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  • In the mood for a good movie? Watch "Sneakers"!
    "Sneakers" is one of my favorite movies and I have seen it more times than I can count. The great thing about this movie is that it is timeless - advancements will be made in technology, but there will always be hackers, government cover-ups, and 'too many secrets.' If you're in the mood for a movie that has Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance (yes, romance!), and Thrills, then get "Sneakers"! I recommend....more info
  • Great fun - great actors!
    This movie is one of my favorites. In fact, my daughter borrowed it, lent it to someone else and it was never returned, so this is my second copy! i don't think a movie with a cast like this can miss - Sidney Poitier, Robert Redford, Ben Kingsley, Mary McDonnell (amazing scene where she tricks some guy into saying all the words necessary to gain access to his office) , Dan Ackroyd (in a brilliantly understated role!), the late River Phoenix and David Strathairn (wait till he drives!)! Even though the computer technology is ancient by today's standards, it is still a fast moving adventure. Plus it's fun to tell the kids - yeah, that's what a computer used to look like......more info
  • Loved it
    This movie is really entertaining, keeps you on edge and is fun to watch. I've seen it atleast 20 times, and love it the same as I had the first time. In a world where are a lot of movies arent worth the time and money, Sneakers is guaranteed NOT to be one of those....more info
  • a classic.
    A truly great older film. This stars Robert Redford and introduces River Phoenix. RP was a young actor with unlimited potential who died at a very young age. Watch this movie. Also stars Sidney Poitier....more info
  • Very fun film to spend an afternoon or evening with popcorn
    This film is treat with the actor mix and the unique characters they play. I take one star away, for if it was better written, we would not have been cheated out of several Sneakers sequels. The film has enough action for adults, yet cute and fun enough for kids to watch along with you. I raced to the theater when it was released, and I am now racing to own the DVD. Sit back and enjoy a film that has action/drama/humor/suspense, and a well put together cast....more info
  • a the time
    ...well...back in the early 90's, this movie was one of my favorite. Time passed and since all dvd were low quality, I didn't get a chance to see this movie since then.
    As for the hd dvd , let me say that from today's point of view, the movie has lost a bit of interest since the edge technologie used in sneakers looks a bit outdated today. This point apart, the movie is still fun and the quality is excellent. The image is extremely clear even in the dark scenes. Sound is good average. If, like me, this movie sounds a ring, it's certainly worth the buy...otherwise, it's for redford's fan only....more info
    Aint that the truth!

    With our government today becoming more and more secretive with us as well as with the rest of the world, it's good to know some filmakers out there are warning us of the dangers of "too many secrets."

    This is a great film....more info

  • One of my favorite movies!
    This movie is a really fun ride! It has a great story with great characters and an all star cast. I have seen it many, many times and can't wait to get the DVD I ordered today!...more info
  • Both suspenseful and funny
    "Sneakers" is one of my favorite watch-again movies, and I think it has the elements needed to become a classic: numerous stars; a tight, suspenseful plot; enough laugh-out-loud humor to make it lots of fun to watch; and plenty of action and intrigue. The star-studded cast includs Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, Ben Kingsley, Mary McDonnell, the late River Phoenix, Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones, and David Strathairn, and each of them brings an excellent performance. This quirky combination of stars plays well in the movie, with Aykroyd channeling his brother, who believes every conspiracy theory ever devised and Redford as the guy who gets all the dangerous tasks, or--as Poitier puts it--"all the fun stuff." Ben Kingsley as the maniacal Cosmo with his two cold-blooded operatives, Timothy Busfield and Eddie Jones, is just scary enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, while the other performers all add humor to the suspense. Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Werner Brandes is comical as Mary McDonnell's computer date, yet menacing when he finds out her true identity. This is an engaging and entertaining movie that lets the viewer into the inner sanctum of a group of exceptionally talented computer gurus with the boyish charm of high school geeks. It has a warmth and vibrancy that are a bit unexpected for a movie of its genre, and there are few "slow" moments in the film; the action keeps moving. The scene where Robert Redford unexpectedly encounters the mathematician's paramour is hilarious, and the one where Whistler drives the van is hair-raising and funny at the same time. It's fun to watch for details such as Redford's using a Popeil Pocket Fisherman to retrieve something, right in the midst of a suspenseful moment. "Sneakers" is still appealing after all these years, and someday when all the impressive technology in it starts to look dated, the movie will still be a good time. ...more info
  • Great Film, Fair DVD
    This film is an example of what an ensemble cast of A-list actors can do when they have fun with a project. While their acting has been better in other films, their camaraderie carries the film. Clocking in at over 2 hours, the film becomes muddled in parts, but your interest in the characters keeps you from becoming overly impatient with it. Equal parts "Charade" and "WarGames" the movie keeps you guessing at who's who and what the character's true motivations are, while the technology doesn't get out of hand (most solutions are low- not high-tech).

