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Brokeback Mountain
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  • was a alright movie

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  • Love Has No Boundaries ..... but don't say that to a fundamentalist sectarian religious fanatic!
    Charity: The Rodeo

    I am a Gay Cowboy and proud! When I found out about the movie I was in class at college and went to the website to check it out and save the page to my external drive for opening at home, while also listening to the preview music. I couldn't wait to get the movie as it's a 'true' story about love - a 'love that has no boundaries'! Knowing how full of hate so many religious cult followers have, I knew they would put it down, and at the same time it came out, I was residing in a so-called 'christian' home where there was nothing but hate, greed, self-servitude, deceit, drugs, and more! Now isn't it sad how many of these fundamentalists put down anyone who is different or better, yet are savages themselves?

    When it finally came out in the theaters I was still at that 'place of hate' and so anxious to see it, but not only had I been keeping my personal life and feelings to myself, as well as my opinion - especially when it came to wanting to stand up for my own people - but I had to 'hide' my enthusiasm when I 'snuck' out the door after giving a line about seeing some other movie while getting the third degree about Brokeback Mountain being at the same theater! I won't tell what was said, but maybe you can imagine! Sad how ugly this guy was and how much 'hate' he had within!

    I was so excited when I got to the theater and could barely wait for the movie to begin, while the theater was also packed with a mixture of folks, as well as nationalities! I watched the movie and wanted to see it again as it really told the 'truth' of life on the range, though many 'homophobic' fundamentalists will always deny that something so true would ever be right or accepted as far as they're concerned!

    When it ended I was not the only one in tears! While a few patrons left, there were those of us who stayed to the very end of the credits while sharing amongst one another their many different feelings about the movie, as well as the way it ended, which was so sad, but true! Breeders and teachers of hate will always be around, and though education helps in many cases, sheep or religious followers who are so full of hate will 'never' change unfortunately! When I got back home I not only had to hide my enthusiasm about the movie, but also had to lie about what I had seen at the theater knowing what would happen if I told the truth! I'd of been on the streets looking for another place to live!

    When the movie finally arrived I watched it several times and each time cried for both of them, but especially for Jake's character! When you fall in love with someone and are willing to give up your own life for that person, yet they turn their back on you out of fear or not sure if that's what they really want, it can destroy the other person in so many ways! A lot of Jake's character was like me and I could 'feel' his hurt to the point that I forgot it was a movie and wanted so much to comfort him! I am like Jake's character in so many ways, while wishing some day of having a Ranch of my own, or by proxy, while at the same time wishing I had the money to buy land and build a Ranch somewhere here or near the Antelope Valley here in California. Then, it was a place for myself where I could create movies, since I now know about video design and more thanks to one of my classes at Antelope Valley College, but now it would be an 'Intentional Community Ranch' where other folks who could enjoy life on a Working Ranch and Movie Studio would be most welcome to live!

    With so many fundamentalist sectarian religious cults out there that breed and spread nothing but hate, while there's so few places where folks could go and 'be themselves', the Ranch is a dream and goal that I am reaching for, while in part, would be a dedication to other Cowboys and Cowgirls who are not so 'mainstream' and 'stereotyped', but who share a love of togetherness and community! I also admire Ang Lee for what he did with this 'true' movie of shared love between two Cowboys and though I'll never meet him or another guy I admire who is Huell Houser, one day I hope to also create movies similar to either Brokeback Mountain, or even documentaries like what Huell does on his many journeys!

