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  • Just What We Need - More Waterworld...
    This is frustrating. There are movies that are still not available on DVD and Universal is releasing an extended version of this wet turd of a movie.

    Do they think that anyone left the theater after this movie thinking: "Man oh man, that was just too damned short"?

    Get real....more info
  • One of Costner's best
    Despite what some people say, this is an excellent movie. Now with the added footage which I only saw on network television before, it is even more complete and entertaining.
    Costner does his usual great job portraying a man on his own in a disastrous future or similar situation where he has to rely on his own devices and survival skills to live through them. The movie paints a realistic view of an Earth mostly covered by water.
    I think most viewers thought The Dennis Hopper part was overblown and ridiculous, but it only added to the entertainment value in my opinion.
    And to those of you you think SNAKES ON A PLANE, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD and SHOOT 'EM UP aren't highly entertaining summer feel-good movies; I say - go watch a piece of junk (the word 'junk' here represents a long string of expletive deleteds) like THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY instead!
    And please remember, these are just my opinions. You must be your own critic, whether you are paid for it or not!
    And to the highly paid TV critics who constantly bemoan about having to sit through bad and awful movies, and are offended when the studios refuse to preview thier new movies for them; I say - Quit complaining! And get off your high horse once in a while and admit that it's just your OPINION, and nothing else while cashing your paycheck.
    If you don't buy the DVD, you can always rent it!...more info
  • Has an undeserved bad rap
    In the distant future the world is covered with water. Evidently the climate change we hear so much about has finally taken its toll, and the only thing left as far as land goes are tiny atolls and communities built upon rafts and boats tied to one another. There is, however, a legend making its rounds that mentions a utopian promise land which everyone knows as "Dry Land".

    In the future Waterworld, there is nearly no possession to speak of, and the barter system has reemerged for transactions. In a world ruled by bartering, the man with the most possessions is king. And a man who can swim to the bottom of the ocean to pick up long-lost items is sure to be popular. That is how and why the sub-mariner (Kevin Costner) makes his way to an atoll for trading.

    The sub-mariner is a man who has evolved. Because of the conditions of the earth, evolution has taken place and given man the ability to breathe underwater. Not only does he have gills, but he also has webbed hands and feet. Unfortunately for him, the world's seclusive nature has led to great distrust and small-scale xenophobia, and once discovered at the trading atoll, he's in for trouble.

    The sub-plot in Waterworld involves the Smokers, a group of mercenaries led by Dennis Hopper - who is hilarious and channeling his inner Christopher Walken in this movie - who are hording the world's oil resources and cigarette supplies, and also hunting down a little girl who happens to have a map to Dry Land as a tattoo on her back.

    The rest of the movie is a battle of wits, water sports, gun play, and action as the Smokers chase the sub-mariner and his crew of the map-wielding child and her mother-figure guardian (Jeanne Tripplehorn). It's up to the sub-mariner's superior sailing and navigating abilities to not only keep everyone safe, but also find Dry Land.

    To be quite honest, I don't know why people dislike this movie so much. Perhaps they had grown tired of Costner after Dances With Wolves, but Waterworld isn't actually a bad movie. It's unfairly labeled, and has quite a good story with messages of inclusion, love, and hope's ability to bring about greatness....more info
  • The world will never flood!
    The very concept of global warming is so stupid. Has it ever occured to anybody that the oceans contain 97% of all water on Earth? Only 3% of this planet's water isn't already in the oceans! There's simply not enough water in the world to drown the continents. ...more info
  • Beware: HD DVD can ONLY be played on an HD player
    As the title states this DVD can only be played on a special player. Therefore, it was useless to me. My fault. I didn't realize that when I bought it. I thought it was like watching HD television, if you don't have that service, it's just not as clear. I was wrong. An HD DVD REQUIRES and HD player.
    I LOVE this movie which is why I was looking for a copy for my library. ...more info
  • Not as bad as people said it was ...
    Including me! If Jay and Silent Bob had made it, everyone would have said it was brilliant, the problem is the KC bought his "worthyness" to the project no doubt and managed to make a fun movie with no worthyness at all! Go figure.

