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I, Robot
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  • I, Like it!
    Will Smith has a knack for finding great parts in some fun-to-watch science fiction movies like Independence Day and Men in Black. I, Robot was no different. Will was fun to watch and placed some weel-timed comedic irony, depth of character, and great athletic performance into his character. The special effects were especially well done, and the movie, in general, was a good modern application of Isaac Asimov's short stories of the same name. ...more info
  • Sci Fi Fun
    Watched it years ago yet still find it enjoyable today. Yes the shower scene was good (ha) but what grabbed me was the robot's personality. Close to human as ever....more info
  • Will Smith's tiring schtick
    He plays the only guy in the movie with any common sense, and is thus very unrealistic. Also, his urban black hip dude schtick grows very wearisome. The special effects are just ok. The plot involves some nonsense about robots taking over the world. It's only set 25 years in the future. A bit of a stretch if this is what the world is really coming to....more info
  • Reference Quality Blu-Ray Picture
    This picture transfer on Blu-Ray is definitely reference quality and worth bragging about and showing off to your Hi-Def junkie friends.I can't comment on the lossless audio quality since I cannot decode quite yet.This is a "must have" for any Blu-Ray collection....more info
  • I, Robot and Independance Day Too Much$$$$$
    Independance Day and I, Robot are awesome movies. I bet they look great on Blu-Ray, but was does Fox price them so high. $28 for an old movie is crazy. I Am Legend is only $19 which I will be buying, but I will wait on these two movies until the price goes down....more info
  • I,robot
    'I, Robot' features very good quality 1080p/AVC-encoded transfer,I may as well begin at the opening titles and the real kicker is how pristine the image actually is.It's quite simply delivers one of the best transfers I've ever seen.I couldn't believe how realistic it all sounded. Just listen to the pouncing robots, the engines throttling against the road.

    ...more info
  • I Robot on Blu Ray DVD
    This movie is spectacular....i got it for 17.99. You wont be disappointed. Audio is incredible. ...more info
  • Not for Asimov fans
    I thought this movie was great. If you're one of those people who always expects a movie to hold up to the book, add this to your long line of disappointments. If, however, you like a fun Saturday afternoon sci-fi, with lots of action, and a good mystery, then give this a shot. People who expect movies to live up to the book are living in a self-perpetuating paradigm of disappointment. If you enjoyed Independence Day (for Will Smith) and Virtuosity (for the subject matter), then you'll like this one. It's better than either one of those too.

    See them as movies that are inspired by a story, not a translation. I love books, I love movies. I engage one or the other for different types of immersion.

    I was picking through here to try and find out how good the transfer was to Blu-ray, and all the negative reviews are on the movie, not the transfer; so I thought I'd put in my $.02.
    ...more info
  • 5 - Robot Movie
    This film was awesome!!!! Great storyline and action. The special effects were spectacular and chillling! The characters were great especially Sonny. It had a good twist toward the end. I love movies with robots! Will Smith was great!!!...more info
  • great
    The movie will stand the test of time. Well written. Well acted. Well thought through. No outstanding oversights. With Independence Day it will endure....more info
  • Silly but a lot of fun to watch
    Movies like this are made by their main star, who is this case is
    Will Smith whom I really enjoy.
    If Tom Cruise had starred here, this would have been a huge flop.
    If I am bored and just want something to entertain me I will watch this movie. ...more info
  • A must have for any collector!
    I must say, I really enjoyed this movie. I had originally purchased the 1-disc of the movie and loved it.
    The only problem was that special features department was lacking. I ordered the (Two-Disc All-Access Collector's Edition) and was extremely satisfied with my movie experience.
    Being a movie buff, I always enjoy a good movie experience, not just from watching the film, but also being able to respect the work and effort that goes into it. This release of the film allows you just that.
    The All-Access edition allows you to dig deep into the making-of and Production of the film, with over 4 hrs of Bonus materials including a behind-the-scenes look at the amazing CGI shots by Weta!