    For a Collector's Edition, the supplementary material on the DVD is disappointing. The high point is the commentary: the detailed reminiscences of the director and writers are informative and enjoyable. The "Making of" documentary is pleasant, but doesn't build much on the commentary; the comments of the cast don't expand beyond telling who the characters are (only Ackroyd describes anything he brought to his character beyond the writers' amalgam of 70s and 80s phone phreaks and social engineers). The single theatrical preview is nice, but with along with the bonus materials in general, you feel there should have been more. The only other item on the Bonus Materials section is a "Recommendation" for "other films you might enjoy": Field of Dreams (same director/writer), Spy Game (also with Redford), and The Sting (Redford again, with James Earl Jones' father); there aren't previews of these films, just three small DVD cases sharing the screen. No deleted scenes (although several are described in the commentary). No outtakes (you know there had to be some serious hijinks on the set). No scripts or scene comparisons to show the film's decade-long evolution. Not even an Easter egg to reward devoted hackers.

    Buy this disc for the movie, not the bonus materials. It's a lot of fun and the cast is a "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" player's dream....more info

  • One of River Phoenix's best
    This movie was brilliantly cast, and everyone in it is great. It is a really fun movie, even if all the computer stuff is outdated now. It's funny, it's intense, and it's one of River Phoenix's best performances, I thought....more info
  • One of the greatest caper movies ever looks the best it ever has!
    I really enjoy this movie, and was very happy to see it released by Universal on HD-DVD. This movie has a lot of big names in it, and they really deliver. It has great suspenseful moments, international intrigue, a believable plot, and a lot of humorous moments that are actually funny! There are plenty of other places to look if you are looking for a synopsis of the movie, including the standard DVD page, so I'll leave it to them to tell you about the movie if you don't already know it.

    My review here will be about the HD transfer itself. Overall, I was really impressed! It's a definite jump from the standard DVD, even upconverted. I might even go so far as to say that some selected scenes look incredible. Most of the scenes in Sneakers are dialogue, and a lot of people in them, and I noticed that the clarity of people's faces and eyes was great. The shots of the buildings, and the Scrabble tiles being rearranged I thought were great. For the most part though, the PQ is good, but certainly not demo material.

    There is definitely some grain noticable, but I was happy to find it wasn't distracting. Even in some of the darker scenes where I expected some heavy grain, the grain was only noticable, not obtrusive. The sound is also excellent. I don't know if it is better than the S-DVD, but I had no complaints with the 5.1 soundtrack. Sure I would have loved me some lossless audio, but I didn't expect it and it isn't really a big deal to me that it isn't there.

    I have only 2 complaints about this disc. First, I wish Universal had cleaned it up a bit better. There were a fair amount of "flecks" floating through the picture throughout. Of course, once I stopped focusing on the picture and enjoyed my movie, I didn't notice them except for a few brief moments, but they are definitely there. Is it hard to clean the master? I was a bit disappointed in that area, as most films in HD are extremely clean, with flecks only occasionally. These were fairly constant. My second complaint is extremely minor and more personal, but I wish there were some Spanish subtitles.

    Overall, I am very happy with this disc, and would definitely recommend the purchase to anyone who enjoyed the movie. It's a definite improvement from the S-DVD. It's certainly not a movie I'd pop in to show off my TV for friends, but then I never expected that. The only thing that I wish had been done differently would have been for a cleaner transfer, removing some of the larger and more noticable flecks.

    Bottom line? If you like this movie, this is a must have. It is an excellent step up from the standard DVD. ...more info
  • Very enjoyable, a must for your DVD collection
    This computer hacking movie is one of the best that have ever been made. Its one of those films that you can watch over and over. I saw it at the movies and bought it as soon as it came out on DVD. Robert Redford is a fine actor and the whole cast really make this film so enjoyable.

    I own the Region 4 version which also allows you to watch the film in Spanish or English audio (as does a lot of Region 4 DVD's), I'm not sure though if the Region 1 version offered here has Spanish audio.

    In Australia many people by multiple region DVD players so it really does not matter to us where we buy our DVD's but people in the United States might like to check it out first if Spanish audio is important to you....more info

  • Sneakers
    A compelling thriller that combines humour and intrigue with perfection, the stellar cast gives performances of a life time and the story keeps you guessing right to the end....more info
  • Serio-Comic High Tech Caper.....
    This review refers to the Widescreen Edition(1998 Universal).....

