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Small Town Girl
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This debut album by the small-town girl with the big, powerhouse voice showcases two distinctly different sides of Kellie Pickler's music. The hard-riffing uptempo material recalls the heartland rock of Bob Seger and John Mellencamp, with Pickler providing a good-ole-girl twang. Among the highlights are the emancipated strut of "Red High Heels," the playful humor of "Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind," and the tomboy bluesiness of "One of the Guys." Yet the American Idol finalist turns pure diva on the over-the-top balladry of the album's other half, with swelling strings and arrangements that overpower rather than enhance "I Wonder" and "I'm on My Way." On such cuts, producer Blake Chancey (Dixie Chicks) never gives Pickler a chance to show the subtlety and nuance that makes music more an art than a competition. --Don McLeese

Customer Reviews:

  • Good artist but short on songs.
    This a good sounding country music album but seems short on songs. Amount of music is similar in length to the 33 1/2 LP's of the past. I was disappointed in the value for the money....more info
  • Country Done Right : Better than Any Carrie Underwood Record
    When country music is done right, you just know. Brad Paisley and Keith Urban are prime examples of songwriters who can take a song and elevate it to another realm entirely, and in the female realm I can only think of Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire. To that elite list, I shall now add Kellie Pickler, an American Idol contestant who has consistently delivered one solid vocal after the other - this is her debut album, and quite frankly, I found this a whole lot better than those two screechy Carrie Underwood records. Seriously, "Carnival Ride" was just painful, and there is something about Carrie's voice that I just cannot stand to listen. And lets not even start on Taylor Swift, a non-artist if there ever was one.

    Kellie, on the other hand, relies on impeccable vocal delivery and some really beautiful lyrics - all of which make even her 'filler' songs sound truly novel and fresh. Prime example is the standout "Gotta Keep Moving", which should have been a single. This is the perfect example of what a country single in the 2000s should sound like. Among her contemporaries I can only count Miranda Lambert as halfway talented, though Lambert has certain dry and lifeless songs in her catalog, unlike Pickler.

    What I especially appreciate about this album is that it really lets the singers' voice take center stage, unlike Underwood and Swifts' records. This is a boon to those of us who like unadulterated human voices that can sing - I've never been a listener of over-produced country - one reason why Toby Keith, Julianne Hough or even Rascal Flatts never quite appealed to me.

    Like Lee Ann Womacks' sensational "Theres More Where That Came From" album (which embraced the classic country genre), this is an album that works as a perfect marriage between the 'old' guard and the new world of country music. For that alone, Pickler should be commended. On songs such as "Im On My Way", you get the feeling that the only formula for a hit record is a beautiful tune that is sung just right. Finally, we have a country artist who can do that in spades.

    Five Stars. A must-have country record that deserves far more recognition....more info
  • Beautifully done
    The songs that are not played on the radio are great, a few could stand to get aired. Kelly Pickler's voice and delivery is one that fills my body with goosebumps....more info
  • Kellie Pickler, a small town girl
    Kellie was super on American Idol. On the tour she cowrote a number of songs that are on her album. She wrote about her life back in this small town in the Carolina's where she grew up. Her mother had left her, her father is in prison, so she has a lot to write about. Her grandmother died when Kellie was 15, Kellie wrote a song about her and called it her "Angel". "I Wonder" she also helped write,it is about her mother who left her when she was 2. The video is a real tear jerker and makes you wonder what is wrong with her mother. If you do not buy any other cd's buy Kellies, you will never regret it....more info
  • Great Buy
    The CD Small Town Girl of Kellie Pickler is the best CD I have ever bought. I suggest if you are looking for a good country/pop CD this is the one to buy. Not only is it a great CD but Kellie writes about her own life from a small girl to her life after American Idol. Awesome CD...more info
  • OK but not great
    I like Kellie's personality. She reminds me of Dolly Parton, and her voice sounds a bit like hers also. I don't think she has a great vocal range, but with the right song, that can be OK. Her voice is certainly passable and there are many people with very successful careers who did not have the greatest voices. One thing I have noticed about Kelly is that she always cries during live versions of "I Wonder" I have noticed that she tends to break down towards the end of the song; the piece that requires the greatest vocal range. My belief is that this is a ploy to avoid her having to possibly fail to reach those notes during a live performance. A few tears and no one will notice that those notes aren't hit. I hope I'm wrong, but while I do enjoy this CD, I'm afraid that her live performances could make or break her career....more info
  • Great service = happy customer
    This item arrived earlier than I had expected and was in perfect condition. Exactly what I wanted....more info
  • Never in my wildest dreams...
    When watching American Idol last year I honestly couldn't stand Kellie Pickler. She annoyed me with her "stupid" routine and I just didn't think that she sang that well. Well, last week I saw her album at my local library and thought "What the heck? I'm curious". Boy, was I extremely surprised and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would like this album one bit. But on the contrary, I absolutely love it!! In fact, I simply can't stop listening to it. Kellie Pickler definitely deserves high praise for this fantastic debut and I'm so glad that I had an open-mind for once in my life. Kellie rocks this cd with such hits as "Red High Heels", "I Wonder", & "Small Town Girl".

