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  • a good action/thriller flick.
    This movie is good. It has good special effects. I think it is better than dante's peak. This movie also isn't very long like some disaster movies are. I like disaster movies and this one is one that wins place in my heart. Buy it!...more info
  • Tommy Lee vs. the Volcano
    To paraphrase Homer Simpson, my personal Buddha, if they're ever going to pull the plug on me, I just hope Tommy Lee Jones is in my corner. It's the stare, the leathery skin, the level tone of voice that could reassure a tax cheat. In Volcano, the guy not only gets to save a city, but he also finds the time to be one helluva dad. As city official Mike Roark, Jones evokes the kind of serenity and persuasiveness that turns catastrophes into miracles. I wonder if he'd consider adopting me.

    A metropolis gone mad confronts the head of the O.E.M. (Office of Emergency Management). Roark is a St. Louis boy and looks rather at out of his element when the La Brea tar pits begin billowing buckets of steam. Geologist Amy Barnes (Anne Heche) plays nothing but concern, particularly after a fellow scientist is virtually swallowed by red gunk pouring from the earth's core. Naturally, Roark and Barnes team up to try and curb the lethal liquid, but Roark's teenage daughter is in peril and the career man must quickly decide which responsibility he'll deal with first.

    This latest lava-charged disaster flick proves once and for all that L.A. is no place for sane people. Forget the flash floods, mud slides, forest fires and occasional race riots. You ain't seen nothin' until you watch a fire truck melt into the molten surf on Wilshire Boulevard.

    Volcano's special effects are fab--a combo of model work and computer imaging; the story is unremarkable but solid. And while there are a few trite patches in the "Can't we all just get along" vain, it's Jones who keeps the whole sh-bang from coming apart. As he's done in a a boatload of movies in the past, he's able to rise above the well-worn material and create something slightly special. Hey, it's no Earthquake, folks (What is?), but Volcano is destined to be summer's first monster hit. Deservedly so....more info

  • volcano
    Volcano is one of the bst action movies ever made! But there are some sad parts like when the guy stan dies but it,s still action packed so if you want an action movie buy volcano now....more info
  • A Very Underrated movie
    "Volcano" is a very underrated movie, a lot of people said the film was unrealistic and stupid I totally disagree. This film has action, suspense, comedy, thrills, everything. This film also has great special effects and good performances from a good cast I highly reccomend this film. Also the DVD is exceptional....more info
  • good customer service
    I was very happy to recieve, my movie as listed from this seller,and was also happy in the fast delivery....more info
  • Wow!
    While this movie does have some pretty cheesy moments it more then compensates for them with superb visuals and strong suspense. It might be a typical disaster movie, but it is defenetly at the lead of that pack....more info
  • Is there a forewoman somewhere?
    A catastrophe film has a simple formula. A perfectly beautiful situation. Los Angeles. With a hint of a problem. Earthquakes. Then some small elements that could lead to something else and a few geologists to prove it with theories that prove nothing but create anxiety. The geologists are women and that adds a touch of male-chauvinism when all the men (and they are only men, firemen, policemen, all kind of city workers and underground operators and security people, men, men and men again, and if you can find women they are geologists, doctors, nurses, news journalists, but not security personnel, though there might be one or two on the fringes but not in the middle of the action) of the security services don't believe her. Add to that a few simple but strongly emotional personal situations like a "single" father and his 13 year old daughter caught in the mess, and a couple more elements like that, even a couple of dogs, and you have what you need to create an emotional and fascinating catastrophe film. The rest is just special effects and there no one is better than catastrophe film makers to get these special effects right. So the catastrophe that has one chance in a million years to happen can be imagined in Los Angeles, but not too hard though like the volcanic eruptions that created Japan or those that submerged northern India with an immense basaltic plateau a couple of miles thick. Just a small little thing but right in the middle of LA with the underground as one of the main in-going avenues, along with Wilshire boulevard or whatever, for the lava to seize the city from underground. Spectacular. The heroes are set in extremely dangerous situations and miraculously saved by fate. The film you need in order to imagine the end of the world on a largo pianissimo level of intensity. We keep the vivace prestissimo for when it will really happen.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
  • zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz zzzzz oh its finished!
    This movie is sooooo boring, only because the same thing is happening over and over and over again and it just goes on and on and on....

