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Spider-Man 2
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  • awfully boring
    I found myself repeatedly wanting to leave the theatre, at times the suspense was so sophmoric, I truly thought how unengaging the conflicts were. An avid comic follower for years, this truly made me want to cringe....more info
  • This was an excellent sequel
    It's not always easy to make a movie sequel. In some cases, it's not even a good idea. In my not so humble opinion, they did a great job with this one!

    I admit I was worried. I wondered just how they'd handle Doctor Octopus. They did a good job.

    Some classic moments that stick with me: Peter Parker's frenzied attempt to make a timely pizza delivery, while fighting crime at the same time. Whoever thought a super hero would have such concerns? Peter Parker has difficulty paying the rent because he can't keep a job!

    The funniest scene was one in which his spidey powers had failed him. He was forced to take an elevator wearing his Spider-Man suit. A man was in the elevator with him, and casually talked about the suit. It went something like this:

    "Nice suit." Spider-Man, "Thanks... it rides up in the crotch a bit."

    The most dramatic scenes involved Dr Octopus and Spider-Man fighting aboard the subway. Spider-Man had just managed to save the train and lie there, exhausted. His mask was torn, and everyone had seen his face.

    They reassured him that his secret was safe, and he was their hero.

    Dr Octopus arrived, ready to take Spider-Man away. The entire crowd stood up to support Spider-Man.

    Spider-Man 2 is a much-valued addition to my collection. I only hope Spider-Man 3 will be just as good....more info
  • Spiderman 2
    I bought this used and it completed the set of Spiderman movies. My son loves it....more info
  • Spider Man 2
    I ordered this movie along with the first Spider Man for my son to catch up with the series. Great movie and recieved it on time. ...more info
  • WTF???
    Spidey does NOT take his mask off EVER!!!! Doc Ock, Harry, MJ, a TRAINLOAD of passengers ALL know who he is or at least what he looks like. C'mon Raimi you wad, cut the unmasking crap you are a loser and keep spidey's mask on. You idiot. I can't believe you are responsible for The Evil Dead one of the best flicks OF all time.

    Also note the cameo on the train by the redneck Jake A.K.A.Danny Hicks from Evil Dead 2....more info
  • Is it better than Spiderman 2?
    I think this is a nice addition to the Spiderman movies but I personally liked the original Spiderman 2 a little better because some of the new scenes were different than the original and were not as good. I wish they just would have added new scenes without getting rid of some of the original scenes. For example, when Spiderman is riding the elevator, the original sequence is much better. In Spiderman 2.1 this scene is replaced with a similar scene that is not as funny. But the completely new scenes are good. Overall, a good addition to the Spiderman library....more info
  • Ok
    I bought the special edition as well. The new scenes are cool. I wish they came out with this first. ...more info
  • Excellent movie
    If you liked Spider-man 1, you'll love Spider-man 2. Actually, even if you didn't like Spider-man 1, you may still like Spider-man 2. I thought it was one of the rare cases where the sequel was actually better than the first....more info
  • Part two and my personal favorite.
    I liked the first one but this one surpasses it on EVERY level.
    Spidey 2 has a better villain, better FX, better everything.
    The story is more engaging; the whole wedding scene at the end with Mary Jane running through the park is just soooo cool.
    The action is nonstop.
    A brilliant story, a brilliant movie.
    Loved it!
    Loved it!!
    Loved it!!!
    Superb acting from the entire cast, one of the best if not THE best super hero movie ever.
    ...more info
  • Spider 2
    The comebacks are finally getting decent. A nice second to Spider One....more info
  • Movies
    This was the weakest of the Spider-Man movies. It still was a good movie and stayed true to the comic book. Good family movie because the kids loved it....more info
  • "It's A Web, Go Spidey Go! ~ The Hero In All Of Us"
    Following up on the tremendous success of the first Spider-Man film, `Spider-Man 2' swung into action two years later in '04 re-uniting Maguire, Dunst and Franco and most of the original cast in a sequel worthy of its predecessor. In this second installment of the series Spidey battles another deranged scientist, the multi-appendaged Doctor Octopus played by Alfred Molina.

