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  • "Evolution..."
    Based on the heroes from Marvel comics, X-Men is a wonderful sci-fi film, which brings to the screen the struggle for supremacy between two rival groups of mutants while an undeclared state of war with the humans looms in the background.
    X2-X-Men United picks up where the first movie left off, with a mutant attempt against the US President leading to government countermeasures against the X-Men.
    Moreover, Wolverine is now closer than ever in finding out about his past, while more interesting characters also make their appearance.
    Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen and Halle Berry (BOTH of whom are GORGEOUS!), and the rest of the cast, have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are outstanding to say the least! All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)! Very well written and very well presented, it allows for a highly entertaining movie that can be watched over and over again!
    The setting, the plot, the dialogues and the music are all out of this world!
    In short, X2-X-Men is a movie definitely worth watching and one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection (if you haven't done so already)!
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  • Wolverine takes over!!
    This movie is just as lame as the first one. Has hardly anything to do with the X Men and a whole lot to do with Wolverine. They should have just called this movie Wolverine 2, because that is all this movie is about. People that think these movies are good know nothing about the comics. ...more info
  • Very good action
    I bought this since I loved X-men the movie, this one was even better than the first movie. Better acting, action, and an even more evil bad guy. Perfect choice for action fans...more info
  • great
    This film was awesome. It had great acting and a great plot. I love X-men and I have the 1st and 2nd movies and when the third comes out I will have it. I would recommend to anyone...more info
  • The Best of Three
    I have to say that this x-men was no-doubt the best of the trilogy. It lacked action but everything else was perfect. I noticed Cyclops didn;t have a major role in this one, nor the third. Maybe he hated the job? Who would? But there isn't a lot to say or describe without using the word, awesome. This is no joke. Pick this movie up in stores whenever you can, because it's worth it. ...more info
  • "Sometimes anger can help you survive."
    This film surprised me for several reasons. Sequels are rarely better than their predecessors, but X-Men United shows improvement on almost every front. The acting is solid, the effects and filming are even more amazing than before, and the plot is head and shoulders better than the first, which was in many ways a rehash of the comic books. This is a testament to the work of Bryan Singer (also responsible for King Kong) and the writers, and proof that popular entertainment does not have to be completely banal.

    The story kicks off when the president's office is invaded by a mutant. A demonic looking teleporter who seems to be a representative of a mutant's lib movement. A barb tailed terrorist who is, for all purposes, unstoppable. In the chaos that ensues William Stryker (Brian Cox) steps in with a plan to invade Professor Xavier's (Patrick Stewart) school and capture the mutants. The attack is only partially successful, and it quickly becomes clear to the viewer and the X-Men that Stryker's agenda is more than defending the president. He wants to destroy all mutants driven by his own anger over Xavier's failure to 'cure' his son.

    Cox is brilliant as the psychotic Stryker, and with a villain so despicable that Magneto seems almost likeable, you will quickly become emotionally involved in the race to keep all out war from breaking out between the increasing number of mutants and populations that feel threatened by those whose powers seem almost magical. As such, the story becomes a parable of human fear in the face of things beyond our control and how quickly that turns to anger and violence.

    The film introduces many new faces that will become more important in later films (such as the so far ill-fated X-Men 3). Pyro (John Allerdyce), Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), and Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming), for example. The latter, by the way turns in an outstanding performance in a supporting role. Hats off to the unsung heroes who do the animation and effects work as well - everything seems smooth and seamless. By all means make a point to see this if you haven't already....more info
  • 2 thumbs way up!!!!!!
    X-2 is so good! It is so amazing. I can't describe it. The graphics are so much better. and i'm am so glad that thay added nightcraller. I can't what for X-3 to come out.I really recommend it!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • The best of the series
    If for no other reason than that two of my favorite characters are in it (Rogue and Nightcrawler), this is my favorite of the X-Men movies. But I also appreciate the fact that it is able to balance great action sequences with great character moments, something that is hard to do in a film. The romantic in me appreciates the fact that Rogue and Bobby *finally* get to kiss, even if it's only for a moment, and the fact that Scott and Jean's bond is evident even in their few scenes together. And I like how they manage to work in Nightcrawler's circus origins from the comics, because it's an important part of the character (though I wish they'd also managed to work in his more playful side as well). I don't even mind the fact that they've spent SO much time on Wolverine's past - let's face it, the movies kind were kind of "The Wolverine and Rogue Show" from the get-go. My only complaint? Not enough Cyclops (his movie-version was sadly underused)....more info
  • Better than the first but no improvement with the real X-Men!
    This movie had more action than the first but still the characters were all messed up and still very weak and boring. I could care less about any of them. And Rogue was hideous and should have been killed when she got blown out of the jet. Stupid Nightcrawler for saving her! She doesn't do anything in any of the movies so what is the point of having her!? Plus Anna Pakin is butt-ugly and sucks at acting! Who ever thought of using her and hiring should be fired PRONTO! Rogue is supposed to be beautiful(if you think not well you don't know X-Men! It is said in many comics and in her profile that she is very pretty and turns heads in her direction! Anna Pakin turns heads...away because she is soooo ugly! She looks like a little ugly boy!) and sassy and butt-kicking. In the movie she is a whimpy little thing that has absolutely no point in the movie. And even before Rogue got Ms. Marvel's powers she was still sassy and butt-kicking! So I hope and wish that the 3rd is the final X-Men movie because they have really screwed up the poor X-Men. I hope that in the future someone who actually loves the X-Men and cares about them makes a whole new series of movies with a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better cast and crew!...more info
  • Evil is among human beings, and mutants, alike
    This second opus is bringing the war inside the human camp because one military scientist who had had the chance, though not to his taste, of having a mutant son and who had manipulated him so much that he had managed to take complete control of him, is provoking, or at least trying to, an open war of total destruction against the mutants. This time bad and good mutants unite to defeat that man though the bad mutants take over the game of the bad human and redirect the weapon from total destruction of mutants to total destruction of human beings. This drastic situation is saved in due time and just in time by the good mutants though the bad ones manage to escape and the good ones must sacrifice one of themselves to assure the escape. That will be essential later and it builds a promise because the death of a hero is always compensated by his or her resurrection, generally in that type of literature with an inverted personality. But the film is well built, the special effects are interesting, rich and at times funny. The dramatic tension is perfect and the President of the USA who was going to declare the state of emergency to take control of the mutants is informed by the good mutants about the actions of his mad scientist, and also head of some kind of national security, and we understand this President of the USA changes his ideas and convictions and moves towards a compromise with the mutants. But of course we know it can't last since the President was more or less forced to act that way and the bad mutants are still out there somewhere plotting evil.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
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  • X2
    I received it in record time. And the movie was great! I really loved it!...more info
  • Amazing sequel
    Not only did X2 set the standard for the five plus sequels that came out in the summer of 2003, it's has replaced Blade 2 as my favortie comic book sequel since Superman II. From the opening action with new mutant Nightcrawler we know we are in for a amazing ride. The action sequences are taken to the next level in the film, the script is witty and there's a few surpises for us hardcore X-Men fans. Bryan Singer has made another great film in this sequel and hopefully he'll reedeem hisself with the Superman sequel....more info
  • X2 is alot of fun!!
    I love the X-Men, Spiderman and even Fantastic 4 movies as I think they let you be a kid again but at the same time at least in X-Men you have some political thinking too!!

