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  • Not as bad as the reviewer's would make you think
    I enjoyed both entities. As with the excellent Alien series the sequels should have stopped at 3 but money talks. But, combining the two "hot" aliens makes for some ok movies. This is not fab but it's not horrible. I thought it was pretty good.
    Enjoy!...more info
  • Hollywood must be Afraid Predator will when an Oscar
    AVP - Alien Vs. Predator (Full Screen Edition)

    Predator is poised to be a star, Hollywood just seems reluctant to give him a great script so he can show what he can really do.

    Predator is one of the best movie monster creations in quite some time.

    He ranks up there with Dracula, Werewolf and the Mummy in cinema history.

    Not just because of his awesome physical design, but also his movie history.

    The Predator is one of the few baddies to go toe to toe with one of the greatest action

    movie heroes, Arnold Schrwazannerger. If you dislike one of Arnold's movies

    its partially because the villian is no match for Arnold.

    However we all know what a great job Predator did against Dutch in the first Predator movie.

    The director did a great job of giving the Predators a favorable persona. You have the more experienced fighter, and a over confident noob among others. But then just when you really start to like a Predator, he gets killed off.

    I would have rather seen a group of the "Star" Predators go up against the Alien Queen in the end, instead of the dreadful ending this movie has.

    Not a bad A vs P movie, but it should have been ALOT better.

    ...more info
  • Taking it a bit too far?
    I've only recently just finished watching the Alien movies, and although I watched the Predator movies, I was never that fussed about them. If I had to choose one, I'd have to say I preferred the Alien movies to the Predator.

    So I was shocked after watching AVP, that I actually found myself sympathising with the Predators!!!

    There seems to be no relation to the other movies, Sigourney Weaver famously refused to have anything to do with it, so it was left for a below-standard movie to come onto our screens, without any backing from one of the original stars. Surely that's got to be a bad thing?

    The storyline was a bit iffy, and the characters weren't that particularly likable. They never are in these movies, cos there's more money thrown at the special effects than developing the character storylines. But not to worry, that's the only major letdown, and it's to be expected.

    What always got me about the Alien movies, and especially the Predator movies, is that you never really saw the aliens/predators that much. In this film, they're shown too much. When they're not shown as much (particularly the Predator, who was mostly invisible in the original movies), it gives the audience a sense of anticipation, of fear etc.

    For this, like that other 'vs' movie - Freddy vs Jason - there should have been lots of alien vs predator fights. There's barely anything. One at the most. I can understand why some die hard fans were a bit miffed at that. If I'd been a die hard fan, I wouldn't have wanted to watch a few characters run around a pyramid, just asking to be killed.

    But by the end of the movie, if you don't feel sorry for the Predators (looking bigger, better, and badder than their previous outings), then you have no heart. I actually found myself thinking "awwwwww", without hopefully not giving too much away about the finale.

    There's already a sequel about to come out in the UK this month, which I'm not sure about. True, the first does just BEG for a sequel, but was it necessary? I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. Personally, they should have either made another Aliens movie (although I think Resurrection was final enough), or made another Predator movie (and brought back Arnie!), and left this well alone.

    If I do see the sequel, I know who I'm rooting for. Go boy, go!...more info
  • Mindless yet Somehow Entertaining
    In spite of its manifold flaws, AvP managed to be fairly entertaining. The characters were all pretty flat, the acting was horrible, and all but one of the humans dies without putting up any kind of meaningful fight whatsoever. The premise is totally absurd. The movie is basically entirely lacking in subtlety or depth. But for all that, I have to admit to having taken a great deal of rather juvenile satisfaction in watching the Predators and the Aliens-- two of the baddest beasts ever to hit the silver screen-- tear each other to shreds. Plus, once the main human character hooks up with the Predator to help him do battle, she turns out to be pretty cool, too. This is definitely about as mindless as action flicks come. But if you're male and under thirty, you'll probably get a kick out of it anyway....more info
  • Non-Stop Special Effects of Alien vs Predator
    This is a great DVD transfer of the non-stop special effects of Alien vs Predator (AVP). Enjoying even the great special effects of this film isn't enough to make for a really memorable sci-fi experience as it takes an engaging plot to make a good film, even in science-fiction.

