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The Silver Streak
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  • This Is A Very Good Movie!
    I first watched the movie Silver Streak on the AMC cable channel and I thought it was very entertaining. I loved the blend of mystery and suspense with comedy and I enjoyed the acting from Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor and Jill Clayburg. I'm so glad to see that this movie has finally been put on DVD and I willad it to my list of DVDs to buy!...more info
  • Humourous, romantic streak across the States

    Talk about a winning combination of humour & romance spiced up with a pinch of violence and derring-do. Gene Wilder gets lucky ridin' the Silver Streak train (with the rather charming Jill Clayburgh [what happened to her?? woulda liked to see her in some other films... ]). Enter Richard Pryor, stage [back seat]. Wilder as 'Mr Normal' and Pryor, a thief of dubious reliability make for a truly amusin' comic duo. One really funny 'leitmotif' throughout the film is how George Caldwell (Mr. Wilder's character) keeps gettin' tossed off the train... and everytime he does, he's astonished and damned pissed off (usually shouting, "Son of a bitch!").

    Have to mention the delicious soundtrack by Mr. Henry Mancini (the Master, himself) - there's the theme, a broad, sweeping all-violins melodic arc (first played as the train pulls out of L.A. at the beginning of the movie) - AND... watch for the scene in George's and Hilly's [Ms. Clayburgh's character] suite when they first get together - the slow track playing 'on the radio' is pure 70's romance - subtle, easy-listening like and (I feel) kinda makes ya wanna shed a tear - such vulnerable music.

    If you haven't seen it, do so.
    ...more info
  • Better than Expected
    I did not have high hopes for this one but it turned out better than I expected. It is a bit of mystery, a bit of comedy and a small bit of action.

    Gene Wilder plays a publisher taking a transcontinental train trip. He falls for Jill Clayburgh who has the compartment next to his. She is the secretary for an art historian on his way to a conference to make a dramatic presentation that will change a lot of people's ideas and affect the value of some expensive art. Needless to say, some people do not want him to make the conference.

    The bad guys kill the art historian and intimidate the secretary. While doing so, they arouse the suspicion of Gene Wilder who knows something screwy is going on but not exactly what. To dispose of this nuisance, he is repeatedly ejected from the train. Even so, he manages to get ahead of it and meet it at the next stop to pursue the mystery further. He is aided in this by Richard Pryor, a small time crook who aids him early on and comes along for the ride.

