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  • Awsome movie
    I guess my love for the middle ages and dragons started when i first saw my older brother drawing a dragon. I didn't get the chance to see this movie at the cinamas but we rented it when it first came out. I loved it. Even my perents enjoyed it my brother said "this is better than all my favourate movies put together". Now i have a copy of the DVD on our movie shelf. As you watch the movie you seem to forget that dragons were never real, well thats what dad says, and think of Draco as a real person, or Dragon. I havn't seen many of Mr Quaids films but i'm sure this must be the best. The only problem i had with the film was that it had to end. Like i said i Love it....more info
  • Heartfelt and inspired
    Let me just get one thing out of the way before I start my review: DRAGONHEART IS NOT A TYPICAL FANTASY MOVIE. It is not meant to be like that. It also does not portray dragons in a bad way. Good. Now that I've made my point, I want to say that Dragonheart is a great movie. I must have been 9 or 10 when I first saw it, and I was entranced, but for some reason it practically all faded from my memory. In fact, over time I began to actually think that I'd dreamed it (I have the strangest dreams of anyone I know). All I could remember was the end. So one day at school (I was 13 by now) I went on the computer and looked up "Dragonheart", knowing that if it was on there it was real. I saw it later on, and it is one of my favorite movies as a die-hard fantasy/adventure/dragon lover. I can't get enough of it, and though I (oddly) don't own the movie yet, I plan to in the near future. As I am also an avid music fan who can come up with "soundtracks" for various things/events, including the books I read, I was very happy with the soundtrack. I love midieval soundtracks. The acting was all fantastic... oh why am I still here, the long and short of it is GO SEE IT!!!!...more info
  • Great action
    While not as good as the Mummy, this movie is really great because of the violent action. Kicks the quinn out of the kiddie kid kid sequel....more info
  • Dragon Fun To Watch In This Mostly-Enjoyable Fantasy
    This was kind of a Class-B fantasy-adventure story but with Grade A special effects (with the dragon) and sound. Those visual and audio treats make it worth watching. This was early "demo"-type DVD disc, exhibiting some excellent surround sound when very few other DVDs were as audibly as good.

    The story begins a bit slowly but once the dragon appears it's a fun and fascinating movie to watch. A decade ago when this came out, I marveled, "It's amazing how they can make strange creatures so lifelike." Of course, FX has only gotten better and better.

    For me, the dragon was the only endearing character in the movie. Dennis Quaid plays the good guy, but he's mostly annoying in here. I think it was his fake raspy voice that was irritating. In all, a fun movie.

    At any rate, the movie is pure medieval fantasy and theology but entertaining enough for kids and adults. There is no bad language in here....more info
  • Fun movie!
    Not the greatest movie ever, but still a good movie for the fantasy genre. Great for a lazy afternoon....more info
  • DTS ONLY, nothing more
    I enjoyed this movie, but unless you really love DTS and have a player specifically designed for it, buy the collector's edition of this movie. The DTS version has nothing extra; no languages, no subtitles, no menu at all, except to chose DTS or 5.1 surround. The DTS selection will not work on my Zenith machine, although other DTS disks I have do. Once you start the movie, you cannot get back to the menu to change the sound choice. ...more info
  • DTS does work - Great Movie!
    To get to the DTS encoding you must click on the 5.1 selection instead. It then jumps to DTS. I discovered this after a little experimentation. It's just a glitch in the DVD, but DTS DOES work! The move has superb visual effects and sound. Well worth the price!...more info
  • Excellent movie, but get the Dolby Digital Version instead
    If you are interested in this movie, buy the Collector's edition with Dolby Digital instead of this one as this DTS version offer nothing in special features and the sound is not much better than the Dolby Digital Version. And the most annoying part is when you put the disc inside your player, you are given an option to chose between DTS and Dolby Surround but you don't know which one is which as they just shift color when you chose and if you got it wrong, there is no way to get back to the option page, you have to stop the disc and open the drawer and insert the disc again. It is a pain.