    I was very happy to add this one to my collection and if you are a fan of this film and want learn the secrets behind it, I would recommend this in a heart beat! ...more info
  • Best Hd experience yet
    I own both formats and have viewed more movies on both than I probably should!!! I have to date been more impressed with my movies on hd dvd for picture and audio quality until I Robot, I enjoyed the movie when it came out and took the opportunity to rent the BD release and all I can say is WOW!!! the picture quality is on par with the top tier releases I have viewed! The audio (dts master) is possibly the best I have experienced, clear, crisp, lifelike surround which combined with the picture quality and to me an excellent story makes this overall experience an A+++++! If you are a fan of sci-fi this is a must have for your HD collection!...more info
  • I-Robot Blu-Ray... Freaking Sweet!!!
    First than anything, I am reviewing the movie as a Blu-Ray and not as a movie itself.
    The movie is all right...Will Smith is a great actor. However, the Blu-Ray version of this particular movie makes it a must have for any Blu-ray player owner. The reason Why I believe it's so great is because for the following reasons:
    1. Vizio VW42L 42 HDTV (1080i) (less than $1000)
    2. Playstation 3
    3. Home Theater Sony HT-DDW790 ($150.00)
    If I have cheap equipment, and I still get to experience such a great High definition experience, then it must really means that the Disc itself is awesome!!!
    This movie is worth paying more than $30, trust me!
    ...more info
  • Great movie, but terrible price.
    This is one heck of an entertaining movie, featuring some of the most seamless CGI I've seen. The transfer quality - both video and audio - of this Blu-ray is fantastic; I'd easily use it as a title to show off the format. Unfortunately, I can't, because I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices that Fox continues to put on its titles. I can accept that new releases are more expensive, but I, Robot is a catalog title and the $27.95 price tag ($39.99 MSRP) is downright absurd, especially when every other studio out there sets catalogs (on Blu-ray/HD DVD) at $19.95. My advice - rent it for now and buy when there's a sale....more info
  • Sewing Freak
    I like many Will Smith movies. He doesn't let you down in this movie. Excellent movie....more info
  • Another Great Will Smith Movie.
    He has done it again. Blu-ray version of this movie is OUTSTANDING! Picture/Audio is on par with the best that are out there. Who ever buys this movie will love it. From begining to end, I was in awe. BUY IT!!...more info
  • Great Action Adventure!
    A top notch crew does a wonderful job of bringing the essence of Isaac Asimov's robot stories to life. The acting and directing are great, even more amazing considering that much of the filming was done using blue-screen backgrounds and stand-ins for the robots, who were created later using computer generated figures. Bridget Moynahan pulled off her role brilliantly. She became a scientist involved in a puzzling crime, instead of looking like a strident feminist or a hot bod mouthing lines she didn't understand. Will Smith was amazing and fluid as always. Even the minor (human) characters sparkled....more info
  • I Loved It!
    It looks awesome on Blu and I loved the robot more than Will Smith's character....more info
  • Smith in another SF blockbuster that never fails to entertain
    An action/police procedual movie "inspired" by the work of Issac Asimov, and starring Will Smith.

    I was reluctant to see this movie for a long time, until my friend Bridgette convinced me that it was worth watching. My reluctance came from the fact that the movie is very unlike the original Asimov stories, with only the Laws of Robotics and a few names making the transition.

    The movie stars Smith as Del Spooner, Chicago police officer who has a real grudge against robots. This is hinted at in the opening title sequence, and is later explained in full detail just why Del has a problem with robots that no one else seems to share or understand. His boss at the precinct can't control him, his beloved grandmother chides him for his attitude, and he rubs everyone and everything raw, especially when it comes to the mechanical entities which now dominate Chicago and the rest of the U.S. in 2034.

    So when Robot inventor Dr. Alfred Lanning (played in holograms by James Cromwell) dies in an apparent suicide, but asking for Del in his death message, Del's dislike for robots is put to the test as he visits the gargantuan building that holds US Robotics. Del's abrasive personality and style are matched against the cool and collected Dr. Calvin (Bridget Moynihan). It seems at first that Del's presence is useless and worse than useless. However, the apperance of Sonny (Alan Tudyk) and evidence suggesting that Lanning could not have committed suicide starts a chain of action sequences and investigations that reveal an audacious plan involving the latest model of robot to be released...

    While the movie is 65% action and police procedural, and 30% science fiction, the movie does have a small dose of philosophy and the spirit of the original Asimov work As a minor spoiler, I will reveal here that, while not put directly in those terms, the movie's plot revolves around the "0th law". The first time I saw the movie, I recognized this immediately, and on this re-viewing, I appreciate that Proyas (who also directed Dark City (New Line Platinum Series) subtly inserted this distillation of the three laws. Proyas is a great director even if this movie, with its car chases and pyrotechnics does not play to his greatest strengths.

