Nokia 6126 Unlocked Cell Phone with Camera, Media Player, MicroSD Slot--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black/Silver)
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Product Description

If you like the look and feel of Nokia phones, but you've been waiting for a powerful clamshell design from them, the wait is over. The quad-band Nokia 6126 packs a serious punch with support for EDGE data, dual high-resolution color displays, a 1-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, microSD memory expansion, a music player, and a whole lot more.

If you like the look and feel of Nokia phones, but you've been waiting for a powerful clamshell design from them, the wait is over. The quad-band Nokia 6126 packs a serious punch with support for EDGE data, dual high-resolution color displays, a 1-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, microSD memory expansion, a music player, and a whole lot more.

Slim and powerful, the 6126 is Nokia's flagship clamshell phone.
The 6126's super thin design houses an inner display that sports impressive 240 x 320 resolution and support for 16.7 million, yes million colors. Meanwhile, the outside cover of the handset features a supplementary, 128 x 160, 262,000-color display that can display picture IDs, time, call information, battery and signal strength, and more. The phone's camera unit is placed just above this display. Up and down buttons for volume control are placed on the left side and a camera control button is placed on the right. Most of the phone's features and on-screen menus are controlled by a five-way center button on the handset's control pad. There's also an input to accept universal hands-free headsets, and a USB port for transferring data to and from the handset. The hot-swappable microSD/TransFlash memory expansion slot is compatible with cards with up to 2 GB of capacity.

Calling Features
The 6126 supports polyphonic ringtones, as well as video-based ringers so you can load your favorite video clips to alert you of incoming calls. Plus, with the phone's picture and ringer ID functions, you can assign pictures and ringtones to your most common callers. If you want to be discreet, there's also a vibrate ringer mode. Meanwhile, speaker-independent voice activated dialing makes calling your friends, family and associates as easy as saying their names. The phone recognizes any voice, so you don't have to worry about pre-recording your commands. The 6126's phone book will keep track of all your contacts, and address book capacity is only limited by the phone's 11 MB of built-in memory. There's also an integrated speakerphone for talking hands-free, and lastly, the phone's Bluetooth connectivity means that your favorite Bluetooth headset is fully compatible.

Messaging, Internet, and Tools
The 6126 is a mobile messaging and Internet powerhouse. With support for MMS (multimedia messaging service), the phone can send picture and text messages. When coupled with the phone's powerful camera, MMS opens up great opportunities for robust messaging. The phone ships with a built-in email client that supports POP3, IMAP, and SMTP protocols. You can even open and view email attachments.

Getting on the Internet is easy with the 6126. It supports the GPRS data protocol, as well as the high-speed EDGE wireless data service. When used with your carrier data plan and the phone's USB or Bluetooth data capability, the phone can be used as a wireless modem for laptops and PDAs. The phone is bundled with a mobile Web browser, too. Meanwhile, T9 text entry, a technology that makes it easier for people to enter words and text on handsets, is built into the unit--a plus for mobile email and text messaging users.

The 6126 supports PC synchronization via USB or Bluetooth, which means you can manage and synchronize contacts, calendar and other data with your PC. Nokia's PC Suite application makes this process a breeze. A number of handy software tools are bundled with the 6126 including a voice memo recorder, a calculator, a calendar, a to-do list, and an alarm clock.

Imaging and Entertainment
This is where the real fun begins. The 6126's one-megapixel camera takes great pictures and it can also capture video. And when you've got all the pictures you want on your memory card, you can connect the camera directly to any PictBridge-compatible printer for instantaneous printing right from the phone. The phone supports playback of streaming video in 3GPP format, too.

If mobile music is your thing, you can load up your MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, and WMA audio files and listen to your heart's content via the stereo headset jack. And don't forget about the games! The phone comes with a perennial favorite, Snake, as well as 3D soccer.

Vital Statistics
The Nokia 6126 weighs 3.95 ounces and measures 3.62 x 1.89 x 0.79 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 3.4 hours of digital talk time, and up to 240 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies. The phone comes with a one year limited warranty.

