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  • A Must See!!
    If you have not seen Sneakers, where have you been hiding?

    Robert Redford leads this all star cast, an emsemble that blends effortlessly for so much talent in one room.

    Sneakers combines good character with interesting plot, suspense, humor, and romance.

    I never get tired of watching this movie again and again, it's just a great movie!...more info
  • Both suspenseful and funny
    "Sneakers" is one of my favorite watch-again movies, and I think it has the elements needed to become a classic: numerous stars; a tight, suspenseful plot; enough laugh-out-loud humor to make it lots of fun to watch; and plenty of action and intrigue. The star-studded cast includs Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, Ben Kingsley, Mary McDonnell, the late River Phoenix, Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones, and David Strathairn, and each of them brings an excellent performance. This quirky combination of stars plays well in the movie, with Aykroyd channeling his brother, who believes every conspiracy theory ever devised and Redford as the guy who gets all the dangerous tasks, or--as Poitier puts it--"all the fun stuff." Ben Kingsley as the maniacal Cosmo with his two cold-blooded operatives, Timothy Busfield and Eddie Jones, is just scary enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, while the other performers all add humor to the suspense. Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Werner Brandes is comical as Mary McDonnell's computer date, yet menacing when he finds out her true identity. This is an engaging and entertaining movie that lets the viewer into the inner sanctum of a group of exceptionally talented computer gurus with the boyish charm of high school geeks. It has a warmth and vibrancy that are a bit unexpected for a movie of its genre, and there are few "slow" moments in the film; the action keeps moving. The scene where Robert Redford unexpectedly encounters the mathematician's paramour is hilarious, and the one where Whistler drives the van is hair-raising and funny at the same time. It's fun to watch for details such as Redford's using a Popeil Pocket Fisherman to retrieve something, right in the midst of a suspenseful moment. "Sneakers" is still appealing after all these years, and someday when all the impressive technology in it starts to look dated, the movie will still be a good time. ...more info
  • Every thing is great
    This is such a good movie. It has great acting, comedy, action, seriousness and story. It is hard for me to find a movie this good now a days or when this came out. I am only 21 so I like finding good movies from before I was born and from when I was a child. Anyway this movie is easly enjoyable for anyone who likes anything. The comedy will keep you laughing and the action will keep you needing to see what happens next. This is a fantastic movie and I wish they made new movies or even more older movies as good as this one is....more info
  • good movie
    Delightful caper flick enhanced by its deft handling of a rather preposterous plot. Great characters and terrific casting (Dan Aykroyd's conspiracy theorist perpetually sparring with ex-CIA agent Sidney Poitier, Ben Kingsley brilliant as usual, etc.) plus a really good score. The technology in the movie is completely dated but it holds up anyway. One of my favorites.

    This DVD comes with a clever and insightful though not earthshattering director's commentary....more info
  • ON the money today.
    I saw this movie in the theaters back in 1992 and it was great. It is timeless in that everything about the security and technical issues outlined in the movie are relevent today if not more. When Cosmo states" it's all about the information, what we hear, see, etc.." is so right on in our over connected world of the internet, cable news, podcasts, cell phones, camera phones, intrusive web cam/phone technologies, blogs, wirless, blackberries, rfid, youtupe, myspace, online ecommerce, protocols, protocols and more protocols.

    It is all about the network today and the information that flows through it. Do you remember how your life was pre 1995 internet and cell phones?
    Can you imagine your life without your various access points to the internet, its content and your cell phone?

    Cosmo was wrong when he said it is no longer about energy, it is still today for without the energy you have no means to propogate the information.

    They nailed it then and it is relevent today. Scary.

    Great movie and got me excited to try my hand at a little black/white hacking....more info
    Mission Impossible? Ugh! If you want a real hi-tech movie, check this one out. There's a great cast: Sidney Poitier, Robert Redford, River Phoenix and James Earl Jones just to name a few. The plot: Redford is in charge of a company where they intentionally break into banks and stuff to see how tight their security is. There's some really funny parts, but also some really serious, witty parts. The story soon starts to get more complicated as they go after this "black box" that can decrypt computer codes or something. In short, they can have access to the FBI, CIA, airports, whatever. Very easy to follow movie. I'm not usually a Robert Redford fan, but this movie is the one exception....more info
    One of my top 20 movies of all time.
    A must see!!! Two big toes up!!!...more info
  • One of my ALL TIME favs
    I've enjoyed this movie for many years on video tape, loaned it to someone and now caouldn't find it. My daughter found the me in DVD on It's about 'hackers', people paid to try to break into banks, break codes, etc. I LOVE this movie! It has an all-star cast....more info
  • Terrific comedy thriller from Phil Alden Robinson
    Martin Bishop (Robert Redford)makes a living breaking into computer systems and cracking codes for the high tech world. When two government agents turn up at his firm ostensibly to hire him Bishop is put on the defensive when it turns out both are from the NSA and know that he's a fugitive. They blackmail him into accepting an assignment to find a black box that has information they want. The device can break into every computer system in the world. It turns out that things are not what they appear.

