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  • A funny movie and a funny cast!!!!!
    Okay this was a really great movie!!!! The cast did a great job!!! The movie was really funny. The story has a real simple plot. Manny, Sid and Diego have to return a human baby to it's tribe, before a group of sabertooth tigers get to it. But, they have a lot of crazy adventures along the way. ...more info
  • Now where is that blamed acorn?
    Ice Age DVD

    Ice Age is an animated movie from Fox featuring Manny a wooly mammoth, Sid , a sloth, and Diego, a saber tooth tiger. A secondary character,who I love, is a prehistoric squirrel who is obsessive, compulsive about acorns. In this first movie the trio find a man-child who is lost. Diego wants to eat him of course. What else would you expect? Manny and Sid seek to protect him.

    All-in all a fun movie for the whole family, something unusual these days.

    Highly recommended for the entire family.

    Gunner December, 2007
    ...more info
  • Ice Age
    I just love these Ice Age movies. The creator of these had a sense of humor. These movies can be enjoyed by all ages. You won't be disappointed if you have these in your collection. ...more info
  • Sentimental favorite
    "Ice Age" is one of those movies you think you would never wind up loving. It's a fairly simple idea, a buddy movie, that has done plenty of times before. And yet it is pulled off with such heart and purity that I can't resist its charm. The aforementioned simple storyline is yet a good one that relies on a tried-and-true formula, and the perfect casting and humor makes this work. There is plenty of sass and humor, all kept relatively as prehistoric as this type of film could get without falling on lame pop culture references. The CGI is still one of my favorites--it's meant to look cartooney and the effect is marvelous. Yes, there are plenty of cynics against this, but to the right audience this provides plenty of laughs, lots of heart, and even a few shed tears....more info
  • One of our FAVORITE movies
    Such a well written animation and is entertaining for the whole family.

    Overall the DVD was good and very much appropriate for young children. It does have a few concepts that are not appropriate, but are presented in a way that is way over the heads of children adn does have a few scenes that very concervative parents may term violent or inappropriate. The movie is original and entertaining!...more info
  • Excellent movie
    Is a very good movie. I buy for my daughter and her liked. Is very funny....more info
  • Ice Age is not just an ordinary movie!
    Ice Age is like Shrek (where Shrek and Donkey rescue Princess Fiona), but only 3 different animals (mammoth, sloth, and saber-tooth tiger) rescue a baby human back to it's father (after the saber-tooth's group went hunting the baby, but lost to it's mama, and was gave to the mammoth and sloth.) This movie is the type of family movie, with laughter, and friendship. (But with a few fight scenes, it would terrify toddlers.) Ice Age is not just ordinary, because it is comical.

    (See Robots also, from the creators of Ice Age, that tells you an inventor searching for his big fan in Robot City.) ...more info
  • Rough Edges, But a Lot of Charm
    The title pretty much sums it up. There are a lot of rough edges. Literally, even, because the animation is no where near as smooth as Pixar's. Also the story itself and the dialogue are a bit rough in places, especially the array of bad puns that makes up the opening scene. Most of the film feels like one of those "kids will love it, adults will cringe" movies, but as if by a sneak attack, the characters suddenly grab you from behind and you, the viewer, suddenly cares what happens to them. The story is predictable and lacks the scope of The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and even the somewhat similiar The Land Before Time. But the trio of lead characters are charming and voiced well by Ray Romano (who plays Manny the mammoth who is antisocial do to a tragic past), John Leguizamo (who plays Sid the sloth who, after being abandoned by his family for being annoying, has latched onto Manny), and Dennis Leary (who plays Diego, a Smilodon who may or may not be evil).

    Also, of course, there is the breakout character. Scrat, a saber-toothed squirrel who is on an endless quest to bury his one love... an acorn. The voice acting from Chris Wedge, the animation, and the simple design of Scrat is so perfect and so simple. Even as an adult, I could watch Scrat try to bury his acorn all day. And because of the plentiful extras on this edition of Ice Age and the sequels, I just might be able to. About the extras, though. There are some awesome ones, such as the Scrat short "Gone Nutty" and the behind the scenes stuff. The one extra I couldn't really take was "Sid on Sid" which features (you guessed it) Sid making comments about his performance in the movie. I love the character, but the way it's written and the whole concept just chased me away after only a few minutes. To make up for it, however, was the best extra on the disc. Blue Sky Studios included their short film, Bunny, which is a very sophisticated animated film that checks in on an elderly bunny on her last day alive. It's truly beautiful.

