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Canon Fine Art 13 x 19 Inch Photo Rag Paper 20 Sheets (0587B009)
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Product Description

13"x19" Fine Art Paper / High Rag Content for Archival Purposes / For use with Canon Pro 9000 / 20 Sheets

  • Sold Individually

Customer Reviews:

  • Canon Fine Art Paper Photo Rag
    I have gone through a lot of photo paper, and this heavy-weight matte paper is a wow. The surface is very nice and it takes to accurate, brilliant colors very well. I will be ordering more....more info
  • Superb look and feel, fantastic prints
    After printing a landscape I had printed on my old i900D and not seeing the results I expected, I upgraded to the Canon Pro9000 and printed the same shot, WOW, what a difference. The photo rag paper has a great feel and the resutling colors blew me away. The blue sky and deep greens matched perfectly what I was seeing on my monitor. The paper may be more expensive than the Photo Paper Pro, but you'll love the reults. I can't wait to try it on some portraits where this paper really excels....more info
  • Canon Fine Art Paper Photo Rag Paper
    This is by far the best Fine Art photo paper I have used. Marvelous resolution and color on my Canon Pixma Pro 9000. I am going back through my stock and reprinting many of my best older photos......more info
  • Beautiful Prints
    I have achieved great detail and color using this product. I realy like the matte finish and the look of the paper. It reminds me of a smooth
    watercolor paper....more info
  • Canon Fine Art Paper is incredible!!
    Having just bought my PRO9000 upgrading from a Pixma IP8500 I was anxious to try the Fine Art Paper they suggested was only compatible with the PRO 9000 or 9500. When I pulled this paper out of the box I was surprised. It didn't look very impressive given how expensive the paper was. I printed a couple of landscape shots that I had previously printed on my IP8500 and standard Canon paper. As the paper was coming out of the printer I was nothing short of amazed at the difference. The colors are much more vibrant and saturated. ...more info