    This is not a great film but it was a pleasant diversion.
    ...more info
  • Great Train Ride for Zepher Train Fans!
    For all those train fans that enjoyed the era of the Burlington Zephers and the vista-dome era, you won't want to miss this DVD. The acting is great and funny. You see life on a full line passenger train at the height of its travel glory. The suspense and action in the film keeps you totally absorbed. You won't be sorry to get the Silver Streak DVD....more info
  • All aboard "The Silver Streak!"
    This movie is good and my Dad told me about it. My dad saw this movie at the theater with his friends in 1976. The trains look nice but one of my questions about the movie is did they still have those 1950s style diesels even in the MID '70s? I thought they went away in the mid '60s. And also the Silver Streak has sort of the same look as the CP Rail (Canadian Pacific) because it has those red and white stripes and it's red. But still it's a really nice train and that was a good choice for the movie. It's a lot better than the diesel engines today. This movie is about where George Caldwell (Gene Wilder) goes on a trip to Chicago and he says he's going to his sister's wedding. There ahead at the bar, he meets a good friend Bob Sweet (Ned Beatty) but later on he says his name is Stephens and he's a Federal Agent. I wonder why they didn't put Stephens in the credits next to Bob Sweet. Then he meets a girl Hilly Burns (Jill Clayburgh) during dinner and then they go to George's compartment and have sex but in the meantime, George notices a guy hanging out the window and it is Hilly Burns' Professor. The next day, George finds that out after he sees The Professor's picture in one of his books. But Hilly doesn't believe him and thinks it was just a hallucination. Then after George makes a visit to The Professor's compartment, he doesn't know that there were 2 mob-like killers who killed The Professor to get The Rembrandt Letters. And then this big guy Reace (Richard Kiel) throws him off the train laughing. Richard Kiel is a giant! He's 7'2! I think he's one of the tallest actors in the world! Then he manages to get back on the train. After that, his friend Bob tells him about Devereau. And soon after some unexpected events, George Caldwell becomes a suspect. Especially at this one part where they pass the tunnel, after Bob called for the Porter, Reace shot Bob and the Porter thinks Caldwell shot him. Then after that, George goes out with a Spear he took from the Baggage car and goes on top of the roof and shoots Reace. Luckilly, he fell into a river! Ha ha! But then George got caught in on of the Signal's Poles, there he is off the train again! So he goes to the Sheriff's office in Kansas where his facts become too confused for the Sheriff. Then he does another good thing, he holds up the Sheriff and then the Sheriff's son comes along and he holds him up too and takes away the car. This is when Grover T. Muldoon (Richard Pryor) comes along. And the movie gets funnier! There was this funny part where he told the Sheriff on the radio "Hey, this is Grover T. Muldoon! You know what we did? We just whooped your ass! We whooped your ass!" Then they steal a car and try to catch the bad guys and save the Rembrandt Letters. They jump off the train again and the State Police come out and ask them some questions. Then they catch the bad guys but worst comes worst. Devereau holds up the train driver and makes him drive the train fast while the other passengers are left stranded. Then it becomes even worst, he shot the engineer for taking his foot off the pedal occasionally and after he put a toolbox on the pedal, it became a runaway train! And it was an emergency that there was nothing anybody could do so Grover, George, Hilly, and the Porter uncoupled the cars and they survived since they uncoupled those cars from the train while the rest of the train train crashed through the station's buffer and into the Mall or Marshall Fields. I guess you can call that another La Gare Montparnasse! And I thought that could make like a piece of history if they just left it like that. Then it's the end, Grover gets another car which was just a supposed to be for a showcase at the station, he drove off with it and George & Hilly went off to a park. This is a pretty good movie and it has my interest which are trains. Because my hobby is Model Railroading. You'll love this movie....more info
  • Silver Streak.
    This movie is hilarious and full of action.Rated PG for some language including brief racial slurs,sexual content,and violence....more info
  • Wilder and Pryor -vs- Martin and Lewis.. And the winners are WILDER AND PRYOR!
    This is no doubt a great comedy team. And the movie Silver Streak is a well balanced flick with action/comedy/adventure. Not short on talent. Although I haven't seen a movie I didn't like that starred Wilder and Pryor. We start out our adventure in boarding the Silver Streak. Then settling in for a nice quiet and hopefully relaxing trek to Chicago. NOT! A trip that is anything but boring. A fast paced show from start to finish with just a few stops along the way. If you like this DVD of Gene and Richard. May I recommend a few more...Such as....See No Evil, Hear No Evil....Stir Crazy....and the picture that started it all...Blazing Saddles....more info
  • 70's movie
    It was a good movie of a classic train ride with a murder mystery, and the black guy was cool....more info
  • The best train movie ever
    Not the first movie to take place almost entirely on a train, but it's the best train movie ever because of the fantastic script, the first class direction, and the top notch performances by Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Jill Clayburg, Patrick McGoohan, and many other fine actors. The movie has already reached a peak by the time Richard Pryor enters in the second half and then it REALLY takes off! Lot's of fine humor, lot's of drama, even a bit of philosophy here and there, and to top it all off, the bad guy (Patrick McGoohan) has by far the best gun and can't hit anything with it, while the good guys have tiny pistols and they do hit things!
    Peter Cross
    [...]...more info
  • The film moves along smoothly , keeping you guessing
    This film catches Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor as a great double act , with great support from Jill Clayburgh .

    It does owe something to Hitchcock's style in a very good way , but the humor is a bit more way out . The characters find themselves in desperate situations but are able to adapt well and the viewer shares in the tension .
    Gene Wilder plays wound up people very well .