    I couldn't really see a moral to the story, the science and technology is debatable to say the least, its too long and an extended version is actually sanctioned state punishment in some countries. For example, in Malawi, minor criminals are made to sit though the normal version and then the "extended" version for re-offenders.

    That been said, if you view this film as just a Mad Max on water clone, its good fun and not a bad film.

    Not enough fish in it though. And too much effort trying to grow stuff. Catch fish instead. Fish is the secret to survival in Waterworld. And solar stills for water.
    ...more info
  • poor attempt at extended edition
    This is the second movie that I have purchased produced by Universal Studios, which included a extended/director's cut that was simply a production of an edited version that was shown on broadcast television. It differs in some significant respects to the actual theatrical version with regard to the deletion or altercation of some dialogue and other scenes considered too explicit for television networks. This is a lazy and sad attempt by Universal Studios to produce a extended/director's cut. Most studios, when releasing an extended/director's cut, include ALL the material included in the theatrical release with the additional scenes cut seamlessly into the movie. Moreover, the sound and picture quality on this extended edition is also noticeably worse than on the theatrical version disc. If I wanted the version that was broadcast on television in that form, I would have videotaped it when it was on. I will seriously consider whether I will purchase another extended edition from universal studios given the little effort they seem to put forth and the little care they seem to demonstrate in pleasing their consumers and fan base....more info
  • Perfect vision of future....or past!
    It`s amazing movie, really. I couldn`t even imagine and think that it would be super film with different elements: quality of directorial work, unbelievable high level of visual effects and actors` work. So good, so nice! The feeling of something kind and great stood up at me after watching.

    You may not pay attention at this film, but, in my opinion, this picture is one of the best what have ever made in our unpredictable and wonderful world.
    ...more info
  • Severely cut version. Rating relate to the DVD, not to the movie!!
    Please note that my critique does not relate to the excellent picture staring Kevin Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Dennis Hopper. It is not my intention to write another summary of the story line.

    Maybe we are spoiled, but when we purchase a DVD, we expect to receive an uncut version. In fact, I have a 3 hours version of Waterworld on my VHS tape. This DVD offers mere 2 hours of the story! You can imagine how many of the scenes are missing: whopping 1/3 of the movie is cut off!! Sure we will get to see a few scenes removed from syndication by censors. Sadly, its the American way. But the matter of fact is, that the disappointment about the missing 33% of the movie is great. The scenes which we have not seen on the TV screen contain the Mariner peeing into a bottle at the beginning, and later a glimpse of Jeanne Tripplehorn in nude, when she offers herself to the Mariner to save Enola. Harmless, I suspect that the entire planet saw these scenes in the TV anyway, except for the United States. Welcome to the world of cultural differences.

    Furthermore, this DVD does not carry any stories behind the scenes, documentaries or interviews. I am sure that the publisher will than later release yet another Waterworld DVD, or maybe even 2 DVD version, called (say) "collectors edition," and will try to sell it to us as well.

    If you have seen this movie, and maybe recorded it on tape, hold your breath, wait for the complete edition! ...more info
  • Good Idea not fully realized.
    This movie is not terrible, but its not great either. I remember buying this on laserdisc back in the 90's for nearly 60 bucks haha. This movie was doomed before it came out. This was after Costner had directed Dances with Wolves, wich is a masterpiece from beginning to end, so the expectation for this movie was high. It was, at the time, the most expensive movie ever made in Hollywood. The huge city on water (Atoll) actually sunk in the ocean during production and had to be completely rebuilt, which threw off the production schedule and sent the movie way over budget. The huge set also had to be able to rotate in the water to deal with the sun during shooting. Shooting in water has got to be the hardest thing to do from a production stand point and I respect Costner for what he tried to do. It has some great moments, Like when hes trying to escape the Atoll, and some of the cinematography is really quite good. There are some shots, though, where you can see land in the horizon. Oops. Good idea story wise, but the dialog and execution leaves something to be desired. ...more info
  • Not an abomination, but it's bad. 37%
    I got interested in Waterworld after seeing the Angry Video Game Nerd attack the Waterworld game for the Virtual Boy (he'd attack the VB along with the movie itself). I finally went to the local Family Video this weekend to see how bad it was for myself and much to my surprise, it wasn't the abomination legions of people make it out to be, but that's not really saying much.