    The movie itself is excellent about a Dragon who gave half of his heart in order to save a dying prince. The prince turned out to be an evil king and it is up to a knight (Dennis Quaid) and the dragon (voiced by Sean Connery) to save the people. The special effect is great and the acting is good. David Thewlis is very good as the evil king. The picture quality is fine and the DTS sound is good but not much better than the feature loaded Dolby Digital version. Just go ahead skip the DTS version and get the collector's edition. They are the same price....more info

  • 0 stars - The worst movie I have ever seen.
    My title says it all. This is no exageration, this is my least favorite movie of all time. They should burn all prints....more info
  • David....I loved it
    The Movie was very Good.Dennis Quaid did an exelent Job(much beter then in the parent trap!)
    The first time I saw this movie I was fascinated with the special effects. Though, I have to comment the movie, as one other said,is very violent in some battle scenes. I really liked this movie because I am fascinated with the Middle Ages and dragons. Giving the dragon a voice really made the movie come to life. Also, the fight between good and evil throughout the movie kept me on the edge of my seat. This was definitely one of my most favorite movies!...more info
  • Dragonheart Collectors Edition Review
    This movie is fantastic. How many action movies does one come across that have heart? Well this one has heart and it also has Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery. The visual effects of the Dragon are done by Industrial Light and Magic and are convincing.

    I like movies that inspire you to be a better, more heroic person. This movie has Dennis Quaid playing Bowen a knight with virtue who follows the old code. He is a mentor to Einon, the son of a treacherous king. The only reason Bowen agrees to be his mentor is so that he can train him in the old code, where a knight defends the weak and whose fury destroys evil, in the hope that Einon will be a fair king.

    In the course of the film, Einon's father is killed in a peasant uprising and Einon gets thrown onto a sharp object that goes through his heart. Einon is on the verge of death, but his mother (played by Julie Christy) knows that a dragon can save him. She takes him to a dragon who gives Einon half his heart if he promises to let go of his fathers tyrannical ways. Einon promises and is saved. Soon after that Einon takes over as king and is as treacherous as his father. Bowen believes it's the dragons heart that has bewitched Einon and swears the he will hunt and kill every dragon that exists.

    Bowen looses his faith in the old code and through the film, events unfold that help him regain his faith. He also finds out that it was not the dragon's heart that corrupted Einon, but that Einon was already corrupt and the dragon had nothing to do with it. He later allies himself with the dragon and forms a peasant army to fight Einon.

    The sound and picture quality on this disc are amazing. There is a scene where Draco the dragon is flying around Bowen. You can actually feel the sound of the dragon's wings flapping and moving across the room. The picture quality is awesome too. Universal Studios has done a great job quality wise.

    Extras on the disc are the teaser trailer, the theatrical trailer, director Rob Cohen's commentary through the movie, the making of the movie which is fantastic. You get to see what it takes to make a movie like this. It has footage of Rob Cohen and the ILM team discussing the special effects with each other via a satellite link while they are in different countries. Rob Cohen actually studied all the close up shots of Sean Connery in all of Sean's movies of the last forty years for the expressions of Draco.

    I have read other reviews that say this movie is for children. I disagree, with all the graphic depiction of blood, one is better keeping the children away from it.

    This movie is a MUST BUY. This is one movie that a serious DVD collector should not be without....more info

  • Dont rent from Amazon
    I rented this, and once downloaded it stated that my client license was up. Tech support couldnt help me, and instead just refunded my money. It was nothing but a waste of time....more info
  • amazing movie
    one of my all-time favorites...more info
  • Think All Dogs go to Heaven
    After watching this movie once some years ago, I developed a dislike for it. I cried too many time seeing that movie - too much like All Dogs Go to Heaven and Old Yeller in which an animal gave it life to protect a human. Yes for all its intellection and wits, the dragon is treated much like an animal - the kind that guards its human from dangers - after all, the dragon gave its heart to a sick noble then just stood there until the hero of the movie kill the noble for his evil deeds and die along with the evil noble instead of killing the noble himself.