    Along with the expected high quality special effects, terrific action sequences and unfulfilled romantic desires between Peter Parker (Maguire) and Mary Jane Watson (Dunst) this storyline delves into the deeper, more complex aspects of the Parker/Spider-Man psyche. The death of his best friends Father and his beloved Uncle Ben, his inability to share his secret with the girl he loves and the heavy responsibility of being a superhero take a toll on a young man. Is it better than the first? There are many who think so and they may be right, but either way it's definitely a welcomed addition to the Spider-Man saga!...more info
  • Spider-man 2.1 - Worth the bucks!
    The extra scenes added in this version are great to say the least. I already owned the original Spider-man 2. If you want the theater version .... get Spider-man 2. If you want a little more character depth, get 2.1. There are also a few really funny scenes that will have you rolling. ...more info
  • Not as good as the first.
    I wish that they would/could carry the movie on one villain and not a montage. I think that if they would move like in the comic they might have a better product on the back end and not just to cash in. Set teasers. Should someone peaking from around the corner or view a monitor and making cryptic comments. Where is Carlton Fisk. Where is the Shocker, Vulture. There are many villains that Spiderman fought that weren't super famous but they could have been with some corrective/creative brainstorming in the movies. The CGI was good and appropriate where it was applied. So it's good for the entertainment value but not as a blockbuster....more info
  • Doc. Oc. is the Best SuperVillain yet!
    Doctor Octopus is an absolutely fantastic supervillain. And those mechanical arms are really something to see in 3-D. I saw this dvd of Spider-Man2 in 3-D at home using a new kind of 3-D glasses they've got here on Amazon. They let you watch normal movies in 3D. TV Eyes 3-D Glasses: Watch any movie in 3-D And Spider-Man 2 looked really great. But what really stood out for me in this movie was the portrayal of Doctor Octopus. The actor managed to make Doc. Oc both ruthlessly dangerous, and humanly relatable at the same time. My favorite scenes were when Doc. Oc was climbing the buildings, all those arms moving around everywhich way. And the scene where he and Spider-Man have a fight on a moviing train were awesome!
    This movie had a good solid storyline, and plot, as well as some of the best characterization of any of the Marvel franchise movies. The action scenes were intense (especially in 3-D) but they always advanced the plot. While they were definitely eye candy, they were also important to the storyline. This movie also continues the storyline of the Goblin, which culminates in Spider-Man 3. (I went and saw Spider-Man 3 at the theater and took my 3-D glasses. It looked amazing, especially the Sandman and the final battle between all the characters. I can't wait to get it on DVD and see it again at home.) All three Spider-Man movies have been brilliant examples that comic books are not just for kids, and that entertaining, meaningful stories can still be told, even with superheroes.
    I highly recommend this movie, and the others in the series. ...more info
  • Liked it better when it was called Superman 2
    There are so many people who laud this as the best comic book movie ever. I call shenanigans on that. Lifting the excellent plot device of Superman 2, Petter Parker decides to surrender being Spider-Man in order to find love and a life. Unlike the decision made by Superman, where he is forced to change who he is in order to embrace a normal life and find true love, Peter Parker selfishly gives up being Spider-Man to continue being who he was to begin with, a dork with school, girls, and work on his mind. The opening of the movie leading up to the central part of the story work quite well and I applaud the writing. Dr. Octopus' origin and goals, Harry Osbourne's continuing disdain for Spider-Man, and Peter Parker's angst all come across realistically and draw the audience in. Then they start to throw in the cliches and lame plot devices, a clear foreshadowing to what was to cripple the third installment: Peter's subconscious ridding him of his powers because deep down he doesn't want to be Spider-Man, the kid asking Peter where Spider-Man disappeared to giving ol' Parker second thoughts on surrendering the persona, etc. This is New York City. The belief that Spidey's removal would prove dire not only insults the true heroes of the city (firemen, police, etc.) it also stretches the realms of believability. With Superman, the world truly suffered when he surrendered who he was to become someone else. With Peter, it never really makes sense as to why he would want to be Spidey again, especially since his life improved once he surrendered the persona. The death of Doc Oc at the end was unnecessary as was Harry's pause when he could have killed Pete and finally gain vengeance for the death of his father.