  • This unlocked cell phone is compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Not all carrier features may be supported. It will not work with CDMA carriers like Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Sprint.
  • Quad-band GSM cell phone compatible with 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies and GPRS/EDGE capabilities
  • 1.3-megapixel digital camera with 8x digital zoom and video capture; digital audio/video player
  • Bluetooth for handsfree devices; MicroSD expansion to 2 GB; organizer; access to email
  • Up to 3.4 hours of digital talk time and 240 hours of standby

Customer Reviews:

  • Battery Life Offsets Phones Great Features
    Two month update: Battery capacity is really pathetic. Lucky if I can go two days without a charge under very light usage conditions. With just a few calls a day plan on charging every day. If I had it to do over again, I'd get a phone like the Moto V235 my wife got - much, much better battery life.

    Three month update: Black rubberized paint on phone peeling off. Expect this to happen on all these phones. Definitely like the Moto V235 better. Its much more durable.

    The 6126 is a nice voice phone upgrade - providing you only use it less than an hour per day. It has a bright display, tactile large buttons and an elegant style. Voice quality is quite good both reception and transmission. And the menu can be easily customized to quickly get to those features most often used. Signal sensitivty seems as good as my old Nokia 3595 which was well designed as a phone. It also acceptable for occassional web surfing and MP3 player usage.

    What this phone is not:

    For heavy web usage - battery capacity and display size both too small. Get an IPhone or equivalent large screen display device.

    For constant music playing - again battery too small.

    For someone with hearing or vision issues - the icons and print font size are quite small making them hard to see. The alarms and phone rings aren't that loud meaning you may not hear them if the phone is in a pocket/purse or noisy environment. The battery vibrator does help. This is a phone for discret usage like a quite restaurant. Reception voice level isn't that loud but you can turn on the speakerphone which is more that loud enough.

    For constant conversational use with Bluetooth - again its a battery life issue.

    For someone looking for Mil Spec durabilty - the inside screen has no hard protective cover making it susceptible to damage if thrown into a purse or pocket with other small hard items floating around. While the phone seems well constructed, I wouldn't chance dropping it too often. This is an elegant device like a fine watch.

    Similar to a sports car, the 6126 does a limited number of things exceptionally well - but it is high maintenance and doesn't have the range of functionality of a minivan. And for $190 it is quite expensive for a voice phone replacement which really doesn't compete with a true smart phone device. (I got mine for $60.)

    I like the fact that the SIM card and Micro SD are protected under the back cover. It may entail one more step to access, but how often do you really need to pull out either?

    To get the best use of this phone make sure to turn on all power saving features and make good use of menu short cuts to avoid lengthy periods with the bright screen on. This really eats up battery life.

    One other point, make sure to lock the keyboard after use. This way the buttons on the side of the phone don't activate various features leading to even shorter battery life and unintended usage.

    And finally don't hold the phone by the bottom. That is where the antenna is and you'll degrade both the signal sensitivity and battery life with your hand. Hold it by the hinge area of the phone.

    Expect about 2 days of battery life with maybe one hour of phone usage per day. Get a car charger for less than $10. It is cheap insurance to ensure you have a charge....more info
  • great phone

    I have had nokia phones for many years- I love this phone- I got it FREE with an upgrade with ATT- the camera is great and clear - I have only had a problem with the battery after 16 months- recently, I have dropped the phone numerous times and I can only use it with a headset or speakerphone- trying to negotiate with ATT for new contract - but as usuall they are pushing me a it too much for a more expensive package-
    walmart also sells unlocked cell phones which you can use with your sim card- never knew this easy and cheap-...more info
  • Nokia!! Is it Nokia??? Well that's too bad...
    I'm a Nokia fan. Always buy nokia phone.
    Have 2 of these. Same problems on both.
    First of all - what's up with the paint????
    It started peeling off in about a week, leaving ugly scrapes and traces of paint. Okay - I could live with that, I just peeled it off totally.
    Now it looks ugly. Period.
    Now I can't hear well. It's not me - it's the phone.
    So now looking for a new one to replace.
    Ai ai ai NOKIA....bad one!

    ...more info
  • I expect more from Nokia
    I didn't buy from this seller, so maybe he/she has somehow found better quality phones than what I have in my pocket, but I doubt it.

    My intended use for this piece of equipment is as A PHONE. I'm not sure why I would care more about the camera than I do about the sound quality. It's not very good. I have a Nokia 6102i that has wonderful voice quality. This one doesn't come close. Yes, the 6102i is not even available anymore - mine is old, but I won't give it up until it quits working. If it was available, I would replace this one with another one. I am now in search of something to replace this one with, because when you use a phone for business you want your customers to be able to make out what you are saying.

