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  • Excellent
    If your a Johnny Depp fan you'll enjoy this movie...
    It has some great music.....Look for "Willam DaFoe"
    as a prison guard.....
    ...more info
  • What more do you need?
    Being written and directed by John Waters and Johnny Depp not playing a gay drunken pirate is all this movie needs to be good. Add the fact that Cry Baby is an original version of the cliched movies that have the same plot as Grease. John Waters is a modern day critic of American society and his movies add comedy to the criticism. All his movies are classics and Cry Baby is no different.

    The DVD features Commetary by John Waters, deleted scenes, and "It Came From Baltimore" which is a behind the scenes Featurette. The price is good the movie is great, what is stopping you from buying this?...more info
  • John Waters rocks my socks!
    Crybaby is an essential John Waters film. It's a musical set in the fifties with Johnny Depp and Ricki Lake. It's by John Waters, so you know it's going to be funny. And it is. It's the height of camp and fun and just wonderful!

    Buy it!
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  • Brillant
    Great movie. Really Enjoyable. Got my 15 year old cousin to watch it and she loved it. Great cast....more info
  • Campy
    True to form, Johnny Depp picks the campiest, goofiest, off-beat roles. "Cry Baby" is almost kind of sort of a take off of "Grease" but it's so silly and so fun that it's in a totally different genre. The ending drags a bit and the end itself leaves you going, "Huh?"; but all in all it's a fun flick, especially for Depp-aholics....more info
  • Free Shipping is Great!
    It only takes a couple of items to spend the $25 required for free shipping. Totally worth it, especially considering the sky rocketing gas prices! ...more info
  • A Camp Musical Delight !
    Don't foget to crank up the Surround Sound when you pop this cult gem into your disc player! The director's cut is not the version you saw on local broadcast TV but you will be able to forgive the four explicatives uttered in the courtroom scene as you wipe the tears from laughing out loud from your eyes.

    How John Waters assembled this stellar cast, plus the trials and tibulations of making the film are all covered in what is about the best bonus features I have yet to see.

    Johnny Depp rules (need I say more?), Iggy Pop inspires, Tracie Lords smolders, Ricky Lake is adorable, and every cast and crew member put 1000% into this film with every bit of it showing up on the screen.

    Every song is perfect and I dare you not to hit the back button to watch the scene again after the rendition of "Please Mr.Jailer"

    I'd give this movie SIX STARS !...more info
  • The best piece of Trash ever!
    I bought 2 copies, one for myself and one for our granddaughter. We took her with us on vacation this summer and all 3 of us had one rollickin' good time watching it. I don't recall 3 people of such diverse ages ever enjoying the same thing as much.

    Here are a few highlights that tickle me to death:
    -Patty Hearst plays Traci Lord's mother. How deliciously bad can you get?
    -Great original songs include:
    Cry Baby
    King Cry Baby
    Doin' Time for Being Young (on my top 10 list for best rock song ever - best title for sure)
    Please Mr. Jailer (won't you let my man go free?) - probably no. 1 on my list for best rock song ever. Well, OK, "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan has it beat, but just barely.
    -Some quotes (there are way too many to write them all here):
    "I want to let you, Cry Baby, but I can't for my parents' sake. They're both dead."
    "One single solitary tear is all They'll ever suck out of this Cry Baby."
    "You mean you swapped me for a milk-maid?" - Traci Lords to her parents
    "Cry Baby, you're rehabilitated now. Here's $2.50 and a pair of clean underwear." - the Judge to Cry Baby
    "Tight slacks - hysterectomy pants, I call them."
    "This is only a drill, there are actually no Atom Bombs being dropped."
    "Oh Wanda, you sure is pretty, in them tight clothes all painted up like trash." - grandma Ramona Rickets to Traci Lords.

    OK, I'm going home after work to watch it again.

    -Gospel Moody...more info
  • Johnny Depp Rocks
    I loved this movie as a kid, and now that I'm older, I get the jokes and I can appreciate Johnny Depp's incredible acting ability even more. He's so much more than just a smokin' hot drape! ...more info
  • a unique Johnny Depp movie
    This musical uses young Johnny's musical talent. It is a classic teenager story. It is well done and entertaining. A must have for any Johnny Depp fan....more info
  • Cry Baby Movie
    even though it got lost in shipping, it was in good condition and played very well. thank you very much...i really enjoyed the movie!...more info
  • A great little movie!
    When I first sat down to watch this movie, I didn't know what to expect. I thought the movie was going to take itself seriously. WRONG! I couldn't stop laughing at all of the blatantly ridiculous stereotyping and corny one-liners!

    This movie seems to balance on the line of seriousness and satire. It pokes fun at everything of that time, and yet the plot isn't really all that far fetched. There was also some "fantabulous" music in there as well. If you don't watch it for the plot, the actors (Johnny Depp included), or John Waters, then watch it for the music.

