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In the Line of Fire
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  • Lots Going On
    This movie has a lot going on and juggles them all very well. You have the intrigue of a Presidential assassin, the Secret Service (which you rarely see movies about), aging agents, small-time office romance. It changes rapidly and makes for a very enjoyable viewing. The cinematography is good, especially considering the environment, the transfer, sound and editing are very good. This definitely makes for a good Friday or Saturday evening flick....more info
  • ...
    "Everyone dies. Some die because they deserve to; others die simply because they come from Minneapolis. It's random and it's meaningless."...more info
  • First class thriller
    John Malkovich is convincingly creepy and vicious in his role as an assassin turned maniac who wants to kill the president. Next to him, Clint Eastwood is a secret service man who failed to protect JFK. Their demons drive this excellent film, which is convincing and very involving.

    It's an excellent movie and first class entertainment. ...more info
  • Secret Service Gets Boost from Eastwood
    This review refers to the Special Edition DVD(Columbia)......

    He was there when Kennedy was assassinated. It still haunts him 30 years later. If he had moved a fraction of a second sooner he may have saved his beloved president, But a what cost to him? He is Frank Horrigan(Eastwood), an aging Secret Service Agent, trained to do whatever it takes to protect the President of the United States. Now he has a chance to redeem himself in his own eyes.
    A psychotic, but very clever, would be presidental assassin is on the loose. He calls himself Booth(Malkovich), (Because Booth had so much more "panache" then Oswald). He taunts Horrigan about the day Kennedy is shot, through phone calls. Lets him know that he intends to assassinate the president,even if it means dying himself, and taking Frank with him.
    Frank does everything he can to track down this killer and save the president. Most of the other agents feel Frank is too old to keep up the pace of the Presidental Campaign trail,but he feels he must persue this case.
    A deadly cat and mouse game ensues, and we are kept on the edge of our seats throughout the movie,waiting to see what Booth's next move will be, and if Horrigan will be a part of it. It's thrilling and chilling.
    Eastwood as always gives a brilliant performance as the aging agent,(He always seems to be an aging something lately,cop,thief, astrounaut,reporter, but he's sooooo good at it)and Malkovich is outstanding as the mysterious, chilling assassin. Also contributing greatly to the film are Rene Russo, as the field agent Horrigan takes a shine to and Dylan McDermott as his young partner, and we all know by now that it is not healthy to be Clint's partner in any film! Directed by the great Wolfgang Petersen( Das Boot, Air Force One), and scored by Ennio Morricone, you wont want to miss this thrill ride.
    The DVD is top quality. It is in widescreen(Anamorphic),with the sound choices of 5.1 dolby or 2 channel surround. Either way you will be happy with the sound.For me sound is one of the more important features in an action film. Great picture and colors, lots and lots of special features, I checked out a couple of the featurettes, very entertaining and informative. I'm saving some for the next time I watch it. There are subtitiles in English and several other languages for those needing it. If you are a fan of Eastwood, Malkovitch, Petersen or are just in the mood for an action thriller this is a great one!
    Would you take the bullet???? Laurie

    more Clint stuff:
    The Gauntlet/True Crime
    Clint Eastwood Selection: Dirty Harry/The Outlaw Josey Wales/Unforgiven
    Music for the Movies of Clint Eastwood...more info
  • "All we have is the game. I'm on offence, you're on defence."
    Warner Bros.' favourite son's first film outside the studio since the mid-seventies (also the first scored by Morricone in even longer) resulted in one of the best thrillers of the Nineties. The premise is simple, offering Eastwood's ageing secret service agent, who failed to save JFK, the chance for redemption by stopping Malkovich's assassin, who latches on to his guilt in an engrossing cat-and-mouse game. The idea of the criminal and his pursuer forging a bond has been done many times before, but seldom as well as here.

    What really makes it work is the strength of the characterisation, giving the audience a stake in the protagonists that adds to the tension. As a result, Eastwood and Malkovich's confrontations (filmed simultaneously rather than separately to give an edge to the performances) are as electrifying as the edge-of-seat action sequences. Even the use of CGi is subtle and well integrated into the story rather than drawing constantly attention to themselves.

