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Three O'Clock High
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  • Greek mythology in its essence
    This movie is about fates. Homerian. The protagonists are destined to clash and no acts of intervention can prevent our Greek hero from avoiding his rendezvous. He slayeth the Giant. Spielberg knows a good story- no wonder he had involvement....more info
  • Master OF The Rare LASERDISCs Movies.
    I have Three O'Clock High ON LASER DISC And I have it on DVD too 'tis One of my Favorite Comdies of The 80s,you aint gonna regret it :P...more info
  • 3 oclock high
    one of the best high school movies of all time.still unknown to most.the only high school movie that's better is the girl next door....more info
  • Superb!
    One of the best teenage coming of age movies I have ever seen. Great script, great cast and wonderful performances from all involved. Everything came together in this one. A classic. Richard Tyson and Casey Siemaszko are absolutely wonderful.

    If you've ever thought that you had a rough day in high school you should see this movie. No one should ever have to go through what Jerry Mitchell goes through this day, but he still gives a great book review in his lit class. You have to see it to understand.

    Aside from being a very good coming of age film, this is also a very good comedy....more info
  • 'Three O'Clock High' (Universal Studios) Running time:97 min.
    Good little comedy/drama that's pretty much aimed toward males between the ages of 13 to 28.Things get crazy when super straight-laced high school newspaper writer Jerry Mitchell(Casey Siemasako,heck he makes Ward Cleaver look wild))tries to arrange to do a special story on the JUST transfered infamous legend-in-his-own-mind muscle bound bully student Buddy Revell(Richard Tyson).Important factor that Mitchell was totally unaware of is that Revell simply 'doesn't like to be touched'.It appears that NOTHING can stop the fight the two are supposed to have promptly at 3pm after that day of school lets out.I haven't seen many movies where the entire plot takes place within a six hour time span.Most memorable segment of this flick is the last twenty minutes.The two duke it out and if you haven't seen this movie before,I certainly won't ruin it for you here.Very climactic ending is all I'll say.You might want to rent it before maybe buying a copy....more info
  • All-time great cult classic
    The critics hate this movie, bt who cares what they say. This is one of the pre-eminent "Oh, dang- this movie is on 3 AM on TBS" movie's of our time. I love the goth girl Franny in the movie- she's a real hottie. Three O'Clock High shows how an afterschool fight can reach epic proportions in a nerd's mind. This is a great high school film....more info
  • Very funny; I especially liked the library scene.
    There are times, I believe, when movie critics take life and themselves way too seriously. The movie "Three O'clock High", unfortunately, happens to be a victim of that mind set. The critics ripped this movie primarily because, they claim, it didn't attempt to make the bully (Buddy Revell) out to be a misunderstood, sensitive guy hiding under his rough exterior waiting to be discovered, as in "My Body Guard". They also didn't like the fact that Jerry, the nerdy hero, decided to fight.

    I get the impression that these critics never attended high school, or that their high schools never had bullies. My school sure did. In the real world there are some mean people who just like being that way. Besides this movie wasn't meant to be a psychobabble special. It was meant to be a goofy, high school comedy, which it was, and a very funny one at that. Like the gentleman from Jonesboro, Ark., my teenage son and I really loved watching this movie and laughing out loud together....more info

  • Glad to see this finally make it to DVD
    I actually have an old VHS copy of this movie, because until now this one was never released on DVD. This is for sure a cool movie, along the lines of two more well known 80's High School comedies, "Ferris Beuller's Day Off" and "Better Off Dead". The humourous camera angles, the extreme close ups of the minute hand on the clock, the pep rally where cheerleaders attack a dummy of the opposing team and beat it with bats while the bully looks over at Jerry from the other side of the gym with a look like "This is what's gonna happen to you after school".....classic 80's comedy!...more info
  • Excellent. Superb. Outstanding and incredible!
    This movie portrays what many, many American males went through in high school. Being bullied. This movies not only puts to rest old demons that still sometimes haunt grown men when they think about high school (by seeing Jerry beat up the bully instead of the other way around), but it was so funny that I can't resist watching it whenever it is on cable! The crazy antics that occur in every high school in America (and abroad), are displayed by the nutty teachers, the rabid dogs that sometimes pass for school security guards, and the crazy girl that likes you for who you are so much that she wants to "bond" with you on a display table in the school store . It is excellent! I feel that a defining moment in the movie is when Jerry is in the bathroom, washing his face, deciding whether or not it was worth getting killed by standing up to the overgrown neanderthal, Buddy Rovell. Regardless of whether or not you like the movie, we are ALL overjoyed when Jerry decides to risk life and limb for personal honor!

