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American Pie Presents: Band Camp
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  • dumb, overdone, unoriginal
    They just try to hard, the whole story with Stifler's brother being and acting exactly like original Stifler is just dumb, save yourself some money and time and don't bother watching this one......more info
  • Completely Tasteless!
    My husband rented this expecting something similar to it's predecessors. He didn't realize that "straight to video" means "THis movie stinks! Don't bother! You'd be better off watching the original movie if you like that type of comedy.
    Band Camp completely insults it. I saw only one original AP star, Eugene Levy who plays a Quasi-counselor to the rude and annoying characters.
    I watched half of it asking myself, "Was I supposed to laugh at that?" and rolling my eyes at how truly moronic it was. Finally I realized I'd have a better time sleeping so I stopped watching altogether.

    I think it has no true humor and is distasteful. If you can base a movie as good by the amount of nudity and really stupid humor this is right up your alley!

    ...more info
  • Band Camp
    Alright, well I see the people giving this 1 and 2 stars and I totally understand. But I love watching any type of comedy movies and this one made me laugh quite alot. Wasnt better than the other American Pie movie but this one is definately worth the watch. I didnt buy this movie, a friend did I just watched it there. But its pretty funny. The main guy, is a straight idiot so it makes it even more funny. If your not all critical on movies and just want to watch a quick comedy check this movie out. ...more info
  • oh come on!
    This movie isn't just bad. Its really, REALLY bad. Horrible, in fact.

    When I first saw this movie on the shelf at the movie store, I couldn't help but laugh. And to those of you who were giving crap to the people that reviewed this movie without even bothering to watch it first, well....can you blame them? I mean honestly. There is a reason why some movies don't make it to the theatre, and go straight to DVD. And this movie would be a great example of why that happens.

    Now, ill agree with some of you who say that "American Wedding" wasn't very good. In fact, it was a pretty big disappointment. I feel that they should have stopped making these movies after "american pie 2" but I definitely wouldn't go so far as to say that it was worse than this movie. Because there is no comparison whatsoever. Atleast "american wedding" still had a few good laughs, and there was an actual point to that movie, not to mention that it still had most of the original cast in it.

    Anyway, I happened to come across this movie a few nights ago when they showed it on TBS after Sex and the City. I decided to watch it, just to see if it was as bad as I figured it would be. But I was wrong. Because it was WORSE than I thought. Its not even funny in a stupid way. Its just plain stupid. The guy who plays Stiflers younger brother is a really bad actor. I thought he resembled the actual Stifler....for about two seconds. He tries waaaaay too hard to impersonate him, especially when he tries to annoyingly imitate Stiflers facial expressions. Its painful to see. And come on....his punishment after the prank he played on his high school's band is to be sent to band camp? Right.

    Seriously. I advise you, do NOT waste your money on this movie. At the very least, if your curiousity gets the best of you, wait until it shows on TV, otherwise, just pass it up entirely....more info
  • Great, funny movie
    I really don't understand why this movie got such harsh reviews... I honestly thought it was the best american pie!!! It's so hilarious and Stiffy junior is amazing, maybe even better than the infamous Stiffler!! I think that if you like those kinds of movies (like american pie, eurotrip, 100 girls, etc.), you will definitely enjoy this flick!!...more info
  • Not as "smart" as its predecessors
    American Pie Band Camp is a spin-off (not a sequel) to the previous American Pie movies. It mentions some of the characters and events from previous movies, but it NOT otherwise related except through Stifler's younger brother. His brother pulls a prank on the band and is forced to go to band camp with them over the summer. It's the typical cool kid finding out that the dorks aren't all that bad.

    While the previous American Pie movies were slapstick comedy and full of tasteless, yet hilarious humor, there were elements of wittiness and impeccable timing to the jokes. American Pie Band Camp was just some random breasts and overdone acting. Yeah, the characters in the other American Pie movies were over-the-top, but they were well-acted over-the-top. I liked the kid who played Stifler's brother because you could really believe he was related to Stifler, but he was just too much. Everyone was just a little too much of whatever stereotype they were supposed to be playing. It's like it was Not Another Team Movie, and it was just a parody of itself. There are some parts that are really funny, where I laughed out loud, but the rest of the movie was pretty much awful...

    It's a movie to rent if you want something light-hearted to have in the background while you're doing something else. If you don't expect another American Pie then the movie isn't that bad....more info
  • This was the worse one
    All the American Pie movies have their plus side. This one basically sucked. It was a chore to watch the whole movie. The others I have watched 3 or 4 times, I will not watch this one again....more info
  • If band camp was really like this... I'd be there in a second. (3.5 stars really)
    The gang we've all come to know from the American Pie trilogy has left to pursue their lives. With one door closing, another opens. Stifler is still at it in the 4th installment, though it aint the Stifler you think it is. Instead of Steve, we have Matt Stifler, the younger brother who is all grown up now and heading into his summer break of his junior year of high school. The school is having is having a ceremony for the seniors as a last goodbye. The school band is there to play, but Stifler has other ideas. Stifler's little prank goes a little haywire which causes him to get into some trouble. His penalty?... To go to band camp and learn to be a team player. Trying to turn a negative into a positive, Matt decides to buy spy gear and spy on his new found camp goers to catch them doing some dirty acts with one another. Just Stifler being a Stifler.