    A sharp looking transfer "Sneakers" even at 14 years of age looks great with terrific performances from everyone including the late River Phoenix. Oscar nominee David Strathairn ("Good Night and Good Luck")appears as a blind soundman that can make out more with his ears than most people can see. Poitier does a marvelous turn as a former CIA agent and Dan Aykroyd appears as their resident gadgets expert. Mary McDonnell rounds out an excellent cast with a terrific performance as Bishop's former girlfriend who gets sucked into their scheme.

    We get featurette on the making of the film where the writers/producers and writer/director Robinson discuss the history of the project, how they ended up working together on the project again. Robinson has a funny story about how they first hooked up to work together and he left without writing a word. Later he got pulled back into the project after making a number of other projects. There's an insightful commentary from writer/director Phil Alden Robinson ("Field of Dreams", "The Sum of All Fears") and the original theatrical trailer. Despite the limited features the film, this is a terrific transfer of a great thriller. ...more info
  • Sneakers
    I love this movie. I am beginning a collection of older movies to good not to have. Love Robert Redford....more info
  • Sneakers
    A compelling thriller that combines humour and intrigue with perfection, the stellar cast gives performances of a life time and the story keeps you guessing right to the end....more info
  • setec astronomy
    if you are as big a fan of Sneakers as I am, you will know what i am talkiing about when I say "hell yeah!"

    Honestly I haves een this movie more than 20 times and it keeps getting better.

    Redford! Poitier! Ackroyd! Phoenix! McDonnell! Strathairn! Kingsley! Tobolowsky! Busfield! Do these names mean anything to you? they mean the world to me!

    Now I'm not some saleman or some guy who worked on the movie and is trying to get you to run out and buy it... nor do i work at, but I URGE to to see this movie.

    Comedy, suspense, touching love story, good buddy flick and a slammin' soundtrack!

    Top Notch. That's a fact....more info

    Fine movie, especially if you are into gadget flicks. For a moive that is 14 years old, it is sill interesting and mostly believeable. I bought the moive for the price was finally reasonable ( $ 9.99 ). Please let Amazon know that if they would reduce their prices, some of use would create more action....more info
    What a cast - Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell and Ben Kingsley!! This tale of intrigue and high-tech suspense is fun to watch over and over. The acting is THE BEST, direction is amazing, and the whole damn story is WONDERFUL!!! Buy this DVD!...more info
  • fun and creative
    Sneakers is a really fun movie. It is about a bunch of former crooks who now use their know-how to help companies improve their security systems. They get involved in a big government fiasco and have to use all their tricks. It's creative, clever and a lot of fun. Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, and Sidney Poitier are just some of the actors in this movie. They all do a really good job and seemed to have fun making the film.

    It is quirky, and suspensful and really fun movie. I do recommend this movie....more info
  • A galaxy of talents
    Stephen Tobolowski gives a fabulously over-the-top performance as Dr. Werner Brandes, defining a new phase in his career as an unparalleled supporting actor. He gives the role unprecedented depth and importance; let's not forget, Sneakers was made just a year before Groundhog Day. We all remember Tobolowski's astounding portrayal of insurance salesman Ned Ryerson! Do you really believe that that performance would have been possible without his appearance in Sneakers? I believe that the excellence with which Tobolowski created his role helped drive others in the cast to give equally stellar performances; not to be outdone, David Strathairn gives a particularly compelling performance as "Whistler" that is both dirty and idealistic. He and Dan Akroyd's "Mother" pair to make an incorrigible but loveable duo with a one-two punch!

