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Zibra ZPCOPEN-OR Open It Universal Package Opener
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Product Description

Zibra offers you the "Open It" Universal Package Opener designed to open all types of retail packaging. This universal tool offers you a sturdy safe way to open clam shell packaging with ease. No more "Wrap Rage" when trying to open your items. There are over 6000 reported emergency room incidents resulting from wrap rage. With the Open It tool in your house you will never fall victim to the rage when trying to get into those impossible clam shell packed items we all know so well. This handy tool also offers you a box cutting blade that is neatly hidden in the handle with a safety locking feature and a small screwdriver, perfect for getting into those battery compartments on toys

Tired of cutting your hands on plastic packaging? Are you frustrated with breaking down taped-up cardboard boxes at work? The Zibra Open It! Four-in-One Universal Package Opener lets you easily open clamshells, toy packaging, boxes, battery compartments, and more. This universal multi-tool cuts, snips, slices, and unscrews practically any kind of packaging you can imagine.

The Zibra Open It! offers:
  • An easy way to open plastic clamshell packaging
  • Offset cutting jaws to protect your hands from sharp edges
  • The ability to snip wire twist ties and plastic zip ties
  • A self-retracting utility blade
  • A mini Philips/slotted screwdriver

A utility blade is perfect for opening cellophane wrappers and cutting tape. View larger.

Offset cutting jaws keep your hands away from sharp plastic edges. View larger.

The Open It! offers easy wire and zip tie snipping, along with a convenient screwdriver. View larger.
Dependable Cutting Jaws Get the Job Done
The Zibra Open It! features offset cutting jaws that provide maximum leverage to cut through tough packages quickly and easily. The offset design also serves to keep your hands a safe distance from sharp, ragged edges when you are opening sonic-sealed plastic clamshells. This means you won't cut yourself while opening up new toys or gadgets.

The jaws are crafted from hardened steel, so they can also serve as wire snips. This means that you can safely and effectively cut away the wire twist ties and stubborn plastic zip ties that some manufacturers use in packaging their products. And with a wire snip always handy, you'll never have to ruin a nice pair of scissors again just to open up a package.

Integrated Tools Add Versatility
Hidden in one side of the handle is a self-retractable utility knife that comes in handy anytime you're dealing with cardboard, annoying cellophane wrappers, or sticky tape. Perfect for slicing through boxes or opening CDs and DVDs, this utility knife has a reliable safety lock and automatically retracts when not in use, keeping your hands protected.

Hidden in the other side of the handle is a convenient, integrated screwdriver. This mini screwdriver offers the versatility of interchangeable Phillips and slotted heads, so that when you get new toys and electronics out of their packaging you can open sealed battery compartments without having to hunt for special tools.

Practical, Ergonomic Design Wins Endorsements
It's easy to see why the Zibra Open It! was a finalist for the 2008 Housewares Design Awards, and why it has won the endorsement of TV personality /domestic diva Rachael Ray. Beyond its versatility, the Open It! boasts ergonomically designed soft-grip handles that make it comfortable to hold and work with.

This multi-use tool even features a simple, intuitive "open/close" lock switch that helps ensure safe storage. Whether you keep it in a kitchen drawer, at the office, or in the glove box of your car, the Open It! is sure to make your life a lot easier.

This Zibra product is guaranteed against defects with normal usage.

What's in the Box
Zibra Open It! Four-in-One Universal Package Opener

  • Solves wrap rage
  • Opens sealed clam chell packages with ease
  • Includes safety razor in handle for slicing open boxes, Cd's, Dvd's and more
  • Great for opening all holiday gifts
  • Includes screwdriver to open battery compartments

Customer Reviews:

  • Cheaply made, poorly designed.
    Have to use 2 hands to open the blades, the spring is useless.
    If you are opening a package, you need 3 hands, one to hold the package, the other two to operate the opening and closing of the blades.
    This thing is a waste of money....more info
  • Haven't used anything better
    My wife and I think this is a great product. It makes short work of rounded corners and straight lines. Used others products such as Pyranna Plastic and ones that look like utility knives. This is much better because it takes little effort and cuts through everything. It's like having metal shears in your kitchen. The one major problem we have is that both side buttons look similar. One side button locks the shears together and other button extends a little knife straight out of the handle. If you are not careful, you will jam that knife into your palm. ...more info
  • great idea, flawed execution
    Well, the concept does work. The clippers themselves work great, except on certain types of clamshell packaging (in my experience, though, the types of packaging this doesn't work on are rare).

    However, I'm forced to dock a few stars for a number of reasons:

    1) The plastic "locking" mechanism that keeps the clippers in a closed position is flawed. It WILL break. The fastener they use to hold the little bar in simply isn't strong enough. I've remedied this by replacing the original (broken and lost) fastener with a medium sized phillips head screw.

    2)The blade is unnecessary and unsafe. The labeling on the device rubs off quickly. I've had three people so far almost stab themselves in the palm because they weren't aware that the little switch on the bottom handle was for an exacto knife. It seems unnecessary to begin with, since I can think of very few situations where you would need this little knife instead of the scissors themselves.