    Cromwell does fine as a hologram, Moynihan does okay as Calvin. Tudyk provides a human face to Sonny the robot. Still, this movie, like many of his movies, belongs to Smith's Del Spooner. Smith is as always a protagonist which the viewers can follow. Even if, unlike many of his roles, Del's personality and history have a dark edge that (until this movie) Smith had never really explored before in movie roles. I note wryly that this is the second SF movie he has been in that he has been a police officer. (Men in Black (Deluxe Edition) being the first).

    The movie IS a summer blockbuster type movie, but definitely in the upper tier of that subset of movies. The movie doesn't fail to entertain and I enjoyed it a lot....more info
  • Rusty's review
    This Movie Rocks!!!

    I, Robot is an awsome movie. It's a Thriller for all ages. The main character, Detective Spooner, ( Will Smith ), goes on what seems to be a hunt to find a bad robot. In this movie robots are programmed with three laws: 1.) A robot can not harm a human. 2.) A robot has to obey any direct order given by a human unless it interacts with the first law. 3.) A robot has a right to defend itself unless it interacts with the first or second laws.

    Then the U-S-R goes and comes out with a new robot the NS-5. Then you can guess what happens, the robots try to take over the world with their leader V-I-K-I. Can Detective Spooner save the world along with Sonny the robot with feelings?
    I guess the moral of the story would be that some rules are made to be broken but not all of them. ...more info
  • A good movie gets a sublime transfer to Blu-Ray!
    I own 56 Blu-Ray movies, and I have to say, this one is the way I wish all of them looked. Jaw-dropping detail, vivid colors, and no artifacts to be seen anywhere. A flawless transfer to HD, and a equally excellent audio track (I can only hear the 1.5 mbps DTS right now, but I can imagine how much better the lossless track will be once PS3 can decode DTS-MA.) Highly recommended, assuming you like the movie itself....more info
  • Blu-Ray quality at it's best
    I'm not going to say anything about the movie except that it is a fun movie with a good story and my wife thought Will Smith was at his physical best in this movie. I will say that I bought this movie because I read several reviews on home-theater sites that rated this movie 98 out ot 100 for video quality, which is what I wanted in a Blu-Ray disc. "I, Robot" did not fail to live up to my expectations. This movie was visually stunning. Great audio too. The audio during action scenes was properly mixed, with good tight bass and crisp sound effects. If you want to watch a reference quality Blu-Ray movie, then buy this movie. You will not be disappointed....more info
  • I ROBOT-Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics
    I ROBOT, starring Will Smith, was a fine four star movie having an interesting plot, good acting, fine direction and lots of action. I think the film was almost too ambitious from the point of view of special effects. Will Smith stated that I ROBOT had more special effects than any film he has made to date, including INDEPENDANCE DAY. Although I really appreciate good effects, I would have preferred some more of Will Smith's entertaining acting, something he was permitted to deliver in I AM LEGEND. He was too much of a stunt man in this film. I also found the full scale mechanical effects to be much more credibly done than the abundant computer graphics which though beautiful, looked a bit too stylish giving certain portions of the film the appearance of anime.

    In the literary sense, the original laws of robotics were invented by Isaac Asimov, one of the most prolific science fiction writers of the 20th century and certainly the most influential on the many recent films concerning robots. Many Hollywood science fiction films have been based on Asimov's three laws and find it helpful to quote them. Other films refer to another of Asimov's inventions, the positronic brain. Bicentennial Man directly quoted the Three Laws of Robotics and Star Trek's android robot, DATA, was often said to have a positronic brain.

    The Three Laws of Robotics hold up very well with time and appear to be an inescapably logical way to define the important features of behavior in civilian robots. The laws, which are quoted numerous times in the film, are:

    1) A robot may not injure a human being, or through inaction allow a human being to come to harm.
    2) A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, so long as this does not conflict with the First Law.
    3) A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not interfere with the First or Second Law.

    This is not the first film to predict that the outcome of the three laws will be a computer or robot revolution intended to dominate man. This is based on the idea that man needs to be protected from his own warlike nature. COLLOSUS, The Forbin Project made a very similar prediction, and the concept of a robot police state was also visited in THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, though not attributed to the three laws. 2001 and 2010 made a similar projection but for entirely different reasons. Since the days of Frankenstein and probably before that a constant theme of sci-fi and horror is the artificially created turning on their creator.

