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24 - Season Five (Slim-Pack)
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Eighteen months after faking his own death, Jack Bauer is forced to return to Los Angeles when it becomes apparent that the only four people who know he is still alive are being systemically targeted for assassination. The assassinations coincide with the signing of an anti-terrorism treaty between Russia and the U.S., leading Jack to suspect a link between the assassinations, the treaty, and a group of Russian terrorists. But as events slowly unfold it becomes apparent that the day's horrific events were originally set in motion by someone within our country's own administration an individual with the power and resources to thwart Jack's every move.

Arguably the series' best season to date, season 5 of 24 literally starts with a bang and never lets up, with an intricate executive-level conspiracy to control Central Asia's oil supply. Piling crisis upon crisis in an escalating series of deceptions, twists, and deeply hidden agendas, the day-long ordeal begins with a devastating political assassination connected to a disgraced former CTU agent (Peter Weller) and a radical group of Russian separatists (led by British actor Julian Sands) threatening to release lethal nerve gas in Los Angeles to protest a U.S./Russian treaty about to be signed by President Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin). As Logan's unstable wife Martha (Jean Smart), Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce (Glenn Morshower), and chief of staff Mike Novick (Jude Ciccolella) gradually uncover the conspiracy, CTU maverick Jack Bauer (series star Kiefer Sutherland) emerges from self-imposed exile to aid his CTU colleagues in a life-threatening quest for the truth. Meanwhile, CTU chief Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) is thwarted by an inexperienced, overbearing superior (Sean Astin) and an executive takeover of CTU led by Homeland Security chief Karen Hayes (Jayne Atkinson), forcing Bauer and his CTU loyalists to "go dark" and work independently to honor the memory of a slain friend and leader. Also figuring in are CTU's resident hacker-nerd extraordinaire, Chloe O'Brian (played to perfection by Mary Lynn Rajskub), Bauer's estranged daughter (Elisha Cuthbert), and his beloved CTU colleague Audrey Raines (Kim Raver).

Pivoting on a declaration of martial law and a mysterious cabal of unnamed conspirators, "Day 5" shocked even loyal 24 fans with a high body count including several important supporting characters. It all adds up to an exceptional season that earned Sutherland a well-deserved Emmy (for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series), equally deserving Emmy nominations for Itzin and Sharp, and an Emmy win for co-executive producer Jon Cassar's direction of the riveting season premiere. And while the breathtaking twists of 24 don't always hold up to intense scrutiny, these 24 episodes (running about 43 minutes each) are tightly written and flawlessly directed with an involving emphasis on thriller plotting and dramatic focus on the complex and operatically tragic relationship between President Logan and his traumatized wife. Add it all up, and you've got an addictive reason to look forward to season 6. --Jeff Shannon

On the DVDs
Discs 1-6 contain four episodes each, with several episodes including optional viewing of extended or alternate takes of selected scenes. A total of 12 full-length episode commentaries are provided by 24's primary cast and crew, allowing listeners a comprehensive appreciation of the series' extended "family" of talent, along with a wealth of production anecdotes, revealing observations about plotting and character, and a welcome overview of individual personalities and contributions. Disc 7 is packed with features, beginning with a season 6 prequel that offers a tantalizing glimpse of things to come, with an interrogation and escape scenario set seven months after the events of "Day 5"; by comparison, the season 6 trailer offers little more than a recap of season 5. The featurettes are all well-crafted and worth a look, beginning with a "Supporting Players" profile of 24's extended cast (including some surprising glimpses of their off-screen hobbies and activities); a detailed documentary about 24's innovative and hard-working camera crew; a profile of music composer Sean Callery, who demonstrates his versatile mood-setting techniques; a detailed exploration of the "Presidential Retreat" set with production designer Jonathan Hodges and colleagues; a "100th Episode Reel" with tightly-edited clips from seasons 1-5; and a sampling of cast and crew photos from 24: Behind the Scenes, a picture book published in November 2006. Kudos to Sparkhill Productions for continuing to provide 24 bonus features as well-made as the series itself. --Jeff Shannon

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  • Kiefer Sutherland, Carlos Bernard, Kim Raver