    Overall this was a fun movie. The best comic book movie, not quite. There is great writing and a good arc, but deep down it just rings hollow as to why Pete would want to remain Spidey....more info
  • cost
    A week after I purchased this, Target had it on sale for $5.00.
    I did not realize that it is inconvenient to return things, example: I have to pay shipping as this is not an error on your part. I am new to online shopping and need to stay away from it.
    I had also purchased Once Upon a time in Mexico and realized it was dupe, already had it and asked to return, but, thought it is not worth it getting charged for shipping so kept the movie.
    ...more info
  • Doc Ock has such evil machinations!
    I loved this! They will have to bring "Doc Ock" back at some point because he was the epitome of mean and perverse. Who can compare? The special effects were terrific and the storyline either had you grinning wickedly from ear to ear at Doc Ock's puns or you were petrified at the horrifics of his intentions.

    I love Tobey Maguire for this role as he has the face that just stays pique and forever young. This is truly a great comic book story because it is totally unebelievable, yet the audience sits and reacts as though they are taken in by the whole thing.

    This story picks up where the last one ended. Harry is bereaved over his father's death and blames Spiderman. Spiderman tries to deny who he is in order to spare MJ from being the object of an attack from his arch enemies but this all backfires when Doc Ock takes MJ to seduce Spiderman to come to him. Harry is using Doc Ock to capture Spiderman for him to personally kill. Spiderman ends up rescuing MJ and taking her to his web. Tobey Maguire fans will sigh over this.

    This was hilarious to watch at times and I needed to have a good laugh. The storyline is familiar but the pulse of the media says the nation loves the familiarity. I know I do. ...more info
  • Ridiculously Over-Critisized...

    I recently saw the first Spider-Man, and I loved it. After hearing tons of criticism - as well as reading numerous negative reviews on here - I became so weary of this film that I was hesitant to purchase it even at $5.99. After viewing this film, I was able to place all the in the proper perspective: Some people simply don't know anything about Spider-Man.

    Over and over again, people constantly complain about the action, or lack thereof. Well first of all, Spider-Man was NEVER (I repeat, NEVER) marketed towards the action-crazed. Spider-Man was always divided equally between his personal life, and the villains he fought. He started out a little heavy into the crime fighting, but as the story went, more focus was placed on his personal life, and how he struggled to balance being Spider-Man and being human. That was the entire appeal of Spider-Man - he was the one superhero who actually had a life, as apposed to the way they always placed the lives of other superheros in a nutshell. As the series went on, there were some instances in the comic book (or even the cartoon) where the majority of the episode/issue dealt with his family and his love for Mary Jane. Basically, the main downside to this movie is the main thing that made Spider-Man different from the other characters of Marvel. Some people called this movie sappy. Well guess what? Peter Parker was a sap. That aspect was introduced in the first movie, so it's actually nothing new. Parker was always the geeky guy who was madly in love with the girls he could never get. As far as some reviewers claiming this movie brought "nothing new" - well sorry to disappoint you, but a significant portion of the Spider-Man series dealt with on going issues of his personal life. Again, that was the entire angle of Spider-Man: the balance between his personal life and being a superhero.

    I am in no way saying this movie is perfect - or even classic for that matter. I can understand (and respect) disappointment, but to say this movie is total garbage unworthy of watching is simply ridiculous. For the most part, this movie is pretty true to form. In my opinion, filming movies like this are always mission impossible. If you keep the balance of action hero and love story, people complain to no end (as they are now). However, if edit all of that out, and target it more to Joe-Sixpack action fanatic, then the comic book purists will cry fowl about their heroes being butchered.

    I strongly advise you watch this movie and judge for yourself....more info
  • top of the line
    the tape came in very good condition and well packaged tha...more info
  • The Best Superhero Movie Ever
    Spider-Man 2 is one of the best sequels ever and the best superhero movies ever. Heck, it's one of the best movies too. Though it's no The Godfather DVD Collection (The Godfather/ The Godfather - Part II/ The Godfather - Part III) or 2001 - A Space Odyssey (Two-Disc Special Edition), and it's not even Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope (1977 & 2004 Versions, 2-Disc Widescreen Edition) but it is one of the best comic book adapations ever put on the screen.