    I believe that Asimov would defend his laws of robotics as being effective in assuring safety, while granting this film the artistic license to use this speculation. I also think that the idea of a robot being able to rebel in violation of the specific wording of the first law is more far fetched than a sentient robot itself.

    It is sad that we have not witnessed more humanoid robotic developments in the United States, the country of Asimov's fictional US ROBOTS AND MECHANICAL MEN. It is HONDA's ASIMO which appears to be the most highly developed commercial robot. Because of the fear and suspicion that people might harbor against robots, HONDA chose to build their latest version of humanoid robot child sized. The big lumbering HONDA robots preceding it were a bit too intimidating and "Gort" like. HONDA is to be congratulated for their pioneering work and will probably see some return on their investment when variations of ASIMO are actually used in science fiction films, as museum guides, and as a general purpose domestic robot initially used to assist disabled or elderly people and ultimately perform all forms of household work. Although not yet fulley autonomous, ASIMO can currently walk and run on two legs, climb up and down stairs, play a decent game of soccer, recognize people and objects, speak, hear, recognize voices and react to speech appropriately. I would speculate that full autonomy for ASIMO will come within the next 15 years at most, only being limited by the number of calculations per second performed by the supporting computer hardware and software. For more info about ASIMO search the web using GOOGLE.

    I sometimes wonder how much public interest there would be in sending another robot to Mars if the next lander were based on an ASIMO type design? People might relate to seeing a bipedal humanoid robot walking on the surface of Mars, testing mineral samples for signs of water while occasionally looking into the camera and waving. Needless to say, NASA public relations would benefit immensely.

    The three laws of robotics could not be employed without modification in any military robot which might be under development in some secret government lab which would need to destroy human life in the course of assigned duties. Of course, I wouldn't care to imagine what we may have developed for the military, and just how fantastic such robot technology might be once permitted to trickle down to the circles of commerce. At that time it would be necessary to represent something with the effect of Asimov's three laws in these advanced machines.

    In the mid 70's (circa 1975) Isaac Asimov made an appearance at New York University, where my wife was attending graduate school. We went to witness his presentation in a packed college audience and he was every bit as impressive as his writings. Based on the questions and answers, the audience included at least a few people who were familiar with and who had been influenced by Asimov's writings. ...more info
  • I Liked It!
    I read "I, Robot" as a teenager and loved it. They changed quite a few things, but I was not disappointed by this movie because I felt they retained the true essence of the book. I was very moved by the robots protection of humans. I think Will Smith did a good job. I really liked the computer-generated robots. Their humanity really came through. Even though they deviated a lot from the original book, I would recommend this, even for big fans of Isaac Asimov.

    ...more info
  • Style over Substance (but very entertaining style)
    I was, and am still impressed by the special effects. I really wish to see how the Blu-Ray version brings out even more of the visual excitement. I realize this has been stated once or twice before but it bears repeating, I just hope that anyone who has read the book is NOT expecting the real deal. Some reviews suggest that it holds faithful to the book in spirit if not in any other fashion. Asimov's vision of the future is at best some backdrop for car chases, shoot em ups, fight scenes and occasional witty banter. And even as a backdrop the book provides a scale and storyline the movie can't even hint at. I'd like to give it another star but to use the title and then go such a different direction, it doesn't seem fair. Enjoy the action, enjoy the color and flair - then read the book. Perhaps in another decade or so special effects will be able to handle a more accurate rendition....more info
  • Movie: 4/5 Picture Quality: 4.75~5/5 Sound Quality: 4.5~4.75/5 Extras: 3/5
    Version: U.K / Region Free
    Version: U.S.A / Region A
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50
    Running time: 1:54:44
    Movie size: 28,400,265,216 bytes
    Disc size: 41,222,521,067 bytes
    Average video bit rate: 25.24 Mbps
    DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 24-bit

    #Feature Audio Commentary
    #Legacy and Design Commentary
    #Music Score Commentary
    #Day Out of Days: Production Diaries (SD, 76 minutes)
    #CGI and Design (SD, 22 minutes)
    #Sentient Machines: Robotic Behavior (SD, 36 minutes)
    #The Filmmakers' Toolbox (SD, 9 minutes)
    #Enhanced and Deleted Scenes (SD, 7 minutes)

    Missing special features

    #30 minutes of featurettes called "Three Laws Safe"
    #Original featurette that appeared on the standard 2004 DVD
    #240 minutes of bonus material has been reduced to 150 minutes...more info