Customer Reviews:

  • is anyone getting this?
    sorry to be a bit off topic, but, is anyone now actually getting this (from Amazon)? I ordered mine on Dec 9 06 with the promise that it would "arrive by Christmas" - for about 7-8 weeks now, once or twice a week, I get an "order update" advising me that there's been some delay with my order but that it is in the process of being put together and can't be canceled - had wanted to blast through a marathon viewing of season 5 again before 6 started - customer service has been very nice and helpful about it, but still......more info
  • Amazing
    I admit it, I'm a 24 junkie. I may cringe through the hokey parts and while I may cringe quite a bit but I'm still hooked on the show.

    One thing that caught my attention. Here we have a premise: the President of the United States is taking orders from a shadowy group of powerful business interests who have financed and equipped a band of terrorist to commit acts or terror on American soil in order to justify a war. Weird huh?

    Hmm, ahhh, ummm, errr, could it possibly be credible? It sounds almost like one of those "nutty 9/11 conspiracy theories". If this wasn't FOX I might be tempted to think they are trying to tell us something....more info
  • 24 hour addiction
    We absolutey love 24! Of course we had to add Season Five to our collection. Amazon is very competitive in pricing and we appreciate this! It's the only DVD series we own. Once you watch it, you can't stop! ENJOY...more info
  • Wow - another great season!
    Jack Bauer does it again. This season keeps you on the edge of your seat with every episode. Thoroughly enjoyable for all 24 fans (and a season that can get any newbie addicted!...more info
  • Season V
    Thoroughly enjoyed first 4 seasons but found season 5 perhaps the best overall. Story plots, riveting action, outstanding casting and acting all made this season about the best yet.
    We have one disc that has a malfunction of pixilating for about 10 minutes that somewhat distracts from the viewing, but otherwise a great collection to have for future viewing. ...more info
  • Review of 24 - Season Five DVD set
    In great shape, received it timely, and love the content!...more info
  • 24 is probably the best show on TV
    I only started watching 24 two years ago after season 4. I watched all the seasons on DVD and watched season 5 on TV. I still rate season 1 as the best ever however season 5 was pretty good.

    A few complaints though. I think the "inside job" plot is rather worn by now. How many government conspiracies are there going to be? And I can't remember the last time Eastern European terrorists tried to attack the US.

    Don't get me wrong but the writers really need to go back to what made season 1 so James Bond-type villians with plots to destroy the entire city....more info
  • 24 rules
    Season 5 was a great season; however, I have to agree with some other individuals that didn't like to see certain cast killed off. Why can the cast members just remain in retirement somewhere. How ever, I use the phrase about Jack Bauering this or that. Don't make me do a Jack Bauer on your arse...more info
  • Fast-Paced and Intense
    The 5th continues the tradition of fast-paced and intense action that 24 is noted for. The acting of the President and First Lady are top-notch and, of course, Jack and Cloe are terrific. The plot takes many turns and you never know what to anticipate.

    Watching 3-4 episodes in one sitting as you can do with the DVD set is much more satisfying and intense than the once/week on TV....more info
  • A neo-femme finally gives in and enjoys it for what it is
    I have just decided to quit my (justified) yapping and enjoy the show for what it is: a so-so political thriller minus the thrills, hampered by a real-time gimmick that has worn out it's welcome.

    My other reviews of the previous seasons tell it like it really is on a deeper level, but like my friend said: "This show isn't worth applying your high IQ to."

    This season starts off on the right foot and them slowly loses momentum until it completely loses most of it's credibility. Proceed with great caution....more info
  • No One Is Safe In Season Five of 24
    As's synopsis states, 24 literally starts right up and scarcely slows down at all throughout its 24 episodes. Things that happen this season will both shock and surprise you. Season 5 is arguably the best season of the series so far, although I think it ranks right up there with Season 4.

    One of the great things about this series, and this proceeds right into this season, is that anything can happen to anyone. Perhaps that is why this is the best on-the-edge of your seat television show that is on the air now, and possibly the best of all-time. I've talked to many people who say that after watching a few episodes, they need to take a break, because it is that intense! But this is a good thing. Every dangerous situation that occurs, you wonder if one of the characters that you've grown to like will suddenly be killed. That is why nobody is safe in this season or ANY season for that matter!

