Imitation Dummy Dome Camera Indoor Outdoor Fake Security Decoy with Blinking LED (2 Pack)
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Product Description

This realistic dome camera decoy can be used indoors and outdoors for your own comfort and security. Even under close inspection, the authentic styling and structure of this camera makes it impossible to tell apart from the real thing. No one will know it's fake! If you don't have the time or money to install a professional security system, the Imitation Dome Camera is a great way for you to deter would-be thieves and vandals. It looks just like a real dome camera! Neighbors and visitors will think that you have a complete video surveillance system. This unit can be easily mounted and aimed on the ceiling or wall. No wiring or installation required . . . very easy to set up and mount. The flashing LED indicates power and adds to the realism of the camera and is powered by 2 AA batteries. Help prevent or deter suspicious activity by placing the security camera in a noticeable place. It will make people think twice about stealing or doing damage to your property. Have fun watching how friends and family react when they think they are being video taped. The imitation camera was made to look and function identical to a real dome camera and can make your security system appear more robust. No need to spend money on expensive cameras. This is a great visual deterrent to shoplifting, theft, vandalism, and can be added to your existing security system. Perfect for any domestic or commercial use such as an office, store, retail space, business or home. Protect your parking lot, back yard, porch, front door, driveway, garage. This item includes two individual ISC302 imitation cameras.

  • This item includes two individual ISC302 imitation cameras
  • Easy to set up, no wiring or installation required
  • Blinking LED indicates power and makes it more visually authentic
  • Can be used indoor/outdoor (waterproof) ceiling or wall mountable
  • Measurements 4.75" wide x 4.75" wide x 2.75" tall, weight 0.30 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Little Beauties - but no blinking!
    These are very realistic looking little cameras, very solidly built of anodized aluminum and very realistic, too! A little smaller than what you'd maybe expect, the camera body is about 3 1/2 inches long (add an inch for the Weatherproof housing) and about two inches 'wide' the stand is about 4 inches tall. Mounts with three screws (included). The camera lens and wire is totally believable, too. One Important point: this model does NOT have the BLINKING RED LIGHT ! What you get are two cameras, but not blinking. ...more info
  • Does its job well
    The camera did what it was supposed to do! I had it installed in my cabinet at work, and since then no one has come near my stuff (or drank my coffee)!!! The blinking red light is pretty cool, and my batteries lasted for about 3 months, but even after the batteries died, it's still a menacing sight!

    Looks pretty real, and it comes complete with everything you need to install!...more info