    Self-deprecating, self-doubting, the kinder, gentler Eastwood on show here gives his most likeable performance to date, while the beautifully underplayed and surprisingly moving scene where he describes the events of that fateful day in Dallas is one of the finest moments in his career. The erratic John Malkovich is more than a match for him, contributing his best screen work to date, with a good supporting cast also on strong form, while Wolfgang Petersen's direction, Maguire's script and John Bailey's outstanding photography all make strong impressions.

    The special edition does offer some good special features and a good widescreen transfer. ...more info
  • Clint Eastwood's best performance yet!
    "In The Line of Fire" is a thinking person's movie with lots of action, suspense, and brains as well! It gets better and better every time that I watch it! Clint Eastwood gave a superb performance as Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan, a man who is haunted by a loss. In 1963, he was guarding President John F. Kennedy when the commander-in-chief was assassinated in Dallas, TX. Horrigan's inability to divert the tragedy has wreaked havoc on his personal life, making the aging agent socially reclusive and chagrined at his own failures. "A living legend; the only active agent who ever lost a President", says Horrigan of his soiled reputation. His chance to redeem himself comes soon enough, though.

    A meticulous psychopath named Mitch Leary (John Malkovich in a outstanding and frightening performance) is threatening the current president, and Horrigan is back on the case. Leary identifies himself as John Booth, an eerie reference to President Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Leary taunts Horrigan for his failings, and his pranks become more dangerous as he gets closer to his endgame.

    Wolfgang Petersen ("Das Boot", "Air Force One") directs this super-slick thriller with sheer intensity and explosive action as well. Two powerhouse actors, plus a great supporting cast (Rene Russo, Dylan McDermott, John Mahoney, Gary Cole, Fred Dalton Thompson) make "In The Line of Fire" one of the absolute best suspense films of 1993!...more info

  • Exciting Movie!
    This movie was Clint Eastwood at his very best. Eastwood plays the role of a Secret Service agent who is in charge of protecting the President. He had previously been on the detail of protecting Kennedy in Dallas. John Malkovich is absolutely evil and sinister in his role as the assasin. He and Eastwood struggle throught the entire film. Eastwood's girlfriend also adds to the movie. This movie is tense from the beginning to the end.There are plenty of action sequences that keep the movie very

    lively and entertaining. The ending effectively wraps up the movie. Buy and watch this video. You will not be dissapointed....more info

  • Smarter than Your Average Thriller
    This is a marvelous film which you surely will enjoy if you like the genre. By far the best performance I've seen by Eastwood--
    outstanding. But the real ringer here is John Malkovich--far more intelligent and just as lethal a foe as any faced by our current film heroes. I agree he should have won an Oscar. An unforgettable performance. When he's on the screen, either in person or by phone, the intensity is palpable. Someone should pit Malkovich as villian against Tommy Lee Jones as hero--that would be very interesting....more info
  • Redemption?
    A smart, taut thriller with a sense of humor, In the Line of Fire was directed by Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, Air Force One, A Perfect Storm) and produced by Clint Eastwood, Petersen, and others. (Eastwood doesnyt take a producerys credit, but his longtime associate, David Valdes, is listed as executive producer). The movie pits Eastwoodys ydinosaury of a Secret Service agent with a past (yFrank Horrigany) against John Malkovichys effete snob psychopath ("Booth"). "Booth," a cashiered CIA assassin, wants to get even with his former employer, and write himself a page in the history books, a la John Wilkes Booth, by killing a president; Frank aims to stop him.

    Rene Russo plays a gorgeous, younger Secret Service agent (yLilly Rainesy) whom Frank goes out of his way to irritate, beginning with their first encounter. (Frank: yThe secretaries keep getting prettier and prettier.y Lilly: yAnd the field agents get older and older.y)

    (In the Line of Fireys storyline was surely inspired in large part by Stephen Sondheimys 1990-91 musical theater masterpiece, Assassins. Failing even to make it to Broadway, Assassins was a commercial flop of historical proportions, but in this criticys opinion, contains the greatest of all of Sondheimys scores. Led by its own yBoothy as narrator, Assassins speculates that all presidential assassins were bound by the need to achieve a perverse form of ygreatnessy; that through killing a great man, they too would achieve a sort of second-hand greatness and immortality, even if it was only the immortality of men whose names would be cursed throughout history.)