    Its boring, dont bother with it!...more info
  • A good moving film
    I recently saw it on television, i have wanted to see this for a while now and i finally got round to. Well it isnt brilliant, but it was good! there was something going on for near enough every part of the film and the eruption started fairly early or suspicions of it coming were noticed early in the film and there was actioning to it a lot which made it that bit more better. I enjoyed it!...more info
  • Pick a subject!!
    Give me a break!! This story has sooo many subplots and underlining themes that they can hardly resolve all of them. I do not object to movies pushing the envelope, but a man CAN NOT walk though lava. It is just impossible. ALso, there is no possible way that concrete dividers will stop the flow of a lava. SHEESH!!! I love Tommy Lee Jones but this was ridiculous. My advise, pass on this politically correct nonsense and watch something a little more believable, like Dante's Peak. It has some DUH! moments but at least it is plausible. ...more info
  • The perfect volcano - Tar Pits, drain tunnel, in the ocean.
    . The movie starts with a emergency at St Vincent Hospital followed by an earthquake

    2. "I hate that when that happens." Californians deal with disaster like it was common event, says the News anchor women reporter.

    3. "Not to panic, please stay calm. Small to moderate earth quake in palmdale"

    4. Mike is director of the Office of emergency management. It Mikes day off with his daughter.

    5. Career heavy, Mike should be on vacation, divorced, and spending time with Kelley his only daughter.

    6. Post earthquake, phone and power lines are up.

    7. Speculation that a new fault system exists under Los Angels system.

    8. Gas explosion in the MacArthur park, 7 deaths, thought initially to be an erupted steam pipe, but later reported as unknown.

    9. Your not happy if you not declaring an emergency.

    10. 30,000 people think they are taking the train tonight, says the Rail construction chief.

    11. 5 feet of concrete walls in the storm drain, hot gases kill 7 public works individuals

    12. Mike yells, "Find me a geologist"

    13.Mojave desert 60 miles away, earthquake

    14. Volcano lava flow starts in the tar pits

    15. Mike declares the disaster level 1

    16. Daughter, Kelly with 2nd degree burn

    17. Dr J colter transports injured firemen rescued and Mikes daughter to the hospital.

    18. The daugher screams "I promise I won't get in the way" as she is transported away.

    19. Lava snaking its way down stanley avenue.

    20. It is a warzone. Grey ash starts to fall.

    21. Watch the Lava bombs and see where it will land.

    22. The geologist wants to evaculate the westside, a million people, from lava stream that will extend too the ocean. Mike knows this is an impossible plan consider the speed of the lava flow.

    23. Mike says "run to the hills and hide, I can't do that", a battle against the lava

    24. The geolist tells Mike, the main eruption has not occurred

    25. Public works to create concrete barrackads.

    26. The Geologist says, "We are dealing with very determined stuff." Plan one, try to cool the lava and create a crust. It is a miracle. Hundreds of firefighter, water drops, and a concrete barrier manage to freeze the lava flow. They have accomplished the impossible.

    27. There has to be a source, something feeding this. However, the lava is moving from the drain system, installed, and moving fast.

    28. I want to be like Mike, red line subway, Holly Hill storm drain, onto the ocean, extend 200 yards, in 20 minutes. The contours are wrong, plan fails. The Hospital and its 2,000 occupants are at risk.

    29. New plan, knock a new 20 story building (accross from the Beverly center) down by precision explosion and create a rubble dam, in 20 minutes, and divert the lava to the ocean.

