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  • As good as the first Fletch
    Some people lump this movie in with Caddyshack Part 2 and Ghostbusters 2 as horrible sequels to classic movies- but I couldn't disagree more. I absolutely LOVE Fletch Lives, and I sometimes laugh just THINKING about some of the scenes. The "Bug-Busters" scene, the Klan rally, and the Claude Henry Smoot scenes are the best. DEFINATELY watch Fletch Lives, then watch it again. As with some of the better comedies it only gets better the second, third, and 4th times you see it....more info
  • You know what they say about sequels
    Luckily they avoid completely revisiting old ground by setting this one in the South. It contains quite a few gags but the laughs are fewer and far between. It has a more serious look at some time honoured cliches about the South (evangelism, racism, quaintness) which may be less fair as time goes on, but as they say cliches exist for a reason. Chevy Chase's swansong and the last passable effort of his career - unless you want to count Memoirs of an Invisible Man. Buy the double CD with Fletch or else skip this one.

    Having said this, I have fond memories of this film. But don't expect high art. The comedy is passable and dry....more info
  • Fletch DOES Live
    I bought this today and I do not regret it all. I watched it tonight and laughed out loud several times. His disguises are hilarious and all of the southern jokes and stereotypes are here. I'm from the south so watching all of the over the top stereotypes in this movie is a lot of fun. I think Chase does very good in this movie with his one-liners and sarcasm.

    As with the first FLETCH movie, there is a mystery as to who the antagonist is. That really doesn't matter in this movie because it is so funny throughout the rest of it. This may be Chase on the slight downside of his career, but it is still very good and very CHEVY CHASE....more info
  • Fletch Lives DVD
    My boyfriend asked for this for Christmas and it is definitely getting well-used...I think it's been played thirteen times in the last fourteen days. I guess you could say he really likes this movie...you'd think we didn't have cable or other DVDs it's gotten so much play....more info
  • Finally on DVD, thank God!
    It's hard for me to pick a favorite between this one and the first. I don't understand anyone who says this was was considerably weaker. Most people I talk to like this one better! This is one of the ones I've been waiting for since I bought my DVD player!...more info
  • fletch rocks
    fletch is such a great movie. Fletch lives was better. The product is great and came ahead of schedule. ...more info
  • The epitomy of a sequel. It's not as good as the original.
    Prison Inmate: Take your pants off. Fletch: I don't even know your name? Prison Inmate: Bend Over. Fletch: Ben? Nice to meet you, I'm Victor Hugo.

    Fletch Lives has it's moments, but the spunk and hilarity of Fletch is gone. Chevy just seems a bit bored with this one and the script is just not appealing overall. Chevy saves most of the movie with his occasional one liners but I can't say this one is worth owning. But if you're a Chevy Chase fan, you might as well enjoy what it offers. ...more info
  • Fletch F. Fletch
    While not quite as biting and fresh as the original Fletch movie, this is still vintage Chevy. New disguises, new aliases, and a big poke in the eye to the high dollar scandalous TV preachers of the 80's makes this a thoroughly entertaining watch. If you like Chevy, you can't miss this one....more info
  • Hilarious Movie
    Director Michael Ritchie and Chevy Chase team up once again for FLETCH LIVES, with Chase reprising the role of Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher, newspaper journalist and master of disguise. When his recently deceased aunt bequeaths her decrepit manor to him, Fletch travels down south to rural Louisiana. Initially, things go well, especially when he hooks up with a flirtatious southern belle. But when he wakes up the morning after, he's shocked to find that she has been murdered. In order to catch the killers and clear himself, the intrepid, chameleon-like Fletch must infiltrate the congregation of Jimmy Lee Farnsworth (R. Lee Ermey), a greedy local preacher who wants to gain control of Fletch's land in order to build a Bible-themed amusement park. Written by Leon Capetanos, FLETCH LIVES crackles with the same blend of rapid-fire dialogue and visual jokes as the original, making it a solid sequel that works on its own terms. By thrusting the big city character into a shady small Southern community, Chase is given an entirely new field on which to play. It's this contrast--especially between himself and R. Lee Ermey--that provides the film with its loudest laughs....more info
  • Amother Excellent Chevy Chase Movie!
    This, to me, is by far much funnier than the first Fletch movie. Irwin Fletcher, investigative reporter, is back in the sequel to the original film, 'Fletch'. This time, he's quitting his job as a distant relative has died and left him a mansion. He arrives to find he's in the middle of murder plots and dodging bullets.

    Chase dons lots of disguises in this film, as he did in the first, but these disguises are more numerous, and funnier than before. There is some adult humor, as is the norm with Chevy Chase movies, but not a lot of it. This is a must have for Chase fans, or comedy fans in general....more info

  • Stick with the first one...
    Lightning only struck once for 'Fletch'. Nothing could top the original anyway. True 'Fletch' fans already know this--...more info
  • Fletch is Back and it's GREAT!!!!
    Starting off in a mafia-controlled seafood restaurant, we find Fletch in drag and the object of desire of a near-sighted Greek man. And he doesn't even get reimbursed for the leg waxing ... it's all automatically deducted from his paycheck by computer ... ah, those undocumented expenses ...

    Inheriting a Louisiana mansion, Fletch flies down next to an obnoxious but friendly nasal-surgery candidate. Yet another classic dream sequence, and this one is not to be missed. As "Old White Joe", Fletch fantasizes that his ex-wife's lawyer, his boss and Betty, the cute gal from the office, all fall at his feet. The imagery from Disney's "Song of the South" is pure genius and you might notice "Ted Underhill" making a cameo appearance at the end of the dream sequence (there must have been 300 extras here or a *whole* lot of CGI ... check out the *very end* of the dream sequence closely).