    I don't believe anyone would think of this movie as part of the Alien series or try to compare it with prior Alien films. It obviously represents a "knock off" intended to attract from a large number of satisfied customers of the Alien vs Predator magazines. This doesn't mean that it shouldn't be considered good sci-fi film and I purchased the DVD hoping for a satisfying film experience.

    The story line does a nice job of connecting the film histories of the Alien and Predator races together and linking these two fictional accounts with the history of man on earth in a plausible way. Most people agree that the history of ancient monuments all over the earth appear to have a common link, which is probably one of the sources of the Atlantis myth.

    If anything I think AVP attempted to recapture the action and line up of good characters from ALIENS. Also, rather than the one-on-one bug hunt of the original film, this movie was about war between a defacto army of humans against an army of Alien creatures and their very dangerous Queen.

    In terms of special effects I would give this movie four stars, however, I couldn't get all that interested in the basic story and AVP left me with an overall one to two star impression and the feeling I was watching an animated comic book.

    I must admit that I never had the large screen theater experience and first saw the film on DVD at home. I assumed I would at least like AVP since I own the entire Alien series on DVD and enjoy seeing every one of them over and over again. However, I did find it worth watching and am looking forward to purchasing "Alien vs Predator Requiem"
    ...more info
  • A lot of fun but still lacks the punch of the previous films
    I remeber going to see Alien Vs.Preadtor back in 2004 when I was stationed in Europe with some of my Air Force friends. Walking into the film I thought I'd get the same feeling I got the previous summer when I saw Freddy Vs.Jason, and while AvP does has some cool action sequences it could have been so much better. Sanna Lathan was good as always while the rest of the actors seemed as if they were there just for a pay check. As for the sequel well let's just say it's a slight improvement....more info
  • AVP: Aliens vs. Predator
    Gah, if only they could give you a 2.5 option on this site, oh well.

    Well here we are, two super awesome creatures locked in a greatly memorable epic combat that will live forever in the hearts of Alien and Predator fans.

    Well, except for the memorable part, and well the epic part, and I guess the "live forever" part, and the heart part (even though this film might create some heart attacks), and maybe even the "fans" part.

    Lets face it, the only reason this movie sucked was because of it's beyond terrible ending. The first 2/3s of the film were actually pretty good (despite the lack of originality). then came the last 1/3, and oh man was that awful, okay first of all, after it killed half her team the main character decided to "make friends" with the twisted bloddthirsty Predator (E.T. anyone?). Then for some reason beyond me, the Predator decides to give her the mark of a "true warrior" or something corny like that (even though she didn't do a thing except say "F---" twice and shoot an alien the Predator could have easily killed himself). Speaking of the aliens, why were they so pathetic? I mean they were beyond weak, only one character was killed by the full grown aliens, all the rest were either killed by predators or face-huggers. Also, the film was completely derivitive of the film it spun off of "Aliens" The plot ended up being virtually the same thing (just with archeologists instead of marines).

    The only people who will be pleased by this are 9 year olds and "love 'em no matter what" predator fans (the majority of predator fans will not be pleased and alien fans will not be pleased what-so-ever).

    Watch with caution.

    2.5 stars, for the effort.