    Booth has obsessively studied the history of presidential assassins, particularly the Kennedy assassination. Thatys what brings him and Frank together. Frank was one of JFKys bodyguards; indeed, he was Kennedyys favorite. He yhad Kennedyys ear.y But when the time came, on that fateful, November morning in Dallas, Frank heard the first shot, but failed to react. That failure has tortured him ever since. Booth knows this, and in teasing, almost erotic telephone calls, relentlessly needles Frank about it. (yLate at night, when the demons come, do you see the rifle coming out of that window, or do you see Kennedy's head being blown apart? If you'd reacted to that first shot, could you have gotten there in time to stop the big bullet? And if you had -- that could've been your head being blown apart. Do you wish you'd succeeded, Frank? Or is life too precious?y)

    In order to keep the cat-and-mouse game interesting, Booth gives Frank clues and assistance along the way.

    The hammy Malkovich, who sounds like a decadent, tenured, ypostmoderny professor of literature, earned a best supporting actor Oscar nomination. (yWatching the President, I -- I couldn't help wondering why a man like you would risk his life to save a man like that. You have such a strange job -- I can't decide if it's heroic or absurdy. Frank: yJust how does it work?y Booth: yIt doesn't work, Frank. God doesn't punish the wicked and reward the righteous. Everyone dies. Some die because they deserve to; others die simply because they come from Minneapolis. It's random and it's meaningless. Frank: yWell, if none of this means anything... why kill the President? Booth: yTo punctuate the dreariness.y)

    By contrast, Eastwood drolly plays off his flinty, plainspoken characterys age and infirmities. And watching Russo could break a manys heart, wondering, yIf only Hollywood directors had had the sense to make her a star when she was 25 or 30, instead of waiting until she was 38, to notice her.y But as Brett Walterys marvelous bio shows, it turns out she had a life, yB.H.y (before Hollywood).

    Jeff Maguireys original script is so good, that it gets not only the big stuff y the diabolical bad guy and the red herrings that the heavy throws the heroesy way -- but also the little things that so often make me wince during a thriller. He gives Eastwood and Russo dialogue they can work with, so that they can make us believe, without insulting our intelligence, that Lilly might just give an old rust bucket like Frank a whirl.

    But amid all the action and clever small talk, Maguire provides a melancholy background music binding the characters, who recall a time when we had presidents worth taking a bullet for. (At the time, Bill Clinton was president, but I canyt say if the melancholy referred to him personally.) No wonder, he was nominated for an Oscar (he lost out to Jane Campion, for the vastly overrated The Piano.)

    Film editor Anne V. Coates was also nominated for an Oscar. Coates, who had won an Oscar for 1962ys Lawrence of Arabia, lost out to Michael Kahn of Schindlerys List.

    Eastwood was already on a roll (as both actor and director y see Unforgiven, A Beautiful World, The Bridges of Madison County and Absolute Power) when he made In the Line of Fire, which started Russo on one (Get Shorty, Tin Cup, The Thomas Crown Affair).

    Wolfgang Petersenys deft direction keeps things moving, and is so unaffected and unobtrusive, that Iym left with little to point to. Petersen and Maguire cleverly work Eastwoodys personal fondness for playing the piano into the story.

    Eastwood, Malkovich, and Russo are ably supported by a cast that includes Gary Cole, Fred Thompson, John Mahoney, Dylan McDermott and the District of Columbia.