    I'm not going to go into too much detail here. Because the show starts right off from the very first episode, it would be a serious mistake and lack of respect to those who have yet to watch this season. Suffice it to say, terrorists are back and ready to rain terror upon the city of Los Angeles. Jack Bauer is unwittingly brought back from 18 months of living underground. Someone from Jack's past is also introduced here who plays a major role in what is going on.

    Kiefer Sutherland is still fantastic as Jack Bauer. Watching Jack Bauer work is like watching a grandmaster chess player thinking out his moves and trying to out-think his opponents. This, to me, is what makes him so appealing. He's not only physically intimidating due to his special forces training, but he is incredibly smart. I almost consider him the "Batman" of special agents. And when there is a crisis, there's nobody I'd rather have on my side than Jack Bauer. It's always amazing to me how he puts himself in dangerous situations without worrying about whether he'll come out of it or not.

    Many characters have come and gone, but Chloe O'Brian may well be the best one. She's still got an incredibly annoying personality, but she's the best computer/tech person around, and Jack's awfully lucky to have her in his corner. She still displays annoyance at being questioned or accused, and she still also tends to resent authority to some extent, but that's what makes her so appealing. She's not perfect, and she's not supposed to be; such is the case with all of these characters.

    Another actor that I've enjoyed watching since the last half of last season is James Morrison as Bill Buchanan. He's head of CTU, and he runs it like a true professional. I think he was a great addition to the cast, and he plays a vital role in this season's plot.

    You might think that it's easy to play a bumbling president, but it's not. I have to really admire the acting abilities of Gregory Itzin as President Charles Logan. He plays Logan in a way that will make your skin crawl. God help us if we ever have a president like this! (although some already argue that we do now!). He's always asking for someone else to make decisions, and he seems to be a true coward at heart. In many ways, he's the antithesis of President Palmer.

    There are some old faces that you will probably recognize, such as actors Julian Sands, Peter Weller, and C. Thomas Howell, and they all play their parts well, especially Weller.

    As with all seasons of 24, nothing is what it appears to be, and the writers do a masterful job of playing with your emotions to divert your attentions away from the true villains. They might introduce someone that you don't like, and you might suspect that this person is behind the plot, and then you find out you were wrong. Or, they introduce someone that you actually like but would never suspect. Suspicion and mistrust are everywhere, and part of the fun as the viewer to figure out the pieces of the puzzle. This is an aspect of 24 that makes it such a phenomenal show, and believe me, there's no drop off here in Season 5, which has a surprise ending that will knock your socks off!

    Note: If you have not seen Season 5, DO NOT read the back of the box to Season 6. It gives away a key plot point from Season 5 that I guarantee you, you will not want spoiled....more info
  • One of the best seasons of 24 yet!
    I know a lot of people who stopped watching during season 3. Season 5 is so good it is worth getting seasons three and four just to be up to date and be able to appreciate season 5. There are some interesting new characters and some characters from previous seasons who really come into their own.

    One of the best seasons yet! Highly recommended....more info
  • Fading Fast But Better than Season 4
    This is a nice season to view after the horror that was season 4. The plot is a little clearer and there is not a new emergency or disaster every 3rd episode as in season 4.

    The worst aspect about this series is the involvement of the President in many of the schemes (not really a spoiler), when this was revealed I almost laughed. The writers are so desperate to WOW and shock the viewer that they went the only direction they never had before and never should have gone. By this time the American public would have NO FAITH in their government's ability to keep order in the US. You have one assassinated president who had a divorce, was removed from power, replaced in power, and resigned due to a scandal and coverup. The next president is lost in a terrorist attack against Air Force One. The NEXT president is collaborating with terrorists.....

    Oh and CTU: who would work there now, you are almost gauranteed to die if you work here. Bombs, nerve gas, oh and Chinese terrorists in the next season...