    I highly recommend Brokeback Mountain for everyone out there who really wants to know the truth and not hype from fundamentalists that being different and unique just doesn't fit into society - their society!...more info
  • One Of The Best Movies I've Ever Watched
    I'll be 100% honest here and say I hate love stories. They are usually boring and predictable. I've enjoyed a select few, like The Notebook and Titanic, but never got into most others. Feeling random one day, I decided to purchase this DVD through amazon. I finally had the chance to sit down and watch it the other day and it was honest to God, AMAZING. The story was so realistic and heartwrenching. You feel like you are these two men. You actually can FEEL their emotions, both happy and sad. It's one of the best love stories of all time and also one of the saddest. Every minute of this movie is worth watching and I wish more movies could be so intense and amazing. This movie is a masterclass and everyone should have the chance to see it. Not only does it make for great entertainment, but it also makes you see people in a different light. I've never been homophobic, but if I was and saw this movie, I'd have a whole new respect for homosexuals. This movie helps you understand that love is love, no matter who anybody is with. It teaches you acceptance and that alone is a great reason to watch this dvd and support this wonderful director and these amazing actors!...more info
  • a disappointment
    lots of expectations. i did not see the movie at the time when it was released and decided to follow advice from friens. everybody said it was a must. rather boring! ...more info
  • Review of film and blu ray version
    Some of the reviews here are so sad. We live in such a troubled time where the most important thing should be for all people to be accepted totally - whatever their sex, race, age, color or sexual identity. The hate reviews here really do trouble me for the hate really isn't for the people they are attacking but comes from within the people themselves. The only people capable of such hate are those who have it within themselves and must look at themselves first.

    That aside, let me review the brilliant masterpiece that is BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. The film is beautiful in every way. Spellbinding cinematography, amazing script and actors giving some of the best performances of their career. This film for all its grandeur is a simplistic, realistic love story for the ages. Some have called it the gay GONE WITH THE WIND. The most important thing here is that none of the characters are stereotypes. Yes, the relationship is between two men but that is not the purpose of the film. It is not a gay message film. It is a love message film. When two people connect in that special way that enables them to share their hearts, souls and celebrate it through the beauty of sexual expression it is a gift for any two people be they man/woman, woman/woman or man/man. When this unique transcending true love is actualized it can happen between any two people. A man who lives his life straight may find it with one other special man. He may not be what we define as gay. His love is for this man. With this man gone he may desire no other man. True love is such a gift and should never be denied. And shame on anyone who tries to deny others from having it.

    Here we see that kind of love happen for Ennis and Jack. The intimacy they feel takes the two of them by surprise and they develop a bond that only comes with true love. The film shows us how they both deal with this love and how it affects their lives and other interpersonal relationships. Heath Ledger and Jeke Gyllenhaal are spellbinding here and attack their characterizations with true honesty no holds barred. The other stand out is Michelle Williams in a ground breaking, career making performance as Ennis's wife. Her journey could have been so stereotypical but in her hands it is a splendind self realized exploration a woman must endure.

    The story here is romantic, tragic, happy sad and a timeless tale. The blu ray version is astounding. This film was made for it and it will seem like viewing the picture for the first time. The 1080p high def picture is astounding. The scenery pops with immense clarity, colors are crisp and close ups have perfect flesh tones. The dialogue comes out strong and the beautiful music soars through the speakers as this beautiful tale is told.

    This film should definitely have won best picture but the fact that it got so many nominations is enough I guess. I pray for the day when we as a society celebrate love pure and simple with no other issues mattering. Highly recommend this amazing film. ...more info
  • Powerfully heart-wrenching
    When I first saw Brokeback with my two best friends, I was about fourteen years old. All three of us appreciated it and were torn by the ending, (especially my friend who spent most of the movie gushing over Jake Gyllenhaal) but I didn't give it a whole lot of thought until a few months ago when I realized how powerful a film it really is. I borrowed it from my friend and watched it and it instantly re-captivated me.