    The DVd features much of what the first did. There's still two commentaries and plenty of featurettes, but there's other must have goodies you need to check out.

    Highly, highly recommended....more info
  • Spider-Man 2 (Full Screen Special Edition)
    This is a purchase for my 3 year old granddaughter, she called me long distance from Texas asking me to buy her all three of the Spiderman movies...and I did just that for her. She's a Spiderman fan and has been for over a year now. Thank you for the fast delivery to her and she is very pleased once again....more info
  • Swinging Sequel
    Coming on the heels of a success like Spider-Man, it is sometimes hard to avoid a 'sophomore slump'. The temptation to make a 'different' movie sometimes leads them down wrong paths. Not so here. The followup feels very much cut from the same cloth of the first movie, but with more of a direct threat and momentum to the movie.

    In the first movie, the Goblin was bad, yes. But his actions had little to no pattern or goal to them (except disintegrating the board members of course). He was simply out to either hurt or turn Spider-man. It worked well enough for the movie, and since the Goblin was basically a man unhinged anyways. However, in comes Doc Oc.

    After a lab accident leaves him with four new appendages and the belief that Spider-man had ruined the attempt, he sets out to complete his life's work and rid himself of the one he blames his failure on. The fact is, if his experiment is completed, it could destroy the entire city, which gives real threat to the villain this time.

    The drama plays out well enough, but it's the action sequences you wait for. You are not disappointed on that front here. The fight sequences are intricate, large and fast-paced.

    In the end, it can be a matter of personal opinion as to which of the two movies you consider superior. For my part, my ballot is cast in favor of the 'sophomore success.'...more info
  • Spiderman 3
    Spiderman 3 is an incredible movie with outstanding effects. The effets are a compliment to the amazing graphics!! Starring Toby Maguire as Peter Parker/Spiderman, and James Franco as the new Goblin/Harry Osborn. Which side will Harry and spidey be on joining. Will they reunite or rebel?

    Was flint marko the true killer of uncle ben parker?who is the sandman?Many questions only to be answered if you see this movie yourself!!

    This movie is unbelievable!! It is the best spiderman yet, I cant wait forthe 4th movie.Like i said the affects arent even comparible to the other spidermans.This is my favorite movie ever! Spiderman 3 waswas released may 4th with a rating of pg-13. It got this rating because of intense action violence. The movie lasted about two hours long.

    I would probably reccomend this movie to anyone who likes the other spidermen. If you havent seen them, then if you like action you would love it!

    ...more info
  • 4 stars for the film itself, 1 star for the bonus footage
    Let me say right off the bat that Spider-Man 2 was a great film the way it was!

    While Spider-Man 2.1 didn't damage its original predecessor, it didn't add much to it either. Of the new scenes, the only ones that were significant in my view is where Mary Jane Watson discusses her impending marriage to John Jameson with a girlfriend and the added footage of the fights between Spidey and Dr. Octopus, especially on the train! The others were okay BUT weren't really missed.

    Overall, I still enjoy the new version nonetheless. Worth the money but I'd find it at a lower price than what's there right now....more info
  • A Web of Fun
    In Spiderman 2, Peter Parker, ahem Spiderman, decides to give it up. This is because he is beginning to believe that this wasn't his destiny. Was he really the one who should be looking after the city, especially when the city is still lukewarm about him? But, can Spiderman actually have the gall to turn his back on this city, especially when Doc Ock is running loose, causing havoc?

    Spiderman 2 really examines who Peter Parker really is. Well, a better way to say this is that Peter Parker seems to try to figure out who he is. Is he really just the geeky guy who would love a shot at romance with Mary Jane, or is he destined to be Spiderman, the mysterious hero who is there to save the city from its malevolent forces?