    The plot is that the polar ice caps melt and flood the entire world, creating the setting we know as in the title. The few survivors from the flooding live on islands made of junk and live primitive lifestyles. A guy known as the Mariner rescues Helen and her supposed daughter, Enola, from the Smokers, a group of infamous looters. Enola, has the key to finding "Dryland" tattooed on her back and the Deacon, leader of the Smokers, will stop at nothing to get Enola.

    The biggest problem is the lack of originality because think about it, Waterworld is really nothing more than an aquatic adaptation of The Road Warrior. Both are in a post-apocalyptic setting where technology is set centuries back in time and makes the world a "dog eat dog" way of life. Even the characters in Waterworld corelate to those in The Road Warrior. We have the Mariner, whose drifter-like character isn't much different than that of Max; the Deacon is a lot like Lord Humungus in which he leads a group of looters to attack any settlers they find. Lord Humungus wants gasoline, and the Deacon wants a map tattooed on a girl's back; both will kill anyone to get what they want. I can keep going with the similarites between the two movies but I think you all get the picture. While The Road Warrior was an enjoyable movie, this wasn't. Even the movie title isn't good. Come on, "Waterworld?" That sounds like a ride at Disneyland, not a post-apocalyptic action flick!! The movie is a little too lengthy; it's a little over two hours long, but it could have easily done everything in the movie in 80-90 minutes. One of the worst aspects of this movie has to be the Deacon, he's the villan but isn't menacing whatsoever, even when he kills people. I found myself laughing pretty hard when the Deacon had a prosthetic eye attached to his socket and said "It does look like ****." The Deacon looked especially ridiculous when he went on the podium to speak to all the Smokers and was wearing that stupid pirate hat. I kept saying to myself "Was Dennis Hopper trying to be as stupid as possible in this movie?!!" Apparently, he was. His name isn't the least threatening, either. The Deacon sounds more like something that belongs in church, not the name of a villan. The other characters can be pretty annoying in this movie. Enola was pretty bratty shortly after the Mariner saves her and Helen, I was actually laughing a little when the Mariner picked her up and threw her into the ocean after she drew on his boat with crayons.

    There are a few redeeming factors in Waterworld that save it from falling into one-star territory. Some of the action scenes were pretty fun, especially when the Mariner gets into some gun fights with the Smokers on the Exxon Valdez. The scene were Helen is naked and tries to threaten the Mariner by pointing a harpoon gun at him but fails when he drops the sailing mast on her and beats her with an ore was pretty funny. The scenes I mentioned above concerning the Deacon's prosthetic eye and of the Mariner throwing Enola into the ocean were enjoyable as well.

    Unless if you purposely want to see a bad movie, I can't recommend this for anyone for any other reason....more info
  • its Waterworld!
    Ok, so I assume that if you are reading this review you either don't know what the movie is or you have heard of it and are looking for other opinions. This movie was hyped up to be a blockbuster smash with, at its time, the largest movie budget ever. It got bad reviews and didn't do well at the box office. It has since turned into a cult classic and is now on HD DVD. HD is dead pretty much by now but people are still buying what is left out there.

    This movie has a cool theme based around the polar ice caps melting and covering the world in water. People are trying to survive and one has even evolved. Enter the main character, the Mariner. You follow him through his adventure of trying to save his own skin but ends up helping in the quest for dry land.