    This comedy is involving and highlights a great script together with a very effective cast .
    A little seen gem . Buy the film and enjoy the ride ....more info
  • R.I.P. Richard Pryor: One of his best
    Richard Pryor, along with George Carlin, undeniably one of the greatest standup comedians of all time, had a much more spotty film career. Pryor was wasted in garbage like The Toy, Brewster's Millions and Superman III -- films that wasted his complex personality. In his best work, Pryor could somehow be edgy, profane, angry, sympathetic and sweet at the same time. Eddie Murphy crafted a much more successful film career overall, but he has never been able to project the combination of attitude and vulnerability Pryor was able to embody.

    Silver Steak definitely is one of his best films -- his first and most successful pairing with Gene Wilder. Wilder plays a book editor who is falsely accused of murder onboard the Silver Streak, a luxury train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago. The first half of the film is a Hitchcockian mystery with Wilder romancing Jill Clayburgh, tangling with villainous art dealer Patrick McGoohan and being chased by the law.

    Suddenly, Pryor enters the film as a fugitive thief and the film immediately becomes a great buddy movie. Instead of the nebbish whimp Pryor was forced to play in too many of his films, Director Arthur Hiller trusts Pryor enough to let him project his own personality -- smart, sharp, funny, clever and, best of all, nobody's fool. But unlike Eddie Murphy, who always has to have the screen to himself, Pryor works with Wilder instead of trying to shove him into the background. The movie immediately becomes ten times as funny as the two interact as well as some of the great comedy teams of the past. In one hilarious scence, Pryor must try to teach Wilder to "be black" in order to slip past a police checkpoint. It's no wonder the duo were paired three more times after this.

    However, my favorite moment in the film comes at a more quiet moment. After jumping from the Silver Streak, Wilder and Pryor manage to convince the law that Wilder is innocent of murder. Pryor stays behind while the FBI and Wilder go after McGoohan and his henchman on the Silver Streak. As Wilder leaves, Pryor, displaying obvious affection and friendship for Wilder, very softly tells him to take care of himself and "stay loose." There is a gentleness to Pryor's delivery of these lines that gives added depth to his character. Instead of a one-dimensional, fast-talking crook, Pryor has created a flesh and blood character with whom the audience identifies and sympathizes with. It's too bad more writers and directors didn't let Pryor be himself.

    Richard Pryor was a groundbreaking, revolutionary comedian whose potential on screen was never fully realized. Silver Streak is one of a handful of films that show the depth of acting talent Pryor possessed. It encapsulates all that was best about Richard Pryor and all that we'll miss now that he is gone....more info
  • McGoohan probably did infleuence the film's plot
    Deveraux and Hilly (played by him and Jill Clayburgh) were mostly supposed to originally kiss but due to McGoohan's proven terribly, big problems with filmed intimate scenes with women they had him do nothing but hold Clayburgh's hand. It was actually spelled out in The Offcial Prisoner Companion book that in the Prisoner ep Checkmate McGoohan's Number 6 character was supposed to kiss a woman played by Rosalie Cruthchley(sp?) but McGoohan forced this screen intimacy to be very much downplayed. True McGoohan is married to a lady in real life (Joan Drummond) but a bi-sexual person (rather than a full-fledged gay person) can easily and feasibly married to someone of the opposite sex. Realize hard there is a huge difference between homosexual and bi-sexual.

    On other film points: the film has a lightweight but still slightly cold feeling. It does have a plothole or two but it is imitation Hitchcock and Hitch's films always had ultra-enormous plotholes. Even the film Still of the Night (which also was imitation Hitchcock) contained many plotholes. ...more info
  • silver streak
    This is another movie that was well worth the wait these guys are funny in everything they have made together it is sad that richard pryors life was taken so soon but thanks to you and all the movies these guys have made we can enjoy them for years to come thankyou ...more info
  • My favorite train movie....
    The Silver Streak was among about ten movies that came out during a time I was able to go in a gigantic old theater called the Metropolitan in my hometown (for a dollar) to watch it before climbing 5 miles and facing taking care of my grandmom and the responsibilities of real life. A theater where if I was the only watcher they still wondrously, happily "ran the movie" and for another dollar sold me some yummy popcorn. And a coke. Why does that matter here? Perhaps just to say it was the summer movie, they ran one every summer for matin¨¦es and it was the perfect choice (also ran An Unmarried Woman another summer). Cinematic beauties they'd choose.... Well Morgantown was a marvelous place to grow up for an explorer......and watching this movie put a desire in me to try traveling to corners unknown.