    Martin Bishop's(Robert Redford) team of maverick techies make their living(not a great one)as "Sneakers". Breaking into the security systems of high powered companies. It is the high powered companies that actually sign their pay checks. They are hired to find the breakdowns in the systems.The team includes a blindman who is expert in sound(David Strathairn), and ex-CIA agent(Sydney Poitier), a young expert hacker(River Phoenix), and a magician at all sorts of gadgets who is probably the most paranoid person on the face of the earth(Dan Aykroyd).What a Cast!

    Martin Bishop though, has a secret he's been keeping from his team. One that has kept him on the run from the government for 25 years. When the government agents offer him a chance to clean up his record, simply by finding and retrieving a "Black Box" used by a mathematical genius for decoding, Martin jumps at the chance and so do the rest of the guys(It also pays really good too!). The job seems easy enough, but what they don't know may kill them. This "box" is so powerful in it's capabilities, that any any Government in the world would kill for it.

    The team, also with the help of Bishop's ex(Mary McDonnell) goes into a high-tech action caper,that is heartstopping,gripping, and often comical.It'll thrill and amaze you as they use their weapons of knowledge to complete their mission.

    The film is directed by Phil Alden Robinson, and also stars Ben Kingsley, Timothy Busfield, and James Earl Jones.You can't go wrong with all these great names. All the performances are terrific.

    I was not totally happy with this edition of the DVD though. Although the sound in Dolby Surround was quite good and the anamorphic widescreen(1.85:1)was well presented there seemed to be a reddish glow hovering on all the indoor scenes(almost like a new TV the needs the tint adjusted). It was a little hard on the eyes. Otherwise I probably would've gone 5 stars as this is one of the cleverist capers I have seen. Don't look for too much on the extras. There are a few, some production notes(no live commentary) filmographies, and a trailer. It is also captioned and has subtitles in English, Spanish and French.Maybe the newer edition has the color problem cleaned up. It would be worth renting it at least......more info

  • good movie
    Delightful caper flick enhanced by its deft handling of a rather preposterous plot. Great characters and terrific casting (Dan Aykroyd's conspiracy theorist perpetually sparring with ex-CIA agent Sidney Poitier, Ben Kingsley brilliant as usual, etc.) plus a really good score. The technology in the movie is completely dated but it holds up anyway. One of my favorites.

    This DVD comes with a clever and insightful though not earthshattering director's commentary....more info
  • FIlm Doesn't Cut It...
    Sneakers is a wanna-be thriller with a story line that is a mish-mash of government intelligence agencies, computers, encryption, spying, blackmail, and so on.

    Computers in large institutions give me headaches not entertainment. Robert Redford usually makes quality movies, but this one fell short. The components of the plot are cliches. Without any good roles in the script, even this all-star cast couldn't salvage it.

    Maybe I should point out that most other people liked this one!...more info

  • This one deserve more playing time....
    This is such an entertaining film, but how often do you stumble across it on one of the movie channels, or any channel for that matter? Great ensemble cast, lots of humor, but still enough plot and drama to satisfy a wide range of movie watchers. Each of the characters (the "good guys") has his or her quirks that makes each one memorable, and also invaluable in some way to getting the job done. One premise, that decisions that we make can stay with us for the rest of our lives and influence so many other decisions that we make, is well illustrated by Redford's character. Great interactions and witty banter among the lead actors. Enjoy! ...more info
  • One of my ALL TIME favs
    I've enjoyed this movie for many years on video tape, loaned it to someone and now caouldn't find it. My daughter found the me in DVD on It's about 'hackers', people paid to try to break into banks, break codes, etc. I LOVE this movie! It has an all-star cast....more info
  • Sneakers...Sneaks in 5 Stars!!
    SNEAKERS is a great caper flick with minimal violence and an ensemble cast one would never expect would ever be put on screen. Who would think that a movie would contain the likes of Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, David Strathairn (Eight Men Out, League of Their Own), Mary McDonnell (Dances with Wolves), River Phoenix (Dog Fight, Stand by Me), and the great Sidney Poitier to boot. It's fun, light, and suspensful. Redford heads a group of high tech misfits who troubleshoot and hack security systems. They are hired by a renegade government agency to steal a device that can decipher electronic coded messages developed by a mathematical genius, but get caught up into something more sinister than they bargained for as people begin getting kidnapped and murdered. Great characters including Dan Aykroyd's tailor made 'Mother' who sprouts off any conspiracy theory at whim, David Straithairn's blind hacker 'Whistler' whose ears can "see" more than anyone's eyes and whose only need in life is peace and good will towards his fellow man, and a great cameo by Ben Kingsley as the vengeful 'Cosmo' who is behind all the evil doings. Overall, a great cast, great script and first class entertainment!!...more info
  • Sneakers
    I love this movie. I am beginning a collection of older movies to good not to have. Love Robert Redford....more info