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  • Very efficient!
    The product came in the condition it was listed as and came very quickly! Thanks!...more info
  • Evil is among human beings, and mutants, alike
    This second opus is bringing the war inside the human camp because one military scientist who had had the chance, though not to his taste, of having a mutant son and who had manipulated him so much that he had managed to take complete control of him, is provoking, or at least trying to, an open war of total destruction against the mutants. This time bad and good mutants unite to defeat that man though the bad mutants take over the game of the bad human and redirect the weapon from total destruction of mutants to total destruction of human beings. This drastic situation is saved in due time and just in time by the good mutants though the bad ones manage to escape and the good ones must sacrifice one of themselves to assure the escape. That will be essential later and it builds a promise because the death of a hero is always compensated by his or her resurrection, generally in that type of literature with an inverted personality. But the film is well built, the special effects are interesting, rich and at times funny. The dramatic tension is perfect and the President of the USA who was going to declare the state of emergency to take control of the mutants is informed by the good mutants about the actions of his mad scientist, and also head of some kind of national security, and we understand this President of the USA changes his ideas and convictions and moves towards a compromise with the mutants. But of course we know it can't last since the President was more or less forced to act that way and the bad mutants are still out there somewhere plotting evil.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
  • good price for an excellent movie!!!!
    everthing is good, the movie play witn no problem and the price was awesomw, thanks...more info
  • Wolverine takes over!!
    This movie is just as lame as the first one. Has hardly anything to do with the X Men and a whole lot to do with Wolverine. They should have just called this movie Wolverine 2, because that is all this movie is about. People that think these movies are good know nothing about the comics. ...more info
  • X2
    I received it in record time. And the movie was great! I really loved it!...more info
  • 2 thumbs way up!!!!!!
    X-2 is so good! It is so amazing. I can't describe it. The graphics are so much better. and i'm am so glad that thay added nightcraller. I can't what for X-3 to come out.I really recommend it!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Better than the first but no improvement with the real X-Men!
    This movie had more action than the first but still the characters were all messed up and still very weak and boring. I could care less about any of them. And Rogue was hideous and should have been killed when she got blown out of the jet. Stupid Nightcrawler for saving her! She doesn't do anything in any of the movies so what is the point of having her!? Plus Anna Pakin is butt-ugly and sucks at acting! Who ever thought of using her and hiring should be fired PRONTO! Rogue is supposed to be beautiful(if you think not well you don't know X-Men! It is said in many comics and in her profile that she is very pretty and turns heads in her direction! Anna Pakin turns heads...away because she is soooo ugly! She looks like a little ugly boy!) and sassy and butt-kicking. In the movie she is a whimpy little thing that has absolutely no point in the movie. And even before Rogue got Ms. Marvel's powers she was still sassy and butt-kicking! So I hope and wish that the 3rd is the final X-Men movie because they have really screwed up the poor X-Men. I hope that in the future someone who actually loves the X-Men and cares about them makes a whole new series of movies with a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better cast and crew!...more info
  • mmmm....
    Well...its a good movie. All the special fx are very well done and they build up the characters well. But it doesnt make the connection between the comics. I mean, most of the people taht watch it wouldve been familiar with the tv show or the comics, so why didnt they go with the original storyline that was so popular??? Jean isnt meant to just miraculously turn into pheonix, and now theres no room for the back story with rogue for her to get her flight and super strength. If its counted as a seperate movie from the comics/show then its fine, but if you want to see the 'real' x-men then maybe buy the original dvds or comics or something......more info
  • "Sometimes anger can help you survive."
    This film surprised me for several reasons. Sequels are rarely better than their predecessors, but X-Men United shows improvement on almost every front. The acting is solid, the effects and filming are even more amazing than before, and the plot is head and shoulders better than the first, which was in many ways a rehash of the comic books. This is a testament to the work of Bryan Singer (also responsible for King Kong) and the writers, and proof that popular entertainment does not have to be completely banal.

    The story kicks off when the president's office is invaded by a mutant. A demonic looking teleporter who seems to be a representative of a mutant's lib movement. A barb tailed terrorist who is, for all purposes, unstoppable. In the chaos that ensues William Stryker (Brian Cox) steps in with a plan to invade Professor Xavier's (Patrick Stewart) school and capture the mutants. The attack is only partially successful, and it quickly becomes clear to the viewer and the X-Men that Stryker's agenda is more than defending the president. He wants to destroy all mutants driven by his own anger over Xavier's failure to 'cure' his son.

    Cox is brilliant as the psychotic Stryker, and with a villain so despicable that Magneto seems almost likeable, you will quickly become emotionally involved in the race to keep all out war from breaking out between the increasing number of mutants and populations that feel threatened by those whose powers seem almost magical. As such, the story becomes a parable of human fear in the face of things beyond our control and how quickly that turns to anger and violence.