    Also, I must say I'm disappointed with people who said that there wasn't enough on-screen violence. Gore does not help a film in any way people, lets face it, the first Alien film was probably less violent than this, the only reason it was really rated R was for the language....more info
  • Disappointing as franchise sequel, great fun as sci-fi actioner
    If you forget that this is the continuation of two very successful franchises, and consider this as a graphic novel adaptation, then it is actually a bit more successful than people give it credit for.
    In tone and spirit, this is much more of a Predator movie than an Alien movie - it is as an Alien movie this most disappoints. However, as Predator movie I would suggest this is better than Predator 2 was.
    The plot is set in modern time, when a heat signature revealing a hidden pyramid under the ice is seen by satellite. The owner of the satellite, played by Lance Henrikson, brings together a team of archaeologists, biologists and `security' (the equivalent of Star Trek redshirts I guess) to investigate. What they find is a pyramid used by Predators to hunt the ultimate prey - the Alien.
    The rest of the story is just bunkum, and don't think too hard about many of the continuity points because much of it does not quite work, but the action scenes are handled adequately, mostly by pilfering ideas from the previous movies and reproducing them in watered down form for characters we have not yet come to care about. Best original (-ish) idea was that the pyramid reconfigures every 10 minutes once activated, to add spice to the hunt and help split our characters up to be picked off one at a time.
    Saana Lathan is no Sigourney Weaver, but a stronger character than one might expect from Paul W. S. Anderson (who also directed Mortal Kombat). Nice to see Colin Salmon, the English actor of several Brosnan era Bond movies, in another role - shame it wasn't in a better movie.
    Overall, this is not a disaster as a movie given its rushed production and low bdget - but don't go in with any expectations of anything approaching even the worst of the Alien movies. Think of it as a so-so Predator sequel and you get the idea.
    3 ? stars - I'll opt for 3, because of the corny script at times. ...more info
  • The biggest problem with this movie is it's too dark most of the time
    The biggest problem with this movie is it's too dark most of the time. I can hardly see things clearly. That makes it's very difficult for me to enjoy it. There are a lot of fighting and bloody scenes but there's no suspense at all. The first installment of Predator and the second of Aliens are much more engaging and suspenseful.

    It's worth renting for curiosity....more info
  • But My Mommy Told Me There Were No Real Monsters...
    The Good Things
    *Cool special effects and some good, memorable action scenes.
    *The settings are very nifty. Good production design all around.
    *The Predators get to use most all of the great weapons introduced in previous films. The Aliens exhibit the same unnatural intelligence (or instinct) as in the previous films. This film also introduces some interesting, logical ideas (like how the Alien skeleton is acid-proof, or how the Aliens willingly kill themselves to free their queen...).
    *Even though it seems a little silly, I thought it was cool to see the Predator bonding with the main character.
    *Very fascinating story line that ties the two franchises together brilliantly (and still corresponds well to the original films).

    The Bad Things
    *Not much blood or guts, which is truly unsual for an Alien or Predator film. The unrated version has a little more, but is stil not much.
    *Kind of boring for the first hour.
    *Despite the interesting backstory, the movie itself reminds me of the other films made by this director (like "Event Horizon" or "Resident Evil," all of which showed the same spiel about a bunch of people who explore a dark place and encounter something scary).
    *Most of the characters are dull. They tried to develop them to an extent, but they are ultimately unmemorable.

    It took me a few viewings to truly appreciate this. I really don't care much for the characters (even the main character), and most wind up dying anyway. And when the film spends the first hour developing these boring characters, the film as a whole seems very tedious. But, the second half is very cool; there are lots of great fight scenes and slick special effects. I was largely impressed by the backstory that tied the Alien and Predator together. While this hardly compares to the other Alien or Predator films, this is pretty fun. Fans of either franchise should probably see this at least once....more info
  • [3.5] NOT the box-office flop some would have you think!
    I know most have criticized this film for a wide variety of reasons that I completely understand, but for some odd reasons I still enjoyed this film although I know I should not have.

    The plot of this film has been reviewed to death, so I will go the route I've been going lately and simply discuss what elements I liked and disliked about this somewhat controversial film for which most were disappointed.