    I watched it about three times in one week, noticing new symbolism and meaning each time in the phrases and actions of the characters. I noticed that the looks Jack and Ennis give one another when they first begin herding together are more than just obligatory. After reading Roger Ebert's helpful and honest review, I realized that Ennis really was taught to hate himself from an early age because of his upbringing. Some Japanese amazon reviews taught me to see that, when Ennis first finds his and Jack's shirts, Jack's is embracing Ennis', whereas at the end of the film, Ennis has his own shirt embracing Jack's. One thing I noticed on my own was that, (however obvious it might have been to others who have seen the film it took me a while to get it...) in the scene where Ennis is longingly holding the intertwined shirts, he is, 'in the closet', so to speak.

    This is not to say that I have reached a 'conclusion' as to whether Jack and Ennis were gay, bi or straight. I simply don't believe they need to be labeled as anything for that could very well distract from what this film really is about ~ genuine love. The harshness, cruelty and unforgiving-ness of society has crippled many, and Jack and Ennis are no exception. Taking into account their upbringing and environment, theirs was a love that never would have made sense to anyone around them, including Ennis himself. Though they may have cheated on their wives, they were cheated first by society out of what could have been an everlasting happiness. I have now realized that Ennis fell in love with Jack not because he was gay or straight, but because it was Jack. Jack entered Ennis' life like a gust of wind and left just as abruptly and was the only true love Ennis would ever experience. It's just a shame Ennis was unable to escape his past and the way he was taught....more info
  • A genuine review
    As the first reviewer of this product simply decided to spread hate speech rather than review the film itself perhaps someone should. The film is brilliant. The cinematography is breathtaking, and the acting couldn't have been better if it were a documentary.

    As for the first "reviewer" the film is about unrequited love, not something as simple as "gay cowboys" Something which by the way is entirely plausible. Are you aware that eight percent of all sheep are gay? How about the fact that penguins will mate with members of the same sex? Just because gay people can not procreate does not mean it is not natural. Maybe you should go read a book written by a scientist rather than a barely literate hate monger. ...more info
  • A Wonderful Love Story
    Cinematic beauty and two people who end up falling in love. It doesn't matter if it's two men it is love between two people and caring for someone is a wonderful thing to find in life as so many never truely do. If it had been different time in our history these two men could have been together instead of having their relationship in the shadows.

    Sadly even today many men do that and even ones whom are married to a woman all becuase this country is still far behind the world in accepting anyone and everyone for who they are and that loving another really holds no boundries as is often the case with narrow minded people or people of extreme religious beliefs.

