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Half Life 2
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Product Description

The Half-Life 2 with Deathmatch DVD collects two of the must-have shooter games, bringing you twice the action. Start out with Half-Life 2, where you return to the alien research facility called Black Mesa. The aliens are now pouring into our world and you'll join the resistance movement to stop them. Battle it out with friends in crazy, realistic mulitplayer action with Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. Then test your tactical abilities with Half-Life: Source -- where the gaming kicks up a notch through the amazing Source game engine. Hordes of new aliens and other enemies, plus a plethora of new guns and weapons Amazing new graphics with pre-rendered cutscenes that look like they came from the movies More realistic physics - Objects have varied and appropriate mass, density and physical properties

  • Combines all the elements of the Half-Life online universe, with new single and multiplayer content
  • Half-Life 2 brings you exciting new game modes and new firearms for a more complete gaming experience
  • Go all-out for battles where it's every man for himself, in Deathmatch
  • New animations with more menacing monsters than ever
  • Incredibly advanced AI as enemies adapt, plan, improvise and respond

Customer Reviews:

  • What a Game!
    Half-Life II is a great game! The graphisc are outstanding and the controls are easy to learn. The game developers have done a great job mixing it up the story line and subsequent challenges for Gordon Freeman.

    I'm not a hard core gamer, but I certainly find HL2 very intertaining.

    ...more info
  • Steam is buggy and awful
    To play this game, you have to logon to Steam, valve's online download system. Its buggy, difficult to configure, and crashes. If you can't get it to work, you don't get to play, which is where I am. I really wish I hadn't bought this game. So far, its money completely wasted. Do not buy this game, unless you enjoy configuring your router, firewall, etc.

    ...more info
  • Stinks compared to #1 and many other games
    I'm not sure how this game won "Game of the Year" but it's no where near in my opinion. First off... Steam. It's insufferable. To play a single player game I *MUST* run something that basically takes over my computer and inundates me with advertising for Valve's new games!?! Silly, and SLOW!! Once you are actually playing it's fine, but getting there takes 3 minutes or more. Just to exit takes more than a minute. Steam lingers and is slow to "release" your computer from it's clutches.

    The game itself runs well. The engine runs smooth even with my semi-old set-up. The levels get tedious quickly. Most of the game is spent running at breakneck speed trying to avoid enemies galore. On occasion you'll puzzle out of few contrived ways to get over a wall or through a barrier. The levels were fine 5 years ago in Half Life 1, but I'm sorry to say we've seen it all before by now.

    I've been playing games since the first computer came out. We've come a long way from Wolfenstein 3-D, but you wouldn't know it playing this game. Someone else put it very well that the levels are VERY linear. The GTA series are certainly not for kids, but the structure of the game makes it 100 times more fun than this! I'm sad that I uninstalled Far Cry to put this on because it's an inferior game. (Level wise)

    There are lots of better ways to spend your time and money these days. This game is got by on it's reputation from Half Life 1.