    Will Booth prevail, or will Frank redeem himself? That is the question....more info

  • Malkovich at his best!
    Though the first billing of this show was Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich was the real star deservedly earning himself the Best Supporting Actor nomination. No offence to Mr Landau's impeccable performance in Ed Wood but I bet the Oscars are going to do the same to Malkovich some time when he's a senior too. It's your usual run-after-the-bad-guy thriller but Malkovich's evil portrayal of the screwed up assassin maniac will keep you watching, even if you know he's going to die in the end (typically Hollywood!). He's a bad guy you love to hate and though he's supposed to be the evil one, you can't help but like him simply coz he's just so evil, you know like Alan Rickman in Robin Hood or Gary Oldman in Dracula. Brilliant movie for both guys and gals to watch together....more info
  • Action
    A Clint Eastwood story of what out Secret Service goes through nad what can happen to our president....more info
  • A good thriller
    Unlike the usual thriller where you can see how it ends long before the ending, this one actually has some mystery and tension. You *know* in the back of your brain that he's gonna get the bad guy. But how? The back and forth dialog between the two build things up nicely, I wish Hollywood would do that more often instead of relying on the typical car crash or gigantic explosion. See this movie! You'll be on the edge of your seat by the time the two finally get together for the show-down!...more info
  • good movie, but corny ending
    this is a pretty good movie that revolves around a Secret Service man who is haunted down by an assassin out to get the President of the United States. Eastwood's character was a Secret Service agent that was there the day JFK was killed, but he did nothing, and how Malchovich is trying to kill the President and leave Eastwood as the only Secret Service man to be involved in the death's of 2 Presidents.

    good overall movie, but then the last half hour or so just gets to corny and it almost ruins the movie. you already know what is going to happen, but in the matter or way that it happens is corny.

    still a good movie....more info

  • What a brilliant thriller!
    I stumbled onto this movie years ago. I hadn't seen any commericials or trailers. It looked OK to me, so I rented it for the evening. It's about one of Kennedy's disillusioned former bodyguards, Frank Horrigan (Clint Eastwood), who's taunted by an unknown man (John Malkovich) who's planning to assassinate the president. The ensuing cat and mouse game between the two man makes for a very tense and interesting thriller.

    What a pleasent surprise this movie was! Not just Clint Eastwood, as the aging Secret Service agent. Also John Malkovich (whom I didn't know until this movie) for his excellent portrayal of the psychotic terrorist. It's one of the better thrillers of the nineties!...more info

  • In The Line Of Fire
    This is a fun movie that has stood up to the test of time. Great chemistry between Eastwood and Russo and it is an intelligent thriller. It is a very nice blu ray transfer....more info
  • Eastwood & Malkovich engage in cat and mouse
    Clint Eastwood came out of a creative slump in the '90s when he won Oscars for "The Unforgiven" and followed it up with this intriguing thriller directed by Wolfgang Petersen. Clint plays a veteran Secret Service agent who latches on to a plot involving the assasination of the President by discovering the identity of the assasin (John Malkovich). Malkovich is in game form here and he meshes well with Eastwood in their cat and mouse exchanges (some really great dialogue, rare in movies today, is employed here). Eastwood, while not a great actor, is in fine form here and the scene between him & Rene Russo in the Presidential suite with him reminscing about that fateful day in '63 is Clint at his best, acting-wise. Malkovich, of course, walked off with an Oscar nod for his role as an disenchanted government assasin and the supporting roles are filled nicely by Dylan McDermott as Clint's ill-fated partner, John Mahoney as a good friend, Gary Cole as a by the book agent and Fred Dalton Thompson as the President's press secretary. So if you're an Eastwood fan and love thrillers, do check this one out (I may purchase this on blu-ray as well). ...more info
  • Aimed high and delivered a great suspense
    This was one of the best thrillers to come along in a long time. John Malcovich (a.k.a. Booth) is a wonderful villan in any setting, whether in a period costume drama or a modern day political drama. A movie like this can deliver a great story with minimal violence and excessive swearing like a lot of their contemporaries (ex. the first three Die Hard movies), and deliver smart, witty dialogue along the way.

    Clint Eastwood, still Dirty Harry after all these years, plays an aging Secret Service agent who is a little tired but an old pro at his job. He is contacted by a man who claims he is about to shoot the president, and challenges him to not just find him but know him. We soon discover that he is anything but a nutcase trying to get attention, he is a serious nutcase with a plan. The assasin Booth tells him that he knows all about Eastwood's past, that he failed to protect JFK on that infamous day in Dallas, and he plans on repeating it. In a rush to find him before it's too late, Eastwood and his partner attempt to find some kind of paper chase and shadow the president carefully, until he and Booth will inevitably cross paths and the final conflict will take place.