    ...more info
  • This Movie is Shockingly Bad
    Also, it is horribly overrated. This is not a good movie. It is boring to no end. All the poor villagers who we are supposed to care about so much stink up the screen whenever possible and look like rejects from the Xena set. Like Kevin Costner before him in Robin Hood, Dennis Quaid sports an American accent. Horribly distracting from the very first scene. Especially since every other person is clearly British! Oh, except for the excrutiating talentless Redhead they paired him up with. She also was incapable of faking an accent.

    Connery as the voice of the dragon... Snore. So what? The dragon is so stupid. He acts exactly like a really noble human and is obsessed with King Arthur. Great. Somehow, the director, Rob Cohen, managed to make pure fantasy unbelievable. The movie is clearly aimed at fifteen year old boys. The mentality is brutaly low. At the end, when Quaid has to kill the dragon, his only friend, in order to kill the evil king (Yawn.) I was ecstatic because I knew the movie would soon end.

    Don't rent or buy or watch this movie....more info

  • Wonderful Fantacy
    This was a great movie. I saw it a few years ago and have been looking for it ever since. I think this was one of the best movies ever made about dragons and I hope to see DRAGONHEART-NEW BEGINING. As I said before, wonderful movie, and I hope to see it again....more info
  • No exaggeration: this is a filmmaking miracle
    Even with movies like Star Wars (all chapters) and now the Lord of the Rings out there gathering all the attention, Dragonheart is still, even today, the only --ONLY-- movie that brings me to tears every time. Just obtained the DVD and found myself soul-searching again. Visuals are magnificent, but it's the story that pulls you in --to the point where you truly forget Draco is a CGI effect. Dennis Quaid's Bowen rings truer, to me, than any character in fiction --I feel like I'm eternally stuck in that moment where he mutters to Draco, "That's the way the world is." Still waiting for the spirit of King Arthur to snap me out of it. I'm hopeful that it will happen before I die. Rob Cohen, if you're reading this --THANK YOU for this piece of work. You want miracles? Dragonheart delivers....more info
  • Heartwarming and Wonderful
    When I was about five, my family used to rent this movie and watch it all the time. I loved this movie! Then about a year ago, we bought it on VHS. I haven't seen this movie in a long time before we bought the movie, but I could remember everything about it after all of those years. Being older it touched me in a different way. I absolutly love this movie! It's a wonderful movie....more info
  • A fantasy adventure for the whole family
    Bowen (Dennis Quaid) is the last knight who lives by the old code. He is the mentor to Prince Einon (David Thewlis). Bowen teaches the prince of the code and how when his turn comes to rule he should be just and merciful unlike the king. When Einon is mortally wounded and the king is killed the queen begs a dragon for his help. The dragon gives the prince half of his heart and saves Einon's life. Once Einon recovers he begins to change and is even more corrupt and villainous to his people then his father was. Bowen blames the dragon for changing Einon and swears to hunt down every last dragon.

    The film is presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen. The transfer is beautiful and I can find no real complaints about the picture. The sound is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround and is a great track. The bass on this track will rock the windows. Your surround speakers will also get plenty of use. The disk contains a commentary by director Rob Cohen and several trailers and TV spots. There is also a great documentary titled "The Making of Dragonheart". The documentary is excellent and takes you from the beginning to the end of the production of the film.

    This is a great fantasy film. There is plenty of comedy, romance and action. Although they may seem outdated today, the special effects for its time were groundbreaking. I remember my jaw hitting the floor the first time I saw Draco. The film was well cast with Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis, Dina Meyer and Pete Postlethwaite. And who can forget the commanding voice of Sean Connery as Draco. This is a film your whole family can enjoy. Making only 51 million dollars at the American box office, this film had to be considered a financial disappointment. Since its theatrical release it has spawned a huge following on video and DVD. Give it a try I am sure you will enjoy it....more info

  • Technical Wizardry!
    My interest in dragons is a fairly new one. I'm fascinated by the fact that they fly and in some ways seem to act a bit like cats. Perhaps it is the way their tails move or the fact that they have those deliciously long claws.