    The Misses:

    (1) Shoddy, dark cinematography used to disguise a low-budget film for a film that really should have had a massive budget considering the great success of both franchises and the concept of the film.
    (2) Slow pacing for a film that should have been a non-stop action flick on par with Cameron's Aliens (Special Edition) -as if that were really possible.
    (3) Some run-of-the-mill stereotypes of forgettable characters (yeah, I know, the aliens are supposed to be the stars).
    (4) Lazy approach to great concept.
    (5) Lack of research (respect) to the original franchises.
    (6) The PG-13 rating is both a hit and miss with me. ALL of the prior Alien films, Alien Quadrilogy (Alien/ Aliens /Alien 3 /Alien Resurrection), and the only two Predator films, Predator / Predator 2 - 2-Movie Gift Set, where ALL R rated films for violence and language. To some purist for these films and genre, that should have required an R rating for this film and anything less implies a departure from these films' roots and I agree (to a point . . . see #6 below).

    The Hits:

    (1) Great concept for a film (but rather lackadaisical implementation).
    (2) Some spot on casting with Lance Henrikson returning as the human Bishop, the familiar face of Raoul Bova, and the stunningly beautiful and solid acting talents of Sanaa Lathan to whom this film owes an awful lot as the one character who is developed well-enough that we are rooting for her to survive in a situation where we expect all to die.
    (3) Decent special effects and set designs when not shrouded in darkness.
    (4) Occasionally humorous moments to ease up the tension.
    (5) A terrific ending that clearly opens the door for what can be a sequel that may be better than the original AVP.
    (6) The PG-13 rating has caused much fuss by fans of these franchises and I generally agree with them that these aliens thrive on violence and to downplay that here in a match up between the two is most annoying; however, I never cared for violence and gore for violence and gore's sake alone. I think this film succeeds well enough under its more family friendly PG-13 rating and I, personally, prefer to watch movies with my whole family than with just my wife (which R would require). This is just a matter of opinion here and personal preference, so keep your light sabers holstered if you disagree (just funning here).

    I generally enjoyed this film even though it is a considerable letdown from what it could have been. I think sometimes we have to put that notion aside and just look at what we have and not all the "could have been's." In addition, just because we disliked a film doesn't mean we should exaggerate the lack of success a film had (or vice versa). This medium budget film, since $45 million isn't really "low budget" the film comes across as, went on to gross over $172 million world-wide, I think one is hard-pressed to call this film a flop and before one can say most of that was earned outside of the U.S. the U.S. take was slightly over $80 million.

    A hit in Hollywood is generally looked upon as film that rakes in about double what it cost to make, and that is especially true if the cast has no A-list stars like this film. There are bigger expectation when a film has one or more A-listed stars like Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts or Jodie Foster. AVP had no A-list stars and ended up grossing nearly 4x what it cost to make after world-wide distribution. For all the criticisms of this film, I think its box-office receipts means somebody liked it and that I'm not alone even though I will admit that this film has many flaws.

    With the recent entry of AVP2 you might want to take a second look at this film. It is better than most think it is (in my view). And with that I will exit my 200th review. Peace....more info
  • AVP - One of the better Combo movies!!
    I thought that Jason VS Freddy was going to be one of the best horror flicks ever...Yeah Not!!
    I was really disappointed when I saw it for the first & the second & even the third time!!
    Then I heard that there was going to be a Aliens VS Predator and I even waited until it came out on DVD!!
    To me it did more justice than JVF, AVP had a better story!!
    I rate this DVD a 8 from 1to10!!...more info
  • Great smash em up.
    This is a great movie if you want to watch big beasts beat the crap out of each other. The video quality is great....more info
  • Not great but still a fun movie and great Blu-Ray
    For the most part I've actually liked most of the stuff that Paul Anderson has done; nothing amazing but still some decent stuff. So I wasn't ready to condemn this movie before I saw it in the theater. I was hoping he would do a lot more with this franchise than what this movie turned out to be but I still found it enjoyable enough to buy the DVD and now the Blu-Ray (I certainly feel it is a better film than the second Predator and the 3rd & 4th Aliens.)