    However, it is America and we are all free to think and feel what we want. ...more info
  • Broke My Heart Mountain
    Blu-ray makes the characters of Innis Del Mar and Jack Twist actually "appear" to be in your living room! This film now has a 3rd dimensional quality heretofore not known to me. It is superb in all categories: acting, musical score and direction. A five star masterpiece that will live on forever. If you already have seen it or own it on regular yourself a "big favor" and purchase it in Blu-ray. You won't be sorry! You really haven't seen this picture until you watch it in the Blu-ray format!...more info
  • Brokebakc Mountain
    One of the worst films ever made.
    First, the concept of the story is ridiculous.
    A cowboy is more likely to shoot another man in the head, when he makes a pass at him, rather then "imagine" falling in love with him.
    How gross.
    Why don't these left wing nut cases make a film instead about how to treat these sick in the head gays rather then making them out to be victims or romanticizing this ill and abnormal behavior.
    It is abnormal and for this reason mother nature does not allow same sex individual to procreate.
    Gays are abnormal and this has nothing to do with religion or politics - it is natures way of making sure these defective creatures do not procreate this defect....more info
  • Saddest love story ever
    Aside from all the negative issues about this movie, it was one of the saddest love stories I've ever seen. After seeing the movie, I read the short story it was based on. Movie was very true to the story. This story was very moving, and I recommend seeing it for all who have been hesitant. The gay issue was handled very tastefully. In fact, as you watch the movie, this issue will take a back seat to the real story about two lonely people who weren't experienced in love relationships, and together found the closeness they were missing in their lives....more info
  • Cowboys in Love
    Mr. Lee has directed a romantic masterpiece for the 21st century with the magnificent Brokeback Mountain, creating an instant classic. A story that could possibly shock due to the two men looking and behaving as typical family men involved with women and children...who fall hard for each other. The perfectly cast leads not only excel in their acting but capture the essence of the intensely passionate relationship that seemingly develops out of the blue between two handsome,masculine,rugged cowboys hired to manage a flock of sheep in a spectacularly majestic mountain setting. An environment so outrageously romantic and isolated that it's impossible to imagine resisting any kind of attraction from occuring...between any two human beings.
    This beautifully handled film allows anyone who watches it to identify with the emotions of erotic attraction,electric passion, tender romance,internal conflict,dramatic tragedy and life changing loss that are a big part of the human experience. The elegant, leisurely pace and classic-mythic-cinematography heightens the gut-wrenching story as it unfolds.A stunning achievement in all catagories that sets a new standard for cinematic love-story-telling for the 21st century. A classic love between opposites that anyone can relate to and identify with ,opposites not in gender, but in personality and spirit. One cowboy is the optimistic extrovert who wants it all with his man by his side and the cowboy he falls for, is the emotionally tortured intovert....who owns the film from his first shot. Mr.Gyllenhaal and Mr.Ledger's on-screen couple has become a modern legend. It'll be a long time before anyone will be able to out do this work by a pair of intelligent, brave, extremely secure and gifted actors at the peak of their craft....who really understood and felt the characters and the difficulty of this very complicated, highly emotional situation. How fantastically refreshing to see homosexual desire portrayed by two very believably masculine young men with absolutely no trace of any theatrical, selfconcious, Will & Jack style-"gay" mannerisms. And in doing so, showing the world that there are plenty of "regular" men discreetly enjoying the "power of love/lust" privately with each other right under everyone's noses! Wishing Mr. Ledger's soul peace and love...he left us with a piece of work that will hopefully inspire people to seek inner happiness by bravely facing one's inner, deeper truth. An important film for women to see to help them better understand those men who were never able to fully commit to them.

    ...more info
  • a movie
    i bought this movie after watching it, i have as yet not watched it again, the feelings it evokes are too close to the surface to watch it again, i cried a good deal towards the end, it is a must see for those who want to see reall issues with real consequences...more info
  • Brokeback Blu-Ray as superior to the DVD version
    I've done an A-B comparison of the Blu-Ray to the (dual layer) DVD - with "upscaling" to 1080i (the limit of our rear projection TV's resolution)- and on that level they're certainly very close in quality, but the Blu-Ray is still noticeably superior in both video and audio. The Blu-Ray audio is more dynamic and clear and allows minute details like readable small print on a can of beans, which is just a blur on the DVD.

    There are 3 extra features on the Blu-Ray which are apparently on the "2 disc" DVD but aren't on the single DVD - and two of them are quite significant: "A Groundbreaking Success" (~16 minutes) looks at the film's many aspects of achieving bona-fide success (including financially), despite active homophobic opposition.

    "Music From The Mountain" gives us a much greater appreciation of the soundtrack music and of how truly integral it is to the impact of the whole film. I've also been privileged to give a personal hug of appreciation to both Rufus Wainwright and Teddy Thompson at their Brisbane shows, so it's a real treat to see them here as an acknowledged element of what works so beautifully in this film.

    I loved Annie Proulx's short story. I couldn't help being cought up in the full emotion of the interplay of these two men who are totally in love and who bravely find enough time and space in an aggressively hostile world to follow their bliss for as long as is humanly possible.

    Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain" sets a standard of perfection in every aspect of the art. It is also one of the few films which not only enhances, but also in no way compromises the emotional impact or moral integrity of the source material.

