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Victorinox Zip Around Wallet
List Price: $28.00

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Product Description

This lightweight travel wallets as a secure, zip-around closure, providing extra security for your valuables.

  • Zip-around design keeps valuables safe and secure
  • Large currency pocket stores almost all sizes of currency for the global traveler
  • Micro-screen mesh ID slot keeps your ID easily visible and accessible
  • Dedicated credit card slots and storage pockets make finding items a cinch
  • Rugged 210 x 640D nylon fabric

Customer Reviews:

  • Good but only if you live in the U.S.
    Great wallet if you live in the US or with a country that has small paper currency. I have to fold the bills when I go to Japan or Korea. The double compartment for the currency is not tall enough. Other than that it is a great durable wallet....more info
  • Does not hurt your behind!
    Yes, I got this for my husband and he is impressed with it! One word, comfy on your behind when you sit on it in your back pocket....more info
  • Small, small, small
    Wallet is small. Even my currency barely cleared the zipper. And what's the deal with no change pockets in wallets these days? If you're looking for an ultra slim wallet to carry just a few things this'll probably do just fine (and the zipper is a nice touch). But if they'd just add an inch to the height and find room for a velcro or zip change pocket I would be giving this a 5. Instead its heading back in the mail tomorrow....more info
  • 28 dollors is what you have to pay for one of these.
    I wonder how they can give this product a life time warranty. Everything falls apart. I'm only giving it three stars cause I don't really know if I'm going to get my 28 dollors out of it. It is what I wanted, and I do like it. I just think it was expensive. Time will tell. Maybe my star rating will go up?...more info
  • NOT for the global traveler!
    Great wallet in many ways - secure and durable. But the description says it can hold almost all size currencies and is great for the global traveler which is absolutely not the case. As a USA only wallet it gets 5 stars, but for global travel only 1 star....more info
  • Not great but the one I wanted was gone
    This wallet IS secure which I like. AND it has little plastic hooks so I can put it on my wall THIS IS GREAT BECAUSE NOW I KNOW WHERE IT IS ALL THE TIME. the Zippers are good and the wallet holds a bunch of stuff and stays slim. EXPENSIVE YES. BUT if it holds up ( it should - it has a life time warranty) then I'll be happy. The best wallet was the old Columbia model with the zipped compartment on the back (VERY SAFE) but Amazon no longer carries it.. BOOOOOO., ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I purchased the based on the positive reviews but was very disappointed with this product. Especially from a company that makes an excellent product such as their pocket tools range. The wallet is just too small and does not hold your currency properly. In all fairness they did say LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVEL WALLET and they meant it, hence only three slots for your cards. If you are looking for an everyday wallet this is not for you. On the positive side the build quality seems solid....more info