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Fellowes 32057 Powershred P-57Cs Shredder
List Price: $104.98

Our Price: $56.29

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Product Description

The innovative Fellowes P-57Cs with SafeSense Technology is ideal for use in the home or home office. Exclusive SafeSense Technology stops shredder immediately when hands are too close to the paper opening. Shreds up to 8 sheets per pass into 5/32 x 2-inch confetti particles as fast as 85 sheets per minute. Equipped with a 9-inch paper entry, the P-57Cs easily accepts letter or legal size documents, and features durable steel cutters that accept credit cards and staples. Pivoting head with handle allows quick, easy waste removal from the 5-gallon wastebasket. Auto start/stop function ensures quick, easy shredder operation. Sheet capacity gauge helps prevent paper jams, while the reverse function easily removes over-fed paper.

  • Reduces documents to 5/32 x 2 inch higher-security confetti particles
  • 9-inch wide paper entry shreds up to 8 sheets per pass
  • Durable steel cutters shred standard letter and legal-sized documents, credit cards, and staples
  • Includes 5-gallon wastebasket
  • 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Better Shredder
    We can use a trash liner with this shredder which makes emptying much easier. It's noisier than the previous Fellowes product which died of paper constipation after 3 years of almost daily use. Suggested improvement would be to make the paper basket deeper or wider so it wouldn't fill up so fast which jams the works so we have to stop and clear the paper out of the shredding wheels and push the shredded paper down into the basket....more info
  • Does not work because improper alignment
    There is a problem with the safety switch located under the top. The machine will not work unless the switch is activated by the lower collector bin. I purchased the shredder and spend 20 minutes trying to get it to work, then notified Amazon and had a replacement sent out only to find the same problem. I found the safety switch and discovered the machine would work when the switch was pressed. However the bottom does not fit correctly to activate the switch. Tape or pressure on the top will get the unit working. Once working I find the motor weak with difficulty with more that 4 sheets of paper. Buyer be warned!!!...more info
  • Excellent Shredder
    I needed a new shredder after my desktop one wore out. I wanted something sturdier than the one I had before and one that would do more than two sheets of paper at a time. This one is great. It is sturdy and fast and takes multiple papers at once. It even shreds credit cards (an added bonus feature that I didn't even know it had). I didn't even think about how much of a pain cutting up credit cards was until I stuck one in this shredder and in a matter of seconds, it was gone. No muss; no fuss. I recommend this to anyone who has a home/office or anyone who is just worried about identity theft. The basket is large so you don't have to empty if very often and the motor isn't so loud that it annoys you. If you need a shredder, buy this one!...more info
  • Perfect home shredder
    I recently retired and decided it was time to clean out all my old paper files such as tax returns from years ago. In the process, I worked the shredder constantly for several days. It did a fantastic job. I can't imagine a better buy and shredder for home use....more info
  • Great Little Shredder For The Money
    This shredder is great for the money. It works very well for household type shredding. It is a bit limited in the amount of pages that it can shred at one time.....but I really like it....more info
  • Disappointed in Performance
    I have had this Fellowes P-57Cs shredder for about two months now.
    It indicates it handles eight sheets at a time.
    I do not agree. It handles about one letter-sized
    paper at a time; and if you want to shred two sheets, it
    is wise to rip them in half before shredding.
    Overall, it is an OK product, but not great.
    No, I would not recommend the product for medium use....more info
  • Chomper! That what I named this Machine
    I can use this machine easily. It does not clog very often.
    It does get warm and turn off, but then to do triple
    shreds, I guess Chomper can get a little over heated.
    Sure beats me and a pair of scissors!!!...more info
  • Good shredder at a good price
    Have had the shredder about 2 months and used consistently without any problems so far. Appears well built and has not jammed yet. I would recommend this shredder, especially for the price....more info
  • Excellent product
    This product does a great job at shredding anything that I've shoved into it. I have not experience any jamming or overheating. However, I would like to advise everyong that it is quite loud....more info
  • good worker
    We've really put this to work with lots of shredding. So far, there has not been a jam. This is a good little worker....more info
  • Very satisfied
    I recently purchased a Fellowes 32057 Powershred P-57Cs Shredder. Before purchasing I noted in past reviews that some folks reported problems with the number of sheets jamming the shredder and/or the length of time the shredder was being used.

    When I followed the instructions I didn't have any problems at all, even though I have shredded a large number of documents over the past few weeks. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • great machine
    I'm very happy with the Fellowes 32057 crosscut shredder. After looking at a few reviews of other machines, that were'nt very good, I bought this one.