    Awesome job Kellie on a cd worth buying and enjoying - country music fans come on board and enjoy the new sensation of KELLIE PICKLER - y'all will love her!...more info
  • A very solid debut album
    This album is better than anyone thought it would be. It is clearly better than Taylor Hicks' debut. Though her delivery is not consistently strong on all tracks--the upper end of her vocal range lacks power--the album has few, if any, "filler" songs, and I expect that her voice has yet to mature. This album is fun, sad, poignant, and girlish to an extent. Her first single (Red High Heels) isn't even the best song on the album. Get out there and buy it. You'll be singing along....more info
  • Kellie Comes Through
    Almost all the song on this CD are great. Most are sure to be Top 40 Hits, and all are good listening. The music and lyrics are easy to listen to and appropriate for all ages. My 10 year-old daughter has not stopped listening to it all month....more info
  • Red Hot
    This product was red hot and was totally awesome to hear in country music. Please let me know when she will release another album. Thanks.

    Donald Woodson...more info
  • great country music
    I wish she'd gone further in Idol. I think she is amazing and the CD has some great tracks....more info
  • great start
    Kellie Pickler will be a star in country entertainment. Her first Cd is very good,I enjoy listening to it very much. The touching "I WONDER" will touch your heart. Pick up the pace to RED HIGH HEELS ,also very good. Buy it, try it, you"ll love it and be a fan also of this talented girl on the rise....more info
  • wasn't a fan at first
    When i first heard Kellie on American Idol. But i figured that i should still give the cd a shot. So i bought it and listened to it a time or two. With each listen i'm starting to get what everyone's saying about her and the promise that she has for a bright future in the music biz. I especially liked "Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind" and "Red High Heels". If this keeps up she'll be a household name all over the place.

    Nice debut cd. ...more info
  • Pickler's debut shows she's on her way
    The cutesy, ditzy, fiery little blonde from North Carolina, Kellie Pickler, shows off her talents well on her debut album "Small Town Girl."

    Although on "American Idol" her prospects for a major solo career where kind of iffy, this young lady proves she has the talent with this recording.

    The sounds and feel of the songs alternate between old school country ballads and energetic, foot stompin' tracks. Some tackle very deep themes such as domestic violence and families torn by space and time while others are just about having some good old-fashioned country fun. And, in more cases than not, Pickler pulls it off.

    The best songs on "Small Town Girl" are probably the hit single "Red High Heals," the emotional ballad about her mother "I Wonder" and "My Angel" with excellent lyrics and a choir type feel.

    Some of the less compelling efforts include "Wild Ponies" and "Gotta Keep Moving" which seem to which just seem to be sort of flat and lack originality respectively.

    Overall, the album is quite good. It would be no surprise if it eventually goes multi-platinum someday. Pickler still has some room to grow to get into the category of country music megastars like LeAnn Rhymes and her Idol predecessor Carrie Underwood, but if she keeps going strong, she'll certainly be there.