    All of the actors gave stunning preformances and the rolls seemed to be tailor made to each of them. A better cast couldn't have been assembled if you tried.

    Are there a few stereotypes? Yes. Is the plot predictable? Oh yeah. But it's also a fun movie that I would recommend you see at least once in your life. It's like a less serious version of Grease. So go see it. Now. I assure you that you won't be able to see it just once!...more info
  • Funny
    There are two movies that people who don't know John Waters and the types of films he normally makes always love. Cry Baby and Hairspray contain both John Water's sense of humor and style, but don't necessarily dig into the depths of depravity (like eating dog poo) some of his more subversive films do. I'm not a John Waters aficionado yet, but what I've noticed in his films is that they normally center around two opposite sides that will eventually come crashing into one another. From Hairspray to A Dirty Shame, the films do a great job of putting two sides in direct opposition to each other and then letting the fur fly.

    Cry Baby is no different. In this case, the Drapes and the Squares square off (pun not-intended) with Johnny Depp's Wade and Amy Locane's Allison at the center. Basically a love story that draws on the same dichotomous split seen in Romeo and Juliet, you have the poor and rowdy meet the rich and on the surface proper. What follows is a funny and zany ride as the two sides end up colliding in a winner-take-all car chase.

    The writing is sharp as is the directing. What I admire about Waters the most is his ability to create vivid characters with personality. Sometimes he relies heavily on stereotypes, but each character is his or her own. You won't ever confuse them. They stay sharp, even when the acting isn't exactly stellar. The acting, like a majority of John Water's films, is spotty. Its done in an over-the-top sort of way that you can't help but laugh at. It reminds you that this isn't real and that you shouldn't take it seriously. Water's employs not only great upcoming talent (like Depp) but also people like Hatchet Face who haven't been seen much in film since. All do a great job playing their roles; however, not all of them are good actors.

    Once you look past this minor speed bump, the ride is hillarious. It, along with Hairspray, is probably the most accessible of John Water's films. It maintains his sharp satirical writing and funny dialogue, but keeps the humor bawdy but not excessive. ...more info
  • Crybaby
    The movie is outrageous, with a notorious cast, '50s Baltimore setting and gross out scenes. ...more info
  • The French Kissing Movie
    I really liked this movie when I first watched it. I guess it's because that's when I started learning abut "French Kissing". Now that I have my own children, I'm monitoring what they're watching and this is not one of my favorite movies to watch.

    I still love Johnny Depp and wished I was Amy Locane. But, that's just me being a fan. I hope you like this one, but don't let the children watch it....more info
  • Loved it for many years!
    I still love watching this movie - I am glad to find the director's cut, because I heard that the one that I had watched on TV was not John Waters approved. I don't get the people who don't get this movie! They must be Squares....more info
  • Where is the theatrical version?
    The director's cut is good, but the original version is better!...more info
  • The Next Big Musical on Broadway?
    I highly recommend Cry-Baby to those who enjoy musicals and/or the work of Johnny Depp. I also recommend this movie to people who typically do not like musicals because they find musicals to be too "campy". This movie actually mocks the campiness of musicals in a light-hearted and humorous way. The music itself is rockabilly, a mix of early rock and country. The story takes place in Baltimore in the 1950's. Johnny Depp plays Wade "Cry-Baby" walker, a Drape (Baltimore's version of a Greaser) and lead singer/ guitarist of a rockabilly band. Cry-Baby and a Square named Allison, played by Amy Locane, fall in love. The problem is that Allison already has a boyfriend. Like Allison, her boyfriend is a Square and becomes very jealous of Cry-Baby. Of course, the inevitable happens: the two classes of people, the Drapes and Squares, wind up fighting. Do Cry-Baby and Allison wind up together? You'll have to watch the movie to find out! You should also check out the bonus features, which include the following: "It Came From Baltimore" (commentary from the director John Waters and the cast), optional commentary during the movie by John Waters, and deleted scenes. Caution to those who care about ratings: the "F" word is mentioned three times in non-sexual ways. There is also a lot of sexual humor, such as a scene in which couples are shown so closely that you can see all the moves they make with their tongues. In other words, this movie barely squeeked by with a PG-13 rating. Young teens might have a lot of questions about behavior and slang terms... The bonus features are definitely "R" rated. But anyway, I loved this movie and keep hearing that it will become a Broadway musical. I can't wait! Now, if only we could get Mr. Depp to go on Broadway for a season or two... Hmmm... ...more info
  • Cry Baby
    I actually bought this movie as a gift for a relative for his birthday. He is a Johnny Depp fan and was very pleased that I was able to find it. He had been looking for it for a while. I told him he should have checked Amazon in the first place! Thanks for helping me make him happy. I knew I could count on you....more info
  • A guilty pleasure
    With the help of John Waters---the King of Camp'---Johnny Depp put a nail in the coffin of his Teen-Beat days and delivered a heaping spoonful of Delinquent-HillBilly-Delight in this outrageously bad 50's style musical spoof/comedy.
    If you're the shameless sort who's not afraid of lowering your standards for an hour and change then, "You got it ******* got it RAW!"----J.Depp...more info
  • great movie!!
    Bought this movie for my 15 year old daughter who is a big Johnny Depp fan,she loves this movie/musical. She watches it over & over!Its yet another side of Depp and his talents!...more info
  • The Movie "Cry baby" on DVD
    This was a hard product to find when I first started searching, but Amazon had it! My daughter wanted this movie (DVD)really bad so I had to get it for her. The movie arrived promptly. It was of excellent quality (and great price). My daughter and I enjoyed the movie very much! How can you go wrong with Johnny Depp? I was very impressed for this was my first purchase from I won't hesitate to order from Amazon again. ...more info
  • Fab Favorite
    I have loved this movie forever! Its fabulously twisted humor is excellent! Must have for any Johnny Depp or John Waters fan!...more info
  • Fun Fun Fun
    What a fun movie! It's sexy, dorky, cool, hip, wild, fun and definitely worth seeing! Yes, it may be a tad corny at times, but it really is a well-done musical. This movie is probably enjoyed most by:

    1) fans of Johnny Depp...if you consider yourself a true Johnny Depp fan, then you HAVE to see this movie. You won't regret it.
    2) fans of Grease (although this movie is more of a satire of the 50s)
    3) anyone who loves great music!

    This movie will have you up out of your chair singing and dancing!! The music by far is the best part (besides Johnny). My favorite is the sultry "Please, Mr. Jailer." You'll be singing it all day. In addition to all the awesome songs, there's romance, action, comedy, and a bunch of kids who love bein bad cuz it sure feels good!

    The plot of this movie is basically the Squares (good kids) versus the Drapes (bad kids). Allison is a square, but she can't help but have feelings for the ultra-cool, ultra-hip, ultra-adorable Cry Baby Walker (Johnny), who is known for his ability to cry one single teardrop. Allison finds herself having a wonderful time with Cry Baby and his gang (Hatchet-Face is my favorite have to see her to believe it), but the other Squares can't stand to see Allison become a Drape. This leads to the ultimate battle between the nerds and the cool kids. Later Cry Baby winds up in jail...can Allison convince the judge that he is innocent?

    You'll have to buy it to find out. So, if you're 15 or older (it does include the F word, and a LOT of intense and sloppy tongue-kissing), you LOVE Johnny Depp, you love great 50s music, or you just adore having fun, then this movie is undoubtedly for you. ...more info
  • All time favorite
    I have about worn out my VHS copy of this movie so I purchased the DVD and the CD for the car. I watch it occasionaly just for the soundtrack....more info
  • can't recommend a purchase
    Even though Cry Baby is an above-average comedy movie, the thing is, more often than not the storyline is more *silly* than it is actually funny. Johnny Depp's character was pretty good, but he wasn't as much of a bad guy or rebel as you'd believe. Just because he goes around driving a motorcycle and taking a few punches in the face doesn't mean he's a believable bad guy. His character was lacking in that area, in my opinion.

    I also felt that the grandmother of his girlfriend (the GOOD girl who sings happy 50's-style rock tunes, instead of the more loud and outrageous Elvis Presley-like rockers intended for the troublemakers) wasn't entirely in character for the majority of the film. I mean, she tried so hard to flat out HATE teenagers who rebel against their parents to the point where she actually stood up to a crowd and mentions how she will not be brought down by them. But then, a short time later when Depp showed up to her granddaughter's musical thing in a motorcycle, for some reason the grandmother forgot that she was supposed to strongly dislike teens who rebel and didn't mind at all that her granddaughter opted to drive away with Depp. Strange.

    The musical parts were okay, but most of them were 50's style rockers. You know how the music sounds. No need to elaborate on that.

    A pretty decent movie with a few flaws in the way. Pick up some of Depp's other superior movies, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Secret Window....more info
  • "You got it baby, you got it raw."
    Cry-Baby is a hilarious, campy musical that pokes fun at some classic musicals. The movie takes place in Baltimore and is named after its main character Wade Walker (Johnny Depp) who is nicknamed Cry-Baby because of the single tear he's able to shed at will. This unique ability and his devilish good looks drive the ladies wild. He even has Cry-Baby tattooed on his arm under Depp's real Cherokee chief head tattoo and scripted across the back of his leather jacket.