    The film introduces many new faces that will become more important in later films (such as the so far ill-fated X-Men 3). Pyro (John Allerdyce), Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), and Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming), for example. The latter, by the way turns in an outstanding performance in a supporting role. Hats off to the unsung heroes who do the animation and effects work as well - everything seems smooth and seamless. By all means make a point to see this if you haven't already....more info
  • X2 is alot of fun!!
    I love the X-Men, Spiderman and even Fantastic 4 movies as I think they let you be a kid again but at the same time at least in X-Men you have some political thinking too!!

    I admit I am a fan of Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman and Halley Berry who all do an excellent job on their characters. I also enjoyed getting to know the younger fans and more on Magneto and Mystique. The new Nightcrawler is a great character and fine acting as well.

    Whenever you just want to escape and have fun -- this is the movie to see or rent! I look forward to X3!!...more info
  • Maybe the best super-hero movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!
    When I first watched this film I was amazed at how good this movie really was. It wasn't like one of those hulk type films that are just made for money it was made to be the best. Well after seeing this film I was dying to see the first,[thats right i saw this one first]. And when I did I discovered it wasn't near the movie that this one was. Also since the story intruduces a new charecter more powerfull then ever the X-men and the villans must team together to defeat this ultimate villan. The reason I give it four out of five was becouse there were some things that would be hard for someone to understand. Also though the dioluge was better than most sup-hero movies today and the special effects were awsome!
    This film is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action\violence some sensuality and brief languge. And the rating is well deserved. Though not overly graphic the violence is rough. There is some kissing. And there is some languge.

    Overall: It could be the best super hero film EVER!!!...more info
  • Better then the first X-Men movie!
    This movie was very well done. The storyline was familiar to anyone who knows a bit about the X-Men comic book, although it didn't faithfully follow any storyline from the comics. It was still familiar. The casting, as in the last X-Men movie was good, Hugh Jackman is a great Wolverine, and Alan Cummings stole the scenes he was in as Nightcrawler. The special effects were very good in this movie, and the directing was also good.

    If your in the mood for a light, fun, fast-paced movie; that is part fantasy-part adventure. Then this movie is for you!...more info
  • Juvenile George
    Bought only to see Hugh Jackman in something other than "Kate and Leopold" and he was just fine -- the only good thing in the movie. Otherwise, this is a puerile film for violence addicts with little or no entertainment value. Best for folks under 18 with mentality under 9....more info
  • Definitely the best of the two
    I was there when the first X-Men movie came out and was very pleased with most of the film. Having Patrick Stewart as Professor X was a stroke of genius (though I wouldn't think that anyone else could play the part better). However, I thought that Wolverine was a bit on the mellow side, especially after reading the comic and even the cartoon fox. Thankfully, Bryan Singer gave him his sack back and he is the Wolvie we all came to love....more info
  • Better than the original and getting closer to a true epic
    Even more so that its predecessor, "X2: X-Men United" is more of a treat for those of us weaned on Marvel Comics and know the complete back story of every single mutant superhero who pops up through the movie. When Dr. Hank McCoy (Steve Bacic) is shown debating the rights of Mutants on television we recognize he is one of the original merry mutants in yellow spandex, the Beast. During the final shot of the film we nod knowingly because our intimate knowledge of "X-Men" #101 means we recognize the strange shape and can hazard a pretty good guess as to what happens in the third X-Men movie before the credits even start to roll on this one.

    This film is better than the first one, which is a very good sign in the world of Hollywood where a sequel is one thing but a franchise is even better. The first time around the X-Men, the good mutants of Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), had to stop Magneto (Ian McKellen) and his bad mutants (the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for those who know their X-Men lore), although there were humans trying to push a Mutant Registration Act through Congress. This time it is the ordinary humans who are after all the mutants in the world, ironically, by using mutants in the effort. In charge of the effort is General William Stryker (Brian Cox), who has found a means of extracting information from Magneto about Xavier's School for Gifted Children as well as some other ways of allowing him exercise some degree of mind control.

    The worst thing I can say about "X2" is that it begins with the best action sequences the entire film. A mutant gets into the White House and goes after the President (Cotter Smith) in the Oval Office. We know that this is Kurt Wagner (Alan Cummings), a.k.a. Nightcrawler, who has the gift of teleportation (apparently without the omnipresent of brimstone this time around). This surprises us because he is one of the "good" mutants, but the answer will be forthcoming. He is one of the few new characters introduced into the mix and the tatoos they have worked into Nightcrawler's make-up are superb; on the basis of Nightcrawler and Zhaan from "Farscape," there simply need to be more blue chracters on television and in the movies.