    Conclusion: Sneakers is a brilliant constellation of stars, big and small!...more info

  • Sneakers
    We can all use a good hacking-into-government-related-stuff movie every once in a while. One could also say, look what Robert Redford has to resort to in this time of his life! But, eh. "Sneakers" is kind of a fun movie for its genre. Compared to other hacking-into-stuff movies such as...oh I don't know, "The Sting"... this movie isn't quite there. But for what it is, it isn't that bad. There's a group; they each have their quirks; they work through the quirks; bad guys remain bad guys even when there's a chance the audience thinks they might turn good; good guys win but are kind of the bad guys too; tada, how about them apples, the end. Predictable....more info
  • It makes you smile!
    Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, River Phoenix, Dan Ackroyd - you can't go wrong! And this film doesn't! It's funny and smart filled with great one-liners. Just thinking of Dan Ackroyd as the paranoid conspiracy theorist makes me smile. It's lots of fun for both men & women, that's why I got a copy for myself and a copy for my dad. Put on your comfy slippers and enjoy "Sneakers."...more info
  • Funny and Interesting
    This movie is one of my favorites. It is funny and interesting to watch the cloak and dagger suspense. Funny to see the "old technology"...more info
  • Excellent Escapist Entertainment!
    While Sneakers boasts an incrediblely talented ensemble cast, the focus in this fun movie is never on just one character for too long of a period, and the result is a great escapist tale, and truly entertaining as well. There are so many great moments contained in Sneakers that it takes several viewings to really understand just how fine those moments are!

    David Strathairn's "Mother" character really stands out, and the scenes where he slowly begins putting together a simulation soundtrack as to what Redford's character "Marty" heard while kidnapped and in the trunk of a car, are spellbinding!

    Spellbinding as well is the performance of Ben Kingsley, who takes his time getting to the screen, but it's worth the wait as he ever so slowly steals the movie away from the rest of the cast. His "chat" with Marty, where he, "Cosmo," finally reveals himself to Marty, and then launches into a discourse of what the real world, in his eyes, is really like and all about, is stunning! This is one of his best performances, and while certainly not his longest, it's incredible to watch him more than hold his own with Redford in their scenes together!

    Timothy Busfield's turn as a bad guy is great fun, similar to but much more sinister than his brother-in-law role in Field Of's hoping he gets the opportunity to take on some more of these types of roles in the future. And what a treat to see an actor the calibur of Sidney Poitier in this one......he certainly has his fine moments here as well, and the scenes that showcase his ability to be greatly agitated yet under complete control all at the same time are pure acting lessons!

    Great fun, great story, excellent's all here for the viewing....more info

  • Sneak away
    I thought so in the 90s and i still do in 05...this is one of my favourite movies of the previous decade...absolutely great. Entertainment for the entire family...PG 13 of course....more info
  • One of River Phoenix's best
    This movie was brilliantly cast, and everyone in it is great. It is a really fun movie, even if all the computer stuff is outdated now. It's funny, it's intense, and it's one of River Phoenix's best performances, I thought....more info
  • A Fun, Interesting Comedy-Thriller
    There are movies that give you the impression the actors/actresses were having the time of their lives making it. Sneakers is a prime example of this.

    I am used to seeing Ben Kingsley (my favorite actor) portraying a historical protagonist (in the movies "Ghandi", "Schindler's List", "Joseph", and "Moses". This is the first time I've seen him as a bad guy, and he does an excellent job at this.

    I do have some objections to this movie. There is some sexual humor that was not necessary. Also, I could tell that the makers of this film would love to see a one party system in politics, with the party I identify with no longer existing (this is a Hollywood movie: of course you can guess which party is picked on here!)

    But these are minor points. This is a creatively written movie. The acting, as stated, is enjoyable to watch. I would definitely recommend it....more info
  • PC Users Beware
    Sneakers is, without a doubt, one of my all time favorite movies. However, this DVD has some serious problems if you intend to view it on a PC DVD-ROM drive. A file allocation error renders the first half of the movie unreadable to most PC DVD drives (precise technical details are widely availible on the internet). This is not a problem for most standalone players. So if you're like me and use your PC as your DVD player, I'd suggest looking into the VHS edition....more info
  • Redford and Poitier head a Great Cast
    Sneakers are computer hackers or usually bands of specialists that combine their varied skills to go after a bigger target. Some sneakers are black hatters, sneakers that go after governmental or military computers systems.

    It's 1969, Cosmo and Marty Brice are two college students that want to be electronic Robin Hoods. They hack bank computers and move money from the rich (usually right wingers or big business) and give to the poor (usually left wingers).

    Move to present. Martin Bishop & Associates make their living by breaking into companies security systems and showing them their vulnerable spots. Martin Bishop (Robert Redford) is the computer hacker. Donald Crease (Sidney Poitier) is ex-CIA. Irwn Emory / Whistler is a blind communications expert. Darren Roskow / Mother (Dan Ayckroyd) is a cat burglar. Carl Arbogast (River Phoenix) is the young hotshot computer whiz.