    Even if you already own the DVD, purchase of the Blu-Ray version is justified for anyone who truly appreciates the film, its historical significance, and its potential to continue do great good in the world as one of the all-time classic - and unapologetically gay - romances. ...more info
  • excellent
    I watched this movie several times and enjoyed it every time. It's sad that society can't allow people to be themselves and are so judgemental about other's choices in life styles. Being beaten to death because of a different life style is unacceptable....more info
  • Oprah was RIGHT!
    I ordered this movie as soon as Oprah talked about it on her show. This movie truly tugs at your heart! The lead actors were amazing in this movie and lived their characters.

    A great love story!

    Merna...more info
  • Movie review
    I think this is a wonderful love story that displays the biases in our society, preventing select groups of people from being whom they truly are. In my opinion, this is a great movie for all to see. As well, this highlights the late Heath Ledger as a daring and talented actor. This does pay tribute to him. A broken mold this movie is with Hollywood finally taking a chance in this direction for a mainstream film. Congratulations on all who participated. ...more info
  • Moving but unreal
    This is a truly touching and moving presentation. It also perfectly captures the 60's when this sort of romance would have unfolded exactly as presented on the screen. The only problem is that same sex relationships, however romanticized, are doomed as was this one. It's brillant protrayals and casting create an exquisitely overwhelming romantic fantasy!...more info
  • interesting subject but I thought it dragged
    The main thing I didn't understand was if these two guys really wanted to be together, why didn't they move someplace where they could be accepted? There have been many cities that accepted gays. NY, SF, New O., Chicago, and most major cites in the north. Why not go there? If they they were gay why did they marry women? None of this made sense to me. I remember the 60's and there were gay people who were out, and nobody cared. I don't think the movie was a true perspective of gay life when these 2 guys got together. It wasn't until the 80's and HIV came along that homosexuality became a big scare, and with good reason. But back in the 60s and 70's gays were accepted in many cities.

    If they wanted to ride around in the mountains, and get married, then they made their choices. Nobody can have it all....more info
  • Nothing special about this Collector's Edition
    This "Collector's Edition" is a big disappointment. Not only is the transfer exactly the same as on the previous releases, there are not many new extras, anyway. The space of the second disc was probably not at all required. The biggest disappointment is that again the three hour Director's Cut of the movie is not made available. ...more info
  • broke back mountain
    came in at expected time. works great. brand new factory sealed. perfect condition. plays great. ...more info
  • Beautiful, yet sad
    Brokeback Mountain
    Main Cast: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams, and Anne Hathaway

    A raw, powerful story of two young men, Ennis a ranch hand and Jack an aspiring rodeo bull rider, are sent to work together herding sheep on Brokeback Mountain, and what had otherwise been anticipated to be a rather uneventful venture, will soon turn into an affair of love, of lust, and complications that will spand through 19 years of their lives. Through marriage, through children, and through the mighty grip of societal confines and the expectations of what it is to be a man.

    First, this movie begins in 1963 and during that time, to be gay was absolutely against society rules. Also, if you're hoping that this movie will change your beliefs against people being gay. The movie can't, you must keep an open mind, you have to decide for yourself if you enjoy this or not. ...more info
  • Is It Worth All The Hype?
    It has been three years since I've seen this movie the first time. I didn't see this movie in a theater, and bought it instantly when it was released on DVD. The day the movie came out I quickly went and bought it. I put it in the machine rather quickly and hoped for a movie that was going to leave some sort of impact on me because of all the hype surrounding its release.

    The first time I watched this movie I was letdown. I thought this movie was slow and dull, and obviously letdown because of all the hype. However, I recently decided to watch it again--three years later--and I don't know why I had the reaction I did the first time. This movie is honestly beautiful!

    I think the first time I watched this movie there was too much hype surrounding it so I got bored instantly thinking there would be more to the movie. There's nothing more that could be wanted though, and I know that now. This truly is a great story.

    The acting is brilliant from everyone in this film! I think the first time I watched this movie I should have turned the volume up because Heath Leger's character mumbles a bit--he's a man of few words. I think because I didn't catch everything he said the first time I really missed much of this movie. It's a story about love. A story about how you should always be true to yourself and the one you love. It sounds simple, but it's far from simple, and this movie proves that.