    Anyhow, Nightcrawler's attack on the President gives Stryker carte blanche to go after the mutants and his first target is the school in Westchester, New York. When the troops hit Xavier's school is probably the second best action sequence in the film, and we are still only a half hour into the film (the final action sequences has great significance but is considerably less spectacular). For those who remember when Marvel editor Jim Shooter put his foot down about X-Men characters doing any actual killing (e.g., a whole planet of asparagus people), it is rather surprising to see Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) slicing and dicing his way through the shock troops. From that point on the goal is for the X-Men to stay ahead of Stryker's army and try to stop his plan and save mutant-kind.

    There are echoes of a lot of different epic adventures from the X-Men comic books in this film. The script by Michael Dougherty and Daniel P. Harris is based on a story created by David Hayter, Zak Penn, and director Bryan Singer, who were obviously inspired by the writers (Stan Lee, Len Wein, and Chris Claremont) and artists (Jack Kirby, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne) of the comic books. There is still Wolverine trying to get between Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) and Scott Summers/Cyclopes (James Marsden), as well as the sudden spikes in Jean's powers. Rogue (Anna Paquin) is trying to figure out a way of having the most tentative of physical relationships with Bobby Drake/Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), while John Allerdyce/Pyro (Aaron Stanford) is trying to figure out whether or not he should switch sides. There are a lot of characters being juggled here; Halle Berry has an Oscar and is one of the good mutants, but she does not have much to do except exercise her powers to control the weather periodically. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos gets more to do as Mystique, except, of course, you can never tell.

    Ultimately what makes this film less than perfectlly satisfying is the fact that the nature of the characters compels the writers to create artificial restraints. When Marvel put out the "Ultimate X-Men" comic books it proved what I had long suspected: that you can really only have one fight between the X-Men and Magneto for all the marbles because as long as he has his helmet on, the Mutant Master of Magneticism is pretty much invincible. This is proven in "X2" when Magneto finally escape; keep in mind how he does it and then come up with a reason why he does not simply go out and do that to every human being on earth. Similarly, when the troops attack the school, there is more fleeing than fighting, although the tranquillizer darts used by the invaders do not work on the armored Piotr Rasputin/Colossus (Daniel Cudmore) or Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat (Katie Stuart) with her ability to walk through walls. Granted, the important thing is to get the kids to relative safety, but Wolverine does not have to do the Horatio at the bridge act.

    The key to where the next film can succeed even better is contained in the climax, not only in terms of story of self sacrifice involved but also in the promise of rebirth. In other words, the next time around "X-Men" can reach operatic heights if they do any justice at all to the Dark Phoenix epic. Cross your fingers, True Believers....more info
  • Spectacular Movie
    X-Men 2 starts out a little bit unorganized in my opinion, but gets a lot better as it goes on. Lots of action.. GREAT scenery and camera views during the entire movie. This is not your every day superhero movie, it has Patrick Stewart (Picard on Star Trek Next Generation) as the main character and as always with him, there is a feeling of realism to it that especially comes out when he is with children. Overall, the movie makes one wonder that if there were real X-Men in the world, how would the general public feel toward them? I would give this movie 5 stars, but like I said, it's a little unorganized in the beginning, in my opinion....more info
  • More mutants, more mayhem, more Bryan Singer!
    An exciting and suspenseful follow up to the first X-Men film. My favorite part is still the climatic clash between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike. For style buffs, note the changes in style and character of Jean Grey and Storm. It's too bad that Alan Cummings couldn't return as Nightcrawler for X3....more info
  • Ditto on being better than the first.
    I loved this film. The writting, story, special effects, acting, and directing exceed the original. I recomend this film to any fan of the genre....more info
  • Velcro. Nice.
    I really liked this one, an improvement over the first X-men which was also good. There was plenty of stuff exploding, lots of flying, lots of fighting, snappy dialog, with the characters being just developed enough to fulfill their roles without slowing the pace. Patrick Stewart shined as always.

    The sound design was not exactly Murch territory but it was basically perfect for an action-blockbuster type of movie, with great balance, and not an over-reliance on dramatic 'over the head' or ping-pong effects.

    Now for a couple of small cons: a tiny gripe is Magneto's costume, it was incredibly cheap and dumb looking. They did kind of 'save' this with a line from Pyro, but still...

    The most interesting opportunity for any actual drama was the subplot about Striker's son, especially as he controlled the illusory little girl, and then he was just gone. I went back and looked for more shots and they just left that story in the dirt. Really , probably another thirty seconds on the character and I wouldn't even complain given that this was an action flick.

    Overall though it was really enjoyable. 'A thrill a minute'. Best line: 'Velcro. Nice.'

    ...more info
  • A Worthy Sequel, With Pluses and Minuses Compared To The Original
    When you have a formula or gimmick movie, sequels make it hard for themselves to live up to the original and maintain creativity. When the movie is based on characters and their development, it is easier to have a successful series. Star Wars is one example of this; James Bond also avoided a set pattern. The X-Men series is another example.