    ...more info
  • Buyer beware
    I just bought this game, used from an Amazon seller. My advise is if you're considering doing the same thing, DON'T. It's a Steam game. And as such the cd key has already been activated on Steam. It is not transferable. In my case the "key" I got was hand scribbled on one of the cd sleeves and was a non functional number. So now what I have are five, tiny frisbees, or if you prefer, coasters. Their too light to be paper weights. Needless to say the seller is going to get a negative review. I just thought that this in info. you can use....more info
  • Beautifully Paced and Rendered... And Totaly Immersive
    Without a doubt, one of the absolute best games ever made. The physics, graphics, gameplay and characters are all vastly superior to 99% of the action games out there. As in the first Half Life, you assume the role of Gordon Freeman, (right where the first game left off.) Unlike the first game, this game looks like it game from the future... It's like playing through REAL enviroments. It's bright and colorful like Halo, but at times deeply textured and dark like Resident Evil 4. Basically, these graphics ARE the best I've ever seen... ever. As far as controls, they are completely slick, leaving nothing to be desired.
    BUY THIS!...more info
  • Protection scheme makes it unplayable
    You MUST have an Internet connection to play. If anybody got hold of your CD key number before you, you will never be able to play the game, and Valve will NOT help you if you bought the game on eBay. I never thought I'd say this, but Valve is worse than Microsoft....more info
    Valve has the perfect con going. They charge you forty bucks to buy a game that you can't play UNLESS you use steam to verify that you actually bought it but since STEAM may make your computer crash or freeze your system so you can't actually play the game and since you opened the box you can't return it to the the store and get your money back. INTELLECTUAL COPYRIGHT FASCISM has led to this state of affairs where crooks like VALVE can sell you products that don't work and YOU don't have the right to get your money back. Boycott VALVE and don't ever download games (from any company) so that we don't get to a future where STEAM is the only way to play games at all. That is the future these INTELLECTUAL COPYRIGHT HOLDER FASCISTS are drooling over. Don't give it to them....more info
    Once you have downloaded Steam, you can be playing this game in ten minutes, even with the registration. There are no router configurations unless you are running a server. Steam has it's problems, but there is no other host on the web that is better. I have been playing this game since Jan 07, I run a dedicated server on the web and have 41 games/mods to go with it not counting the free maps (single player and Death Match). This is the most versatile game system in the world. The modifications are endless. They even have a modification system to build your own maps (free). Do not listen to the whining of these reviews. If you can operate your computer and follow directions, you will be playing the No. 1 game in the world. The support is extensive and there is a live chat and e-mail services with it. If you are a novice to gaming, there are thousands of forums with people that are willing to teach you anything you want to know. Do not save the two dollars on a used disc, get a new one for $18 from Amazon or download from Steam and the registration and loading are automatic ($20). Cheaper is not always better. You can download Steam for free (

    I repeat.....if you listen to these people crying about Steam, you will miss out. Trust me....more info
  • Half Life 2! Awesome!
    Iv just bought and Downloaded Half Life 2...I can say its amazing the graphics are wonderful and everything is very realistic.

    Pros : Beautiful Graphics
    Realistic Blood and Gun Damages (Bullet Holes in Body etc.)
    No Lagging (Unless your going through a checkpoint *for me*)
    Riveting Storyline and Fun and Funny Characters (Lamar lmfao)
    *you'll see*
    A Wide Variety of Enemies to fight
    Mostly Intelligent Enemy AI (Some of the Combine are Dumb but dont let that bother you because other Combine are smart as well)
    Vehicles are fun to mess around with
    You can throw Objects at people and pick them up and carry stuff around like Boxes and Bottles *Throw some at the combine lmfao its funny*)

    Slow Loading Time *This is for my computer but iv experienced some slow loading time for checkpoints which usually take 20 seconds to load and the Main Menu takes 1 minute but...I dont let it bother me the gameplay is worth the slow loading*
    Combine don't like to hide *Some of the combine wont duck or take cover..but don't worry about that if you play it on wont really matter cause you will have a time with them in the open anyway. if you play on normal its just the same but don't worry id say if you have 6 combine usually 4 will least 3 if they have some cover to actually hide behind.*

    But that's all the cons....overall this game is wonderfully made beautifully written and a blast to play....If you don't buy this game. You my friend are just missing out im sorry but its the truth

    But for those who are going to buy it ROCK ON MAN and Good Luck!

    -Ash-...more info
  • Great Game
    The Game is great but if you wanna play Coounter Strike or any thing else buy other sets with the game from the begining, it will cost you less!...more info
  • Great game
    It was way more than I was expecting. Too fun, I am hooked on half-life...more info
  • Unique and cutting-edge for its time, but buggy
    Half-Life 2 in the single player mode was way too short. The number of weapons was limited, and I had been spoiled by other FPS's to have at least a semi-automatic sniper rifle and a sub-machinegun or carbine that could hit the broadside of a barn. The HK MP-7 SMG was pathetic in this game. The accuracy was mediocre and the damage was extremely limited. In terms of gameplay, HL2 gets 5/5 from me. However, it kept crashing every so often on my gaming rig to the point that I stopped playing the game for over a month until I just wanted to get it off my desk.