    I admit I am a fan of Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman and Halley Berry who all do an excellent job on their characters. I also enjoyed getting to know the younger fans and more on Magneto and Mystique. The new Nightcrawler is a great character and fine acting as well.

    Whenever you just want to escape and have fun -- this is the movie to see or rent! I look forward to X3!!...more info
  • One of the greatest comic book movies of all time.
    X2 succeeds on every level. Unlike X3, it has respect for the source material. It presents mature and interesting stories without once forgetting that it is a comic book movie and meant to be fun.

    X2 will rank among the best comic book movies of all time for decades to come....more info
  • Very efficient!
    The product came in the condition it was listed as and came very quickly! Thanks!...more info
  • good price for an excellent movie!!!!
    everthing is good, the movie play witn no problem and the price was awesomw, thanks...more info
  • mmmm....
    Well...its a good movie. All the special fx are very well done and they build up the characters well. But it doesnt make the connection between the comics. I mean, most of the people taht watch it wouldve been familiar with the tv show or the comics, so why didnt they go with the original storyline that was so popular??? Jean isnt meant to just miraculously turn into pheonix, and now theres no room for the back story with rogue for her to get her flight and super strength. If its counted as a seperate movie from the comics/show then its fine, but if you want to see the 'real' x-men then maybe buy the original dvds or comics or something......more info
  • Pretty Good.
    IT is a good Movie as long as you can let the timeline warping go....more info
  • WOW
    Hugh Jackman is Hot! Full of action and adventure and one of the best marvel comics around. If you liked the first Xmen then u will like this one too. I cetainly did......more info
  • A superior sequel!
    While there's still a good bit of Wolverine in this second entry into the franchise, X-2, as I had hoped it would, also gives the chance for other members of the team to shine. We join them as Wolverine returns to Prof. Xavier's school after a fruitless journey to Alkali Lake in Alaska, where he believed he might find clues to how he became what he is. Meanwhile, anti-mutant hysteria is mounting in Washington, fed by the sinister Southerner William Stryker, who has a secret agenda. In pursuit of it, he interrogates the imprisoned Magneto under drugs and learns of Prof. Xavier's supercomputer, Cerebro, with which the Professor can literally find any human mind in the world--or even billions of them at a time. Stryker captures Xavier and Cyclops while they are visiting Magneto's prison and sends a Special Forces detachment to invade the school, knowing that Storm and Jean Gray are away. The only thing that saves most of the students from capture is Wolvie, who proves to be a ferocious fighter in their defense and delays the military long enough for the bulk of them to escape through a series of secret tunnels. Meanwhile, Magneto's cohort Mystique arranges his escape from prison, and he seeks out Xavier's pupils, knowing that in order to save mutantkind from extermination they must find and rescue the Professor.

    I was delighted to see in this film the introduction of one of my favorite X-ers, Kurt Wagner/The Incredible Nightcrawler, a demonic-looking teleport (and devout Catholic). There's also a brief view of someone whom I suspect is Colossus, the young Russian who can transform his body into steel. The effects, of course, are fantastic, and the scenes in the beleaguered school and in Stryker's secret base under Alkali Lake (where Wolverine finally learns the truth about himself--or at least part of it) are non-stop thrill-a-minute action told with wonderful pace and careful attention to necessary exposition. Magneto displays once again the flashes of decency that make him one of the most intriguing of Marvel villains. And, of course, Xavier and his team are splendid. This film has convinced me that I definitely want the X-Men to have shelf space in my DVD collection, and I'll be adding both it and its predecessor as soon as I can....more info