    I loved the first 3 seasons, now I view each episode with more chagrin than before. I pray that this show can recapture some of its earlier glory!...more info
  • Same Ole Jack!
    I'm going to cut out your right eye, and then I'm going to cut out your left eye, and I'll keeping cutting to you tell me what I need to know!...more info
  • Fantastic!
    The fifth season of FOX's "24" is the finest out of all of them (though the sixth season might replace the top when it's finished). The characters (especially Bauer, O'Brian, and Logan) are three-dimensional, the suspense is riveting, and the plot twists are more than just shocking. And yes, many major characters die, but if you haven't seen this yet, then I'm not going to tell you who. There's one catch, though: this season's DVD set is different than the first four (the discs are kept in small cases rather than in pages), and I have a feeling that the other four will be just like the Fifth's in the near future.

    Nevertheless, this show is still fantastic! A+...more info
  • The last great 24 series
    Forget the excesses of season six. This is 24 at its peak!

    Jaw dropping surprises and non stop action with Jack in absolute top form. There is no other way to watch this series than on DVD.

    The only issue? How do you stop before it's done?

    A++ escapism. Should be everyone's number one guilty pleasure. ...more info
  • Amazing
    This show never ceases to amaze me. I keep waiting for them (TV executives) to ruin this show like so many others, but it just keep getting better and better. There is never a dull moment and it always leaves you wanting more. I highly recommend this TV show to anyone who says there is nothing good on TV....more info
  • 24 dvd series
    LOVE the series. Amazon is super fast on shipping and product is excellent condition. Thanks!...more info
  • Get you sofa ready
    It's true... there's nothing like the first 24 season, but... This will hold you enough time tight into your sofa....more info
  • 24- Season 5 DVD
    Continues to be excellent TV series, although "torture" scenes are becoming gratuitous and not based on the "real world." If torture scenes are to continue on "24" for plot purposes, such scenes need to show how torture victims will say and/or do anything at some point to stop the torture and how such misinformation could be more detrimental than the current terrorist plot devices used on 24. Otherwise, I look forward to Season 6....more info
  • Love this series!
    I order all of the season of 24 for my husband for Christmas. When we finally got to season 5 we were very disapointed as we had two disc 5 and no disc 6, so we had to hold tight till our replacement came. I was however very impressed with the quick response from Amazon to send us a new season 5 and a return label to send back our dysfunctional series. It was very quick and speedy service and we are back to watching our favorite series again! Great Customer Services!!...more info
  • 24 - Fifth Season Builds on Earlier Ones
    The folks at Fox are definitely learning from past experience. This season is clearly one of the best, if not the best. It does not have distracting irrelevant sub-plots the way most earlier seasons did. As with the more recent seasons, the plot unfolds slowly, preventing viewers from knowing where the season is going. As usual with 24, some suspension of disbelief is needed to enjoy it.

    My only disappointment with this season was the fact that it ended with more of a cliffhanger that before. In the past, Jack, and viewers, could, more or less, expect to relax between seasons....more info
  • 24 Just Keeps Getting Better!
    The new season started out with a BANG!, and never let up. There were more twists and turns in this season than in any other.
    You're always on the edge of your seat, and just when you think that you know what is going on, they throw you a curveball that shatters what you think the reality of 24 is.
    After watching all 5 seasons over a six month span, I think that because of the gravity of the situation, and who's behind it all, that Season 5 was the best....more info
  • Bad Cases
    This show is great, the only problem i have found with this particular season is that every slim case in the set has at least one disc that will not stay secured to it's spot, the plastic tabs are broken. Other than that, good deal and great show!...more info
  • Doesn't get better than this.
    Season 5 is probably the best season to date (including season 6). Lots of additional features for the die-hard 24 fan makes this a must have....more info
  • Back To Its Political Roots
    While Season One of 24 focused much of its attention on President David Palmer, Seasons 2-4 saw the Oval Office by and large take a back seat to the missions of Jack Bauer and CTU. However, Season Five brings some of the attention back to the sitting U.S. President (this time Charles Logan) and ends up with a much more well-rounded storyline.

    For a basic (non-spoilery) plot summary, a group of Russian terrorists threaten to release canisters of nerve gas in the U.S., leading Bauer to be reprieved from his thought-to-be death in order to help stop the crisis. As CTU begins investigating the terrorism, however, it quickly becomes clear that the terrorists are working with a high-ranking government official, and the conspiracy begins to be unraveled.