    In this fantasy, the dragon Draco (the last dragon) has a sense of humor and takes a liking to the Dragonslayer Bowen (Dennis Quaid). Although Bowen first vows to kill Draco, he soon learns they have both met their match. It is therefore futile to try to fight fate.

    Together they go into the dragon slaying business for mutual profit, however Draco only pretends to die and swims away unharmed.

    The Dragon really steals the show and I found the voice of Sean Connery interesting. Of all the dragon movies I've seen, this dragon is amazing. You have to love it when he says he chewed in self-defense, but didn't swallow. Draco is sensitive, witty and is simply adorable.

    Prince Einon is much more evil than any dragon and after being fatally wounded in an uprising, he receives half a dragon's heart/life force. He and Draco are eternally connected and the only way to destroy Einon is to destroy Draco.

    As Einon is about to die, Draco makes him promise he will rule the kingdom with mercy. Einon swears and receives the gift of a new life. However, he is selfish and cruel and emerges as an even more oppressive king.

    After killing Kara's father, King Einon is brash enough to think he can seduce her and make her is bride. He is just purely evil and you will take an instant dislike to him.

    In order to destroy Einon, the unthinkable must occur.

    No-one is above the Code, especially the king. -Bowen

    Perhaps everyone has a dragon inside of them. A creature who longs to fly away, but who at the same time wants to listen to the natural laws written on their own hearts.

    ~The Rebecca Review ...more info
  • Good movie
    I know it's an older movie that no one has really heard about but I like this movie. The condition it came in was good but I could tell it was not brand new....more info
    I love things like Dragons, Unicorns, Manticores, Fairies, Griffens, ect. . . and if you like what I like you'll LLLLOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE Dragon Heart! It's about a Dragon who gives half his heart to a dieing boy, in hope that will purify him to be seated with his ansestors in the Dragon Heaven. But his good deed became his sin. Now he and Bowen the knite are leading a fight against King Einen, to save everyone from living in slavery for good!
    I love this movie, and if you love Dragons and call them friends like me, this is the movie for you!...more info
  • A very entertaining movie
    I was just relaxing one sunday afternoon with my brother when we caught this on SciFi channel and when it was over we were very impressed with this movie. I noticed some scenes that looked like they were going to be used in another movie that I own that was made one year after this was made (I am refering to Jurassic Park II: The Lost World). I would call Rob Cohen A Steven Speilbeg clone. The bottom line is that this is a great movie, buy it....more info
  • Take the PG-13 rating seriously!
    This movie has a lot of good things to offer, and I won't repeat the other reviewers here. What I would like to add to the mix, however, is to emphasize that this movie is pretty violent, and is NOT for younger audiences.

    It's chock-full of realistic killing, up-close and personal. PG-13 is probably the right rating - barely; it borders on earning an R, in my opinion.

    While it still gets high marks for quality, don't let the fact that it's a fairy tale fool you into thinking it's a kids' film....more info

  • A earth shattering brake through!!!!
    I thought it was great!! What I mean to say is, that I thought computerziation was at its best,(to a certain excetent). Like in that one secen, when Draco was trying to eat Bowen; but besides that, I thought it pretty good!! ...more info
  • ....Cried.... A Lot.
    I love this movie. From the first time I saw it I was absolutely mesmerised. I definetly reccomend this movie to anyone who enjoys myth and a good movie...more info
  • My Favorite Movie of All Times
    This is my favorite movie ever!! I think it was done beautifully. I love fantasy to begin with. I think it beats the real world sometimes. Dragons even though mythical, always get a bad wrap. This shows a whole other side. Sean Connery's voice is so perfect for Draco. Dennis Quaid is awesome as the "perfect knight". There's a lot of action, but a lot of warmth and much emotion involved as enemies become the best of friends. ...more info