    I had to return the first phone (purchased from Radio Shack) - we thought there was something wrong with it because if you let the battery die you can't turn it on again unless you pull the battery out and put it back in. But this one does the same thing. I wrote the manufacturer an e-mail but they didn't respond. But really the sound quality is what gets me. I can live with the battery trick.

    The signal is probably average for an internal antenna phone. I carry them both, and my 6102i has a MUCH better signal.

    My suggestion - shop around a little more. Only get this phone if it is the only Nokia that they will give you for free. Don't pay for it. Nokia makes some good stuff. I am at the point where I won't own a phone that isn't a Nokia. I've been carrying them for 15 years. But this one is definately not their best work. That is, if you are looking for a PHONE and not a camera, or a music player, or a nice display. If those are all you care about, check out the other reviews who address these things, because I don't care about them....more info
  • Screen has gone crazy
    I liked the Nokia 6126 phone until a month ago. This is the second 6126 phone from AT&T in 2 years. The first had the black paint around the touch pad flake off. That was minor. The replacement has lasted about a year and the two screens (inside and outside) both went crazy. Sometimes the color is wrong, once it rotated the image 90 degrees. Now most of the time there is no image, just gray or a dark blue. I tried the rebooting routine ... taking the battery out ... . No good. Sometimes shaking it works.

    Now it is frustrating and I can only answer incoming calls. Phone works, you just can't see what is on the screen. I love Nokia. The last Sony I had, died from the white screen of death. Now my Nokia 6126 is on life support. I'm tired of AT&T sticking it to me when their (free) phone craps out. I don't need a camera, internet, music, or qwerty keyboard. Just a reliable phone????...more info
  • Nothing but trouble!
    I've had this model phone for about a year now. When I say MODEL phone, it's because I've had to replace it twice. This phone suffers from MANY bugs, most notably:
    - The screen freezes then says "operation failed" when I try to take pictures (this has happened on both phones).
    - Generally poor voice quality. On the 1st phone, I was too quiet, and on the 2nd one, I sound like I'm an anonymous tipster on "Dateline" - my voice is all garbled and no one can understand me.
    - Can't send picture messages - the phone restarts itself (has happened on both phones).
    - Camera displays black as green, so everything looks horrible.
    This phone was cheap so I got it, and I regret it. Don't fall for this trap!...more info
  • Nice phone, but some bad flaws
    I like parts of the phone, but the flaws are so large, I wish I bought a different one. I'm not a fancy text-messenger or want all these super features, I just want a phone that's easy to use, that has a clock, and can do the occasional photo or text message.

    What I do like:

    1. I like the inside layout/buttons. The buttons on the inside of the phone are easy to see, easy to press.

    2. Nice bright display inside.

    3. Clock display on the outside panel.

    What I don't like:

    1. The stupid design of putting buttons on the side of the phone. You can't pick it up or hold it without pressing these buttons. I'm constantly changing the volume accidentally or turning on the camera - and then I have to change the volume back and turn off the camera. What a poor design choice.

    2. The battery life. If you don't use the phone (like if it is just sitting on your desk), it is great. It lasts a long time. But if you actually talk on the phone, it drains the battery like crazy. I brought it with me when I went into labor. After the birth, it was doing fine. Full battery charge (according to the meter) but it was solid dead after a 1-2 hour conversation with my sister.

    3. Not sure what I did, but the covering on the lens for the camera was cracked pretty immediately. I had my old Nokia bar phone for 2 years and it never cracked. Maybe it was something I did, or maybe this one is not as durable.

    Anyway, it works fine. I've had a few more dropped calls on this one than my old Nokia 3220 though....more info
  • I love this phone!
    This is a great phone and has everything I want. I love the button that opens the phone as it is very helpful for one-handed use. The only criticism is that the camera button along the right side is very sensitive and is activated easily when fishing for the phone in a purse or pocket. This button is flush with the case. I would rather activate the camera after opening the flip. Also, the profile button on the same side of the case seems useless as you have to open the flip before you can actually choose the profile. Otherwise, the phone is coolio!...more info
  • Phone Great but Cingular-AT&T customers beware
    First off I really like my new phone, but it did take a while to get used to after having Motorola's for the last 4 years. Battery life is the universal complaint and the reason for 4 stars.