    Pretty good movie, great characters, very good special features. They've definitely nabbed me for the sequel.

    7/10...more info
  • Wow, lunch and a show
    I bought Ice Age for my 10th birthday and I love it. I also liked the characters. It's cool. I hope an Ice Age 3 comes out one day....more info
  • Very enjoyable animated film
    A very enjoyable animated feature, whose plot is loosely based on 1948's classic western from John Ford Three Godfathers. Set during (of course) the last Ice Age, the story has a mammoth called Manny, an annoying sloth named Sid and a duplicitous saber tiger called Diego finding a dying human mother along with her baby. They decide to return the infant to their tribe, against all odds, and facing a series of predators (especially saber tigers, who count on Diego on helping them on the inside). Punctuating the plot, a squirrel tries to save an acorn in a series of very funny vignettes. And a running joke is that the only species that do not talk during the movie are human beings. Unfortunately, the graphics are a bit below standard (they are no match for Pixar's works). The sequel has better graphics but a far less interesting plot (though it has a very funny final scene)....more info
  • Ice Age
    This was a WONDERFUL movie - I watched it alone (I'm 67 years old) and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The characters were believable, funny and absolutely wonderful - great for a family to watch together - kids will love it - good life lessons to be learned from it too - marvelous movie - wish they were all so funny and entertaining.

    ...more info
  • Max and Scrat
    About a year ago we adopted an eight week old kitten from the local animal shelter. Every time we see "Scrat" in Ice Age, it reminds us of the escapades of our kitten(now cat)Maximillian. Max and Scrat are soulmates! The adventures and misadventures of Scrat alone make this movie well worth seeing and it is a delight for both children and adults.
    ...more info
  • Ice Age (Follow Along Edition)
    Unlike the standard version, this Ice Age DVD has "kid friendly" bright captions that help your child learn to read as he watches a favorite DVD. If other members of your family don't like the captions, you can simply turn off that feature and enjoy this DVD as a standard movie. This edition, Ice Age Follow Along DVD, gives you the complete film version of Ice Age with the added feature of "kid friendly" captions. Terrific, enjoyable way for everyone to build reading skills....more info
  • Ice Age
    This is my grandson's all time favorite movie. He just can't get enough and Scrat is just as rascally addorable as he is. Can't wait for #2 to premier later this month! Excellent!...more info
  • One rare, beautiful movie.
    This is a movie for the whole family, that was written very well. Yes, the CGI is fun and original, but we should all know: any film needs first to be well written, then well executed.
    "Ice age" is very succesful because you can watch it 10 times, and the movie still delivers. It amuses you. It moves you.
    Do not spend too much time on the sequel, which is just a typical kids movie. This is the real deal, a movie where plot, characters, animation, soundtrack, all come together in a complete work.
    The theme of the "survival of the fittest" is embedded in the movie as a background that reminds us of the nature of the wild and of the "evolution" that shaped our world.
    But it is exactly against this theme that the main message of the movie comes throu: how did humans take such a dominant role? And the answer is given, gently, while the audience follows the adventures of the characters: we brought "humanity" to the world. The same humanity that turns a ferocious predator into someone who finally cares, and a disinchanted large mammal to find peace helping the baby of those who wiped out his own family.
    Enjoy....more info
  • Blu-Ray Version gets 2 thumbs up
    If you are reading this review, you are probably wondering, "Should I invest good movie into purchasing this movie on blu-ray?"