    The Blu-Ray includes the unrated/director's cut and the added scenes help explain some more of the story and is definitely the best version to watch.

    The acting is pretty blah (with the A & P out-acting most of the humans) though Ewen Bremner is funny. But the action is really what this movie is about and there is plenty of action here and what I thought was a very good ending.

    As for the Blu-Ray transfer, it is very good; the picture is very clear and the dark scenes (most of the movie) look very good. The soundtrack is also nice and the trivia extra feature is cool.
    ...more info
  • *sigh* no one wins
    Reading the description immediately led me to ask...why are the Predators anywhere near the Antarctic? If one has watched any previous 'Predator' movie, (and who would watch this if they hadn't), then we already know that a point is made of the 'Predators' preferring the "hottest summers". AvP gets a rating of '1' for the background sets and props...that's it....more info
  • Better than expected
    Alien vs predator is worth seeing. Theres no point pretending its a classic film - its not. However to write it off completely is unfair as it has some merit. I thought the basic plot idea was a rather well thought out story, and for the first hour the film maintained a decent level of interest and even a little bit of characterisation.

    It was certainly nice to Lance Henriksen back playing Charles Bishop Weyland - a nod to Bishop the android in Aliens. Sanaa Lathan is also pretty good as Alexa (effectively the Ripley role) but you would have thought that they could have come up with something slightly more original than creating another Ripley like character. It did become a bit predictable in the second half of the film and there are some noteable plot holes that can't be explained away.

    Overall though I found to be an entertaining film. It may be shallow but there are a lot worse films than this out there. ...more info
    THIS WAS good but not gory enough.i bout this movie when i found out there was going to be AVP 2 (check out my review on AVP 2).i liked the second one has a lot of great special features and the movie is good.if you havent seen it yet theres a good twist ending you should buy this.there is a lot of action.get this....more info
  • Had the same problems as The Hulk /both REWORK CANDITATES
    most of the scenes were so dark it was difficult to see what was happening in the film even with the lights off....more info
  • In Space... NO one can hear you weep!!!
    First of all let me say that I don't usually write negative reviews, I'd much rather tell someone why I LIKED a film than why I thought it sucked, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to make an exception for AvP!

    Before I begin, I just want to say that I really, really, REALLY wanted this to be a great film, I mean, SERIOUSLY!!! The original Alien is one of my favorite films of all time, and Predator was pretty damn good as well!

    I've never read the AvP comics, but when I heard about HOW they were going to bring the two species together for the film, well, I thought they had a winner on their hands!

    Sure, like WHY is there a pyramid buried under the Antarctic? No one would have been able to reach it at ALL except in the last 100yrs or so! And oh yeah, 'til "Bishop" started his satellite spinning around up there in orbit to see the heat signature which would bring the Humans, who are a vital ingredient in the process after all... you see where this is going I'm sure, but I could let that slide, I guess. I just had to keep repeating to myself, "Stop analyzing, stop analyzing, stop analyzing..."

    The initial set-up was well handled - it's always nice to see Lance Henriksen doing his thing - and even though you know the majority of the characters are gonna be bug-meat in very short order, they sketch them out serviceably all the same.

    We get to see the Predators in orbit preparing for the hunt - Cool! - then the poor unsuspecting humans enter the Pyramid and start messing with stuff you and I just KNOW they shouldn't be messing with! All of a sudden, the pyramid is activated, and we see the captive Alien Queen brought out of suspended animation to lay the eggs of a new generation of homicidal Drones - so freaking cool I thought I was gonna have to change my underwear!!!

    And at that point my friends, things start to go down hill... fast.

    In the original films, the Alien gestation/birthing process is given to us in all its horrific glory; from Face-Hugger, to Chest-Burster, to fully matured Drone/Soldier, takes at least a couple of days, here, the whole process is telescoped into just a few hours!