    The company is approached by the NSA. Marty has a choice, jail or help out. To help, Marty enlists ex girlfriend Liz (Mary McDonnell) to understand the target. The object is a little black box. What they discover is the company that they stole it from SETEC Astronomy is an anagram for Too Many Secrets. And that the box will give them access to ANY computer.

    They deliver it to the NSA agents only to find out they are not from the NSA. It turns out that the purchaser was Marty's cohort Cosmo. But this time, he wants to rob from the rich and keep it. Marty and crew have to get it back.

    DVD EXTRA: The Making of Sneakers - A 40 minutes making of featurette. This is a very interesting feature on the genesis and making of the film. This is not your standard making of the film advertisement. There is some real insight into the creative process.
    ...more info
  • DVD edition includes nice extras on WARGAMES meets MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie
    The movie SNEAKERS owes a great deal to the television show MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. In fact the movie, which follows an eclectic group of colorful characters pulling off some amazing missions, is something of a hybrid mix of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, WARGAMES and James Bond with a splash of ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN thrown in for good measure.
    Perhaps its only a coincidence then that the movie's star, Robert Redford was also the star of the 1970s story which detailed the shady underbelly of the federal government and the investigative work following the Watergate break-ins. And the parallels with WARGAMES are even more obvious since its writers (Lawrence Lasker and Walter F, Parkes) were also responsible for this effort.
    Regardless, SNEAKERS gives is an exciting and fun, yes fun, look at the power of computers in today's age and what a danger that the technology can do in the wrong hands. The movie opens in the Dec. 1969 with two college kids hacking into Richard Nixon's bank account, one of them goes out to grab some Chinese and as he is getting into his vehicle sees his friend being arrested.
    Fast forward two decades and we learn that the college hacker who had avoided the rap earlier has assumed a new identity and now goes under the title of Martin Bishop. He has joined a group that specialize in testing banks security systems and other such missions. Among the group is Sydney Poitier as former straight-laced CIA operative Donald Creese, Dan Aykroyd as the conspiracy-theory obsessed "Mother," River Phoenix as the young hotshot "romantic" Carl Arbegast and David Stratham as the blind Erwin "Whistler" Emory.
    The group is contracted to get their hands on a chip that would allow computer users to hack into any network, something both the government's NSA and the criminal underworld want to get their hands on (so that the former cannot break into the latter's networks. Involved in this complex, but entertaining plot is Bishop's former friend Cosmo (Ben Kingsley) who went to work for the underworld after getting out of prison. The dramatic scenes between Redford and Kingsley are some of the best exchanges in the movie. In addition the exchanges between "Mother" and Creese provide for some humor as the former irritates the latter constantly with his ever more involved conspiracies. The dialogue really shines and the movie is easy to recommend.
    The collector's edition may appear a little thin on special features today when 2-disc ultimate editions have become the norm, but it does serve up an interesting 39-minute "Making of..." documentary and a breezy, friendly scene specific commentary track.
    The featurette includes a number of archival on-camera interviews with the stars including Robert Redford, Ben Kingsley, Dab Aykroyd and the late River Phoenix. It is among these interviews that we learn that the slides projected onto the wall behind the professor as he teaches cryptography theory were actually prepared by a real professor of cryptography. And that Aykroyd based his conspiracy theorist character on his brother (who apparently believes all number of conspiracies including that there has never been a picture taken of the North Pole.)
    Understandably the three recount how stars flocked to their movie once Redford had signed on.
    We also learn that the blind Whistler was based on a real-life blind sneaker who was imprisoned after creating a box that could replicate telephones touch-tones.
    Director/Writer Phil Alden Robinson recounts the genesis of the story and how co-writers Lasker and Parkes came across the term "sneakers" while they were writing WARGAMES in 1981. Initially the term was a reference to the young programmers at IBM who come to work wearing sneakers. However, they learned at a computer convention in Chicago that the term also referred to groups who are hired to break into secure networks. Believing this to be a great basis for a movie the two (along with Robinson) began a 10-year journey (during which they managed to bring a dozen other movies to the screen) to put together the story. Initially the younger Redford and Kingsley characters were to have been responsible for a campus explosion but this was changed to hacking into Nixons account because the audience would have never gained sympathy for the Redford character in the original screenplay.
    The three (Robinson, Parkes and Lasker) are obviously great friends as is evidenced by the scene-specific commentary. They talk about the characterization and there is good balance between technical and anecdotal remembrances. They recount how they received some erroneous criticism from Ebert who said they used up-to-the-date technology in the 1969 opener when in fact they went out of their way to use 1969-era computers as well as the producers search for a young looking Redford.
    Trailers and recommendations round out the special features....more info