    I love it. Again beautiful women involved here including the lovely Julianne Phillips. This is Cleavon Little's best work since "Blazing Saddles" (though he was great in the early 1970's "Vanishing Point"). Randall "Tex" Cobb never fails to amuse especially with his "Ben Dover" appearance as a *faux* zooerastia-obsessed transvestite necrophiliac (get a dictionary!). Now this movie doesn't bash Christians, in fact there are some accurately quoted Bible verses. But it does lampoon some who misuse Christianity for money solely.

    Phil Hartman is here as a Bly Bio Chem manager. Richard Libertini is back and a little goosey it appears. Hal Holbrook is here as the vengeful attorney / land owner. And the great Geoffrey Lewis who never fails to deliver an interesting, if not xenophobic and myopic, character, is here. Little is "Calculus Entropy" causing Chase to introduce himself as "Geometry Fletch" and the real-estate attorney as "Miss Trigonometry Ross". As Billy Gene King of Bug Busters, Fletch investigates Miss Ross's house for "Reticularious Marios Cuomos" (approximately!). Dangerous African Flesh-Eating Termites, not only do they cause the walls in Miss Ross's house to be deplaning to an alarming degree but they jump into the ear of the sheriff's deputy. Fortunately, Fletch gives him sound advice on how to get those termites out. Too funny! Besides, how many movies have the terms "carpetbagger", "toxic waste" and "The (Rolling) Stones" in them? ...

    On one of my trips to Universal Studios in the early '90's, I saw the Ark they used for "Fletch Lives" as well as the street scene they used for the "flood". We were on the tour "tram" so we couldn't get out but we did get to experience a flood. Cool!...more info

  • Better Than the First
    Everything that made the first Fletch great--the rapid one liners, goody dsguises, and Fletch's detached, cynical view of life--are ramped up a notch here for even bigger laughs. Fletch Lives lampons the South intelligently, (wthout resorting to the usual stereotypes) and televangelism, but there a really no sacred cows spared here. Definitely a favorite of mine....more info
  • A fun sitcom

    Director: Michael Ritchie
    Format: Color
    Studio: Universal Studios
    Video Release Date: May 4, 1999


    Chevy Chase ... Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher
    Hal Holbrook ... Ham Johnson
    Julianne Phillips ... Becky Culpepper
    R. Lee Ermey ... Jimmy Lee Farnsworth
    Richard Libertini ... Frank
    Randall 'Tex' Cobb ... Ben Dover
    Cleavon Little ... Calculus
    George Wyner ... Gillet
    Patricia Kalember ... Amanda Ray Ross
    Geoffrey Lewis ... KKK Leader
    Richard Belzer ... Phil
    Phil Hartman ... Bly Manager
    Titos Vandis ... Uncle Kakakis
    Don Hood ... Tom Barbour
    Dennis Burkley ... Joe Jack
    Noelle Beck ... Betty Dilworth
    William Traylor ... Mr. Underhill
    Barney D. Arceneaux ... Party Guest
    Roy Babich ... Klansman
    Mary Battilana ... Bly Assistant
    Don Brockett ... Sheriff
    Walter Charles ... Tony
    Robert M. Dawson ... Tour Guide
    Darren Dublin ... Ancient Copy Boy
    R. Bruce Elliott ... Info Technician
    Patrick Farrelly ... O'Reilly
    Grace Gaynor ... Mrs. Underhill
    Richmond Harrison ... T'boo Ted
    Catherine Hearne ... Lyda Perl
    Charlie Holliday ... Security Guard
    Christian Kauffmann ... Bruce
    Matthew Kimbrough ... Bly Guard
    Johnny Kline ... Usher
    Clarence M. Landry ... Damon Feather
    Marcella Lowery ... Selma
    Jordan Lund ... Deputy Sheriff
    Tom McCleister ... Klansman #2
    Patricia G. McConnell ... Deputy's Wife
    Dick McGarvin ... Announcer
    Keith Mills ... Church Elder
    Michael P. Moran ... Morgue Attendant
    Louis M. Rapaport ... Walter Bob Buggem
    Constance Shulman ... Cindy Mae
    Robert Silver ... Kakakis Brother
    Ebbe Roe Smith ... Jim Bob
    R. David Smith ... Gordon Joe
    John Wylie ... Accountant

    Amusing film about an attempt by nefarious forces to buy ancestral land bequeathed to Fletch (Chevy Chase) by his late aunt. Chase is his usual hilarious self. The plot is a bit confused, but becomes clear as the story develops. The background scenery of the old south, with its ivy covered mansions, Spanish moss covered trees and swamp is reminiscent of Georgia around the Okefenokee swamp, but without the alligators and cottonmouth moccasins (although reference is made to the latter.)

    This is a fun film to spend an evening with. Some allusions to sexual miscopnduct in a jailhouse scene by Chase and Tex Cobb (Ben Dover), but nothing too raunchy. It will pass for an over 13 auduence, I think.

    Joseph (Joe) Pierre

    author of Handguns and Freedom...their care and maintenance

    and other books

    ...more info

  • Chevy Chase's witty humor will be sure to keep you laughing!
    I caught this movie by chance on USA Family one weekend night, and I'm glad that I stayed tuned! Chevy Chase plays a reporter working out of L.A. that inherits a piece of real estate in the South and soon finds himself being shot at and in the middle of hilarious, wild antics. Chase dresses up as many different inconspicuous characters to find the mysterious murderer that wants his property and him dead. Although one will see that the critics here have bashed the script for its lack of stability and substance, but this older comedy truly fulfills its mission to keep you laughing....more info