    Cingular and AT&T customers be forwarned, the company does not like that you can buy unlocked phones. Customer service stinks. I could not send multimedia messages and was informed since I did not buy from them, they could do nothing. And that my phone was junk, send it back and buy from them. I had researched this phone to make sure it was compatable in my area and was sold here also( for $50 to $100 more) and was unlocked.

    Thanks to an AMAZON rep. I was referred to the Nokia website and I had my phone running in less than a minute! Thank you amazon. and Nokia website is great also! Cingular-GET OVER IT! This is one of many reasons I will never renew a contract with your company.

    I am a work from home mother of 2. Not too tech savvy, but am trying to keep up. Love to text and MM message. But mainly got phone for camera and are satisfied....more info
  • Nokia 6126 a decent phone but poor battery life
    I received this phone from my brother (he used to work for Nokia in Texas) because my other phone broke (nokia 6102i) and my contract with Cingular was for another year (yeah, it sucks).

    Background: I was not eligible for the upgrade yet, so that meant I had to purchase a phone at retail price (without the contract) which would have run up upwards of $300 and more. So I got this phone (unlocked) as a gift, and the switch-over was relatively easy and trouble-free. I copied my address book from the 6102i onto the SIM card, and when I moved the SIM card to the 6126, the address book was there (taa-daa!). What I was not able to move were the photos I snapped with the old phone. Those I had to send via email, which I saved onto a microSD card and then was able to move to the 6126 (it has a microSD slot, which read the 1Gb card easily).

    Features: I have always liked Nokia. This phone is no exception (except one which I will discuss later). It is a clam (ie. flip) phone and is almost as slim as (but slightly lighter than) my Motorola RAZR. I like the menu layout of the Nokia. The camera is up to 1.3 Megapixel resolution (settings of 1,024x1,280, 960x1,290, 600x800, 480x640, 240x320, and 120x160). The photos are decent in daylight, but not too great in poorly-lit areas (but that goes for every camera phone I've ever encountered).

    I like the black and silver coloring. No external antenna (sweet). The button on the side to open it is extra (not necessary). The internal display is nice and large, and colorful. I like the navigation keypad. The textured covering on the rear flap is different (I like it, and is about 50-50 with my friends).

    There were plenty of hands-free features. There's a speakerphone, which is loud enough to be used outside, Bluetooth for connecting to a headset or for sending files, as well as voice dialing and commands. There is POP3 and IMAP4 e-mail support, audio messaging for sending voicemails directly to another cell phone, and USB cable support (I haven't used this yet).

    There is a large 1,000-contact phone book has room in each entry for five phone numbers, e-mail and Web addresses, a job title and a company name, work and home street addresses, a birth date, etc. The SIM card can hold an additional 250 names. Other extras include standard stuff: vibrate mode, text and multimedia messaging, calculator, voice recorder, a calendar with reminders, notepad, stopwatch, and an alarm clock.

    Hands-free features were plentiful, as well. There's full Bluetooth for connecting to a headset or for sending files, plus voice dialing and commands and a speakerphone. For hard-core emailers, there is also POP3 and IMAP4 e-mail support.

    I tested the quad-band GSM phone in San Francisco/Bay Area using my existing Cingular wireless service. I got the same quality as the old Nokia 6102i phone. Call quality was decent.

    Now, for the negatives. A minor drawback with the design is that the MicroSD card slot is located behind the battery cover. Although, you don't need to remove the battery itself, but you do need to remove the cover. My other beef is with the battery life. The 6126 has a rated talk time of 3.4 hours and a promised standby time of 10 days. When I maxed out the talk time, I got about 3.5 to 3.75 hours talk-time (impressive). Because I am always on the phone, it is hard to guage the standby time. However, when I paired and activated the Bluetooth, and connected with a Nokia BH-900 earpiece (By the way, the BH-900 earpiece is sub-standard compared to the Motorola HS850, but that is another review altogether) that is when I got a feeling about the battery life in standby. For half a day of minimal use (20 min max), and standby the rest of the day my battery is now at 20-25% capacity. When I turned off Bluetooth, I was able to go a full day with some use and still have over 50% battery capacity. So it seems that when the Bluetooth feature is activated it is eating up more battery juice (which makes sense). I have yet to find a control that tells the phone to automatically turn off Bluetooth when there is no active device around.