    30. The desparate strategy paid off. The lava diverted the ocean.Mike, Kelly, and the little boy are Ok. The volcano is shutting down. Look at their faces they all look the same
    ...more info
  • Cheesy disaster mayhem
    The most important thing to know about "Volcano" is that there is no Volcano. Lava bubbles up from the La Brea Tar Pits and sludges through L.A. So a more apt title would have been "Lava". Or perhaps "Lava Flow". Or how about "It's like Lava!".
    Anyway, "Volcano", is a disaster flick. It's a very mainstream, cheese-o-rama, disaster flick. It's the kind of flick where people do noble things and your eyes are supposed to water up with emotion. Oh, they'll be watering up all right. You'll be laughing your head off so much that the tears will fall. One scene stands out: A guy tries to save the passengers on a subway train from the slowest moving lava in the world. So he jumps on board and starts taking people out. In his final act of selfless courage, he carries the last person out as he slowly melts into the lava! I don't know about you, but if lava was burning my legs to the bone, I think I'd be howling in agony. I sure wouldn't be able to keep a straight face like this guy, nor could I carry anything, let alone a person, to safety.
    The whole movie is like that. It's about people caring about other people. A preposterous disaster will unite us at last! A little boy at the end of the movie notices everybody covered in black soot and remarks that they all look the same. Can't you see the message? We're all the same! Humans must help other humans! Especially when Hollywood concocts an asinine disaster flick! Save me! ...more info
    I see it at the theater,rented on video and finally I bought it on DVD!this is a awesome movie,cool lava flowing the street of L.A. is like the real lava.Tommy Lee is a wonderful actor and also Anne Heche too.The DVD transfer is also awesome,good sharp picture quality and sound.This is the DVD to get for your home theater system....more info
  • BAD
    This is just a bad movie. Despite the big names it has a B-movie feel to it. The effects look cheap and unreal. The dialogue is often sappy. I mean really, really sappy. Take for example the ending where everyone is covered in ash, and a child observes that they all look the same. What a heart-touching racial commentary. Gag me with a spoon! One more thing, the announcer's voice sounds like that of the annoying troll from TMZ and Court TV, Harvey Levin....more info
  • "Volcano" through post-9/11 eyes.
    I just saw this 1997 movie for the first time, and was struck by the many ways it foreshadows 9/11: the feeling of disbelief, the chaos and destruction, the male cameraderie of the police and firemen, the sensationalism of the media coverage, the feeling of helplessness in the face of disaster, and the hopelessness of confronting an overwhelming threat. Looking through the previous reviews by date, I note that the more thoughtful reviews seem to occur after 9/11, although none of them makes that specific connection. I, for one, felt mesmerized by the mechanics of the disaster response, and carried along by the implacability of the lava flow, was reminded briefly of the days glued to the television set in mid-September, 2001.

    The lava is really the cental character of this film, and the director and special effects people did an excellent job of portraying it. There are echos here of the final scenes of the original War of the Worlds, when the alien ships march through Los Angeles burning everything in their path. It is a very effective portrayal of the force of inanimate nature. The juxtaposition of that brute force with everday urban life is quite effective, and is of course what makes well-done disaster films so mesmerizing.

    The human characters are trivial by comparison. Jones and Heche put in competent performances, as do Jacqueline Kim, Gabby Hoffman and Don Cheadle. I especially enjoyed the repartee between Cheadle and Jones. They manage to engage our sympathy enough to allow us to relate to them and their situation, but the script is trite and predictable and melodramatic. The heroism of the police and firemen seemed quite genuine, however, quite in keeping with what we know happened on 9/11.

    Interestingly, an incipient romantic relationship between Jones and Heche is implied, but never developed, and in fact, unusual for Hollywood in our time, there is no sex in this movie at all.

    The LA emergency response provides a counterpoint to the lava. The level of chaos and incompetence portrayed is very high, in contrast to the heroism of the individual characters, which is of course what generates much of the melodrama.