    The only critical words I have for this movie are for the addition of Eastwood's parter, his situation was a little too obvious. As a rookie, he was a family man who established his weaknesses early on in the story, and you just knew he wasn't going to survive. And all those old photos of a young Eastwood in Dallas and Malcovich's past were a little too hoaky to be real. Still, it was great suspense....more info
  • Clint still has it!
    Just the right amount of humor, mostly Clint poking fun at his age, and action. Great acting by Malkovich, and the chemistry is right on. This is a movie I've really enjoyed and look forward to watching again and again. However, don't be fooled by the "Deluxe Widescreen Presentation" title. There are zero special features besides the French language option and the Spanish or Korean subtitles. I'd hate to see the non-deluxe widescreen presentation...does it have no sound or something? Get the "Special" edition if you want any features besides the movie....more info
  • in the line of fire
    Eastwood and Malkovic are favorites - but more importantly, I purchased this video as nostalgia - the house on which Eastwood is holding on to Malkovic so he won't fall was owned by my husband's parents and is the home in which he and his bros grew up. It is just a flash but it is recognizable to us. It is now a B&B and classed as "historic". So thanks for the memories....more info
  • First-rate Eastwood
    This will become a classic. Clint delivers an excellent performance. Good drama/thriller/suspense flick. Malkavich plays an excellent villain. It's a definite must-watch, especially in Blu-Ray format. The video resolution details are just amazing. Enjoy....more info
    Yesterday, for the fifth time in ten years, I saw IN THE LINE OF FIRE. And I will see it some more times again. Why ?

    I must admit that Clint Eastwood, since 25 years, is one of my favorite actors and directors. Who could have predicted, when Clint starred in the Leone's movies, that he will become the institution he is now ?

    In this Wolfgang Petersen's movie, he plays the role of an aged Secret Service agent who cannot forget the day JFK died. Because he was there and couldn't give his life in order to save his President. As for the Harry Callaghan of DIRTY HARRY, reality stopped at this very moment for him.

    Until the day a mad John MALKOVICH appears. From the past, it seems, because the only way to communicate with him is by phone, an antic object which creates the panic in the ranks of the superguys of the F.B.I.

    IN THE LINE OF FIRE is a "thick" movie you can talk about for hours with your friends. It is also an intelligent movie, which is pretty rare nowadays.

    A DVD zone your library....more info

  • A Must Have For Any Eastwood Fan
    A Must Have For Any Eastwood Fan
    Great extras with commentary from Rene Russo, John Malkovich, and Clint of course and interesting footage of real Secret Service agants

    The story of course is well known by this time to any Eastwood fan. This is one of Eastwood's best: a pretty good action thriller, lots of chases and shootouts but all connected inteligently so as not to insult the viewer. If you're an Eastwood fan you probably already have this or have seen it, so I won't waste a lot of time and energy describing the plot to you. Eastwood has put out a few duds in his time but this isn't one of them - this is well worth the money and I think you'll enjoy it....more info
  • Eastwood Vs. Malkovich, with the President in the Middle...
    Clint Eastwood, in his first film after completing his masterpiece, UNFORGIVEN, chose a winner with Wolfgang Petersen's suspenseful IN THE LINE OF FIRE. As 30-year veteran Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan, Eastwood had the misfortune of protecting President Kennedy, November 22, 1963, and the specter of not reacting quickly enough has never fully left him, through the subsequent years. At the other end of the spectrum is ex-CIA assassin Mitch Leary (brilliantly portrayed by John Malkovich), who had become 'excess baggage' for the intelligence community, due to budget cuts. After surviving a bungled attempt to kill him, Leary decides to vent his rage at his 'betrayal' by assassinating the President. In his research, he discovers that the only agent still active from the 1963 team is Horrigan, and, deciding they shared a kinship, he begins to tease Horrigan with clues about himself, and how he'll kill the President.