    The movie was scored by Henry Mancini, it would never be The Silver Streak without this music. This score still gives me chills. I love it. If you You Tube you can call up filmpieces and see why or simply get/rent/view the movie and enjoy. I've actually tried in vain to get the score on a CD was wonderful. Yes, I've gone across the country in a train, in a bus, car, plane. Nothing quite like trains for me, this music evokes my experiences of that, there is no doubt. Mancini a love of mine; it's true.

    All this said the movie has the romance.
    Gene Wilder meeting Jill Clayburgh, both lonely, both leaving behind a past. Oh that part of movie is between just those two and somehow our inner voyeur. This is what makes a good romance, can we feel their connection maybe just a bit as our own. It's the start of something forever baby. Here with a bit of the "just for now" at the bar chance.
    Why that appeals goes to the heart of us all.
    Lovely. Possibly not ridden with impossibility. It is meaningful to those of us losing hopes. Back in my youth it was just such a contrast watching this lovely romance to the days I lived where your name and face were unneeded. And there was only physicality and "next."

    Ah, but when I watch it now, the relating carries the 70's "sound," it's something to revisit that time older in how one navigated shall we say "an evening." A bit embarrassing watching with teens that left the room. ( Not to say I needed company) Almost too embarrassing except I want that reminder of times lost to time...want them (our couple) to hook up sadly leaving something of my values there in the tunnels passed through as the scenes pass through this glorious country. Those scenes are just filmed beautifully giving me yet another reason I loved this movie. Then there is the crimes and chase, the fighting for the woman, the mystery of the unknown in the story, the section of the set up of the problem brings to the couple the challenges to their idealizations of one another, the tests to see if this is going to be real. Boy are they tested.

    Then the comedic relief, the fun, the absurdity of love, of life situations once coupled with someone that helps you carry the journey of life, you can laugh outloud now....the section of the journey where one has to believe that Richard Pryor was so much fun to work with in the making of this movie. Two devilishly good comics do what they do best. Scenes here of them partnering to get back on the train ( thrown off again and again) and to unravel the crime for themselves failing to get any help anywhere and finally save themselves. These are just classic pieces, one would argue representative of classic psychological constructs. True enough. It touches on our unspoken issues of race too, of crime, of the potentials to do right things, it is so darn funny to see shoe polish on Wilder and him getting down to slip by security looking for him as a brother.

    Pryor is playing this with such utter sincerity and as such a kind and good being. What a genius. The friend we wish we had character. A kind of street urchin wise-acre savior for Wilder. I don't know, every time I watch it I am enamored again.

    Then the conclusion. It is actually when something bigger than self gets put into play. Saving the world stuff. Here I found this like something from a dream. It's a phenomenal visual experience. Oddly as I don't care for violence, crime, murders thrown into story lines I know this does have all of the above along with train crashing conclusion.....yet I liked the movie in my thirty or more viewings in that summer as I gained the strength to go home after work and get ready to face the next days tasks. Always left laughing and feeling that kismet one carries after watching a romantic comedy suggest to you that you might find a romance one day too.
    Of possibility. ...more info
  • Great Movie
    One of my favorites and I was not disappointed. This is a great movie, with a great buddy team....more info
  • Wilder + Pryor = pure classic!
    This is a GREAT movie with the incredible and energetic talents of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. It may be 20 years plus old but I have always loved this movie, always will. If you've ever liked these guys, you will truly enjoy this classic....more info
  • One Of The Funniest Movies I Have Ever Watched!!!
    I saw this movie in the theatre when it was released back in 1976 and I thought it was hilarious. Gene Wilder is a fine comedic talent and when Richard Pryor arrives on the scene the movie just gets funnier. This is a type of Thriller/Mystery/ Comedy which works well in all three genres which is pretty rare for a movie. This movie also stars the wonderful Jill Clayburgh who sadly we do not see enough of in films....more info