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Escape From Alcatraz
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  • Escape from Alcatraz (from a reality stand point!)
    I have had a fasination about what it was like being a prisoner on the rock.Recently I went to visit Alcatraz to take a look for myself and I was so stunned that I was actually on the rock, where they kept the worst of the worst. After my trip I immediatly rented Escape of Alcatraz(because out of all of the movies made of Alcatraz this one is the most acurate!).The movie was based on a true story about the 1962 breakout. After watching it I found interesting little things that hollywood changed just to make it unique. In the movie there were three people in on it ,but in reality there were four and Clint Eastwood's charactor wasn't the one that planned it. Sure his charactor made it out ,but since this was hollywood and Clint Eastwood was star of the movie his charactor needed to plan it and escape. The one who planned it didn't make it out with the others. He did try five hours after the other three made it out.
    It's still a hollywood gem. I loved the movie a lot. Clint Eastwood is great in this one (as he does with all of his other films) I enjoyed it even more that they acually filmed the movie on Alcatraz(so if you've been there you would notice many of the places they filmed at). The story is very straight forward and rock hard performances. As well as an ending that leads you to differant conclusions....more info
  • escape from Alcatraz
    I want to know how the flower got on the rocks at the end of the movie when they all three went into the water. The warden found a flower and I want to know where it came from. I know the artist who chopped off his fingers grew them. I am puzzled. Help...more info
  • The Spermacell Which Gave Birth to 'Shawshank Redemption'
    Ive you've ever listened to people interviewed about the movie that were either former wardens or correctional officers at Alcatraz, you'll hear that each and every one describes the movie's reality grasp of the notorious 1962 prison break a dead-on hit. In 1979, there were no special effects to be provided to movies and upon release the movie was mildly looked at as another Charles Bronson 'vigilante' takeoff or something like that. But a young Clint Eastwood gives us all a spectacular presentation of a Frank Morris we may think we know...but actually dont. Eastwood's sly tricks, showdown voice and optional tough-guy exterior lend themselves perfectly to the character of Frank Morris...the (alleged) brains behind the escape. The Anglin brothers featuring Fred Ward (who'd later shake us to our knees in 'Tremors') assist Morris in his ingenious and timely escape plan that proves impossible in today's prison system...where the only escape possible (except for Texas) is blending in with those who ARE allowed to be outside the walls. 'The Shawshank Redemption' in 1994 felt so familiar to all of us...and then we realize. The basic events and storyline, no matter how different the director tried to make it, are the same as those of 'Escape From Alcatraz'. With toung in cheek, 'The Shawshank Redemption' was an attempt to create a brand new story that was original in every way. However, the only reason you would watch it is for the tremendous acting, fantastic cast and excellent 'icing-like' story that covers up the basic 'Escape From Alcatraz' cake. It is in fact a terrific movie, but with no arguement that 1979's blockbuster Eastwood flick layed the ground and paved the way for modern actors to represent the story in their own way. 'Escape From Alcatraz' is an enticing movie, with very little dialogue and absolutely no down time. In other words you'll get to experience the time frame needed to make the escape and see the detailed plan itself...without any "John!, Marsha!" soap opera type nonsense. Paul Benjamin plays an incredible part as the middle-aged black man who has already devoted 10 years of his life as an Alcatraz inmate. His speech on the steps of the prison yard and his overall character are a great gift to the near end of his career..Id have to say its one of the best performances Ive ever seen in a movie and ceratinly a solid plus for 'Escape From Alcatraz'. Thanks for putting this movie on DVD!, and if you liked 'The Shawshank Redemption' you're gonna love the untaylored real life account of the three criminals who made history. If only the song 'Whos' Got the Last Laugh Now' was written would have to include the escape from an 'escape-proof' prison....more info
  • Eastwood's best movie!
    Escape from Alcatraz is one of my most favourite movies of all time and has to be one of the best true stories that ever made it to the screen as far as true crime goes. Yes, it was a true crime because they escaped from prison and that is a crime in itself. Eastwood is my favourite actor and has been since I was seven and I am now thirty one. His performance is one of the best here in this movie, he doesn't disappoint. There are some standout scenes in this movie-one is where the warden tells him no one has ever really made it on the outside after escaping from prison. They have either been caught or shot. The warden tells him no one has ever made it and no one ever will. When the warden tells Morris(Eastwood)that the look on his face looks like the warden has just issued him a challenge and Morris's face looks like as if to say, We'll see about that. Don't bet on it.
    Other standout parts in this movie for me are the following scenes:
    A prison guard tells Morris that he has a new job and that he will be paid fifteen cents an hour and Eastwood replies,"Well, I always knew crime would pay."
    Another scene is a convict tells Eastwood he always wanted to see San Francisco but he thought it would be never like this-he had stolen a car from a prison guard and drove it across the state and wound up in AlacatraZ.
    Same convict asks Eastwood did he know how old he was and he said he didn't know and the convict says,"Jeez, what kind of childhood did you have?"
    Eastwood replies,"Short."
    An actor I found interesting in this movie too was Fred Ward playing one of the Anglin brothers. The Anglins were caught trying to escape over a prison wall and sent to Alcatraz for Fifteen years. Ward asks himself, "I wonder how i would be after fifteen years in this place?" He never found out. He escaped with Morris.
    How these three escaped, Morris and the Anglin Brothers was a stroke of genius. I wonder if they would all be alive now if they made it since they would be in their seventies now probably.
    I recommend this movie a lot. I watched it three times in a row and I don't usually do that even with other great movies....more info
  • Pretty Darn Good Prison Flick
    Prison movies have a tendency to dissolve into contrived stereotypes, so watching ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ is soothing relief. Outside of the typical sadistic warden (yet Patrick McGoohan makes a most interesting and believable villain), this film concentrates more on the logistics of breaking out of "The Rock"--the formidable federal prison Alcatraz, isolated on its own island in the icy waters of San Francisco Bay. Based on a true story, Clint Eastwood plays calm, level-headed Frank Morris, a prisoner on a mission to be the first to escape.

