on it and listen to the radio. The pictures are really too small to use that feature much, but I wasn't planning on using it anyway. Really good deal for the money!...more info
  • Not a quality product
    So I got this product, and it worked great for a few months. Then all of a sudden sound stopped coming out of both ear buds, and would only come out of one. No problem I thought, I'll just get a different pair of ear buds. Nope....same issue. I don't know about you, but I don't like listening to things and having the sound in only one ear. ...more info
  • Dissatisfied
    I thought this device could use a 8 GB microSD card. However, Version 2.0 is the only model that has this capacity. Do not purchase this unit if your plans include expansion over 2GBs....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I bought an earlier model Sansa a few years ago. Last summer it simply started acting flaky -- it lost track of what I had uploaded and then it started to run through batteries like crazy. No matter how fresh the battery was, it would only last about 30 minutes.

    When I went to replace it, I couldn't find many that were in a similar price range with the same features, so I bought a second one, hoping the first one had just been a bad apple. However, my second Sansa did exactly the same thing as the first, this time after only 6 months!

    Once could be an anomaly; but twice means there's an inherent flaw in the way these things are made. Never again!...more info
  • Outlasted all the others I have owned.
    This little player has outlasted all the other mp3 players I have gone through.

    I installed Rockbox on this player and now I can use the 8gb micro sdhc cards on it, so I have a 10gb Sansa C250, and only cost me $35 for the 8gb card.

    But this little player has never given me the first problem, at all, never even frozen up. I am quite pleased with it and will be sticking with Sansa when it is time to upgrade again....more info
  • Top notch with Rockbox
    By itself ... it's a "meh" player. I bought it with Rockbox in mind, contacted the seller first to make sure it was a v1.

    Installed Rockbox and an 8GB microSDHC card (you can only use a 2GB non-HC card with the original firmware), and I'm good to go!

    Rockbox ftw....more info
  • I love it!
    I like it very much. i bought a refurbished one but it looks like new, it doesn't even have any scratches and it arrived so quick. It doesn't have a charger so I have to charge mine in my computer using a USB and it didn't came with a manual so I kinda have to play with it but after maybe 5 hours i already knew everything. I love my sansa but i love downloading music and videos and 2 gb is just not enough, i'm thinking of buying the 5.5 Gen 80 gb Ipod and give mine to my husband....more info
  • Good for a while...
    My mom bought this for me for my birthday in 2007. It's been good until about 2 weeks ago. I had my USB setting on Auto Detect which supported folders, and now Auto Detect doesn't work on my computer so I've been forced to use the MSC or whatever which doesn't have folders. I have no problem with transferring music files (except for the mp3 or wav tags at the end of the song titles) but I can't find anything that I recorded so I can transfer it from my mp3 player to my computer. It would be good if MSC was fully covered in the pdf file they have but it's not so it's frustrating. I know a big problem I had also was that I would charge it but it seemed like the battery was uncharged even if I wasn't using it, which was just strange....more info
  • I like it far more than my kid's iPOD
    Overall, this is a very good player that has everything that I would want from a player, and it is very inexpensive. I like it far more than my kid's iPOD because of the music file drag-and-drop feature that makes it very convenience to move files to and from the player. Furthermore, with the MicroSD expansion slot, it really doesn't make sense to pay more for a larger capacity version. Nonetheless, my player seems to be able to take only non-HC MicroSD cards of up to 2G in capacity.

    The only complaints I have are 1) its plastic casing feels cheap, and 2) its proprietary USB charging cable. Why can't they just use a standard USB connection on both ends... what if forget to bring it with me or if I lose the cable?
    ...more info