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  • dvd
    Chris Farley was becoming a comedy legend. Add in Nicollette Sheridan and Biff, Pow, Zowie. Physical comedy with Ninjas has never been funnier. Recommended....more info
  • Not funny
    I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and thought it was poorly made.
    It's like the editors and special effects crew were to drunk to make anything look good. And the acting was so forced high school students could do a better job. ...more info
  • Possible #1 comedy
    I believe this is easily in the top 5 comedies of all time. The lines are classic and Farley is hilarious. This is the kind of DVD I could watch over and over. Farley's lines, vocal tones, facial expressions, body language, dancing and delivery just can't be copied! One of a kind! Too bad he is no longer alive....more info
  • Best Hilarious movie ever
    Don't be fooled with the negative reviews by critics or low scores by some movie review sites. .If you are not the type of viewer expecting some serious message or plot from a movie, watch just for pure entertainment then this is one of the best hilarious movie ever.Just relax and watch this movie. This is the first movie of Chris Farley I saw (on a tv channel in 2002) and instantly it made me his big big fan. I laughed and laughed and laughed through every singe moment of the movie.This is the one of the best spoof movies besides the light of naked gun series. Chris farley is the best in this kind of geners. Once you watch his devotion in the film and his funny facial expressions, body language ,you will surely consider other latest so called comedy stars and their movies so boring . I am from Bangladesh (Asia) and I don't know what people of USA and other countries think about this guy but he will always remain
    as the best hilarious actor of all time in my mind. I think "Beverly Hills Ninja" is better than Farley's other titles (Even than "Tommy Boy"). Just uniquely hilarious. I give it 10/10....more info
  • This underrated film sure was pretty funny
    This comedy was released to shockingly bad reviews. But to me, This was easily Chris Farley's funniest movie. A clumsy ''Ninja'' named Haru [Chris Farley] offers help to a woman named Sally [Nicolette Sheridan] who shows up at his dojo looking for someone to help her prove that her boyfriend is involved in crime. This movie was funny. There was a lot of gags in this movie that was hillarious. Especially the scene where Farley is on stage dancing with a bunch of strippers. This movie is very underrated and it's a shame that this movie was slept on because of the negative things many critics said about this movie. This movie proves that Chris Farley was a very funny comedian who died too early. Hope the review helped. ...more info
  • It was a Funny Movie!!!
    I though Chris Farley was great!...and wasn't it so nice of Amazon to allow that previous review?...more info
  • Funniest movie ever made by a chubby comedian
    With Chris Rock and Chris Farley in a movie, it's gotta be an instant classic which this movie was. Buy it now!!...more info
  • Chris Farley rules in all his movies that are hilarious!
    Chris Farley in this film is also one of my favorites playing the role as a ninja warrior karate fighter raised by chinese villagers is sent to america in beverly hills, california. To save a distressed woman in trouble by oriental mobsters trying to kidnap her. So Farley must fight and defend himself after these bad guys. Also co-starring is Chris Rock a comedian and an alumni from Saturday Night Live who's Farley sidekick helps him battle to get these gangsters with Farley's only plan!...more info
  • Chris Rock & Farley team up outside SNL and manage a winner!
    FUNNY...more info
  • Really Enjoyable!
    Ok so maybe Beverly Hills Ninja isn't as funny as Tommy Boy or Black Sheep but I still enjoyed it and thought it was a really cute movie. Chris Farley and Chris Rock were great and very endearing and I wish David Spade had been in this too. Like the other movies there is some great dialogue in this movie and I highly recommend the movie to fans of Chris Farley, Chris Rock and SNL. I taped this movie off a pay per view showing on Direct TV and I will be buying the DVD someday! I rate this movie a 5 for how much fun it is to watch it....more info
  • I Liked This Movie!
    Ok so maybe Beverly Hills Ninja isn't as funny as Tommy Boy or Black Sheep but I still enjoyed it and thought it was a really cute movie. Chris Farley and Chris Rock were great and very endearing and I wish David Spade had been in this too. Like the other movies there is some great dialogue in this movie and I highly recommend the movie to fans of Chris Farley, Chris Rock and SNL. I taped this movie off a pay per view showing on Direct TV and I will be buying the DVD someday! I rate this movie a 5 for how much fun it is to watch it....more info
  • I Enjoyed Watching This Movie!
    Ok so maybe Beverly Hills Ninja isn't as funny as Tommy Boy or Black Sheep but I still enjoyed it and thought it was a really cute movie. Chris Farley and Chris Rock were great and very endearing and I wish David Spade had been in this too. Like the other movies there is some great dialogue in this movie and I highly recommend the movie to fans of Chris Farley, Chris Rock and SNL. I taped this movie off a pay per view showing on Direct TV and I will be buying the DVD someday! I rate this movie a 5 for how much fun it is to watch it....more info
  • Danger is my companion.
    What's there not to laugh at in this movie. The very concept of Farley playing a white Ninja just makes me laugh. This is a movie you watch more then once and laugh harder the second, third, fourth time around. There is some classic comedy in this movie. Some of my personal favoriate scenes are:

    1)Farley in the Dojo practicing his Ninja moves and destroying, breaking, and burning everything he touches.
    2)When he first meets Chris Rock - and teaches him his "first lessons" in the Ninja art.
    3) When he disguised as a Cook.
    4) When he disguised as Chuck Walters.
    5) The ending battles with him and his brother Ninja.

    The entire movie is a riot. It's very much on the stupid side (much like Dumb and Dumber) and is full of laughter. A comedy classic.. an underrated one at that.

    ...more info
  • Holy Shinto
    Although I'm a fan of Chris Farley's infamous trilogy of "na?ve-and-dopey-fat-guy-falling-down-and-yelling-a-lot" flicks-- the trilogy being "Tommy Boy", "Black Sheep", and "Beverly Hills Ninja"-- I consider the latter movie the least of the three. Oh sure, it has all the wonderful bumbling, pratfalls, over-the-top bellowing and destruction of property that Farley was somehow able to pull off in ways that made me laugh. Only thing is, it didn't seem to work quite as well here as it did in his previous pictures.

    Could it be due to the fact that BHN lacked the snarky, wise-cracking David Spade character to play off the main man? Perhaps...

    Or could it be the whole "fat-guy-falling-down-and-yelling" bit was gettin' a little stale to me by the time I got around to watching this? I wonder...

    Or was it the fact that Chris Rock's character is pretty much Chris Rock playin' himself, only a little more obnoxious than usual... just like how he is in every other movie role he's played? Hmm...

    In any case, BHN has its moments, but the hilarity of these moments don't quite stack up to those in "Tommy Boy" or "Black Sheep". On the upside: it's still a helluva lot funnier than "Almost Heroes", where Farley did his last turn as the faling-down-and-yelling fat guy. Come to think of it, "Silence of the Lambs" is funnier than "Almost Heroes"... but that's neither here nor there.

    Bottom line: BHN is worth a rental or two, but unless you're a big-time Farley aficionado, this one's hardly a keeper for your video shelf.

    ...more info
  • Chris Farley at his funniest
    Chris Farley was probably the greatest physical comedian of his generation, and his unique skills are truly showcased in Beverly Hills Ninja. It's sort of a no-brainer: cast Chris Farley as "the great white Ninja" and stand back while hilarity ensues. That's basically what happens, although the story itself isn't all that bad on its own. Obviously, there are lots of stunts and comedic pratfalls in the film, but the dialogue is hilarious, as well - Beverly Hills Ninja is eminently quotable. Adding Chris Rock to the comedic mix makes a good thing even better.

