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  • Love it or hate it.....
    Just like 'Dances With Wolves', this movie has that epic, expansive feel to it. It takes place in a post worldwide disaster. No one can remember what happened, only that once humans were said to have lived on "dry-land". Now there are small atolls of human colonies scattered across the never ending oceans. There is also a dominant and bloodthirsty clan called the "Smokers". These greasy glutinous gang have taken up residence in an old oil tanker. And have patch-worked together a basic knowledge of the combustion engine and how to exploit it to conquer all the atolls. At the middle of all this is a little girl who bears a tattoo on her back, that is thought to be a map to the mythical dry-land. And Kevin Costner's character, the loner called the Mariner, who is evidence of evolution at work. Through a series of events, these two cross paths, and end up fighting for their lives and caught up in the search for dry-land. This is one of my favorite Costner movies. The cinematography is beautiful. The cast and acting is entertaining. I love it every time I watch it. It's definitely a post apocalypse style movie, and for some people that might be an overplayed theme. You'll either love it or hate it. If you liked his previous movies in this style, its a good bet you'll like this one. It is a cool new twist on the 80's genre apocalypse movies. I only vaguely remember those, so the theme isn't played out for me....more info
  • Perfect vision of future....or past!
    It`s amazing movie, really. I couldn`t even imagine and think that it would be super film with different elements: quality of directorial work, unbelievable high level of visual effects and actors` work. So good, so nice! The feeling of something kind and great stood up at me after watching.

    You may not pay attention at this film, but, in my opinion, this picture is one of the best what have ever made in our unpredictable and wonderful world.
    ...more info
  • This may be the ABC Broadcast Version, with Profanity dubbed over. has reviewed this disc, and they claim the extended version is the ABC Broadcast version, which dubs over all the profanity. Brief nudity has also been removed. The extended version also aired on Encore networks without this censoring, so it doesn't make sense that Universal would choose to release an edited version of the extended cut instead of the Encore version. Buyer beware....more info
  • Waterworld Extended edition
    Been loking for the extended edition for a long time. Saw it ( the long version) on tv, after that I did'nt like missing parts in the cut version. Me and my wife love the move....more info
  • Severely cut version. Rating relate to the DVD, not to the movie!!
    Please note that my critique does not relate to the excellent picture staring Kevin Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Dennis Hopper. It is not my intention to write another summary of the story line.

    Maybe we are spoiled, but when we purchase a DVD, we expect to receive an uncut version. In fact, I have a 3 hours version of Waterworld on my VHS tape. This DVD offers mere 2 hours of the story! You can imagine how many of the scenes are missing: whopping 1/3 of the movie is cut off!! Sure we will get to see a few scenes removed from syndication by censors. Sadly, its the American way. But the matter of fact is, that the disappointment about the missing 33% of the movie is great. The scenes which we have not seen on the TV screen contain the Mariner peeing into a bottle at the beginning, and later a glimpse of Jeanne Tripplehorn in nude, when she offers herself to the Mariner to save Enola. Harmless, I suspect that the entire planet saw these scenes in the TV anyway, except for the United States. Welcome to the world of cultural differences.

    Furthermore, this DVD does not carry any stories behind the scenes, documentaries or interviews. I am sure that the publisher will than later release yet another Waterworld DVD, or maybe even 2 DVD version, called (say) "collectors edition," and will try to sell it to us as well.

