Logitech X-140 2.0 Speakers
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Product Description

Logitech's X-140 stereo speakers feature dynamic, real-time bass equalization to maximize low frequency response while minimizing distortion. Use the convenient 3.5 mm auxiliary input to connect your portable MP3 or CD player, and customize your audio balance with easy-to-reach tone and volume controls.

  • Logitech X 140 - PC multimedia speakers - 5 Watt (total)

Customer Reviews:

  • Logitech X-140 2.0 Speakers
    They are really very nice speakers. Great sound for the money. I would highly recommend....more info
  • Great Product for price
    I have now had my Logitech X-140 speakers for two weeks and I love them. I use them to listen to radio and music and they fulfill my needs. The highs are good, and the lows are great for the price. If you want to do some serious gaming or listening to music at high levels then you may want to pass on these. If you want to listen to music, radio, or even game with good output then you should consider these. These are not professional speakers, but for the price I find them to be excellent for my needs- and similar needs....more info
  • Logitech X-140 2.0 Speakers
    Speakers arrived a few days after order was placed. They were simple to install and worked as promised. Others who heard the sound produced by the speakers were impressed with the quality....more info
  • logitech speakers
    This is a ok product for the price. A little hollow but ok until I can afford to upgrade. It is nice that I can turn the speakers off from the speakers themselves. ...more info
  • Great speakers, great price
    I bought these speakers a couple of years ago and they're great. No, obviously they are not fantastic high quality speakers, but I didn't want fantastic high quality speakers. If that's what you're looking for, by all means, drop a couple hundred bucks. But if you're just looking to amplify and improve the quality of the sound coming from your laptop speakers, you couldn't do better for $30.

    My only complaint is that the first half of the volume dial is almost silent, so you have to turn the dial about halfway up before you hear anything at all- quite a few times I have wondered if something wasn't working before realizing that I just needed to turn the dial up.

    Other than that, they are durable, decent quality, and haven't given me any problems. I also love that the power adapter is built into the system, and not an extra brick taking up space among all the others on my desk.

    Overall, these speakers are a great deal, especially for the price....more info
  • Great speak sound
    I have not bought speakers in a long time. I used Logitech products in the past and always found the quality to be great. These speakers are no exception. The sound is great for my limited needs and the price excellent for the quality of the product....more info
  • logitech x140
    attractive speakers with average sound, good for everyday use however would not purchase if sole purpose is to listen to music on cpu- sound is a bit tingy with minimal base....more info
  • Logitech X-140 2.0 Speakers
    I have these speakers on my computer at work and they are great. Easy access volumn control and headphone jack when you don't want to disturb your neighbors in the cubicle farm.
    Ordered on Monday and received them on Wednesday.
    Great price....Best bang for the buck......more info
  • Great Speakers for the Price
    I was desperately in need of upgrading my old computer speakers and I'm glad I chose the Logitech x-140's. These speakers are great. They are sturdy, look attractive and the sound is very good. I'm not exactly what you would call an audiophile, but I think my ear is pretty sensitive. My jazz, classical and rock mp3's come out sounding full and true. Bass is nice and deep. These speakers are a tremendous value. My only minor quible is the orange LED on light. It's a bit too bright and a little distracting. Otherwise they are perfect for me. I've only had great experiences with Logitch products and highly recommend these....more info
  • Happy as expected
    Knowing what I was getting with this product, I can not be much happier. The sound quality is really good. The only down fall is the sound will not get very loud and when it's at its max the sound quality suffers. Overall it is an outstanding buy for its cost....more info
  • Great sound for an awesome price
    I knew I wanted logitech speakers because I like the brand. When I bought these I thought they'd be a bit smaller, but even so I was still surprised at the large sound that came out of them. They're not tinny at all and actually sound good enough for me to use with my iPod and not be disappointed by them. Nice, full sound for small speakers. The price is awesome so I definitely recommend these. Logitech scores again. These are really good for the price, there's no reason to spend $75 on desktop speakers when you can get something that works this well for under $30....more info
  • broke after 1 year
    working fine for 1 year and then it broke - would not power on and even if it did only for very low volumes...more info
  • good set of speakers
    These are good quality affordable speakers. They sound great with and produce good bottom end which is not available from most computer speakers without a subwoofer. I am very happy with them....more info
  • Good Speaker Value
    I purchased these speakers to replace the original ones that came with my desktop computer. As I use them primarily for listening to free Internet music, I wasn't willing to spend too much on them. I had done my research and decided that the Logitech X-140 2.0 speakers would work best for me as far as product performance for the price.

    I am very pleased with my purchase - good speakers for the value. The sound with Internet music is good. The sound with CD's is excellent - crisp and clear no matter how loud you turn them up. The only thing I would change about them is the red "on" light. It would have been nice if Logitech had used a different color such as blue.