    I do not like Steam and it appears that it has never even asked for my DVD. The first time I installed the game, it decided to just download the entire game off Steam even though I had a nice shiny DVD in the drive.

    Overall, the game gets 3/5 from me for some bugs, unimaginative arsenal (except for the gravity gun, which is extremely fun), and Steam....more info
  • Greatest game ever made. Period.
    If you love first person shooters, this game is a MUST HAVE. The story is great, the AI of friendly NPCs is superb (they're actually helpful and get out of your way when you're trying to move around or shoot) and the AI of enemy NPCs is no less impressive. The physics and graphics are so realistic that you truly feel like you're there (which can be frightening at times).

    I've played dozens of FPS games over the years, this is the best hands down. The graphics and sound effects are awesome, and the gameplay is even better. The storyline keeps the game moving, and there is never a dull moment. They even manage to add a good bit of humor throughtout the game that will leave you laughing. (listen for Barney to mention the cat) It took them 6 years to make this game, and all the effort put into creating this game shows.

    Well-rounded weapon selection (I love the .357 revolver)
    Gravity Gun - you can pick up nearly anything and use it as ammo
    Intelligent AI
    Awesome graphics/sound effects
    Realistic Physics
    Long game - you might be able to finish it in a week... if you do nothing but play games all day
    After it's installed, you don't need the cd in your computer to run it

    Higher end computer is recommended - check the system requirements
    Must download updates from steam and register before you can play - this takes forever if you're on dial-up, but it's well worth the effort
    ...more info
  • Landmark FPS
    You'd be hard-pressed to find a person who isn't a fan of the gameplay and storyline of Half-Life. Half-Life two is regrettably an inferior story, but is still thoroughly engaging. The graphics, physics and AI are groundbreaking, and even 2 years or so since it was released, it is still technically superior to most games out there.

    *** minor spoilers follow ***


    You are Gordon Freeman, awakened after years (?) of inactivity since the resonance cascade was created in Half-Life. Aliens now control the world, with a human puppet enforcing law from the Citadel, a giant structure in the middle of City 17, where most of the game takes place.

    You fight human and alien alike to assist the resistance forces, and ultimately storm the Citadel in a brilliant final level. But first, you have to deal with zombified towns, devlish alien aircraft, vicious ground-dwelling creatures, and a break in and out of a maximum security prison. All in a day's work for Gordon.

    Along the way, you are assisted by familiar scientists, including Eli Vance, and his daughter Alyx. You'll command a strong array of weapons, teleport, and manipulate gravity with the aptly named gravity gun.


    - Beautiful looking game. Realistic to a fault.
    - Diverse array of enemies to fight.
    - Many different environments to fight in. Look for "Ravenholm"- the first time through it is truly a harrowing experience.
    - NPC (non-player characters) are very detailed and mostly intelligent.
    - Vehicles; a little frustrating but mostly very enjoyable and responsive

    - Last two levels: the game designers did something brilliant; the second to last level is a massive firefight against boss-like "striders" armed with destructive weapons. They are easy to beat once you figure them out, but initially you will be in for a good fight as you explore the map and learn ammo locations. That is the "final" level. The last level is quite easy by comparison, and allows the player to take advantage of otherworldly powers in a series of grand battles. I found myself with my heart in my throat feeling ever-so-powerful as I destroyed mob after mob with powerful globes of energy. It's a great way to end the game.


    - Too much of the story feels contrived. The first Half-Life immersed you in a world where everything was wrong but you never doubted how one thing led to another. There were almost no explanations given, and little assistance from NPCs as you went from world to world. In HL2, you never get the utter despair of being alone, helpless, and fighting for survival in a world gone crazy. Big caveat- the game is still very strong and immersive.

    - NPC AI from human characters fighting alongside. Alxy, a main character, is mostly alot of fun and a big help. Other NPCs feel like a nuisance.

    I've heard alot of complaints about Steam (distribution software for HL2). Personally, I have had no issues to date and have used it for numerous games.

    Overall, highly recommended....more info