    This movie is considerably older than many blu-ray releases, and it is not quite as sharp as its sequel "Meltdown", however, that said, this is an excellent release and well worth owning if you like animated family friendly blu-ray movies. The picture is very clear with very little grain, the picture is sharp, and the sound is crisp. The age of the film does show though - the fur on the mammoth isn't quite as sharp, and there is a little bit of noticeable grain, but all things considered, they did a great job with the transfer. Like "Meltdown" there are no bars above or below the screen on a widescreen television. We viewed the movie on a 37" 1080p LCD flatpanel TV with a PS3, 60GB blu-ray player, connected by a HDMI cable. Sound is 5.1 digital....more info
  • Will make you 'hahahahaha' your socks off
    Riding on the coat tales of Shrek, Ice Age had some mighty shoes to fill, but with a brilliant cast (most notably John Leguizamo) and a great script Ice Age stands alone as a brilliant family film. Ice Age has everything from likable charactors and funny dialog to adventure, peril and morale. The story follows Manny the mammoth (Ray Ramano) as he fights traffic during migration. You see, Manny has no desire to migrate to warmer weather. He just wants to be alone. But theres a problem...and that problem has a name...Sid (Leguizamo) who Manny unwillingly and regretably saves from being killed by some prehistoric rino's. Sid, the reject of his family, decides to join Manny in his anti-migration efforts. Add a human baby that needs to be returned to his 'herd', a sabertoothed tiger who needs to bring the baby to his pack for dinner and a freakish squirrel looking thing that has real bad luck with his nuts and you have grade A+++ entertainment. Just be prepared to laugh almost as much if not more than your children...Hey, and prepare to be educated for you'll finally learn why the Dodo's went exctint!...more info
  • Blu Ice
    Ice age is fun film for all ages but playing this on a Playstation 3 hook up to a 42 flat toshiba at 1080p that is hook up to a 7.1 Yamaha (140w)to Polks all the way around is god like ... buy it watch it take a nap ...more info
  • Great for all ages!!!
    My entire family loves this movie! I'm talkin' ages 4yrs.-66yrs. This movie is great for anyone....more info
  • slapstick strung together and straining to bigger "themes"
    My kids have loved this film, esp my 7-yr old. His older sister still likes it, but is putting up with it really, as she is beginning to seek more sophisticated themes (at 11, we encourage this). I, the parent, can no longer sit through it because I get very tired of clomped heads, wacky well-meaning clods, evil hungry bumblers, and the cute child that is supposed to pull at our heartstrings. I think that our reactions reflect how different viewers will feel about this. I feel it is strung together rather haphazardly, with pretty stereotypical themes thrown in for political correctness (inter-species comraderie, etc etc.) Thus, this is an unoriginal formula film, not terrible by any means, but undistinguished. If you are looking for something you can share with your kids through multiple viewings and discuss, stick with Dreamworks and Disney and Harry Potter. If you want something to turn on to get the kids attention so you can do something else, this is OK. ...more info
  • Ice Age
    Beautiful new twist on the earth's evolution with a great humorous video clip of Scrat to lift the mood and stir the thoughts up....more info
  • Great Movie
    Ice Age is a very entertaining, amusing movie that touches on themes of humanity and compassion. Highly recommended. First movie I've watched using [...] unbox. The service was great and the price unbeatable (1 dollar rental!!!)! The movie downloaded in only a few minutes using a cable internet connection. The quality of the movie was superb--I watched it on a 22 inch LCD Samsung monitor. I will watch many more movies this way....more info
  • ice age
    A wonderful movie for kids and adults. I sent several to youth centers and they loved it....more info
  • Super cool movie the same as before
    Another re-release for "Ice Age" (this is the third counting the single disc edition of the film) to coincide with the sequel, this edition essentially is the previous two disc edition with some minor features added that don't make it any more worthwhile to pick up. The DVD ROM printables and "Scrat's Frozen Facts" appear to be the newest features on this set. Most of the featurettes are recycled from the previous edition.

    No issue with the transfer per se since it is a digital cartoon this edition appears to be from the same source as the previous edition. Should you upgrade? Not if you have the previous two disc edition but if you have the single disc edition and you want the extras, this is the way to go. Sound is crystal clear with nice use of 5.1 effects.

    The DVD ROM printables and "Scrat's Frozen Fun Facts" an interactive feature that can be accessed during the film appear to be the newest features on this set. The latter has behind-the-scenes clips you the film in various stages of production while also including comments from experts on natural history discussing the what scientist believe the world was like then. Most of the featurettes are recycled from the previous edition. Otherwise the commentary tracks, deleted scenes and just about everything else is imported from the previous two disc edition of the film. There's also theater money that can be presented for "Ice Age 2".

    If you purchased the previous two disc set of this movie, I'd take a pass on this one. There's no improvement in this edition vs. the earlier two disc set in my mind.

    ...more info
  • rather disapointing
    naive. predictable. boring. seen it before.

    The big strong mammoth protecting the small annoyngly witty sloth.
    Seen this: Shrek. Even the first encounter between mammoth/sloth and Shrek/donkey is the same! So boring...

    Three male characters (mammoth, sloth, tiger) care for a little lost baby.
    Seen this too: "Three man around the crib". Not convincing, not at all.

    Some suspense related to the "double agent" Diego the tiger: Boring predictable. We expect Diego will do the right thing at the end, and he lives to our expectation. Seen this in million movies.