    Normally I'm not a big fan of comic book hero movies, but Spiderman 2 is about as complete of movie in its genre that has ever been made. It is an action movie, with plenty of suspenseful scenes and CGI effects, but it doesn't overdo them ad nausea to the point where it is being shoved down your throat. It is a comic book movie with heart and IQ. We see this as Peter Parker struggles with not only his friendship and family issues, but his own identity dilemma. How can he possibly balance the struggles of his real life with the struggles of being a hero? Is there a happy medium?

    Another plus is the cast. Toby McGuire does a superb job again (for the 2nd time) as Peter Parker. He typifies the nerdy guy who would be the last guy you'd expect to be saving the city from world domination or crime. Kirsten Dunst is also phenomenal as Mary Jane, a perfect fit for this character who wants to love Peter, but doesn't feel like she knows who he really is.

    There is probably a little more emphasis on Peter Parker's personal life in this film than on Spiderman fighting the city's nemesis, Doc Ock. This is good, though, because it really makes the story more real and doesn't dumb down the film to just a special effects show. Spiderman, we find out, is more human than meets the eye.

    In the two disc set, disc one has a section of commentary with director Sam Raimi, as well as some of the cast, and a blooper reel. Disc two has a documentary about the making of the film, along with a documentary about the history of the villain, Doc Ock.

    Over all, this is a sequel that is as good if not better than the first one. That is saying quite a bit, considering how lousy sequels usually turn out. Great movie!

    4 1/2 stars
    ...more info
  • Too Contrived To Create Any Sort Of High Drama
    After being intrigued by my introduction to the Spiderman character (through the first film), I was very excited to see what the second installment would bring now that the whole duel-identity thing was established. Before the end credits had finished rolling, however, I knew that I wouldn't enjoy this film as much as its predecessor. I noticed that the screenplay was written by Al Gough and Miles Millar, the creators of TV's Smallville (a show I watch weekly). I should have been excited by that knowledge, as they created a very interesting show, but instead I felt my heart drop, as I knew EXACTLY the kind of contrived character relationships that would follow (think Clark/Lana on Smallville and you'll understand).

    The basic plot of the film has Spidey hanging up his red and blue suit in order to spend more time as Peter Parker with crush Mary Jane Watson. Of course, just when things are looking up for that relationship, the evil Dr. Octopus begins to wreak havoc on New York City, essentially forcing the return of Spiderman and the break-up of Peter and MJ.

    While that short synopsis may sound like it has great potential for high drama, it (sadly) fails to deliver. Millar and Gough just seemed to be rehashing the plot of Superman II, where Supes gives up his powers to be with Lois Lane only to see General Zod begin terrorizing Earth. Thus, the storyline of the movie was a bit predictable.

    Also, again like Clark Kent and Lana Lang in Smallville, the Peter/MJ relationship is far too contrived and up-and-down to provide any real emotional scenes. I never felt as if I really cared whether or not Peter/Spidey would save/love Mary Jane. Adding to the lack of drama was a general lack of acting from Tobey Maguire, who seemed to react to every situation with that same wide-eyed expression. While that tact worked very well while first harnessing his abilities in the first film, in this movie it just gets old.

    Finally, while the villain Doc Ock is visually pretty cool (what with all those tentacles flying around!), he again is a bit too much in common with the Green Goblin for my liking, as both were created in freak science experiments gone wrong. Nothing like the intriguing character development of The Joker by Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight.

    So, while the special effects of the film were excellent and the action scenes superb, I can't give it any better than an "average" rating due to all its contrived plots/relationships/characters. If you are easily sucked in to hokey romances, you won't find any fault in this film. If you prefer a more mature love story, though, then just watch it to set up your Spidey 3 viewing experience....more info
  • A Better Story And A Better Villain
    This review will be split into three parts, they will be split into The Story, The Characters and the Verdict. This will give you a fair and honest view of the characters, story and the movie itself.