    To be honest, at first I was skeptical of all the focus on President Logan, as didn't like his character and wasn't sure that he could command the camera as well as his predecessor Palmer. However, by the end of the season, Logan is easily the most enjoyable/interesting character on the show. His acting, along with his wife, chief of staff, and head of security, really gives the show the Presidential presence it lacked since that first season.

    Of course, there is still more than enough of Jack Bauer and his fellow CTU agents (Audrey Rains, Bill Buchanon, Edgar Stiles, Chloe O'Brien, etc.) to go around, which means that intense drama ensues in every single episode. The writers have an amazing way to take a character that looks like a creep (think Tony Almeida and George Mason in the early seasons) and, by the end of a few episodes, have him become a noble hero, and that tradition continues in this season as well.

    The only "knock" I have on this season is that the cliffhanger endings of each episodes aren't quite as shocking (e.g. Nina Myers doesn't appear out of nowhere). However, I think that was more of a creative choice by the writers, as the story is actually more coherent that any season besides the first one. Instead of seemingly changing the plot of the show with every episode, Season Five slowly crescendos until the big finale.

    So, fans of 24 can purchase this season with confidence knowing that they will still get their action, drama, suspense, and some great twists and turns along the way....more info
  • Outstanding. Gregory Itzin makes the show a complete success.
    The highest point in an otherwise remarkably consistently outstanding series. There is no point in going into the Season 5 plot here but suffice it to say that the political aspects, developments and twists portrayed in this season have no parallel in any of the other seasons and are the main reason for this season being the most exhilarating ride I've experienced on film - ever. A special mention must go out to the immensely talented Gregory Itzin for his portrayal of the flawed - and brilliant - President Charles Logan. The perfect antithesis to his predecessor, the predictable "good guy" President David Palmer, Logan is an immensely rich and complex character - he resembles Nixon in more than looks alone - and Itzin's intelligent and studied portrayal lends the show itself huge credibility. The world may think it is divided into good and bad guys, but it's those who are both who make history. A note to the producers - PLEASE bring Itzin/Logan back beyond the 6th season. Outstanding and highly recommended to any political junkie. ...more info
  • Still good...
    The WOW-factor's gone, the plots are similar & Jack is still Bauer...but the storyline is still immensely addictive. Keeps you draggin' on to the next episode time & time again....more info
  • best one yet!
    this season is amazing, it's incredible, you just want to keep watching and watching. the opening episode is by far the most intense opening episode....more info
  • 24 hours of chaos, death, mayhem adn destruction!


    Man, this is really a violent, dark and totally avoid of humour show. But's the beuaty of it: there shows around about very differente themes.

    The proposal of 24 hours is to give you non-stop action, non-stop twists and, also, a lot of bloodshed. It's interestin also to see through the shows the incredible amount of highly trained, superbly financied and intelliegnt people willing to do harm to good old Uncle Sam, be them American, Muslin, German, Rusian... Also, the terrorists portrayed in the show are capable of mobilizing killer squads in less time than it takes to say "Killer squads"... But, suspension of desbelief is something required to any show (if we wanna just see reality, just check the news, not a show!), since they respect tha canon and "mitology" described by that show itself. In that respect, 24 is respectul to itself.

    I'm also one of those that consider Season Five the best season of them all. There are so many ingredients. Kim Raver is acting better than ever... the rhythm is breathtaking all the way (although the death toll is incredible high, even by thwe show standards - to kill Almeida, David Palmer, Michelle, Edgar Stiles, all of them in one single season... uau...)

    Yes, I denitely think this is the best season of 24 until now....more info
  • its ok a great add. to your collection of 24
    its a great show 5th season is maybe the best season and its a great show, start to end i was off my chair so just buy the dam jerks...more info
  • Great!
    I started watching 24 in season six. Well, I got hooked and have had to go back and watch all the previous seasons. I would agree with other reviewers that this is the best season. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys action shows/movies. I also like the slim packaging much better....more info