    The film builds up a 'head of steam' from the very first scene, as Horrigan and his partner, Al D'Andrea (Dylan McDermott, long before television stardom in THE PRACTICE) take down a band of counterfeiters, and the edginess never lets up, as Leary, introducing himself as 'Booth', begins his series of fateful calls to Horrigan. Facing mounting opposition from the head of the Presidential Secret Service team (Gary Cole), as well as the White House Chief of Staff (future Senator Fred Dalton Thompson), Horrigan badgers, insults, and belittles everyone's work, knowing the potential assassin will find any crack in the security, and take advantage of it. Only his boss, Sam Campagna (FRAZIER star John Mahoney), his partner, D'Andrea, and fellow agent Lilly Raines (Rene Russo, in another star-making performance), take him seriously, with Raines soon falling in love with the cantankerous agent.

    The plot is full of twists and turns, as Horrigan barely misses capturing Leary, twice, and Leary, at one point, actually saves Horrigan's life (while ending D'Andrea's). Strung so tightly that he starts making bad 'calls', Horrigan is finally removed from Presidential security...just as Leary is about to make his move...

    IN THE LINE OF FIRE does for the Secret Service what BACKDRAFT did for firefighters, and television's NYPD BLUE did for policemen; it shows the organization not as a group of faceless supermen, but as dedicated people performing an essential service, protecting the lives of others. As Leary sneers to Horrigan, "I'm the offense, you're the defense," and that analogue truly describes the difficulty of their job; they must find the means to protect the President against whatever misdeed a perpetrator can concoct. While Clint Eastwood's Horrigan may be far more of a 'lone wolf' than the Agency would, in real life, tolerate, his dedication to his job reflects well on those unique individuals who would 'take a bullet' for the President.

    It is an excellent suspense film, and a worthy addition to any Clint Eastwood collection!...more info

  • Good, but not great, thriller than will suffice if you can't find anything better...
    I won't deny that parts of this film work, very well at that, but in the end `In the Line of Fire' comes off rather generic, without much differentiating it from the masses of similar films shoveled out to us on a regular basis. The acting is decent at best, at time even horrid, and the scripting (which is really the films saving grace) tends to fall into clich¨¦d territory more often than not. Sure, it is exciting and in parts is delivers just what we're looking for, but to be honest there are many other films that hit their mark much greater than this one.

    The film pits Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan against the evil Mitch Leary in a game of cat and smarter cat as Leary taunts Horrigan with his plans to take out the President of the United States. Horrigan is haunted by memories of his days with President Kennedy and blames himself for Kennedy's death, so Leary plays off of these fears in order to drive Horrigan to the brink of insanity, causing him to lose the respect and trust of the men and women around him.

    Is Horrigan willing to take a bullet for the President?

    The film gradually builds to the dramatic conclusion that actually ruins the film for me. I actually enjoyed the vocal toying of Leary to Horrigan, but when the two finally come face to face the film feels as if it gets derailed. I think this is largely due to the fact that Malkovich starts to overact (drastically) and his menacing mannerisms come off cheesy and overdone. I usually like him, but this was a messy performance. Until this scene he does a decent job of delivering the underlying menace in his characters eyes, but here he just goes out there and the result is less than impressive (seriously, Oscar nomination?).

    The acting is decent, like I said. Clint is effective for the most part but his gruff demeanor tends to take away from the emotional pain burrowing beneath his surface. I don't see a reason for Rene Russo's character to exist. She was the worst part of the script (total clich¨¦) and her performance is far less than becoming. Dylan McDermott has a nice part in the beginning; too bad he was used to little.