    There will always be some people that refer to this as the "gay cowboy movie" but it's not. True, the characters are cowboys, but gay people are like everyone else, and they are everywhere and every type of person. Some people have a problem with this movie because it deals with homosexuality, but they have their own issues and miss the point of this movie entirely.

    I was letdown the first time I watched this movie, and there are reasons for it, but I'm not letdown now. The only thing that lets me down is I wasn't able to enjoy this completely the first time, and I've only seen the movie twice in three years, but I'm sure I'll be watching it constantly from now on.

    This movie is beautiful and tragic. It's a great story, and it'll stand the test of time. If you've not seen it, or you were letdown when you saw it, I urge you to see this movie either for the first time or again!...more info
  • This ferociously liberal, pro-g*y Movie really curses Traditional Marriage, endorses the hurting of children, & is all-out mean!
    It remains an insolvable enigma as to why Brokeback Mountain--this radicalized, g*y agenda-endorsing recruitment drive with no redeemable merits--has such an overwhelmingly, almost fanatically agreed-upon approval by reviewers who are either declining to use morals in evaluating the film, or are simply too na?ve, short-sighted, or gullible to know better!!!! Brokeback Mountain is far from a controversial movie; insinuating that it's merely controversial makes it appear as though it has points of contention which have good arguments on either side. In morally clear and stark reality, however, Brokeback has absolutely no redeemable qualities since it advocates (in no particular order) the dissolution of marriage; alternative lifestyles which threaten the traditional, nuclear family; infidelity; and pursuit of one's animalistic lust in spite of the consequences.

    In a nutshell, Brokeback recounts the distressing story of two bisexuals who get into each other's pants while working as sheep herders in Wyoming; they worsen this irreligious affair by continuing their illegal, clandestine lust while being married and trying to raise families later on!!!! Reprimanding Brokeback for the g*y-pushing propaganda that it is isn't deserving of accusations of "bigotry"--as the simple-minded moral relativists who rave about Brokeback fall back on whenever their ideological movie is justifiably criticized. Besides the fact that the vast majority of Americans still rejects g*y marriage/civil unions and its destruction of traditional and therefore sustainable society, criticism against Brokeback also involves a totally non-g*y related issue: the advocacy of infidelity and the breakup of the nuclear family the film pushes.

    When Ennis and Jack "see" each other on their wilderness hikes, they're engaging in an illicit affair which callously hurts their respective wives and their innocent children!!!! If a person were to interpret Brokeback as the poster movie for the fictional concept of "g*y rights," one can conclude that g*ys are for the destruction of families, the unit which ensures a stable, orderly society. G*ys themselves ought to exercise some moral clarity and be outraged that another liberal, Hollywood movie represents their demographic so unflatteringly. This movie is such a cold, typical, liberal-minded exercise in the ideology of "if it feels good, do it," that it warrants the illicit lust of two g*ys to be together in total selfishness despite all the pain they're inflicting on their families and all the responsibilities they have to them.

    As with any predictable, liberal movie from Hollywood--which is misguidedly for the fiction that g*y "rights" are somehow "constitutional" despite that homosexuality is based only on willful behavior instead of something that's inherent in people--Brokeback abuses notions of longing and the alleged "true love" between Ennis and Jack to feloniously justify all the ruination their g*y relationship brings. The scheme of the devious filmmakers was clearly to cast Brokeback as a hard-to-believe, innocent "love story." By perpetrating this fr*ud, the filmmakers are successful in provoking reactions of sentimentality and empathy from the generally moral relativist/unobservant, movie-going public, which direly needs some conservatism so they can identify these noxious schemes by the liberals in entertainment. By selling Brokeback as a mere "love story," all the more sinister implications that I've rationally outlined above can be dismissed.

