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Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.0
List Price: $449.99

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Product Description

Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional software enables business professionals to reliably create, combine, and control Adobe PDF documents for easy, more secure distribution, collaboration, and data collection.

Main Features

  • Manufacturer: Adobe Systems, Inc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 12020350
  • Manufacturer Website Address:
  • Software Sub Type: PDF Application
  • Software Name: Acrobat v.8.0 Professional - Complete Product
  • Features & Benefits:

    Create and optimize Adobe PDF documents:

  • Easily create Adobe PDF documents
  • Scan to PDF with OCR
  • Convert e-mail to Adobe PDF files
  • Capture web pages as Adobe PDF files
  • Create in PDF/A or PDF/X
  • Combine files from multiple applications:

  • Combine and optimize documents
  • Maintain individual file security settings
  • Include only the pages you need
  • Optimize Adobe PDF output
  • Quickly regenerate a combined PDF file
  • Unify with headers, footers, and watermarks
  • Attach native files
  • Enhance and extend document collaboration:

  • Conduct e-mail based reviews
  • Manage shared reviews
  • Enable collaboration tools in Adobe Reader
  • Track reviews and manage comments
  • View and print comments
  • Export comments to Word or AutoCAD
  • Streamline data collection with Adobe PDF forms:

  • Get started with form templates
  • Easily create forms
  • Auto-recognize form fields
  • Optimize form workflow
  • Enable form features in Adobe Reader
  • Apply advanced document security and controls:

  • Apply passwords and assign permissions
  • Sign documents digitally
  • Enable digital signatures in Adobe Reader
  • Remove hidden data
  • Permanently remove sensitive information
  • Protect attached files
  • Language Support: International English
  • Platform Support: Mac, Intel-based Mac
  • License Type: Complete Pro
  • Features:
    • Sold Individually

    Customer Reviews:

    • Shame on Adobe
      Like many other Amazon customers, I too have had serious difficulty with Adobe Acrobat conflicting with other programs. In fact I phoned Adobe's corporate office seeking help in rectifying the issue only to be told that they we're unaware of Acrobat causing any issues with other software. Well, clearly this was a disingenuous response. Based on the sheer number of similar posts here, how could they not know about this problem?

      In Adobe's case, bigger doesn't mean better. But you certainly get what you pay for... a lot of headaches for the money. Until the powers that be at Adobe are willing to acknowledge the conflict issue, I strongly suggest you purchase another PDF creation tool....more info
    • Acrobat 8.0 Vista Ready
      The 7.0 was the pits for activation. And it doesn't work with the Vista at all. I contacted Adobe so many times to try to get the 7.0 to work and finally uninstalled it. I am hoping that the 8.0 will work with the Vista. Apparently Adobe website says they have a patch for it. I have used Acrobat for 7 years and love the product. Great for web work....more info
    • Just What I Expected
      The software was just what I expected and very useful to me when creating publisher documents that need to be emailed to clients. ...more info
    • Excellent Performance
      The program is over what I expected. Performance is great and such a useful tool....more info
    • Adobe Acobat Standard 8.0
      The transaction was smooth and speedy. The software I purchased is an older version, but it serves the purpose for creating and editing PDF documents/forms. It is simple and easy to use. And, the price ($99) was right!...more info
    • simple, effective, but not overly powerful
      The product came shipped in original packaging and was easy to install. The product is invasive by nature-integrating itself into most microsoft programs. This is good if you like having constant access to the program, but bad if you want a program to use a minimal amount of computing resources (which is my inclination).
      The interface is intuitive and pretty easy to get used to. The program is not especially powerful, but has yet to entertain and gliches.
      Not worth it if all you need to do is print to PDF (for that, use a freebie PDF creator). But if you need to assemble PDF packages, work with the bookmarks and add security; this gig is for you. (though not very cheap). ...more info
    • Unbearably SLOW!!
      This is the worst software application that I have ever purchased. It takes an average of three seconds to page up or down and an average of one second per line when scrolling through a document. It is this slow regardless of the size of the document. It is not my computer, because version 7.0 worked perfectly. My computer has a 2.6GHz processor and 1Gbyte of memory. Don't believe their marketing propaganda which claims that they have improved the operating speed over the 7.0 version. Some are blaming the performance problems on their licensing processes that are constantly running in the background. If you don't need the added features in this product stick with the free PDF readers that are available on the Internet such as Foxit....more info
    • Donot buy it
      I use window vista and office 2007. The adobe 8 standard can be upgraded to 8.10 in order to create a PDF from office 2007. However I found that it is so unstable I can not use it every time. PDF is super but Adobe is not as good as its product.
      Office 2007 has a add in program to create PDFs but this program does not work well especially when I produce figures and save in word 2007. It case super problem when I convert the word file to PDF. So I wish Microsoft can do something for it. ...more info
    • Acrobat 8.0
      Product arrived as advertised. We needed to upgrade to 8.0 for a contract we had, otherwise I don't think Adobe's bloated software is worth the money. Alternatives such as Foxit are more cost-effective and run much faster....more info
    • Causes serious conflicts with other software applications
      I installed Adobe 8.0 at the request of a client in order to view secure docments on-line. Two serious problems were caused by this: 1) Window 2000 Outlook runing under XP would crash after the Adobe reader was launched. Closing the reader and restarting Outlook would not always fix the problem. Often the computer would require a cold re-boot.
      2). More serious, Adobe 8 installation corrupted my Agilent Technologies Genesys 8 and later (Eagleware) RF simulation software tools. This resulted in the Genesys simulator to fail to find the authentication file. Because the correlation between installing Adobe was not apparent considerable amount of time was lost on this project. Adobe also causes problems with OrCAD 15 license server.

      I have currently un-installed Adobe 8 had to re-install and patch previously installed Microsoft and enginnering software tools. ...more info
    • Be aware of the painful Adobe activation process
      Please see reviews of the previous version 7.0. The Adobe activation process can cause a lot of continuing problems for legitimate users of this software. Too bad such good software is hampered by such a process. Being in the software business, I don't mind companies worrying about piracy and taking some measures but this is a bit too much. You might need to allow the software to access the internet regularly to keep your activation (and not bother you with notices of reactivation) but that also means you open it for Adobe to do their push marketing into their software. I have used Adobe products for over 15 years and have always liked them. Too bad, they have lost the customer focus in their rage for software piracy and greed for intrusive marketing....more info