2" to 6" Universal Camera Mount with Ceiling Bracket MCB1w 1A2
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Product Description

Professional 2-6" Camera Bracket, All parts are interchangeable and can be customized into 12 different combinations! This neat little kit gives you a lot of versatility for creative indoor and outdoor mount applications, even around corners and near windows, etc... Works with ANY device with suitable standard female thread- including mini monitors, transmitters and a WIDE variety of CCTV cameras and camcorders. The included rail mount allows you to attach any camera (with a standard threaded female 'tripod' mount) to an acoustical drop ceiling along the metal rail, and then run the wiring unseen above the ceiling area. Each set includes two 2" shafts, one 2" X-base, one 1" base extender, one 2 3/8" round base, and one head. No special tools required, screw hardware included.

  • 180 degree tilt; 360 degree turn and rotation
  • Steel construction; All parts interchangeable
  • 12 different combinations
  • Customize to 2", 4" or 6" length
  • T-bar drop ceiling clip included
Customer Reviews:
  • Does all it says very well
    This is a nice little unit if the description fits what you're looking for. The extension portions works very well - there are several smaller extenders which can be mixed and matched to find the right length.

    It comes both with a pedestal that can also be screwed into the wall, and a special clip that will allow it to be connected to ceiling tile beams without any permanent wholes....more info