    The other thing we know about the Alien's from the original films is that they bleed acid, right?! Well... maybe, kinda-sorta... it all depends. As the Predators face off against the Aliens they slice 'n' dice 'em, up close 'n' very personal, with a variety of weapons; sometimes they bleed acid... sometimes they don't.

    For instance, there's one scene where an Alien has the end of its tail cut off, and it deliberately whips its severed member at its attacker, splashing him with acid. Then a short while later a Drone has his head sliced in two, and guess what? The head slowly slides apart, revealing nicely detailed interior, but no acid... it should have been spraying all over the place!!! And then there are the Predator weapons; sometimes they're damaged by the acid blood, and guess what, sometimes they're not!

    This film so thoroughly ignores or distorts the accepted mythology of the Alien universe that it makes nonsense of the original films.

    Henriksens character is "Charles Bishop Weyland;" "The Company," in the original Alien films is the "Weyland-Yutani Corporation." Logically, therefore, The Company is a descendant of Weyland's operation in the here and now, so surely there would have some information in the company archives of the installation under the Antarctic ice? Wouldn't the sole survivor of the expedition tell her corporate backers the incredible tale of two Alien races fighting to the death in the pyramid?! And although the structure is taken out by one of the Predator mini-nukes, the Queen is, let's say... salvageable. Wouldn't The Company go back to the Antarctic in an attempt to recover Alien samples, instead of trawling through the vast and inhospitable reaches of space?!?!?!

    And what about this; the Predators hunt the Aliens as a rite of passage. So, they've faced the most vicious and ferocious creature in the Universe, and are now Adults/Warriors - sorry, I never did get into the Predator mythology. But in the first two Predator films we see them hunting HUMANS; to a Predator, this has got to be the equivalent of those big, tough "hunters" who go to deer farms and shoot tame deer!!! Or maybe these Predators are the equivalent of juvenile delinquents; they've stolen the keys to daddy's starship, and are off causing trouble in the local galaxies?!?!?!

    Yes I know, nit-pick nit-pick nit-pick!!! But these are such fundamental errors that they really are inexcusable.

    But there is some good; the Predators look as menacing as they did in their own films, the Alien's look fantastic - these are Gigers originals, with the "stove-pipes" on their backs - and the Queen is amazingly rendered!!! One improvement they've been able to make is that the Alien's tails can now be made to work in a way that simply wasn't possible in the original films. There's a nice sub-plot concerning the surviving Predator taking the surviving Human under his wing, when she proves that she too is a "Hunter," plus an explanation of how the Predators were worshiped as Gods by the ancient, pyramid building peoples of Earth.

    This PG-13(!) rated effort is a shambles, especially if you're a fan of the original stories, and Henriksens character is thrown away quite unnecessarily early on in the initial encounters. ...more info
  • Love those Aliens!!!!!!!!!
    I was a little leery when this movie came out, but being a great fan of the Alien saga, I knew I had to see it! Good plot, great characters, an ending that was a little predictable yet fun! It isn't gory like the movie they made after this, AVP:Requiem,(a bad, bad, and did I mention,BAD movie!)Cudos to the director and producers of AVP!!!...more info
  • Extras are not as good as the DVD release
    While the movie is one I enjoy the blu-ray release was, for me, as waste of money. I like special features but I don't like special features that only a select few can enjoy. That is just what the "D-Box Motion Control System" is. You need extra hardware over-and-above a blue-ray player and HDTV to take advantage of it. On top of that the extras do not include any thing like what was on the AVP DVD 2 disc set. The blu-ray release is a 50GB dual layer disc and it looks to me like instead of using some of that extra space for at least the features found on the DVD 2 disc set they just wasted the space on D-Box. Great, I guess, if you happen to have that hardware. I do not. The other very poorly done thing is the menus, I got the impression that the people that made them just slapped some lo-rez images up there with out a care that it looks awful.