    3)The screwdriver is pointless as well. Attempting to twist this behemoth of a tool around as though it actually was a screwdriver is clunky and, again, unnecessary.

    It seems that the only reason numbers 2 and 3 exist is for infomercial "IT'S THREE THINGS IN ONE SMALL PACKAGE!" purposes. Honestly, I think the tool would be better without them; if only because having a blade with the sharp end so close to my wrist and only a slip away makes me extremely nervous.

    Otherwise, the main product itself works great and saves a ton of time on those annoying clamshell packages. If they'd remove the crappy bonus tools and replace the current closing latch mechanism with a much stronger one, this would be a 5....more info
  • Zibra package opener
    There is nothing more aggravating than trying to open one of those plastic packages that are designed to deter thieves from stealing the contents. I have used knives scissors box cutters etc. with less than satisfactory results. One day I decided to look on the internet to see if there were any products specifically designed for this and ran across this product. I was kind of put off by the orange color because it made it look like the handle was made of some kind of cheap plastic that would break the first time I dropped it but I decided to order it anyway. I was wrong about the handle as it appears to be made out of very durable plastic. The first time I used it to cut open one of those accursed packages I was really impressed with how easy it cut the plastic. I use this tool often and am sure glad I bought it as it does away with all the aggravation of getting a product out of the package. The little razor blade is handy but the screwdriver is not something I ever use because I have plenty of dedicated screwdrivers in my tool collection. Why anyone would give this less than a 5 star rating is beyond me. I plan to order more of them in the fall for Christmas presents. Have a good day folks. ...more info
  • Great opener!
    I gave this to my husband. I wrapped it and put it under the tree with a note "open me first." My husband used this to open and snip every ribbin and gift. Works great. I will be giving this to my brother and dad soon. ...more info
  • Bright colors are easy to find this mediocre tool
    I received this a couple weeks ago and try to use it every day, but I do find that I tend to grab the folding utility knife and scissors instead of this cute looking tool. The designers intended to create a catchy tool and I guess if you use this for opening packages and nothing else, it should last for a couple years, maybe more. I personally have a little difficulty opening the little latch which allows me to even use this item, hence I grab my other more solid and trustworthy tools. The silicony feel to the handle is pleasant, but it also seems rather lightweight. I don't trust the little extendable blade because it's not comfortable at the end of this, and the screwdriver has not worked for me the one time I needed, so I can't give those high marks. Since this is marked as a "Universal Package Opener," they wanted to include as many options as possible, but I must ask what package needs a little screwdriver? On the positive, I would imagine that if a person with arthritic hands is able to open the little clasp or simply always leaves this tool in open and ready to use form, it probably is more comfortable than scissors to use and likely will be greatly appreciated....more info
  • junk, just use scissors, a box cutter or a pair or wire cutters.
    The only thing this might be good for is clam shell packaging, but nothing we got for Christmas this year was even packaged that way.

    The razor blade on it appears to be non replaceable, after using it all morning I can see it won't be lasting much longer. Also awkward to use, a cheap 99 cent boxcutter or a pocket knife would be so much more useful.

    The cutters are so big they didn't not work at all for twist or zip tie wires. You can't get them in between the wire and produce to make the cut.

    The screwdrivers is very awkward to use since its not centered on the big fat odd shaped handle. You can tell it won't last very long, already starting to strip after putting batteries in just a few toys.

    Good idea but badly implemented....more info
  • Got kids? You need this on Christmas morning
    On Christmas Eve, we didn't have it. We struggled to open some gifts for my daughter, and encountered several of the wire twist ties that the toy manufacturers seem to use liberally.

    This thing arrived in my stocking on Christmas morning, and the help it provided was like the difference between night and day. Similarly packaged toys opened in a snap, including easy cutting of those twist ties.

    The only concern I'd have is that although it's most useful for toys, it's not particularly kid-friendly. The sharp blades and extractable razor mean it should be kept out of reach. Still, it does have a safety lock and the razor stays in its retracted position until moved out with your thumb, so it's not unsafe. You'll just want to make sure you know where it's sitting when there's a toddler around.

    Good product, and a great stocking stuffer....more info
  • Not worth the costs
    The blades are all super sharp. Have had no need for the driver.

    After one week, the "latch" that keeps the tool closed just snapped off and broke.

    Better options aout there....more info
  • Get it just for the clippers
    4.5 Stars. I've had my "Open It" for about 11 months now and I use them all the time for opening boxes and those damn clamshell/blister packages. The clippers are powerful and able to easily cut through any plastic packaging I've come across - the handles give you great leverage and a comfortable grip, so I've never been forced to use two hands to try to cut through anything, like I've had to sometimes with regular or even "heavy duty" scissors.