    It is not enough to draw cute creatures with big eyes to make a good story.

    In one sentence, this movie is an overrated product of the film industry, you have lost nothing if you have never seen it.

    Does anyone remember the classic writer, who said:
    "For children we must write books just like for adults, but better."...more info
  • Kids Love It
    Ever since we got this DVD about a year ago my grandson asks to watch it at least once a week. He calls it ICE and he also enjoys Ice Age: The Meltdown. He loves movies with animals in it and this totally fits the bill. Most three year olds won't sit still to watch a full movie but these keep his attention and he will usually sit through the whole thing.
    ...more info
  • WONDERFUL - Sure to become a classic !!
    I am one of those adults who LOVE animated films, and Ice Age is by far one of my my favorites. (Right up there with Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo)

    The characters are so lovable (Sid) and funny (Manny the Mammoth) that you just have to love them!
    It is about friendship, and told in a very cute and funny way.
    A group of furry creatures (A mammoth, a Sloth, and a tiger) hook up to return a human baby to her Native American Father, and tribe.

    Along the way they all learn the meaning and value of friendship, despite thier differences,
    and that is the MAIN reason I like this movie so much.
    Another reason is that the characters are just so cute and FUNNY!
    Especially Sid the sloth, and the fact that it is just as enjoyable to adults, as well as kids. If you don't own it, get it !
    Any edition will do, really.

    I had the single disk version, and then got the "Super Cool edition" - It has a lot of special features on the second disk that kids (mainly) will enjoy...

    1 Scrat's frozen fun facts
    2 Scrat's missing adventure
    3 6 games
    4 "Bunny" animated short
    5 Behind the scenes HBO special
    6 Commentaries
    7 Multi angle animation studies
    8 DVD rom games and activities
    9 and 8 production featurettes

    Any version of this wonderful movie will do.It is one you can watch a million times and not get tired of it....more info
  • Ice Age, another great example of realistic animation, along with a great message for the kids and family
    I use to own the 2-Disc Special Edition, but had picked up the Super-Cool Edition 2-Disc set on Tuesday. On to the movie: You start off with a simple heard of mammoths, along with other species like rhinoceroses, sloths, and others. A sloth (John Leguizamo) named Sid was abandoned by his own family and he runs into a mammoth (Ray Romano) named Manfred and he is continually annoyed by the sloth and his annoying self and sense of humor. They later come across a mother holding her baby after she had jumped off a cliff next to a waterfall as a sacrifice to save her only kid. After a moment of the sloth and mammoth arguing, they come to an agreement that they'd bring the kid back to his parents. Shortly afterwards, they come across a sabre-tooth tiger (Denis Leary) named Diego, that played apart in the attack of the humans who asks to deliver the baby himself even though it wasn't for that purpose. The tiger and mammoth compromise and all three find the humans together. Through all the annoying moments with each other and mostly Sid, heh heh, they start adapting with each other. Once they get close to the human tribe, they enter a cave and come to a point where there are drawings of their own kind printed on the rock...That's when they learn a little bit about themselves and who they are as a part of their own species. They become very good friends with each other and they call themselves the weirdest heard, but they start to smile and have fun, along with Diego defending his friends from the rest of the heard of sabre-tooth tigers. They start looking after each other in the funny times of danger that they have and, in the end, the mammoth proves that he does not want to harm the human tribe, but return their baby and part in peace. The message that I see coming out of this animated movie is the friendship they have even though each of these three characters are different (sloth, mammoth, & a sabre-tooth tiger). Along with fantastic animation and silly comedy for kids and adults, it has a great story for everyone. I can't wait to see Ice Age 2. ...more info
  • "Cool" Movie
    What a great movie for both kids and adults. My only gripe is that there sure is a lot of dying in this movie (3 main characters or people in close relation to them), however you still walkaway happy and entertained at the end. Deigo, Sid, and Marty set off to bring a lost child back to his tribe. Scat, the saber-toothed squirrel, provides great comic relief and steals the show at times (wish he was a bigger part of the movie) and the 2-Disc feature is chalk full of extra bonus material. Get his DVD and become a fan of the movie as an "Ice Age 3" is already in the works....more info
  • One of my all time favorites!
    The 3D is very good, great characters, good story and the voice acting excellent (thanks to the hilarious John Leguizamo)...and it's from a studio other than PIXAR/Disney, believe it or not.

    Great for kids and equally as entertaining for adults (like me) - one of the few things I've ever reviewed as 5 star.
    ...more info