    The picture quality is very clean and clear. If you are a fan of the movie or want to check it out I recommend it highly despite its poor beginning back in 1995....more info
  • Excellent Fun and Adventure
    This movie is great fun. and the action scenes are incredible. I cant undrstand why this movie got so many negative reviews. I got to love this film after seeing it more than once. Its like watching mad max. Its plain fun and Dennis Hoper is great as the bad guy. ...more info
  • Atmospheric
    Yep, as a movie, it kind of did present the same old tired American formula action film in yet another way--no better and no worse than the rest. Still, it ranks among my favorites for the atmosphere. All that water is just a striking thing to me. I gave it a three solely for the atmosphere, which I thought was a weak five. The action and humor by themselves are worth watching once anyway. I don't see that it deserved the negative attention it received any more than any other such film. I associate that with Hollywood's reception of Costner's lack of leftist, anti-American leaning in his work. Oh well. ...more info
  • Forget what you've heard, it's not that bad.
    Thousands of people all over the world want to come out and denounce this movie as terrible. Why? Because some people just don't want to be laughed at for liking something other people don't. This film was HYPED as bad before it even opened. That's right, hyped. It died before it ever got a chance to breathe.

    But I watched it in the theater during its initial release and I was absolutely blown away by it. I didn't listen to the hype. I thought for myself. I still love this movie 15 years later. Here's why...

    1.) Kevin Costner is unlikeable. He's an anti-hero. He's a loner and likes it that way. He didn't ask for the people who come on his boat and for the villains chasing them. They were thrust on him. When he throws Tina Majorino overboard, I cheered. Yes, I admit it. Finally, a hero who acts on his impulses rather than think about what is PC. It's those same homicidal impulses that are going to serve him as a warrior later when he takes on an army of villains. And just watch how when Costner sails the catamaran he becomes ONE with the boat. It's not man and vessel, they merge. It's sheer poetry.

    2.) Dennis Hopper is crazy. This film was a warm up to his even better performance in "Speed", but for now, just marvel in how outrageously hysterical he is as he throws away line after line after line. There have been some very well-crafted villains since Alan Rickman defined the type in "Die Hard." Hopper does his best to keep up with the rest in this film.

    3.) The film is a riot in the humor department. Just watch the scene when the guy strapped into the dual-50 caliber machine gun boat loses control and slowly drifts his shots toward Hopper et al. They try to stop him by screaming his name "Chuck." To this, Hopper says, "Maybe he doesn't respond to Chuck. Call him 'Charles!'" I lose it every time.

    4.) Stunts. What else can I say. The action set pieces were stunning. The work involving the jet skis was incredible.

    I'll leave it at that. I'm sure I'll get a million people responding to how stupid I am, but I don't care. If you watch it for yourself and not for how other people are thinking, Waterworld is a terrific ride....more info
  • the most underestimated film of all time!!!
    Waterworld is a movie which was destined to become a financial disaster, because critiques were bad even before waterworld was released.
    (after all universal easily recaptured the budget of approx. 180 million dollars with the video and laserdisc sellings)
    But this is everything else than expensive trash.
    I dont know a movie which has this much potential in it.
    the whole idea is much more realistic than most people know and when waterworld was released in 1995 it was one of the first movies, which faced the problem of global warming.
    But it is a great action-adventure picture, too.
    The whole cast (except dennis hopper and tina majorino) is great and fits perfectly in the scenery.
    The special effects are still today quiet spectacular and the james newton howard score is an amazing piece of filmmusic!
    also the cinematography of dean semler is awsome!
    This movie could have been an epic, if the script wouldn`t have changed this often, even during actual production it was rewritten and rewritten again by joss whedon, the creator of Buffy and Firefly.
    the movie should have been more like the postman and less like mad max, then it would have been an epic, maybe even the next dances with wolves for costner, like he firt planed it to be and not a great action adventure with an unusual high budget.
    hopefully this extended version of waterworld will fill the enormous gapes in the plot and make some people (like my precursor) open their eyes about this great movie!

    ...more info
  • Road Warrior with Water
    This is a bona fide Big Budget Bomb.

    It is pretentious, silly, earnest, and dumb.

    Also boring.

    The only interesting thing happens within the first 15 minutes: the recycling toilet.

    The gills are a little interesting, but predictable.

    Apart from that it is straight (wet) melodrama.

    As with the Postman (Costner's next Big Budget Bomb), there are heavy End of The World overtones.

    Hopper is his standard-villain self. Tripplehorn looks appropriately embarrassed.

    Costner sleepwalks, or sleepswims, through the role.

    I have heard that the DVD has 2 extra hours of coma-inducing boredom. The original (VHS) is already 3 stupefying hours.

    ...more info