    Most of the complaints are focused on the secondary features: the screwdriver and the boxcutter blade. These are certainly its weak points - a real boxcutter or screwdriver are definitely MUCH better at those tasks. BUT - I often find that when I have this tool out to open a package, I often have also find I then have a light need for a screwdriver (say, to open the battery compartment on a kids toy) or a cutter (say, to cut the shrinkwrap on a DVD case) and for that kind of simple purpose, the Open It's cutter or screwdriver is handy and saves me from needing to get up and pull out another tool. For light-duty stuff like that which you might need while you already have the cutters out, they are nice to have, but not make-or-break features. These are primarily sturdy clippers and the rest is just gravy.
    ...more info
  • Works GREAT but the latch keeps breaking off
    This is a wonderful product with a design flaw. I am on my second one. It works really well to open packages, the clippers are great and the box cutter thing is very nice and seems safe to use because it automatically retracts. However, the safety latch that holds the clippers shut is a cheap piece of plastic and breaks. The first one I had broke within days. I have had my current one for about a year and it just broke too. If the manufacturer fixes that problem then I would give this item five stars for sure. It is a great tool other than that problem....more info
  • "Open me First" gadget
    This seemed like something every household should have, so I bought several - one for my own household, and gifts for others. The thing has something for every one of those annoying tricks used to package things... it will definitely be used. Sturdy scissors for plastic and straps, a sharp knife, and screwdriver (both flat and phillips-head)are contained in one unit and the knife and screwdriver fold back for safety when not in use. A lock keeps the handles together when not in use. However, the manufacturers had a bizarre sense of humor when they packaged it... it came in one of those sealed plastic shells that (almost) defied opening....more info
  • Not Bad If Your Needs Are Few - But Not As Great as It Sounds or Looks
    It all depends on your perspective, if you don't have that many things to cut open, this does serve the purpose of slightly less clutter as you get a mini Box knife and heavy duty scissors in one but like an all-in-printer or an all-in-one stereo, you compromise a lot. Again, if you don't have that much heavy duty plastic over-packaging to open, this will serve a purpose but as scissors, it's pretty weak because the blade - while "powerful" is way too small ... so while it can cut through a thick hunk of plastic or cable ties, it's too small and squat so either you spend extra time & having to expend more energy to cut across OR it's too squat to fit in to cut certain things like cable ties that are set very tightly. I had to pull out my sissors with thinner blades to get inbetween the tight space.

    Is it any better than a slightly heavier gauge scissor? No. But I suppose a stainless steel blade sissor will cost you $13 anyway but then that scissor is way more useful. Because this blade is so tiny - where if you need to squeeze down 4-5 times to cut across a newspaper, this thing will take you 20-25 squeezes.

    Same with the screwdriver, it's nice you don't have to look for one but using the giant oversized wrench like scissors to turn to open a tiny screw is actually more work than it's worth. Tape an awkward rock to your screwdriver to repeat the sensation.

    The utility blade is worthless - you can buy a box cutter for $.50 that is way better. Not only is the blade weak and small, it gives you the feeling you're going to snap it off at any time with no apparent way to change blades. Again, you are better off with a box cutter - it's not as though this mini box cutter knife is any safer ... plus, on mine, it would not stay open so again, as with the screwdriver - while in theory you don't have to look for one, its actual implementation with it's giant handle and weight with a tiny awkward blade is so weak and not tested in real world conditions, it ends up being fairly pointless.

    So, if you open a box a week and you rather not look for tools, this is cheap and serves a non-clutter function and is passable functional.

    But if you're like me and has to open several boxes a day or cuts open DVD's, CD's and other packaging on a REGULAR basis, this tool is weak to be used on a regular basis - you might have to spend $10 more in total but get some heavy gauge scissors and a REAl box cutter. You will save time and frustration in having to look for them anyway if you're counting on this as your first tool of choice - as this was designed by someone who doesn't need to do these tasks on a constant or regular basis.

    You get what you pay for in this all in one middling combo of middling tools and a weak design. Hard to believe this won an award - what was it competiting against? A stick?...more info
  • Works
    It works because the cutting plane is offset from the handles plane, in other words, the handle doesn't get caught in the material being open. If the cut is far from the border though, it doesn't work as well.

    ...more info
  • Best in its class
    This is a must for Christmas or birthdays. I can't count how many times someone yelled "Where's the Open-It??" over the holidays! The razor blade feature makes it really unique!...more info
  • Not really impressed.
    Hey, it does cut I'll give it that much. However, I don't know for how long. There is already a little vertical play in the scissors action after cutting through a metal wire and it has caused slight indentions in the metal. The non locking razor blade cutter is self retracting which a nice safety feature but locking the handles will not lock the blade so keep away from children. The button to depress the blade is very loose and does not appear well made. I have a feeling that the button will soon just break loose. Also, once the blade gets dull, there is no way to replace it. It also appears that the blade sliding button could lock the handles which for someone not familiar with it, it could slice open a hand. I would recommend getting a set of those EMT type shears instead of spending your money on this. ...more info
  • Good product!!
    This is exactly what I've been looking for to open all those hard plastic packages I get! Found it for a cheaper price at a retail store, but not gonna return it to save 5 bucks. Would recommend to anybody!...more info