    If you have seen this movie, and maybe recorded it on tape, hold your breath, wait for the complete edition! ...more info
  • peeeeeeeeeeee-yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuu
    this movie is wretched. it's one of the worst i've ever seen. ever. i liken it to a big hot rancid turd that's been steaming in an outhouse all day....more info
  • The theatrical version SUCKS but this is awsome!!!!!!
    This is the version that has plot,characterization,backstory,all the things that make movies watchable!!!!!(ARE YOU LISTENING MOVIE STUDIOS?!?!?)This used to run fairly regularly on Sci-Fi and USA networks back before NBC bought Universal and I haven't seen this version since;I was awfully afraid I'd never see it again, and I truly loathe the theatrical version.
    I will be buying this! ...more info
  • cut version
    When I originally saw this in the theatre there were extra scenes shown. But the video versions were edited and the movie shortened. You get scene cuts in the movie and you realize that something extra was supposed to be there. If you want to see the full version they show on the sci-fi channel every so often....more info
    A few years after Waterworld was released on video ABC aired an extended cut on public television. I have been waiting for a long time for the extended edition to be released and now it finally has been. While watching it I relied something that shocked me that is the ABC version, the cussing is gone, the violence is soften and some scenes have been cut out, and no Helen bare back shot. Even some of the sound effects and music has been changed. After doing more research I found this to be true. Instead of revising a 'true' extended edition Universal just put the ABC version on here (without commercials of course) and just added a 5.1 soundtrack to it. What a waste of money this was/is. I guess that's why it is only 15 bucks, I would have gladly spent 50 bucks for an unedited extended cut....more info
  • Not an abomination, but it's bad. 37%
    I got interested in Waterworld after seeing the Angry Video Game Nerd attack the Waterworld game for the Virtual Boy (he'd attack the VB along with the movie itself). I finally went to the local Family Video this weekend to see how bad it was for myself and much to my surprise, it wasn't the abomination legions of people make it out to be, but that's not really saying much.

    The plot is that the polar ice caps melt and flood the entire world, creating the setting we know as in the title. The few survivors from the flooding live on islands made of junk and live primitive lifestyles. A guy known as the Mariner rescues Helen and her supposed daughter, Enola, from the Smokers, a group of infamous looters. Enola, has the key to finding "Dryland" tattooed on her back and the Deacon, leader of the Smokers, will stop at nothing to get Enola.

    The biggest problem is the lack of originality because think about it, Waterworld is really nothing more than an aquatic adaptation of The Road Warrior. Both are in a post-apocalyptic setting where technology is set centuries back in time and makes the world a "dog eat dog" way of life. Even the characters in Waterworld corelate to those in The Road Warrior. We have the Mariner, whose drifter-like character isn't much different than that of Max; the Deacon is a lot like Lord Humungus in which he leads a group of looters to attack any settlers they find. Lord Humungus wants gasoline, and the Deacon wants a map tattooed on a girl's back; both will kill anyone to get what they want. I can keep going with the similarites between the two movies but I think you all get the picture. While The Road Warrior was an enjoyable movie, this wasn't. Even the movie title isn't good. Come on, "Waterworld?" That sounds like a ride at Disneyland, not a post-apocalyptic action flick!! The movie is a little too lengthy; it's a little over two hours long, but it could have easily done everything in the movie in 80-90 minutes. One of the worst aspects of this movie has to be the Deacon, he's the villan but isn't menacing whatsoever, even when he kills people. I found myself laughing pretty hard when the Deacon had a prosthetic eye attached to his socket and said "It does look like ****." The Deacon looked especially ridiculous when he went on the podium to speak to all the Smokers and was wearing that stupid pirate hat. I kept saying to myself "Was Dennis Hopper trying to be as stupid as possible in this movie?!!" Apparently, he was. His name isn't the least threatening, either. The Deacon sounds more like something that belongs in church, not the name of a villan. The other characters can be pretty annoying in this movie. Enola was pretty bratty shortly after the Mariner saves her and Helen, I was actually laughing a little when the Mariner picked her up and threw her into the ocean after she drew on his boat with crayons.

    There are a few redeeming factors in Waterworld that save it from falling into one-star territory. Some of the action scenes were pretty fun, especially when the Mariner gets into some gun fights with the Smokers on the Exxon Valdez. The scene were Helen is naked and tries to threaten the Mariner by pointing a harpoon gun at him but fails when he drops the sailing mast on her and beats her with an ore was pretty funny. The scenes I mentioned above concerning the Deacon's prosthetic eye and of the Mariner throwing Enola into the ocean were enjoyable as well.