    I really liked Band Camp and think it was a decent installment to the series. Sure it's got a lower budget and a no name cast, but it does feel like a Pie movie. Actually, it could've been called Band Camp without the American Pie name and it probably wouldn't get nearly the heat it gets. While American Wedding tried and failed (in my opinion) to make Steve seem kind of likeable in the end, Band Camp does give you hope for Matt. In the beginning, Matt is a total jerk who doesn't want nothing more than to be like his older brother Steve. Through the movie though, you can see him beginning to become less of a jerk and more of an okay friend to hopefully one day an ok guy. It was nice to see him begin to stick up to his friends, while at the same time still being `himself'. He still liked to play the pranks and he still liked to get the girls, but he stopped with worrying about what some people thought about him.

    As for the jokes and nudity, there is an abundance. I laughed at a lot of the scenes, even the dumb ones. I couldn't help it. Maybe it's cause I didn't take the movie serious when going into it. I actually thought it was going to be really bad, but was definitely surprised. Everything from the oboe scene to the special sunscreen I liked. And there were plenty of boob shots thanks to the spy cams. And for you girls, Matt loves to show off his butt.

    Also there are even some nice scenes for you love doves out there. It was kind a funny to see one of the nerdy guys who became Matt's first friend at camp trying to get with the bad girl of the group. And there was one scene that I liked that had two people on a dock. It was sweet. Yeah I said it. Do something.

    In the end I would say it's a worthy addition to the Pie family. It's American Pie guys, it's not supposed to be real. Even the first three movies were fake as heck also. Give it a try if you haven't.

    P.S. - Arielle Kebbel is so so so yummy.
    ...more info
  • Jessus Chriist
    Come on. Why do they produce these movie sequels with none of the characters from the previous films? This is bad as Caddyshack 2 and Blues Brothers 2000. Please shoot me if you catch me watching this....more info
  • Pretty Lame
    Well, this came out here in New Zealand about half way through October, I don't know why its taking so long to be realeased here. But don't worry its not worth the wait. I has maybe 2 American Pie standard funny parts, the rest is really average. The guy that plays Stifflers brother is quite good, maybe a bit to good, instead of playing his brother he comes across as trying to act EXACTLY like Stiffler. Theres also a lot of near nudity parts, this usually doesn't bother me but its really obvious they used bad editing to basically cut everthing, which as you isn't like and American Pie movie. Rent if you must, but don't buy....more info
  • My Philosophy of Sequels
    Im 10 years old and i like sequels that have numbers in them. As far as im consurned if it doesnt have a number its not a sequel to me! Cheaper By the Dozen 2 was a sequel because it had the number 2 in it. American Wedding should have been called American Pie 3: The Wedding and this peice of junk should have been called American Pie 4: BAND CAMP. I thought this movie was ok but i asked my brother to bring it back to the store because i felt it wasnt a sequel because it didt have a number on it it sayed the word Presents!!!! SO PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME!!! ITS NOT A SEQUEL WITHOUT A NUMBER

    Number Movies

    American Pie 2
    Cheaper by the Dozen 2
    Spiderman 2
    Star Wars 4

    Meet the Fockers
    American Pie Band Camp
    Austin Powers

    NO NUMBA NO SEQUEL...more info
  • Another Dumb Teen Movie...
    Just bad...Just Dumb...Just a waste of time...Is this crap supposed to be funny? If you like the others...which means you have to be half brain dead...then buy this one too to complete the whole crappy set......more info
  • I Kept Watching This Movie Waiting For Something Funny To Happen!
    This is a sorry excuse for a comedy. Like most sequels the Geek Hollywood Scriptwriters have "gone back to the well" one more time and lo and behold , this movie proves that the well has indeed run dry. The Sherminator is now a Guidence Counsellor which only goes to prove that a Geek Is A Geek Is A Geek even if he gets an education. He sends Mat Stifler to band camp as a type of punishment and then Stifler violates every Privacy Law on the Satutes by filming girls in the shower , locker rooms et al.Somebody should tell Mat that according to American Weeding his older brother became a caring, sensitive guy. This movie is only redeemed by the presence of Ginger Lynn Allen which really doesn't say much for the rest of the cast ....more info
  • Come on guys...4 stars? 5 stars? Are you for real?
    I was very surprised to see that this movie was averaging 3 stars here on Amazon. On IMDB, with 2,770 votes cast, it has a 4.9 out of 10 rating. THAT is the rating I feel is most appropriate.