    The plot isn't terrible, just very shallow and improbable, as one would expect from a film of this type: Lava erupts in downtown LA, and Jones and Heche figure out how to stop it, with lots of histrionics along the way. The larger implications of an active volcano appearing in the middle of a major American metropolitan area are not addressed, nor do they belong in a film whose primary intent is light entertainment. Still, one wonders. Would the Lakers and Dodgers move elsewhere?

    While watching this film, I found myself thinking, "We would do better with something like this now, after 9/11."

    Wouldn't we?...more info
  • Nature Movie
    Who doesn't like movies where you are sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happy. Most disaster movies and Nature movies are like that. Volcano is a very good one to be sitting on the edge of your seat. It is a movie that everyone should see to me. I am also a nature person and love learning and watching about what happens and could happen around the world....more info
  • Edward D Wood Jr. could make a better film $120 million this cost $120 million WITW???
    Volcano is an absurd R list movie story that somehow got an A list budget and A list cast to star in it. The pitiful attempt to make a disaster movie is just a horrifying waste of talent and money. I wish this were a comedy instead of a serious movie; it's one of the funniest things I've seen all year. Where are Mike, Crow and Tom Servo when you need them? This is an MST3K movie if there ever was one.

    To make Volcano's boring predictable story a chimpanzee probably took the copies of screenplays of other bad disaster movies, cut out the worst scenes and then pasted them together to make the script for this movie. If there are people stupid enough to write this stuff up for real; I don't want to know about them. You must only need a room temperature IQ to be a screenwriter and make the big bucks. Schoolteachers who put in 12-15 hour days struggle to make a living and the writer of this screenplay drives a Bentley. Shows you how fair life is. According to this movie, there's a live volcano in the middle of Los Angeles. Fault lines the seismologists know about, but somehow they miss a Volcano in the middle of an ENTIRE CITY. Holding this wafer thin plot together are the cardstock disaster movie clich¨¦ characters who spout clich¨¦ lines. Tommy Lee Jones (Fresh off his Oscar win, shows you how many good roles those worthless gold statues get you.) is an overworked Los Angeles Fireman who wants to just go on vacation when the catastrophe starts. Yeah, there is one of these guys in every one of these disaster movies. The dialogue spouted in this movie will have you in stitches. Every line is a ridiculous clich¨¦ and sounds extremely ridiculous. Oh yeah Anne Hecht is the blonde pretty geologist who knows all about volcanoes and schools the audience. She also has an interest in Tommy Lee. Don Cheadle is the guy who sits in an office and banters with Jones over the radio. There's the teenage daughter who constantly is getting herself in the path of danger. Keith David is the cop who does get to go outside and bark orders.
    This film is a laugh riot. Badly computer generated lava threatens to destroy all those beautiful California landmarks. In one scene a guy is walking down a hot tunnel and his Nikes are melting; the poor guy gets engulfed in hundred thousand-degree lava and doesn't scream in agonizing pain. He's making a noble sacrifice saving lives. Everything leads up to the demolition of a brand-new office tower to cap the flow of the Volcano. Tommy Lee Jones goes to save the teenage girl from a collapsing building, that's UNDERNEATH THE LAVA and comes out alive. At the end of the movie enjoy the "Volcanic ash" that snows down in sunny California makes everyone look the same. Bleech.

    I read somewhere the studio spent $120 million on to make this dreck. Instead of spending all that money to make this movie, they should have paid the screenwriter twice that much to disappear and buried this screenplay deep under the La Brea Tar pits so it could never be made into a movie. But hiding this vile story there would probably lead to the tar pits vomiting up lava in the middle of LA. just like the movie.

    I've seen my share of bad movies and over the past ten years Hollywood somehow continues to make films WORSE than Edward D. Wood Jr could ever think of putting on celluloid in his lifetime. Plan 9 from Outer Space and Glen or Glenda had a more cohesive plot and better acting than Volcano.
    Unless you're looking for a movie to roast at your MST3K party at your house avoid this on-screen disaster.
    ...more info