    Conclusion: The Nokia 6126 is a nice phone with many features. I only gate it 4-stars because of the battery life. This is a must, especially for a frequent traveler (like me) or those who use the phone/Bluetooth earpiece a lot. Nokia has to improve on the battery life, and this is easily done with a patch to automatically turn off Bluetooth when there are no Bluetooth devices around.
    ...more info
  • Did not work well with Cingular in Detroit
    I am a bit of a phone nut and love Nokia products. After using a Nokia 6230b with Cingular in Detroit and Virgin Mobile in England for over 2 years, I decided, now that Nokia offers a quad-band phone, it was time to upgrade.

    Phone arrived on time and seemed like a very quality piece. Beautiful screen, well put together, etc. I used it for a few days and a few charging cycles. Here is what I found:

    -Very poor battery life. I could not go a whole day on a charge with heavy use
    -Very poor call quality. I could not carry on a converstation with people as the sound would cut in and out, ever with a full signal. I swapped my SIM back to my old 6230b and everything was fine.
    -You need to position the phone just right on your ear or you cannot hear the caller on the other end at all.
    -I learned that I really do not like flip phone (why are most phone flip anyways?)
    -Don't really like the ultra small signal and battery meters
    -I like Nokia's original test message input interface better than the new setup on 6126

    So, I returned the phone. Amazon was great to work with and I got a credit quickly. I will buy from them again.

    Yes, it is possible that my phone was faulty handset, causing the bad call quality but I did not want to go through the hassel of getting another one. Plus, some of the other negative told me it is not the phone for me.

    Plus, the whole experience reminded me that the candy bar 6230b is one of Nokia's best phone ever (just needs quad-band)...

    Now I just need to search for a quad-band candy bar Nokia to replace the 6230b...eventually.... Maybe a Nokia E50......more info
  • Nokia 6126 cell phone-nice
    Received phone on time,nice phone updated the miro card to a 2gb. Dont use the internet,music player sounds great,camera is great. I add T-mobile and the minutes are good. Very nice phone for the money,I have nothing bad to say about it. It`s the first phone i have owned. Later i`am going to get the bluetooth head set,speaker phone works great. Nice phone i`am very happy with it....more info
  • Great Phone But.....
    I bought a Nokia 6126 in December of 2006. It was a great phone but it has one major flaw. The internal LCD is very fragile. It does not have any kind of hard surface on it. It's like touching a LCD computer monitor. I had the phone in my pocket with some loose change. A coin worked its way between the interior screen and the keypad. In the course of about an hour it ruined the screen and the phone will not work. I sent it to be repaired and they wouldn't cover it under the warranty and wanted $160.00 to repair it. I told them to forget it. I ate the cost of the phone and purchased a Sony Ericsson W810i....more info
  • Simple Camera Phone
    If your not a phone fanatic then this phone is very suitable for you. It has good features for the simple user who may not know this phone can do these things. The only fault I found is that it did not come with external memory. Other than that nice. And nokia has good battery life....more info
    on the Suncom network here in Fayetteville, NC and my call quality 28314 is EXCELLENT. period. the inside display is BRILLIANT...i mean you upload any of your photographs and the display is so photo realistic because of the 24bit (16 million- One byte (eight bits) per channel gives 256 (28) intensites for each of the channels which gives 16,777,216 colors for each pixel (often approximated as 16 million despite the fact that it's closer to 17 million). The human eye is popularly believed to be capable of discriminating between as many as 10 million colors. so if you ever wanted to carry all your personal photos from your digital camera to show off this is awsome now you will need to buy the usb adaptor cable separetly so its best to buy at the same time. no Infrared...but the cable is cheap like 6 bucks...also you will ahve to buy a micro SD card up to 2 gb for storage.ok so what made this phone so above else is the sound of how loud it is...even when i hookup my jabra BT250v or BT150 its SO LOUD i have to lower the volume rocker ...and the speakerphone my god...also this run symbian s60 3rd edition so its really fast...compared to my last NOKIA 6230i...which had issues...but call quality was the worst part...the batter talk time is really that reported 3 hours if you talk alot get yourself a car travel or expect to at least plug in every other day...i love it mainly for that awsome internal screen...and sound quality..the camera was better then my cousins motorola razor but not as good as my old nokia 6230i...i know its 1.3 megapixels for all of them but for some reason they are not all equal....lets see if your Tmobile their version is the 6133 but its reported that it has 48 polyphonic sounds vs this version of 64. and this version doesnt have an fm radio nor a infrared. but if you want that then the 6131 european version has it...but its a european spec model so the battery charger is bulky and needs a 220 adaptor(cheap)well its a great phone and i think its also better then the sony w810i which i used as a loaner phone...speakerphone quality and sound quality could not TOUCH THE NOKIA 6126...I SWEAR IT...NOT TO MENTION the screen...couldnt come close...