    Unless if you purposely want to see a bad movie, I can't recommend this for anyone for any other reason....more info
  • One of Costner's best
    Despite what some people say, this is an excellent movie. Now with the added footage which I only saw on network television before, it is even more complete and entertaining.
    Costner does his usual great job portraying a man on his own in a disastrous future or similar situation where he has to rely on his own devices and survival skills to live through them. The movie paints a realistic view of an Earth mostly covered by water.
    I think most viewers thought The Dennis Hopper part was overblown and ridiculous, but it only added to the entertainment value in my opinion.
    And to those of you you think SNAKES ON A PLANE, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD and SHOOT 'EM UP aren't highly entertaining summer feel-good movies; I say - go watch a piece of junk (the word 'junk' here represents a long string of expletive deleteds) like THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY instead!
    And please remember, these are just my opinions. You must be your own critic, whether you are paid for it or not!
    And to the highly paid TV critics who constantly bemoan about having to sit through bad and awful movies, and are offended when the studios refuse to preview thier new movies for them; I say - Quit complaining! And get off your high horse once in a while and admit that it's just your OPINION, and nothing else while cashing your paycheck.
    If you don't buy the DVD, you can always rent it!...more info
  • WATERWORLD (Widescreen-DVD)
    Very good condition of DVD. Good production, why did it do so poorly at the box-office? It must have been bad timing for the movie release! The story was NOT all that bad compared to national news TODAY.(His boat was outstanding! And the 'sight-gags' were perfectly placed quite fittingly...including the finally.)...more info
  • Great Movie
    Although this movie was poorly rated by the film critics, I really enjoyed it. My recommendation is to take another look....more info
  • Well Worth The Buy
    I know people lend their tastes toward disliking this movie, but I don't; in fact, I say that it's a phenomenal feat in movie making. The sets are amazing. The imagination that contrived this story to a visual delight marks celebration. The extended version, in my opinion, though edited for Tv, is well worth spending the money on. Not only do you get the extended version, you get the theatrical version as well. I, personally, hate edits, they go against my grain like fingernails across a chalkboard, however in this case, Waterworld's extended version didn't bother me at all. I loved it. Two thumbs up!...more info
  • Not as bad as people said it was ...
    Including me! If Jay and Silent Bob had made it, everyone would have said it was brilliant, the problem is the KC bought his "worthyness" to the project no doubt and managed to make a fun movie with no worthyness at all! Go figure.

    I couldn't really see a moral to the story, the science and technology is debatable to say the least, its too long and an extended version is actually sanctioned state punishment in some countries. For example, in Malawi, minor criminals are made to sit though the normal version and then the "extended" version for re-offenders.

    That been said, if you view this film as just a Mad Max on water clone, its good fun and not a bad film.

    Not enough fish in it though. And too much effort trying to grow stuff. Catch fish instead. Fish is the secret to survival in Waterworld. And solar stills for water.
    ...more info
  • Underrated movie
    For some good ol' post-apocalyptic fun, this movie fits the bill just fine. No, it's not a particularly intelligent movie, but it's not trying to be, and the action and adventure are all there. It's taken a lot of flak for going way over budget and "bombing", but if you take into account that a storm destroyed their island set, requiring a rebuild, it may have very well been profitable domestically. Then, once you factor in global sales, the movie, storm or not, was actually quite profitable. ...more info
  • Product defective!-Junk
    Item was defective! Was not worth the time and effort to return, shipping and my time and gas would make it cheaper to buy another DVD from a brick and mortar store. Amazon usually has good stuff, but if they keep this kind of practice up, they will go the way of Circuit City....more info
  • Good Concept But Ineptly Executed.
    As a Post-Apocalyptic Reluctant-Hero Flix it doesn't measure up to its peers. Some of the ideas about scarcity and recycling by the inhabitants of a water covered world were interesting. But, ultimately, it borrows too many elements from the Mad Max series of films, so much of the plot seems familiar i.e Civilized Tribe's quest for mythical Utopia thwarted by Barbaric Tribe. The relationiship between the Hero and the woman and child seemed forced and unnatural. Costner comes across as unnecessarly cruel and aloof towards his charges. The Villians were a little too cartoonish to diffuse menace or dread. Even the parts of supposed whimsy were clouded by a depressing atmosphere. The ending was predictable and lackluster. The movie lacked tension and diminished my concern for its charaters. Aviodably, The movie suffers from an ambivalent tone resulting from the difference between the gravity derived by a brutish society where life is tenious and cheap contrasted with pantomine-like(funny, uneffecting) violence. Caused,(I believe) by pressure or interference by the Studio to make it more kid friendly (eg. PG-13) and increase its audience, (other movies that are inflicted with this marketing centric strategy include eg. Mad Max Three, Terminator Two, Star Wars Return of the Jedi & Indiana Jones 3). Overall, I found that the movie did not live up to its potential....more info
  • Get Lost
    A real good movie to get lost in, like the adventure of it,tis a fun one to stay with along with a nice bucket of popcorn....more info
  • Excellent Fun and Adventure
    This movie is great fun. and the action scenes are incredible. I cant undrstand why this movie got so many negative reviews. I got to love this film after seeing it more than once. Its like watching mad max. Its plain fun and Dennis Hoper is great as the bad guy. ...more info
  • The world will never flood!
    The very concept of global warming is so stupid. Has it ever occured to anybody that the oceans contain 97% of all water on Earth? Only 3% of this planet's water isn't already in the oceans! There's simply not enough water in the world to drown the continents. ...more info
  • Hollywood: Take Science Classes For God's Sake!
    Did no one do any homework before this turkey was OK'd? IF there were enough water to cover all the land masses on earth, the first place to find land would be Mt. Everest! Being that Mt. Everest is over 29,000 feet high, earth would