    It has a safety feature that ,when on, won't let the machine shred....more info
  • great home shredder
    I read some people who bought this machine who wasn't too happy. However I think this machine is quality built and will last if used on a regular basis, meaning giving it some break when the machine is put under heavy use. My son-2 years old likes to shred with it and thank God there is a safety feature. I leave it turned off when not in use just in case he decides to shred with it unattended. So far we have shred papers, envelopes, and thick heavy duty papers and it did not give us any problems. Getting it to sit correctly on the bin is a bit cumbersome but no big deal. For the price I paid for here at Amazon, It's a great buy. You will not be dissapointed....more info
  • perfect for my needs
    I bought this to get rid of a backlog of personal information and it has done a pretty good job. The limit is about 8 pages and less if the pages are thicker. You need to empty the bucket often if you are doing a big load. If the shreds get too close to the shredder it will jam. As long as you empty the bucket and you put in a reasonable amount of paper then it doesn't jam. It has a reverse feature in case it does jam. Does credit cards and staples with no problem. It has a sensor so you don't shred your fingers which is a little annoying at first because it stops if you let your fingers get too close as you are feeding. You get used to that and learn how to feed without letting your fingers get too close to the opening. Basically you can just keep feeding paper without it stopping. It does stop automatically if it gets too hot. I think that is a good feature. It's fairly heavy but that is actually comforting to me . Little messy when you go to empty the bucket especially if you let the shreds get too high. The window doesn't really help with telling you how high the shreds are. They get higher in the middle. If it starts to have trouble then empty it. Not great for a huge job but not bad either. I had 2 boxes of paper and it only jammed twice and that was because I didn't empty the bucket. For an average person with an average amount of paper then I think this shredder is fantastic.
    ...more info
  • terrible...
    Does one sheet at a time...BARELY! Jams every 8-10 sheets even with only 1 sheet at a time being shredded. We bought this to replace an older shredder from Wal-Mart based off the good reviews for this product but have been sorely disappointed in it's performance....more info
  • Fellowes 32057 Powershred
    Fellowes 32057 Powershred P-57Cs Shredder
    Works well if you follow the instructions. Be prepared to empty the basket frequently, even if you don't consider yourself a heavy user....more info
  • Nice shreader
    Ive been using it for about 4 months and works great, the oil seems to help...more info
  • Not very good
    After using the product several times, the electric motors starts to drag as if there is not enough power or torque to shread the paper. I had bought this item before I visited Sam's Club they had larger shreadder for $100. ...more info
  • Fellowes 57c paper shredder
    After paying 2 to 3 times as much for other shredders - including Fellowes - I've learned my lesson. This is a mid line type shredder that is great for home or home office. It doesn't hold a huge amount of shredded paper and is a bit difficult to empty without dropping shredded material on the floor, but these are minor items in my mind. I wouldn't say this is a work horse but it definitely does the job. It seems to slow down or choke a bit with 4 20# sheets of paper or 3 24# sheets. Also with thicker envelopes it tends to become sluggish. But it does get through them. I have yet to have the unit overheat and have gone through 60 - 70 sheets non stop.
    Lessons I've learned from prior shredders I've owned:
    1) Take out all staples. No matter what the manual says. Remove them!
    2) Oil the shredder regularly. If you have a problem and call Fellowes support the first thing they will ask you is "have you oiled the machine?"
    3) Use Fellowes oil - or something similar. Fellowes says their oil is a vegetable (canola?) based oil designed for their shredders. I made the mistake of telling their support I used 3 in 1 oil. (this was with a much older machine). They said I violated the warranty and the oil could catch fire.
    Overall - this is a good unit I'd buy again....more info
  • Fellowes 32057 Powershred P-57Cs Shredder
    This product works well for the money. Cuts into short straight strips (not diamond cut) that should provide decent security. Grinds credit cards up easily if you make sure to put them in the center of the shredder, which seems designed to do the toughest work. I agree with others that 8 pages at once is a bit too much, more like 3 or 4. Seems to be made well, feels like a quality product. Overall, I am very happy. I recommend disabling the proximity sensor unless your small children will be playing with the shredder....more info
  • very happy with shredder
    I am very happy with this shredder. I had a cheaper one from walmart, and it just didn't keep up with the amount of junk mail that I get. This one is efficient, and can hold a lot of shredded material. I highly recommend. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it is loud. ...more info
  • Broken when it arrived
    The shredder was broken when it arrived, but Amazon replaced it immediately with no questions asked and arranged for the return and replacement. ...more info