    ...more info
  • Awesome phone for the price.
    Got the phone brand new for like $180. It's just sweet.

    It's stylish (It does look way better than it appearred in the default image.)

    It's powerful (Web surfing, built-in MP3 player-very good quality).

    It's handy (You can sync with your computer and get the images, tones, wallpapers, screensavers, etc. for free. Unlike many other phones which bound to the carrier, only allow you to purchase them from the carrier with outrageous price).

    The price is high. But it well-worth it. It's a quad-band. It's great for international travelers. You aint bound by any 2-year lengthy contract (ones that if you terminated, they would charge you like 200 bucks as for T-Mobile). Unlocked phones are pay-as-you-go phones. No more future fees.

    Some people complain about poor battery life. I think they should change the battery. Chances are theirs may be defective.

    Hmm, anything else? Oh yeah, this phone is not a everyone-has-one kind of phone like the Motorola RAVZ, so enjoy being cool.

    Very good reception. I always have 5-bar signal.

    Very good voice quality. You don't even have to use the speakerphone because the normal mode is loud enough.

    The phone is a decent-budget one considered it's for high-end users phone. Among its family, the 6131 is better (only radio feature added, no more no less), but the radio is ridiculously expensive, you'll have to pay like 40 bucks more (for what? a radio? Hello?). The 6133, as everyone know, is a disaster because it's crippled by T-Mobile. The 6126 is a no-brainer.
    And last but not least. It's a Nokia....more info
  • Gift to daughter Nokia 6126
    Daughter is very happy with the Nokia 6126. Now, little sis is demanding one. Very nice phone....more info
  • Good phone
    I found this phone quite nice. The speaker phone is quite loud, and the screen is large and bright. The button to flip the phone open with one hand is very usefull, although I dont know yet how durable it is. I bought this phone especially because it is a quad band, for good international coverage while travelling, for the speaker phone and because it looked like a good Nokia clam shell. I am happy with all these functions. The battery drains quickly if you use the speakerphone (as with most models) so it would be good to keep a spare. ...more info
  • Nokia 6126
    The Nokia 6126 Pros:
    texting on keypad is fast
    external screen is bright and large
    keys are slightly raised for good tactile feel
    Excellent Internal Screen resolution and color depth.
    Press button to open
    Slim enough to shirt pocket
    Reliable on call signal
    Music player can be used while multi-tasking other phone operations without slowing down software.
    When using headphones with a Nokia adapter, audio quality is very good.
    Micro SD slot under back cover, where you don't have to remove the battery.
    Pairs well with Bluetooth devices
    Fast power up and power down times

    Nokia 6126 Cons:
    poor placement of exterior, volume - power - camera - rocker buttons, not tactile enough to feel, you have to visually find them most of the times.
    Needs a side access for micro SD card
    no back light timer adjustment
    Battery talk time and standby time is not good.
    Navigation speed through menu is just O.K. Faster than Motorola, slower than Samsung.
    Speaker phone audio quality is not as good as with other phones. (High frequency audio drop off) Speaker volume is just O.K.
    Ear piece volume is slightly low, and needs to be centered just in the right spot over ear canal to hear.
    Camera photo quality is not good, (video noise)
    Using the low light option seems to reduce video noise at the expense of slow shutter speed.
    Still image color is not accurate.
    Can't categorize music play lists
    ...more info
  • Great phone with many features.
    Nokia enhances their S40 interface with Version 3 and I am very pleased with it. The push-to-open button on the side is handy and both screens are beautiful. The camera at 1.3 megapixels works well for this phone, but I would recommend buying a Micro SD card for storing more than just a few, as internal memory is limited. Works great as a Bluetooth modem with EDGE service on T-Moblie using both Macs and PCs. My only complaint with this device is audio quality, as there are occasional pops and clicks. Other than that, it's a good phone overall....more info
  • Phenominal Investment
    This phone was a great investment for me. I was a bit worried because I didn't know many other people who had it, but I am so glad that I bought it.

    The phone is loaded with features, very dynamic and is sleek in design. The camera is decent. The bluetooth works really well. It just needs better ring tones. It also gets great reception which is really important. ...more info