    I'd rate the tracks as follows:

    1. Red High Heels - 4/5
    2. Gotta Keep Moving - 3/5
    3. Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind - 3.5/5
    4. Didn't You Know How Much I loved You - 3.5/5
    5. I Wonder - 4.5/5
    6. Small Town Girl - 3.5/5
    7. Wild Ponies - 3/5
    8. Girls Like Me - 3.5/5
    9. I'm On My Way - 3.5/5
    10. One of the Guys - 3.5/5
    11. My Angel - 4/5

    Overall rating - B.
    ...more info
  • You go, girl!!
    I was, am, and continue to be impressed by Kellie Pickler. She is a talented singer and a bright spot as performer, interviewee, and hostess on many network, CMT, and GAC programs. It is a delight to watch Kellie blossom in her career. Her sparkling, warm, and positive personality is an inspiration to anyone who has dealt with adversity. With this album Kellie proves that she is adept at making lemonade from the lemons of her life! I love this album and am amazed that she was first of her AI class to be out of the gate with a CD. She worked her butt off last summer and fall and it's really paid off. Most impressive after her voice, is her talent as a songwriter. This is a great album with many personal and intimate songs! Kellie, I hope your success just continues and continues!!...more info
  • Pick Pickler Its Worth It!!!!!
    This is such a fun, uptempo album. it's made up of a combination of fast,happy-go-lucky songs like Girls Like Me, Things That Never Cross A Mans Mind,and Small Town Girl and a few slow ballads like My Angel,Wild Ponies and I wonder. Overall a REALLY good debut album from this small town girl and kellie shows us in her vocal range that she can really sing.

    Red high Heels 4/5
    Gotta Keep Moving 4/5
    Things That Never Cross A Mans Mind 5/5
    Didn't you know how much i loved you 5/5
    I wonder 3/5
    Small Town Girl 5/5
    Wild Ponies 5/5
    Girls Like Me 5/5
    Im On My Way 4/5
    One Of The Guys 5/5
    My Angel 4/5 ...more info
  • Better than Carrie Underwood!
    Kellie has the perfect country music voice. I think she is much better than Carrie who won. She just has a more unique sound!...more info
  • Inspiring Artist
    Kellie did not won American Idol but she sure won a lot of hearts in US with her sparkle personality and her history.
    one year almost that she released "Small Town Girl" i still found myself hearing her album many times, i love the fact that her label don't played safe and let her co-write some songs and they are probaly the best songs of the album, she said that she wanted to be honest with her fans and she really did, she sings "I Wonder" and "My Angel" with so much emotion that you can feel the pain in her voice,
    Kellie has the pontential to become the #1 country female singer,she will become even better singer with time, her voice is pure gold and she actually sounds much better than when she was on AI.She only need her label believing more in her and promoting her like she deserves.

    Top 3

    1 - I Wonder
    2 - Small Town Girl
    3 - My Angel
    ...more info
  • Great first album
    Kellie was not that impressive on American Idol but her first CD really WOWed me! I liked all the songs the first time I heard them and I have played the album over, and over, and over and never get tired of hearing them. A nice mix of music styles and tempos....more info
  • Dreams do come true
    She's from NC, she's a blonde, and she loves shoes! How can you not love Kellie Pickler! Just another reason to love country music - real people singing real songs...

    Judy the Writer - Also from NC, a blonde and shoe loving country girl!

    Good Music is Better Than Sex: My Search for the Old Blue Chair...more info
  • Pickles
    I like Kellie Pickler's "Small Town Girl" CD a lot! She's more country than the other American Idolist Carrie Underwood, and Pickler's more upbeat with songs too. I find Kellie Pickler's music very enjoyable and a good listen, probably one of my favorite CDs in country music. ...more info
  • Awesome CD!!
    This is one of the best cds I have ever bought!! Her voice is addictive!!

    I can not get enough! I have listened to it everyday going to work since I bought it!! This girl can really sing!!! I really recommend this one!!!!...more info
    I love Kellie's album. I play it in the car when I'm driving home to NC. She seems like such a real person. The album is great! Thanks for having such a good price!...more info
  • Music
    Love this CD! Unusual that I skip over only one-two songs because I don't want to hear them again and again!! Most CD's there's only a few I want to hear over and over again!...more info
  • Kelly
    Was an american idol watcher. Loved Kelly her personality she is so cute and nieve. I just love her. I got this at a great price with great and fast shipping....more info
  • Amazing CD
    I fell in love with Kellie Pickler the first time I saw her on American Idol... she was glowing and had this presence and sincerity about her. She made us all smile every week! I was really looking forward to her cd when it was released, and I could not have been more pleased! The songs range from fun and peppy to deep and moving. She is a great artist and I'm sure she will just become even better over her many years of success!! I would recommend this CD to anyone who is a country music fan.... or if you are not a country music fan then give Kellie a listen and you soon will be!!!