    The Story: Harry Osborn has now taken over Oscorp and he's financially backing a scientist called Otto Octavius who's experimenting with sustained fusion as a way of replacing conventional fuels. In order for Otto so sustain the fusion reaction he's developed artificially intelligent arms that attach directly to his spine that he can control as if they were additional arms. One day while demonstrating his experiment, Otto is unable to contain the reaction and it all goes wrong. The experiment becomes unstable but Otto refuses to halt it, it eventually gets worse and his wife is killed and the neural inhibitor chip on the arms is destroyed and they are fused to Dr. Octavius' spine. Thanks to the help of Spiderman the plug is pulled on the experiment and nobody else is hurt, but Dr. Octavius blames Spidey for the disaster. The AI of the mechanical arms seem to tap into Dr. Octavius' brain and begins to manipulate him into wanting to try the experiment again and set out to kill Spiderman. Spidey begins to struggle with juggling his powers, his education and his job and on top of that he has to handle the difficulty of his powers constantly halting at the worst times. Mary Jane is becoming a successful stage actress and desperately wants Peter to be there when she needs him and Harry is looking for revenge against spiderman for killing his father.

    The Characters: I've discussed both Tobeys & Kirstens characters in my review for the first spiderman film and my feelings are generally the same. The character I'm going to discuss is the character of Dr. Octavius.

    Doc Oc: Played by Alfred Molina this is an intelligent choice for Doc Oc as he genuinely looks like the Doc Oc from the comics. He gives us his own brand of intelligence and sophistication when showing us the mental anguish that the character is going through in the movie.

    Harry Osborn: We've seen a bit of a development in this character from the first movie. In that he was the kid with high expectations and a kid who idolised his father and was chasing after the girl (MJ). In this movie we're introduced to what some could consider a very different character, he seems arrogant yet he's tormented by the death of his father so he's someone who has a lot on his mind. James Franco is great at playing the tormented figure of Harry Osborn.

    The Verdict: This is clearly the strongest film of the three, the action sequences particularly the fight sequence on the train is one that really gets your heart racing. Alfred Molina really fits the Doc Oc character perfectly and he really makes it believable. It has the general comedy moments that help you relax after witnessing a strongly emotive scene or a high impact fight sequence. The mixture of CGI and real life is un-seamless which gives it all the more realistic look. This is a movie that every comic book fan should own and enjoy for many years to come....more info
  • Move Over Batman and Superman; Spiderman is THE Definitive Trilogy
    I began watching the Spiderman Trilogy with Spiderman 2. To be frank, I was bowled over by this film! The characters are true to the comic book tradition, the plot is wonderfully deep and exciting, and the special effects are second to none. All considered, this is a viewing treat, an engaging, and surprisingly sensitive portrayal of Spiderman. I recommend the entire trilogy - and it is viewing that will not offend the children; the family can watch this together. (Small children under 7-8 years old, who view all things literally, may have nightmares about the evil Dr. Octopus).

    The movie has been reviewed by nearly 800 individuals, so all I can add is my personal reaction to it. I believe it is the best "super-hero" series ever produced. Superman, despite its groundbreaking firsts, is still a bit corny (especially the first 4 films), and Batman, being directed by several different individuals with different visions of the Caped Crusader, is all over the map. Spiderman is consistent to the tradition of Spiderman, as presented in the comic books.

    You absolutely cannot go wrong with this movie or the trilogy. 5-Star!

    Jim Koenig...more info
  • Spiderman 2 is like a woman soap opera
    BORING! The first spiderman in the best. I just saw part 3 and I didn't think it was all that bad.
    But part 2 just makes no sense. Such a cliche....poor parker doesn't want to be a good guy anymore and live a lonely life. He wants to be normal. Come on. You have to give me better than that.

    And the Doc Oc character was pathetic. You need to have a "bad" guy people actually care about. You never got to knew anything about him. No development. BORING character.

    The reason Spiderman 1 is clearly the best is because of the Green Goblin. By far the best character/actor in the series. You believed in the Goblin character and I actually was rooting for him. lol
    Brilliant acting job!

    So all you spiderman 2 lovers. Just go watch general hospital or some other cheesy soap opera. Same thing....more info
  • As good as the First one!
    Spider man's movies are very good, great sound,Disc 2 bonus features are great...more info
  • Great movie!
    I thought it was a great movie. Personally i think it's the best out of the three out today. ...more info