    This is the reprehensibly unscrupulous spin the moral relativist supporters of this film misuse to justify the radicalized, g*y-agenda push. However, even half-educated persons will be able to see through this ruse, as Brokeback Mountain is nothing but a fierce advocate for g*y marriage also. The movie's plot is maneuvered in such a way that the traditional, heterosexual marriages of Ellis and Alma and Jack and Lureen, respectively, are derided as "obstacles" which stand in the way of the g*y "love-fest" of Ennis and Jack. As such, Brokeback flagrantly pushes the misconstruction that Ennis and Jack could've been together and their families spared the pain if, and ONLY if, g*y marriage was legalized in the US (which will NEVER happen, thankfully, due to conservatives and traditionalists).

    Brokeback was an ideological movie which quickly lost the sensationalistic "steam" the liberal media kept forging for it, sputtering to a mean total of merely $83 million at the end of its domestic run. This not-too-surprising phenomenon was glaringly due to the fact that mainly liberals in the coastal, blue states were the primary driving force of this irreligious movie, but traditionalists in the Heartland, the Midwest and the South wisely didn't bother with this foulness.

    All the misleading exaggerations about the awards Brokeback's received are discreditable because the ones giving out the rewards are the same liberal, Hollywood and entertainment-circle degenerates who endorse g*y "rights." Folks who misinform you that Brokeback's really about the love between two people are doing the work of g*y, special interests, as Brokeback glorifies infidelity, the ruination of marriage, and the hurting of children. Brokeback's recommended viewing so it can disclose to people just how anti-traditional and radicalized the "values" of the g*y marriage/"rights" cause are!!!!
    ...more info
    I suppose IF they werent living a cowboys existance ( and that's all they knew ) , they could have gone to a big city where nobody really cared ..however, in the early 60's many still did care, and shunned the gays even before AIDS , many were stayed in the closet ( so to speak ).

    I 'm guessing the reason they married women was to throw off any suspicion from them in their small towns , especially when they were caught romping about in camp while suposedly watching over sheep . ( Now there would have been a good subsitute if lonely on the range I hear . ) anyway, The one wife knew early on ...why did she stay ? I wouldn't have . I'd be out that door in a flash .

    The movie to me was slow and I had to watch it three different times , pick up where I left off to get thru it . Glad I waited til cable got hold of it .

    Seriously I'm still not clear how the one guy died . did he actually have a tire blow up in his face OR did some cowboy who'm he misjudged as gay got pissed at this & he & his friends murder him ? Hey, I understand there still is limited tolerance in many of these " cowpoke " communities . It's been in news papers that not many years ago a gay boy was murdered then dragged beyond recognition behind their truck . We're still learning tolerance in this country I guess ....more info
  • Shed a tear
    A very poignant film. I couldn't remain dry eyed throughout the whole thing, and I'm not one to get very emotional.

    This movie reminds me of my own struggal to reach out to someone when it's hard to. I think it will move anyone who's ever felt the pain that so often comes with the joy of love. If that's you, you will thoroughly enjoy this movie....more info
  • Decent enough for rental
    For me, this movie was disappointing. I have to give credit to the actors, they did an excellent job. But I do feel that the relationship between the two characters, Jack and Enis, was a bit...rushed into. I mean, how do you go from tending sex. There wasn't even the slightest show of interest between the two guys, except maybe in one scene. It just didn't flow well enough there for me.

    However, the rest of the movie was decent. It goes on to show the struggle of the characters being forced to deny their love and to be apart (except the occasional visits), and managing wives and families. Then, to top it all off, the ending really sucked. I actually baught the movie before seeing it in good faith that it was going to be beyond my expectations. I gave the dvd away a day or so later.