    Wishing everyone Blessings,
    LaShonda Moore
    [...]...more info
  • Kellie is fun
    This album is fun to listen to. Kellie has a good voice and her sweet personality comes through loud and clear with each song. Listening to Kellie is like having the girl next door sitting in a rocking chair on her porch, plucking on her guitar, and singing for you. ...more info
  • kelly
    kelly pckler was my #1 pick to win idol.from her very first apperance on the show.mcphee and kelly were supposed to be the 2 finalists with kelly the winner.taylor was to be third.i don't know why mcphee did not go all country.i think if she would,she would be doing a lot better.but kelly realy blew me away on the music award eyes also teared up....more info
  • Small Town Girl Pleases
    "Small Town Girl" is American Idol finalist Kellie Pickler's debut album. It was released last fall on BNA records; a division of Sony BMG Nashville. I really enjoy listening to this record. It is filled with some great songs. "Red High Heels", "My Angel", "I'm On My Way", and "I Wonder" are some of the best songs on the album. I must say, last year I wasn't familiar with Kellie's music until my friend introduced me to her.

    I was surprised to find out that just two weeks before the release of her debut album, Kellie was still unpacking boxes in her new downtown condominium in Nashville; her new hometown. In just one year, a lot has changed for this "small town girl". Kellie has dealt with many trials and tribulations along the rocky road to stardom.

    Kellie's "Small Town Girl" is sure to please fans. It is filled with great up-temo songs and beautifully written music from Kellie herself. She has shown the ability to not only express herself through her songs but she has a way of bringing them to life in concert.

    Her down home honesty and flirtatious persona makes her irresistible to watch. If you loved her on American Idol, you will definitely enjoy "Small Town Girl."

    The album was produced by Blake Chancey who has also produced Little Big Town, Marcy Chapin Carpenter, The Dixie Chicks, and Tammy Cochran to name a few. Kellie had the opportunity to co-write five of the eleven songs on her album with Aimee Mayo. "I Wonder" is a song that Kellie wrote about her mother who abandoned her when she was young girl. "My Angel" is a touching song that Kellie wrote about her late grandmother who raised her in Albemarle, North Carolina.

    "Small Town Girl" is a great record and Kellie Pickler is definitely on her way to superstardom. If she keeps on the right track; she may just be the next Dolly Parton of our time....more info
  • Kellie Pickler is on her way!
    Well on her way! What a pleasant surprise this cd is! I think I prefer this cd to that of the other blonde country girl from AI. Kellie Pickler's music is lighter and sunnier and I find her actually more interesting and easier to relate to. This cd is the one that comes to my mind when I think of a backyard barbecue in the summer or when driving down the highway with the wind in your hair.

    Being born and bred on the west coast I'm naturally averse to too much twang, but that is not a problem at all here. Several songs on the album are pure fun (Red High Heels, Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind, One Of The Guys) and the sweet, Dolly Parton-like sound of her voice is perfect for them. Many of the songs have a rock edge that appeals to someone like me who grew up on rock and roll in the 1980s. Girls Like Me and I'm On My Way are moving songs that are instant classics. Listen to I Wonder and see if you don't become a lifelong Kellie Pickler fan in a minute. Can anyone actually listen to this song with dry eyes?

    On a side note, I am disheartened at some of the negative things that have been said about Ms. Pickler. Her early life may have been less than perfect, but that is certainly no fault of hers. To hold it against her in any way is cruel and unfair. It is a testament to her strength and her abilities that she has been able to come as far as she has given her less-than-ideal circumstances. Who is more praiseworthy--the one who is born with every advantage and achieves greatness or the one who is born with some disadvantages and achieves greatness?

    In sum, this is overall a very impressive body of work that I never expected from a girl who got voted off AI. I admit that I underestimated her.

    Now I just can't wait until her next cd comes out. Way to go Kellie! ...more info
  • WOW!!!!!I was blown away
    I wasn't sure what to expect..I thought Kellie was adorable on American Idol so I thought I'd give her a try....I liked the first to the last song...thats rare for me...I'm always skipping around to the songs I like, even on the new Carrie Underwood cd I just got...when I put this cd in it just plays....everytime.... I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info