    And some people here gave this movie five stars? Are you serious? Are you high? Were you high when watching?

    I rented this for one reason: to see how bad it was. It came perilously close to a one star rating, but it had a few redeeming qualities, such as Arielle Kebbel as Elyse, and Tad Hilgenbrink's uncanny resemblance to the older Stifler. Amazon says he doesn't have the same impish charm; perhaps they're right. But he showed a softer side than his older brother ever did, and that was what saved this movie from one star. Elyse said something early in the film about Stifler from his younger days - she said that when he was around her, he was Matt, but when he was around his older brother, he was a jerk. Sure, his metamorphosis into a caring person comes too quickly, and sure, Elyse should never have forgiven him for his many, many stupid things (could anyone date a guy who tried to have sex with an oboe and was CAUGHT?) but the metamorphosis does come, and in a rare occurrence for an American Pie movie, someone actually grows up. (The Shermanator does not count. He's a guidance counselor? Give me a break. He could hardly guide himself through a maze.)

    The movie's premise was profoundly ridiculous. A guidance counselor sends a bratty teenager to Band Camp when he doesn't play an instrument? And Band Camp is a serious event? The good ol' Shermanator proves he's still a little geeky boy with no ability to make real-life decisions.

    The plot, and most of the events surrounding the plot (Stifler ordered how many thousands of dollars worth of spying equipment...when did he become rich?) are incomprehensible, but I have to admit that I did laugh a few times.

    Oh, and if you like Tad - that is, if you think he's cute - there are some bonuses in the film for you. There are plenty of scenes where he's in the buff. Party on.
    ...more info
  • Disappointing
    There is not much to say about this movie. It wasn't the worst movie in the world, yet as a fan of the other American Pie movies, I was disappointed. My main problem with it was that it lacked substance, as another reviewer mentioned. I found the ending to be a little forced, and as for the humor, I can only remember one time that I actually laughed out loud--and even that time it was more like a small chuckle. I also found myself checking the clock quite frequently towards the end.

    I am guessing that, in general, this movie will probably be most revered by the younger crowd (mid-to-late teens) as anyone looking for mature comedy or depth (or anyone who has seen a fair share of great movies) will not be impressed....more info
  • Worth watching
    I saw an advanced screening of this movie and it was just amazing. The whole plot being based on Stiflers little brother was a great idea. This movie is definatley worth buying....more info
  • Not Quite a Sequel... But Still Funny!
    I rented this movie w/ an open mind thinking that it wouldent compare to the original 3. well, i was wrong! this movie has 2 remaining Characters from the original 2 (not Wedding) Sheminater, Jims Dad, and Stiflers Mom( Very breif, one of those things if you blink you miss it)Well I liked it so much I purchased it! What happens is that stifflers bro Matt gets sentenced to band camp! The Rest find out Yourself people who love nudie parts get the Unrated Extended Cut...more info
    Wow! I was scared when I picked this up because I thought it wouldn't be as good as the other AP movies since it was straight to video. However I was so wrong. It's an awesome movie, I highly recommend it. I agree with the person who said it's better than American Wedding. It really is. The scene where Stiflers brother and Elyse first kiss was sooo amazing. I also loved the actor who played Stifler's brother. He even looks like him and has that Stifmeister attitude down pat. I hope they make another movie someday based on his character and Elyse with a bigger budget because I bet it would be even better than this one. Plus the Sherminator and Jim's dad make appearances and were great. And wtf is up with people reviewing this without even watching it first? Watch it and buy it. You won't regret it....more info
  • Pretty good; should have had more people from the other movies though.
    Overall it was a decent movie. I dont think it was as good as any of the others, but it still held its own. They tried to make something different from the rest of the films so people dont get bored. Anyway, does anybody know the name of the band and song that is playing during the scene where Ernie (Matt Stifler's roommate) is controlling the robot and makes it give the soda to Chloe; and when hes walking over the bridge with the robot right after the Chloe scene. Thanks for the help....more info
  • made for 14 year olds
    When I was a kid, they made stupid movies too, but not this stupid! Every generation is supossed to advance. Life doesn't go backwards. The kids today are so deviod of anything to shock them into adulthood. Even a war that they might have to join in with sooner than they'd like hasn't made them aware that there are things in life that need to be serious about , DEAD SERIOUS!
    Maybe a draft activation will shock these kids into growing up. The movie is made for 16-20 year olds with 10-13 year old mentality. My father used to say"'s nice to be a kid. When you're a kid you've got a clear head"
    I guess they may as well injoy this mindless nonsense as long as they can. In time they too will grow up and have to "carry that weight a long time" as the Beatles said. ...more info
  • #4
    okay band camp was a little better than ap 3, but still not as good as one. this movie was okay. it was funny to a point but thats all....more info