    Someone made a few very bad choices on this one. The only people that should buy this one are those that care nothing about extras or the very very very small sub set of folks that have hardware that supports D-Box....more info
  • AVP: Alien vs Predator........
    Alien vs Predator is a science fiction film, made in 2004, that bring the two beloved sci-fi franchises of fans all over together. It was a concept that was brought together in a comic series of the same name in 1989. Directed by W.S. Anderson(best known for "Event Horizon"& "Mortal Kombat"), it stars Sanaa Lathan, Lance Henriksen, Raoul Bova, and Colin Salmon. Alien vs. Predator follows a group assembled by billionaire Charles 'Bishop' Weyland (Lance Henriksen) for an expedition near the Antarctic after discovering a mysterious heat signal. Hoping to claim the find for himself, Weyland and the group discover a pyramid below the surface of a whaling station. Little do they know that it is a hunting ground for Predators who kill Aliens as a part of "coming of age" ritual. Despite harsh critism about the movie from movie reviewers and fans alike, it did well at the box-office ranking 33rd over all for the year as the highest-grossing film of that year. It has also did well by DVD sales and whatnot. In my opinion, AVP is a fun romp definitely worth owning just to see my two favorite space lifeforms duking it out til the end. It's a heck of a sight better than "Freddy vs Jason". The unrated edition contains the special features from the Extreme Edition, CGI and an extra eight minutes of footage. That goes a long way in making the movie that much better. So, regardless of what you hear about it, check out AVP:Alien vs Predator. It's a really good movie.
    ...more info
  • Where is the unrated version
    So I order AVP, suppose to be R rated, pg-13 is what I received. So I order again the "two disc collectors edition". I send a message to seller to please check the rating. The box says unrated. Seller notifies, it is two disc but the rating is pg-13. Seller cancels my order to keep me from having two with the pg-13 rating. So where is the unrated version????...more info
  • Awesome speical effects
    The movie is PG-13 so that pretty much tells you what you wont see. The speical effects are really good but as I said, PG-13 really hurts the movie. I see they have an unrated version but I wont buy it. I did notice that they have an extended version. I thought it was cool until I realize it didnt have more violence, just swearing. Cool effects with a few scenes that are really good but overall, disappointing. ...more info
  • Blu-Ray of AVP DOES have the unrated cut.
    Blu Ray review:

    The Biggest thing about this BD of AVP that is consistently not mentioned is that the BD contains BOTH the PG-13 theatrical cut AND the unrated directors cut of the film. Amazon only lists the disc as the PG-13 version, and even an external BD review site failed to mention the inclusion of the unrated cut. So if you've wanted to get AVP on BD and haven't due to a lack of the unrated cut, fear not, it's on the disc.

    Video quality is good. It's not the best picture I've seen, but it's nowhere near the worst. Definitely better than the DVD 4/5 overall

    Sound is good as well. Just like video, it's not the best, but it's not the worst. Choices are DTS-HD 5.1 (4-4.6 mbps) in English. French and Spanish in Regular Dolby Digital 5.1 (not HD audio). Overall a 4/5 for the DTS-HD track.

    This review isn't about the movie itself, nor is it meant to be all-inclusive. My main reason for writing the review is that the unrated cut isn't advertised by anyone it seems in regards to being on the BD version and that is a big deal to me. Hope this helps.
    ...more info
  • AVP - Alien Vs. Predator - The Unrated Edition (Collector's Edition)
    I think this movie is a lot greater than the original version.This DvD is Unrated,it is not bad it has almost the same amount of bad words.It's packed with a bunch of bonus features,and if you love AvP like me you will shurley like this DvD....more info
  • Good but not Great
    This was a good movie but was not good as the predators or as the aliens. This was better than I expected it was going to be, but it is not as good as Alien VS. Predator REQIUM....more info
  • Friday night entertainment, but not REALLY an Alien movie
    Like most people, I always liked the Alien movies. In fact, the original Alien movie is probably the only horror movie that really scared the living day lights out of me! Even when I saw it a second time (with annoying commercial breaks), it still scared me. Later, I learned that the alien monster or "xenomorph" was originally designed by a Swiss surrealist painter with an interest in psychoanalysis, H.R. Giger. Perhaps that's why the monster is so scary. Clearly, Giger and the rest of the production team have tapped into our worst nightmares and subconscious fears.