    So overall, i'd say this movie's entertaining, but nothing special. The actors diserve every award/nomination that was given as a result of this film. But as for the movie itself, at best, it's decent enough maybe to rent from your local movie store....more info
  • Not as Gay as people think...
    Buy it, watch it, enjoy it for what it's worth as a story. Sure it's graphic but with Jake and Heath as real actors...we pretty much know who and what they are in real life. The story would have been less convincing and more focused as "gay cowboys" if the actors were unknown. Heath did play a quiet, dark man while Jake was an all out lets give in to life and forget what they all think. Anyhow, like Jesus Christ Superstar and The Passion of the Christ, one must review the movie and not make judgements based on others views. Oh and I'm not making comparisons just that those movies also were critiqued for their content too....more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A movie that was embraced as a homosexual anthem (despite being about bisexuals), Brokeback Mountain has beautiful cinematography and a compelling first hour, but is much less successful when attempting to show the characters being consumed with longing....more info
  • Great educational film
    It is tragic the way that gay people are unable to share love and have all of the things that the rest of us take for granted. This film is a sad story of two men stuck in a world where they are unable to love or be who they were born to be. Having to try to adapt and deal with a society that shuns them. (Example in other review). I learned a lot from watching this film and know that it has helped me to understand how difficult some peoples struggles can be. Especially for men, because of all of the expectations that society places on them. The actors were great and the story is really good. Watch this movie and open up your mind a litte to other people's struggles. ...more info
  • Graphic, sympathetic portrayal of adultery, prostitution, and gay agenda
    If you want to watch a very graphic and deeply sympathetic portrayal of adultery, prostitution and the gay agenda, this is the venue. If you want to watch two men falling all over each other and kissing each other and know...and that's your idea of a good time, you'll want this movie.

    The thing this movie fails to express is that just because you want something, just because you want it badly, doesn't make it right. And it's a colossal no-no to try to pervert the thoughts of an entire nation so you can have that wrong thing.

    The standard for right and wrong is in a much greater authority than desire gone askew, so better if the two men in this movie had explored why their sense of personal identity had been compromised than to give vent to their own self-destructive behavior that also destroys others.

    So. Since these men destroyed themselves and others because they were guided by their desires, without guidance from their consciences, why would anyone want to stir up sympathy for a way of thinking that produces that kind of a result?

    ...more info
  • A beautiful film
    After all the reviews written, I don't want to add anything else to the plot. So much has been said already. But I want to add a bit of controversy (perhaps) All the characters in the film apparently are doomed to failure and to unhappiness. But that's only apparent. Leaving aside the topic of social repression, constraint, conventionalities bonds, etc, which obviously made both Ennis and Jack cheat on their wives (They would never even have got married if they had had the chance to live their affection openly), the question is that, in my opinion, they had a margin, whatever small, of freedom to choose living a different life. That's the hardest reproach from Jack to Ennis the last time they are together. True, it is Ennis, the introverted type, uptight and taciturn, who never wants to take any risk, who's always full of confusion and fear. It is Ennis who gives up almost since the beginning, by accepting resignation and, therefore, failure, beforehand. Because things can always be fixed; and, if not, one can always fight and lose trying to fix them. Jack, on the other hand, is extroverted, vital, enthusiastic, idealistic and a dreamer. He may seem the weaker of both, but he's actually stronger than Ennis, because he knows what he wants and is willing to fight for it. Jack would have sacrificed anything to have a common life with Ennis, while Ennis is incapable of compromise. That's how I see it. Even if their destiny was meant to be comdemned to ostracism or to be killed by an homophobic gang, like in the traumatic vision of Ennis, even this end would have been better than being bound to live a miserable unhappy life, always shielded by lies, making miserable the people around them, bearing a broken marriage, provided that, even if their end had to be tragic, both Jack and Ennis would have shared a time of happiness living together. What was the use of living to save appearances? To lead a miserable life, as Ennis ends up completely alienated, probably regretting till the end of his life the wasted chances, the lost illusions. At least Jack Twist had the guts to fight for their happiness. ...more info