    ...more info
  • Rockin'!
    I use my PC speakers to keep me entertained all day while I work. When I want to blast a song, I can turn these up without all the distortion usually associated with PC speakers. We're rockin' here at the office!...more info
  • computer speakers
    Great speakers. The sound is great. They build solid. Better than my hi end speakers. ...more info
  • Good for the money
    Just like the title says they are good for the money. They are not Bose like nor are they cheap "comes with the computer speakers". They have a fairly wide range, but sometimes you need to adjust the tone based on the song. I paid $33 for them and I think that it was worth the price.

    One Con is the wiring on the back is a lot and hard to hide if you need to....more info
  • Very nice speakers for a lower budget!
    If you're not concerned with having surround sound speakers then these are excellent speakers for a desktop. The tones are good and even the base surprised me. You are obviously not going to get audiophile results out of these but for solid budget speakers these are better than any I have previously owned!...more info
  • Great set of speakers
    When I first plugged these in they blew me away...granted I replaced a pretty cheap set of speakers that was several years old...but still, the sound quality for the price is amazing. And they have a solid, well built feel.

    Sure the bass is almost nonexistent, but I don't expect that when I'm sitting at my computer, and the volume can get high enough to easily fill a room....more info
  • Great Speakers
    I bought these speakers at a local retailer and am very happy with them. I had originally bought them to go with my laptop computer but have since bought an MP3 player and plan to purchase a second set so I can use them with both.

    They have an awesome bass range when you turn the tone switch all the way over to the full bass setting. I have a makeshift desk for my laptop - translation: a board over the seat of a kitchen chair - and I did feel a rumble in the board when I was sampling MP3s earlier. These also sound great with my MP3 player and with them set up on each side of my bed, they sound a bit like surround sound. Really cool!

    I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a good speaker at a great price!...more info
  • Did not work initially, so quality is questionable
    I was probably just unlucky, but these did not work initially when I received them. After shaking them and whacking them several times, they began functioning and have worked fine ever since (about 6 months). I decided not to send them back for replacement due to the hassle. However, I'm obviously concerned they will fail again.

    Other than the lack of reliability, I have no complaints. The quality is fine. They create plenty of sound for computer speakers, look nice, and don't take up too much space....more info
  • Nice sound
    Good speakers for the buck. Amazing sound for a little speaker with ample volume. Sound clarity is crystal clear....more info
  • Good speakers for the price--and for the space they occupy
    Logitech X-140 2.0 Speakers

    These speakers were purchased at the same time as an Acer 17" monitor for a second computer where space was at a premium. They sound surprisingly good--not as good as my Klipsch speakers, but they only cost a fraction of what they cost. Great computer speakers for almost everyone....more info
  • Should be free....
    I'll not say much other than everyone who is giving these 4 & 5 stars must have VERY low expectations. I realize these are cheap speakers, but most the free speakers I've had over the years with computer I've bought are better than these.

    - Tinney: like a drain pipe
    - NO bass: yes there is a Bass response, similar to thumping on a scratchy balloon.

    These are fine for very low volume use....more info
  • Worked OK for 6 months...
    Worked OK for 6 months, then developed a constant hum / buzz in the right channel....more info
  • Excellent 2.0 Speakers - Solid Sound - Solidly Built
    UPDATE: Once I moved the speakers straight back as far as possible towards the wall behind them - and thus the sound bounces of the wall behind me - there's an enormous improvement. The sound is full, rich and deep.


    But they cannot, and are not, a replacement for 2.1 or higher speakers. The mid- and high ranges are excellent, but the bass really needs its separate outlet. The overall first impression is a rather flat sound but if you have a good sound card and/or a good sound application most of these shortcomings can be alleviated.

    They're built like brick outhouses - the most solid computer peripherals I've seen in a long time. And, in a fit of absolute genius, no separate power brick but an actual, honest to goodness old-fashioned plug that goes straight into the wall. (Hallelujah!)...more info
  • logitech speakers
    good looking speakers good sound quality,a little large for my desktop but well worth the price ...more info
  • Great Speakers for the Price
    I purchased these speakers thinking they will be adequate for my needs. I have found them to be Terrific in both sound quality and in the way they look. They add a modern feel and look to my home office, and sound great. Produces a very nice sound with good base and are very good for listening to music, watching movies or playing games.

    Well worth the money!...more info
  • High Praise
    I am afraid I can only echo what others have said. For the money, these are the best speakers you can possibly have. Do they sound like Acoustic Research or Bose speakers - well, no. Did you really expect them to at $30?

    They are built tough, connect easily, and the power supply does not require an AC/DC brick. They are a bit large and consume desk space so if you are looking for compact speakers, you should look elsewhere. (Perhaps a setup with a floor mounted bass?) That being said, the sound is fine for internet cruising, simple games, and pop music.

    If your requirements include naturally aspirated instrument reproduction (jazz, symphony, opera) get out the wallet and buy some serious acoustical speakers. Other than that, these will be more than adequate for most needs. Once again people, they only cost $30!...more info
  • Big Sound Small Price
    After a few weeks of jiggling wires I decided to replace my desktop speakers.
    Researching desktop speakers turned out to be simple. Many experts consider the Logitech X-140 to be the best product under $100.
    I have had the speakers for two months, and have been very happy with both the sound and the size.
    They are excellent speakers at a bargain price. ...more info