    In the end `In the Line of Fire' is not a `bad' film, but it is not a great one either. It will suffice if you want a decent thriller than entertains for the most part, but it is not very original, the character development is mediocre and the acting is sub par. In other words; you can do much better than this so you might as well look elsewhere....more info
  • Suspenseful thriller, great DVD!!!
    First off this film has Clint Eastwood in one of his best roles he's ever played. You can read the summary if you want to know what the film is about so I'm not going to bore you with another summary, this is a review. But it has great suspense, Malkovich plays a great, sinister villain out to get the President and puts Eastwood right in the middle which is his plan. Great soundtrack (5.1) and an impressive anamorphic transfer, and also some pretty good special features as well. Worth buying....more info
  • Eastwood is excellent
    Showing us he can still act, Eastwood turns in a great performance. However, he showed up in terms of acting by the superior Malkovich. Great overall movie. Could have been 4 stars but I was turned of by the Eastwood-Russo relationship...more info
  • Senior Secret Service Agent
    This is one of Clint Eastwood's best roles - an aging Secret Service Agent trying to keep the physical pace with the new generation young agents, but having no problems with excelling over them knowledge wise. John Malkovich plays a great bad guy. Rene Russo is a real plus as the "new breed" Secret Service Agent. A real thriller and a plus for The United States Secret Service! ...more info
  • Flawed character and redemption
    This is a powerful story about Clint Eastwood as an aged secret service agent who has experienced turmoil in his life. Once a young brash man who rose to a position to protect the president, he has fallen onto hard times with the personal guilt of having seen his president assasinated. By chance he has the opportunity to redeem his life and once again defend the president. John Malkovich portrays the potent and sinister, yet very personable ex-CIA assassin who has revenge for the government that betrayed him. We are drawn through the eyes of Clint Eastwood's character as he battles one last time to combat a strategy of this cunning opponent to perhaps, rebuild the life that was taken from him....more info
  • Movie: 4/5 Picture Quality: 3.25~4.25/5 Sound Quality: 4/5 Extras: 2.25/5
    Version: U.S.A / Region Free
    Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50
    Running time: 2:08:36
    Movie size: 35,30 GB
    Disc size: 39,52 GB
    Total bit rate: 36.61 Mbps
    Average Video bit rate : 24.95 Mbps

    Audio Formats

    * English 1435Kbps (48kHz/16-bit) / French / Portuguese Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround
    * Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround


    English / English SDH / Bahasa / Chinese (Mandarin)
    Chinese (Simplified) / Korean / Dutch / French
    Portuguese (Brazilian) / Spanish (Latin American)

    # Audio Commentary
    # The Ultimate Sacrifice (SD, 22 minutes)
    # Behind the Scenes with the Secret Service (SD, 20 minutes)
    # Catching Counterfeiters (SD, 5 minutes)
    # How'd They Do That (SD, 5 minutes)
    # Deleted Scenes (SD, 5 minutes)...more info
  • Malkovich Steals The Show
    Here's another entertaining Clint Eastwood action-suspense film. I am not a particularly fan of his but I have to hand to him: he knows how to make entertaining movies. It didn't hurt, either, to have John Malkovich as his co-star. Now there is an intense actor!

    In this story, Malkovich plays an assassin, and he is fascinating to watch, thanks to his different disguises and the terrific dialog he was given. He also has a interesting voice.

    Rene Russo is fairly low-key (for her), but that's fine and Eastwood plays the usual loner-cop role, not appreciated by his superiors but showing them all up in the end. I guess he couldn't stop playing the "Dirty Harry"-type figures, but he played them well.

    There were some negatives this film, however, namely: credibility. The climatic scene, in particularly, had too many holes in it. There also were too many verbal blasphemes in here.

    Overall, however, this is good, escapist fare. ...more info
  • Fantastic Clint Eastwood movie!!!
    One of Clint's best movies, but of course they all seem to be his best! This is a wonderful DVD, with great quality, and well worth buying for you collection!!!...more info
  • An action thriller that engages you emotionally.
    This is the first and only action thriller I think that was able to engage me emotionally. This was definitley Clint Eastwood's best role surpassing his some-what overrated performance in Unforgiven. Here he plays Frank Horrigan, an aging man still clinging on to his job as a secret service agent because he couldn't protect JFK. Then comes John Malkovich's character. Frank, living a life full of regret, is given a second chance to prove to himself and to the honor of his duty to get in the line of fire(during the climax set int he elivator, Frank finally gets in the line of fire risking his own life knowing that the snipers around the area cannot see what's taking place inside). As for John Malkovich's character, I thought it was tragic that him and Frank were basically products of the same government. The revealing of the villain's childhood photos was effective in its ability to make me feel pity for him. A psychopath who feels he's been turned into a monster by the government. A villain not seeking money but seeking closure and vacant vengeance. These were several things that made this action thriller stand out from the rest of its genre. Now if only more action movies put story first and then the explosions second......more info