    #1: Be a perfect iceball. Better to name this movie Ski World.
    #2: No one could breathe at 29,000', so all of mankind is either dead from altitude or frozen like popsicles.

    Can't Kevin Costner find another plot? Always bad guys come in, take over a territory (Postman, Dances With Wolves, Open Range, Waterworld.) Does no one own a comb or take a bath?

    Terrible movie, so many good scripts out there languishing that will never see the light of day! But this crap does! ...more info
  • extended version is TV version
    The product description for this dvd is hugely misleading. Not only is the running time just the extended cut and theatrical cut combined, but the extended cut is the TV version broadcast on ABC without the nudity, excessive violence and profanity. So unless you want the real director's cut which doesn't exist, this is definitely NOT it....more info
  • If you enjoy this type of thing...
    I know intellectually that "Waterworld" is a dog, but I still have a soft spot for it and enjoy it when it's on tv. It's hard to go wrong with glistening oceans, millions of dollars of floating sets, a wonderful score, and Dennis Hopper chewing the scenary. (He was actually scared a lot of the film - his costume was very heavy and if he had fallen over into the water, it would have been hard to get him before he sank.)The extended cut (I've watched it) fills in a lot of story gaps, so if you've enjoyed the theatrical cut, you'll definitely want to check this version out....more info
  • The whole movie, the whole movie...
    and nothing but the movie (Well, there are the extras that come with a 2-volume set, of course) but after seeing edited copies of this fine sci-fi/fantasy flick for so long, it's really nice to get every minute of the action. This is a fun film and even more fun w/o the editing....more info
  • Excellent, unique, and HIGHLY ORIGINAL sci-fi movie!
    Some critics have absolutely no clue! 'Waterworld' is a GREAT 'apocalyptic genre' sci-fi action movie, with a highly original plot and great action. As far as I know, no once else before had attempted a movie based on the premise that our Earth had experienced a mass melting of our polar ice caps, which in turn submerged almost the whole planet, and made basic survival challenging. Granted though, much of the film's post-apocalyptic desperation and fighting for survival in a world of scarce commodities reminded me of the the 'Mad Max' series, especially with the tone and color of the set decorations, but that's OK and to be expected with this kind of plot. Costner, Hopper, and Tripplehorn were first rate with convincing roles, and I really enjoyed the hopeful ending. The elaborately constructed, surreal sets and costumes alone make this film a surefire bet! ...more info
  • great movie, but it's NOT the original it's EDITED!!!!!!!
    most people don't like this movie, but i love it. i've been waiting so long to get the extended edition DVD, little did i know that they would just spit out the TV version. i'm am livid about this!!!! I WANT THE WHOLE MOVIE!!!!! why can't we have the original? waste of money....more info