    While conditions inside the prison are stark, brutal, and harsh (yet name me one maximum security prison where they're not), this movie doesn't reach its stride until Morris makes up his mind to escape, comes up with an ingenious plan, then patiently implements it. Assisted primarily by two brothers (look for a young Fred Ward), the machinations as the prisoners chisel away at their air vents, smuggle tools into their cells, utilize plaster of paris (as well as making it in their tiny sinks), are fascinating viewing. There are setbacks to be sure, along with plenty of almost-getting-discovered suspense, but as ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ concludes you'll be cheering the escapees on.
    --D. Mikels, Author, The Reckoning...more info
  • Factual account of life on Alcatraz
    Having visited Alcatraz on a tour recently I have a great sense of appreciation for this movie. The park ranger on Alcatraz (it is now a national park) stated that this movie is the most realistic movie ever made of life on the rock! Clint Eastwood portrays a very believable inmate who has a genius IQ. The locations are all authentic and the living conditions were right in line with accounts given by past inmates during interviews. I also would recommend The Shawshank Redemption, but would like to mention that the wardens in the two movies are different people. Patrick McGoohan is the warden in Escape From Alcatraz and Bob Gunton is the warden in The Shawshank Redemption. Overall Escape From Alcatraz is one of the best prison movies to date and well worth the time to sit down and enjoy!...more info
  • My all-time favorite movie!
    Eastwood delivers one of his best performances as cool-headed escapee Frank Lee Morris. There's no Hollywood hype involved here, this movie is based on the actual events of the June '62 breakout from the maximum security prison. Many people have speculated that the three actually made good on their escape, this movie does nothing to dispel that notion. A great book for fans who want to know more about this infamous escape is 'Riddle of the Rock' by Don DeNevi. He clears up a lot of the details that went into the escape based on interviews with surviving ex-cons who were there at the time. Ironically enough, it was less than a year after the break that the prison was closed for good. As late as 1990, the "tablespoon trio" were thought to have robbed a bank up in Marianna, FL in the panhandle. The FBI put out a new poster offering a 1 million dollar reward leading to their arrest. What a story it would make if at least one of the surviving members were able to impart a "death bed" confession about their 40 years on the run! Anyway, this movie is a great primer for the most interesting story in U.S. prison history....more info
    I remember seeing this one on the big screen in 1980 and I will never forget the teaser trailer with the words "NO ONE HAS EVER ESCAPED FROM ALCATRAZ. AND NO ONE EVER WILL...". This film is top notch from start to finish. Filmed on location at Alcatraz with excellent supporting cast(Fred Ward, Jack Thibeau, Robert Blossom, Patrick McGoohan)and if you look really close you can spot Danny Glover as an inmate.By the way, the actor playing the warden(Patrick McGoohan) is not the same actor who played the warden in Shawshank Redemption. Bob Gunton played the warden in that one....more info
  • Awesome Clint Eastwood movie
    This movie is awesome. Clint Eastwood stars as Frank Morris, one of only three men ever to supposedly escape from Alcatraz prison in 1962. Eastwood plays the mastermind behind the escape. Patrick McGoohan plays the warden who becomes increasingly suspicious of Frank Morris as the movie progresses. The acting in this movie is top-notch. The night scenes throughout the movie are chilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat. This movie I'm guessing was probably relatively inexpensive to make, yet it is very effective at suspense and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Watching this movie throughout the years made me want to visit Alcatraz, which I finally did in 2007. If you're a huge fan of the movie and find yourself in the Bay Area some time, definitely pay a visit to the island. There are things there that I didn't even know existed. Anyway, this movie not only is suspenseful, but also quite funny at times. The movie has that Clint Eastwood feel to it. This is a classic. Buy this DVD. You'll be glad you did. Welcome to Alcatraz......more info
  • Film is good, but the books are better
    Apparently most of the reviewers have only seen the movie. If you're familiar with the books on the subject: "Escape from Alcatraz" by John Campbell Bruce, and "Breaking the Rock" by Jolene Babyak, who actually lived there, you'll find that the real story is way more intriguing than the film could ever be. So much of the film tries to unnecessarily sensationalize events or characters, like the the black inmate English, and his relationship to Morris never existed, nor could it have in 1960-62 prison life. One of the reasons these guys wound up in Alcatraz was because of their extreme racial animosity. The efforts of the (four) prisoners to get out was more intense, involved, time consuming, and dangerous than the film makes out.