    I liked the Predator movies as well, so the concept of a crossover had a certain appeal.

    I know that the critics dissed "Alien vs. Predator", and apparently many hard-line Alien fans didn't like it either. In my opinion, however, "Alien vs. Predator" is an underrated movie. It could have been much worse! Sure, it's not as good as the real Alien movies, but it's perfectly acceptable. If you like constant action, monsters, and a little bit of science fiction, that is!

    What's missing from the crossover movie is that special magic touch that made the original Alien movies so memorable. The characters aren't very interesting either, not even the main hero Alexa Woods. Also, the continuity between "Alien vs. Predator" and the other Alien or Predator movies isn't very clear. While this will no doubt annoy the most devoted fans, I don't think the regular viewer will mind. I certainly didn't when I saw the movie on Swedish TV just the other day! Once the action gets started, and the bizarre aliens and predators start fighting each other, with the humans stuck in between, you tend to forget that it's not "really" an Alien movie.

    The plot of "Alien vs. Predator" is quite simple. A research team discovers an underground pyramid in the Antarctica. The pyramid was built by a previously unknown civilization, combining traits of the Aztecs, Egyptians and Cambodians. It's all bunk, of course. My father (who was watching the movie with me) kindly informed me that the Aztecs didn't have the kind of calendar depicted in the movie. Those were the Mayans! I kindly informed him that the Egyptians, of course, never practiced human sacrifice...

    Then, the fun begins. It turns out that the pyramid is used by the "hunters" from the Predator movies for initiation rituals. The young hunters must prove their worth by fighting "the snakes", which turn out to be the Alien monsters. Unfortunately, the Aliens need to kill other life forms to reproduce (they are parasites). For that purpose, humans are fooled into the sacrificial chamber of the temple, only to be infected and killed by Alien "facehuggers". When the mature Aliens burst out of the dead human bodies, the hunt can begin! Of course, something goes terrible wrong, the captive Alien Queen escapes, and soon it's not so clear who is the hunter and who is the hunted... The female hero, Alexa, is forced to co-operate with an Alien-infected Predator to stop the Alien Queen from reaching the surface. Meanwhile, the Predator space ship plans to "drop the big one" in case they fail.

    The fate of human civilization hangs in the balance...

    The best movie around? Hardly. A worthy prequel to the really real Alien movies? Probably not. But as Friday night entertainment goes, I'd say it's about as good as it can get. FOUR STARS.
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  • Nice Presentation for the film
    I purchased this DVD for my brother as a Christmas gift after he saw mine and like it. FOX HOME VIDEO had released a previous version, a theatrical edition, of this film on DVD first - and this one seems to have been cancelled. It's annoying really that the studios wait about 6 months to release a longer edition of the film after a first release. It takes advantage of the consumer. Now I wait for an extended edition instead of rushing out a buying what is first released.
    The quality of this release is very good and the bonus materials are extremely well done. My only complaint is with the director of the film tinting so much of the film in a dull blue. The behind scenes footage and the trailer show what the film would have looked like prior to the tinting process. Costumes, skin tones and sets look so much better prior to the tinting. This is not just with this film but with many that are produced today. No one seems to know good cinematography anymore.
    Fans of the Alien series, and Predator, I think will like this rather tame and clean addition to the series with the added footage in this edition. Get it before it disappears completely. My order was filled and sent to me extremely fast - especially since it was during the Christmas shopping season which could have slowed down the shipping processess....more info