    As in the rest of the series, the theme is dealing with prejudice. This movie has the most chilling human villain Col. William Stryker (Brian Cox), who creates a crisis for the purpose of achieving his ultimate goal: ridding the earth of all mutants. The good guy mutants and the bad guy mutants unite to save the mutants, but Magneto is just as ready to destroy all humans as Stryker is to destroy all mutants. It is up to the X-Men to save the day.

    This movie gives fleeting glimpses of several of the characters, giving Pyro more of a role, while giving a brief scene with Kitty passing through walls. It also gives a short introduction to Cyclops and Banshee. The main new character is one of my two favorites, Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming, doing a wonderful job). (My other favorite, The Beast, has to wait to Part 3.)

    I found this movie more exciting than the first. However, it had a few scenes I found unnecessary, including a couple of PG-13 rated sex scenes. I'm also uncomfortable with men fighting women, which happened in both scenes, including a lengthy battle between Jackman's Wolverine and a woman. As a result, I would not recommend this movie as highly as the first and the third. But that is personal preference.

    I am hesitant to give much details, but I found some similarity between this movie and Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan. ...more info
  • Great Movie
    I loved this film. I think it is a definite improvement over the first one. I may be biased because I'm in love with Wolverine as portrayed by Hugh Jackman, but still this movie has an exciting plot and great acting. Plus Wolverine has some great fight scenes! Great entertainment....more info
  • X2 is an awesome film!
    With dazzling special effects, spectacular battles, touching romance and sacrafice, and an even edgier Wolverine, X2: X-Men United is even better than the original! The second installment of the X-Men Trilogy, United proves to be a fantastic addition to the series, as well as a great action film on its own!
    X-Men 2 starts out with Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming), a mysterious teleporter mutant with navy blue skin and a forked tail attacking the white house. Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) sends two of his X-Men, Storm (Halle Berry) and Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) to find Nightcrawler. Meanwhile, he and Cyclops (James Marsden) visit his old enemy Magneto in his plastic prison.
    The school is attacked, and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) rescues several of the students including Rogue, Iceman, and Pyro. They escape to Iceman's old house and hideout until Storm and Jean pick them up. Now they must save Xavier and Cyclops from the evil William Stryker, who knows a thing or two about Wolverine's mysterious past, as Magneto escapes prison. Magneto and the X-Men become one-time allies as they fight for the freedom of mutants! At the end, one of the main characters dies.
    Ten stars all the way!...more info
    X-man is my favorite movie.The characters are Wolverine/Iceman/and Flameman.It takes place in the White House.It takes place in the present.I like the movie for the fighting.One reason I like it is the way X-Man sticks knives out of his hands. I like the way they fight. I think kids 8 and up would like the movie because of thier powers....more info
  • Even Better Than The First!
    X-Men fans, comic book fans, action movie fans, and all-around good movie fans, SEE THIS MOVIE! The first movie set the bar high, but this movie tops it. Right from the beginning you know you are in for a real treat. I was spellbound the first time I watched it, and have watched it again and again since. This is a title that is worth owning, as are the other 2 X-Men movies (both 1 and 3). Once again Hugh Jackman pulls off playing Wolverine impeccably, and the other characters deliver too. If you are a comic book fan or an action movie fan, getting the X-Men trilogy is a no-brainer. Enjoy!...more info
  • Wonderful
    If you loved comic books as a kid, science fiction or action movies, this is a great film. Of course, Hugh Jackman is the best. Highly entertaining! ...more info
  • Fantastic comic book action!
    What a fantastic movie. The first was okay, but this just blows it out of the water. The characters are more fully developed; the set pieces are on a much grander scale; new characters are introduced; the dialogue still sparkles; the story thunders along with enough action to please anyone. This is the way comic books should be brought to life. Singer really knows his beans! If X-men 3 is as big an improvement on this, as this was on the first, it'll be the film of the year. This rocks!
    ...more info
  • Love the Mutants
    The X Men have always fascinated me. The things they think of for the powers tht they are given. It is a truly amazing movie. All of them are .and if U love this U will love the rest....more info
  • Misleading title
    The title is bit misleading, some people may think the two x-men movies are included in the packet, when only the second movie is available....more info
  • YES
    X2 was much better than the 1st X-Men, not that it was a bad movie in any way... just more mutants & more action & a bigger plotline. Plus, it sets up the way for X3: The Last Stand, which I saw in theaters & it was also good, but this is the best one of the trilogy....more info
  • Huge Biceps of Hugh Jackman.
    Biceps are plenty here. Huge Biceps of Jackman is shown here. Kids are in this. Its a lot of fun to watch. They even show Washington D.C. A great film from a new director. The director from the first 2 films directed "Superman Returns". I liked the ending here a lot....more info