    Cry-Baby is a drape, a leather wearing, motor cycling bad boy who hangs with a bunch of other drapes made of up of his pregnant sister Pepper (Ricki Lake), Hatchet-Face girl (Kim McGuire), Wanda Woodward (Traci Lords), and Milton Hackett (Darren E. Burrows); all delinquents in their own right.

    One day one of the "square" girls takes notice of Cry-Baby. Allison (Amy Locane) decides she doesn't want to be so good anymore and encourages Cry-Baby's advances. Cry-Baby crashes a square party and takes Allison for a ride on his bike back to the drapes hang-out where his troupe gives her a makeover reminiscent of Sandy in Grease. They sing a duet together and there's a memorable make out scene with everyone wet French-kissing. Cry-Baby teaches Allison the basics of how to French Kiss ("Kiss Me, kiss me hard") which was both sexy and pee your pants funny. Everyone is interrupted when Allison's jilted boyfriend and his gaggle of goons pay a visit and set Cry-Baby's motorcycle on fire. A fight breaks out, the police show up and Cry-Baby is arrested and sent to a detention center until he's 21. There are some songbirds singing in jail reminiscent of Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock but perhaps less choreographed. But bars, conniving girls and angry mothers can't separate Cry-Baby from his true love for long.

    Acting wise it is really hard to judge. Everyone was over acting to make a point and these roles are really tongue-in-cheek. As far as I'm concerned this film proves Johnny Depp can do just about anything and still be sexy. Johnny already had a huge following with his success in 21 Jump Street. As for fat girl, Ricki Lake, this came after Babycakes and Hairspray which I think were better roles for her. It looks like she's sporting a pregnant breasts and tummy body suit for her role. I didn't notice any fat stereotypes. She already has two illegitimate kids and gets just as much make-out time as any of the other characters. Even the somewhat deformed Hatchet Face girl gets a lot of action. Special appearances by Willem Dafoe (Batman) as a mean guard and rock star Iggy Pop as Uncle Belvedere round off the cast.

    Cry-Baby was written and directed by John Walters who is also the writer and director of the Hairspray musical. You really have to have an open mind for comedy to enjoy this film. I thought it was hilarious, going in with the perspective of not taking it seriously. There are a lot of great one-liners. Would it be on my favorite movie list? Probably not, but I'd watch it again and recommend seeing it at least once. Reviewed by M.E. Wood....more info
  • love this movie
    I'm a Johnny Depp fan and I love this movie. The entire cast does a really good job. The play is coming to San Diego later this year so I'm excited to see how it compares. If you're a Johnny fan like me then you need to get this movie...more info
  • About as good as Hairspray
    Generally, I'm not that into musicals, and I wasn't enthralled by this one. It's about as good as Hairspray. If you liked Hairspray, you'll probably like Cry Baby....more info
  • John Waters Best Movie! A Must Have For all Rockabilly's and Squares!
    This movie holds a special place for me. The fact that my grandpa in the 50's lived in Baltimore and he was a Drape! That man had alot of wild stories. Drapes as John Waters talks about was a gang in Maryland and term used for juvenile delinquints. Suffice to say I often wonder if John and my grandpa ever crossed paths. In fact the character Crybaby is alot like my grandpa he was white trash, he'd been to juvie, he rode a motorcycle, had a leather jacket and a greasy ducktail. He used to swipe cars and get into fights. He also was a musician with band called Rich Rocket and the Automobiles. It was a Rockabilly band he did a song called "Shaking my Dice" a euphemism for you know what, after watching a film warning about the solo act him and his buddies came up with this song as a joke. My Grandpa said they did a 45, the flip was a cover of Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire" they pressed copies only for the band and after he died I looked all through the attic to find it to no avail I was pretty pissed and sad. His stories and bravado made me want to be a Drape and Rockabilly greaser.
    Your probably wondering what this has to do with the movie. Alot, when I was a kid me and my grandpa watched this movie in theatres. He snuck me past my parents who wouldn't let me ever set eyes on a John Waters film. I had a good time and so did my grandpa. He thought the movie vulgar and little stupid because he had become a born again Christian but overall I saw that gleam in his eyes and he said it brought back memories. This movie is hilarious and some of the music in this film is really hokey and corny. The Rockabilly stuff is pretty good since Rockabilly veterans Dave Alvin and James Intveld worked on those numbers. Its pretty surreal and crazy overall it is a mind trip and a delightful one. My grandpa if he was alive would recommend this movie. The DVD has interviews with John Waters, the cast and crew. Waters talks in length about the real Drapes which I found interesting and there is commentary. Some of the musical numbers could've been done a little better, but all in all as my grandfather said after leaving the theater with a smile on his face: "Swell, pretty swell."...more info
  • crybaby
    it is so awsome i love it it is my all time favorite movie...more info
  • Who doesn't love this movie.
    This is a classic for all ages, it has everything you could want in a movie. There is love, fighting, and the bad boys. ...more info