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Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Led Zeppelin
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Product Description

Close the doors and put out the light. This evening, your child's journey consists of a delicate dreamscape woven in the heavens and forged by the hammer of the gods. Although Led Zeppelin's music was rooted in blues and hard rock, an element of fantasy was always present. On this album, Led Zeppelin's most extraordinary songs have received the lullaby treatment. Hasn't it been a long time since your baby rock and rolled?

Customer Reviews:

  • music to sleep by
    this even puts my 5 year old to sleep in the car. I have learned that music can soathe a irritable baby. it is funny to hear this in lullaby form. hey whatever works......more info
  • Perfect Gift!
    I purchased this as a gift for friends expecting a baby. They really loved it and it was a lot of fun to give them such a unique gift....more info
  • the first step to rock appreciation
    my four year old adores this CD. i mean, ADORES. he loves to sing "stairway to heaven" while falling asleep; and one day, while driving to work with his dad, they heard the "real" "stairway to heaven" on the local classic rock station. he yelled out "this is stairway to heaven!"

    not all of the CDs in this series work. there's something incredibly creepy, for example, listening to the pink floyd lullaby "mother" when you know the words. but the zeppelin one goes down peacefully and easily. i think the most touching moment of my evenings these days is when my son and i listen to the song "thank you" and he sings to me:

    "when mountains crumble to the sea
    there will still be you and me."

    thought i'd hate it. and i love it. go figure....more info
  • Rockabye Baby Led Zeppelin
    These CD's are fantastic! I was sick of all the traditional lullabyes and these CD's are the perfect answer! I know all the songs and it's great! ...more info
  • Suprised and impressed (4 1/2 stars)
    When I ordered this I thought that it wasn't going to be anything special but wanted to try it out anyways. I like to have music play in my baby's room at night and couldn't take "london bridge" over the monitor anymore. All I can say is that I never knew Zep could be made into soft music-box style music and still be Zep. Kashmir was the more impressive of all the songs. My baby loves the music and and can drift off to sleep w/o annoying thoughts of children's lullibies playing in the background. I recomend this product for those looking for an alternative to the traditional lullibye....more info
  • Very Soothing
    I received this as a gift from a friend, and I am definitely impressed. Who knew that Led Zeppelin would translate to lullabies so beautifully? I listen to this with my unborn son. I don't know yet if it relaxes him, but it sure does the trick for me!...more info
  • Excellent lullabye collection
    I was thrilled when I saw this series of lullabye CDS - however a lot of them sound like horror-movie music. Sometimes the hard stuff does not translate well into an innocent sound. This was by far the best we've heard. Not only do the melodies work with baby-friendly instruments, the arrangements themselves are complex enough to hold mom and dad's interest too. A few of the other CDs in the series are a little plunky and repetitive, but not this. It's made me appreciate Zep more for their skill in crafting a layered song.
    It's become a favorite in our house. Highly Recommended!...more info
  • Why is this on napster
    Terrible, just shows how people will do anything to make a buck off old boy music. ...more info
  • Awesome for baby AND mommy!
    My sister had this cd for her own baby and my daughter went right to sleep when she heard it. i had to get home and purchase it. also got the Cure one which is great. i can sit and rock baby and STILL listen to my favorite songs! i hum a long so its doubly relaxing for her. These cd's are so clever and such a great idea. A 'must purchase' for shower gift. ...more info
  • Even better than I had hoped
    My wife and I received "Rockabye Baby: the Cure" at our baby shower. It was very good, and I wanted more!

    We got the Led Zeppelin album this Christmas (2007). I am amazed at how beautifully some of the somgs translate into lullabies! Some of the songs were predictably sweet and melodic, like Stairway to Heaven, Going to California and D'Yer Maker. But I was surprised and elated to see some of Zep's more "experimental" songs on the playlist. Offbeat classics like Dazed and Confused and Kashmir are amazing to hear, and remind me of more "adult" children's songs like "Peter and the Wolf."

    My baby enjoys the music, and I relish listening to these rock-and-roll greats with her!...more info
  • Great for dads!
    I ordered this cd for my husband-he just isn't the Braham's lullabye type. He loves this cd and has shared it with all his work buddies. I think it's great that he has something he can enjoy rocking our baby to sleep with too....more info
  • If you love Led Zeppelin you will love this
    Even though it is "babyfied". You will enjoy listening to the Led Zeppelin tunes. We love Led Zeppelin so the purchase was an easy choice. I would recommend for anyone who likes Led Zeppelin and has a baby....more info
  • Cute idea...
    As a die-hard Led Zep fan and a new mother, I saw this as a "must have." It's a nice idea, but some of the songs are really hard to recognize. My baby never really got into "baby music." I see it as more of a novilty item, my daughter prefers real music from a radio or cd....more info