    Do yourself a favor and hit a library near you for the "real meat"....more info
  • This movie defines interesting!
    I wasn't alive when the real-life incident of some people escaping from the supposedly inescapable Alcatraz in 1962 took place, but after hearing about the incident, I knew I had to see this movie, which is based on the real-life incident. And oh yeah, it stars one of the greatest actors of all time, and his name is Clint Eastwood.

    "Escape From Alcatraz" seems to show realistic incidents of things that would take place in a prison, from having trouble getting along with certain inmates, to daydreaming about not being there. It's a known fact in this film that nobody has ever successfully escaped Alcatraz. There's been a few people who have died trying, but none have ever truly escaped. But Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood), who was sent to Alcatraz for getting caught trying to escape other prisons, has a plan in mind to try and do the unthinkable.

    Like in all of his movies, Clint Eastwood does a spectacular job, and I don't know about everybody else, but the idea of a movie where prisoners try to escape a maximum-security prison in which nobody thinks there could be a possible way of escaping, is VERY interesting. While you watch "Escape From Alcatraz" and see how Frank Morris and his friends struggle in prison and then try their best to make the first ever successful escape from the dreaded Alcatraz, you'll also find out that this movie is suspenseful, it has a good music score, and that it's hard to even blink while watching certain parts of it.

    If you like suspenseful dramas at all, then you've got to purchase "Escape From Alcatraz!" To say that it's worth owning would be an understatement....more info

  • Fine movie, with some dramatic license taken....
    Clint Eastwood made a fine thriller, and it is a very accurate portrayal of what life on Alcatraz was like. However, I was disappointed to find out the movie was not historically accurate in several respects. If you want the real story, read "Breaking The Rock" by Jolene Babyak, who is the daughter of the associate warden at the time of the break....more info