    It is a fun movie, and I would suggest it to anyone....more info

  • Three O'Clock High: A Five Star Sleeper
    This film, although largely ignored as part of the pantheon of eighties classics, is a sleeper which I consider to be one of my favorites of all time. From the moment that Jerry hits the alarm clock and Tangerine Dream simultaneously kicks off on the soundtrack, it's obvious that this film will be one to remember. I always smile when I think of Jer placing his wet shirt in the microwave along wth a poptart. He's a resourceful guy, and nothing's gonna get him down which also alludes to the conclusion of the film in which Jerry's wits and resourcefulness pull him through and ensure his victory. The portrayal of cliques and high school life is right on, even down to the actress that plays Jerry's dream girl. Who wouldn't want a girl like that? The only part at which Jerry disappointed me was when he rejected Karen in preference for the goth chick - she's cool and all, but Karen's ALL that!...more info
  • Not so UN-realistic as it may seem
    This movie captures the angst of getting caught between a rock and a hard place. Not only that, it throws all the comedy it can into the situation. I don't know why I haven't heard the name Casey Siemaszko before, as many of his scenes show the gears of a fine tuned thespian. I looked him up on the internet after watching this movie on HBO and saw that he's doing video game voice-overs now. What the hell? Someone pick this guy up and make a movie, he's that good.
    You cannot escape the characters in this film. Some are flat, but they are this way for a purpose....who didn't try to seem single-purposed in high-school? The goth friend who wants to "bond", the nerd who thinks brains can conquer all, and the bully with a shy brain... this film is a book disguised as a cartoon. A+...more info
  • One of the better school movies ever
    Perfect editing and camerawork make this the best of the myriad of school movies out there. Watch how the element of time is portrayed, as the hour of conflict nears. I watched this with my 17-year-old son. Despite our generation gap, we both laughed out loud at the film and related to the theme. END...more info
  • A favorite of mine for many years.
    This movie is very light and refreshing, like a cold can of Fresca. Keep your eyes open for a "cameo" by the dude who playes Skinner on X-Files....more info
  • What a mess
    After a minor misunderstanding, a geeky high school student finds that he must fight the school bully at three o'clock and spends the whole of the day trying to get out of it.

    I don't often say this in reviews, but, wow, this film was bad. Given that it was made in 1987, I can accept the fact that the premise is far-fetched and that the script boarders on surreal, but what I can't accept is the total lack of character development and the gaping holes in the script. A lot of what happens in this film just does not make sense, even within the film's own reality and the characters are so thinly drawn that by the end I didn't know enough about any of them to care what happened to them. In fact, I actually found myself actively disliking the main character and his sister, and his best friend, and... well, you get the idea. The only character whom I found remotely interesting was the bully, and even then, very few of the questions raised about him are ever answered.

    There were many really great teenage movies made in the 1980's ("Adventures in Babysitting", "Heathers", just about anything written by John Hughes). Do yourself a favour and watch one of them instead.
    ...more info
  • Great Cast, loved the camera angles
    I've read the Leonard Maltin review and disagree with his assessment of Casey as the leasd charecter. He was supposed to be less than inspiring. The fact that this kid, who in any other situtaion would be as about as interesting as a rock, is thrown into a situtaion like fighting the BIGGEST kid ever, is what makes the movie funny. The reactions of the other students to the situation really plays the whole story up. I'm getting this on DVD as soon as it's available. I wish I could get it now....more info
    If I was ever going to be marooned on a deserted isle (with electical power, of course) there are three comedy movies I would want with me: The Odd Couple, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and Three O'Clock High. For the longest time I was going to have to make due with just the first two since Three O'Clock High went out of print years ago. I almost forked over an insane amount of money when I saw a 5th generation copy of a rental store video selling on a popular auction site, but it just wasn't worth it to me. I am glad I waited, because someone with more than two brain cells to rub together took the initiative and released this hilarious and fast-paced comedy for both older fans and a whole new audience. Not as teen-sophisticated as "Sixteen Candles" or "Pretty in Pink", and not as gnarly and racy as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", this high school comedy film has a lot going for it in its own right. It even has an early appearance of Mitch Pileggi (X-Files' "Skinner") as "The Duke-ster" - playing a HILARIOUS truant officer. The only downfall is the very heavily soaked '80's musical soundtrack, but this is it. If you can still stomach the likes of Tangerine Dream with their 'keytars' drum machines, and synth samplers, then you are in for a really fun 90 minutes. The transfer to DVD is bright and clear, and the cover still has the original theatrical artwork....more info