    As a babe, little Haru (Farley) washed up on the shores of Japan and was taken in by a ninja master. Legends foretold of a white child who would become the greatest ninja in the world, and Sensei adopted the child as one of his own. By the time Haru grew up, though, it seemed rather obvious that he was not the prophesied Great White Ninja - he had plenty of heart and dedication, but no ninja skills whatsoever. Then a shapely American blonde (Nicollette Sheridan) comes to the dojo asking for help, and Haru readily agrees to put his ninja stealth skills to use for her. He discovers that the lady's boyfriend is a counterfeiter and murderer, and - hearing nothing else from her - he decides it is his duty to follow her to the Hills of Beverly and safeguard her life. Knowing that Haru is a clumsy goof, Sensei (Soon-Tek Oh) sends Haru's "brother" Gobei (Robin Shou) to surreptitiously watch over and assist him. Gobei is plenty busy, as Haru soon finds himself blamed for a couple of murders and basically keeps putting himself in peril. Incredibly, Haru does manage to find his client again, which puts him on a collision course with bad guys more than willing to rob and kill in order to get their counterfeit operation up and going. Haru makes some interesting detours along the way: forgetting everything he's ever learned about being one with the universe at a local strip joint, posing as an inking expert, and even serving up a most memorable meal at a Japanese restaurant. In case you're wondering, there is some martial arts action in the closing minutes, and it's quite a kick to see Farley actually take care of a little business.

    Beverly Hills Ninja is a very funny movie. The world will never see the likes of Chris Farley again, and this role was seemingly made for him to play. It's like a highlight reel of all Farley's funniest stunts and hijinx, and great one-liners just pour out of the characters' mouths in abundance. If you're not into comedy for comedy's sake, you can even take heart in seeing Haru succeed at finally proving himself and earning the respect of his Sensei and "brother." The music, which does include both "Turning Japanese" and "Kung Fu Fighting," also adds a lot to the comedy. Really, if this movie doesn't make you laugh, I'm not sure there's any hope for you....more info
  • An Underrated Classic
    Chris Farley was one of the most underrated actors during his brief 33 years of existence. This movie is one of his final movies until he succumbed to a drug overdose in December 1997. This is why I don't do drugs. They kill great people.

    The movie is another classic that will go down in history. It's pretty stupid, and it's not Farley's best, but it deserves 5 stars nonetheless. Chris Farley stars as Huru, a ninja school dropout. He is also known as "the great white ninja" throughout the movie. I don't want to tell you about the whole movie unless the movie sucks, and this movie is far from sucking, so I'll give you some of the funniest scenes:

    - The Benihana scene
    - the strip club scene
    - the house invasion scene

    Hell, the whole movie is a classic. Buy it now! NOW!! Watch something other than Napoleon Dynamite for once! ...more info
  • One of the best comedies !!!!
    I think my comments about this movie are the following:
    First of all, the performances. Sometimes that is the thing I first check of any movie. In this one, the performances are deep and hilarious. Then there is the content, I like a movie also by it's content, if it's interesting, boring, fictious or real life themes. In this case intersting, find out why by watching this one. And there is also the dialogues, many movies depend on dialogues. In this case there are smartly funny dialogues between HaršČ and Sensei or Gobei.
    I suggest you go buy, rent or anything that is more comfortable for you in which the results are watching the movie. This one is just great. ...more info
  • XD
    I don't even like Farley (rest his soul) but I loved this movie! It was hilarious! And I think what made it better was the amount of character development in it, both Haru and his brother (the guy that played Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat). A great buy....more info
  • good movie, shame theres no bonus features
    I rate this DVD down lower because it dosent contain any bonus features. The movie is one of Chris Farleys best. But the lack of NO bonus features brings my rating for it down. When are these people who put these DVD's together come to relise that a trailer is NOT a special feature? Trailers are a standard that should come with any, if every DVD... its such a shame they treat great movies so poorly, and all the crap ones come with 2 discs of bonus material... who ever makes these things needs to rethink there stratagy i think

    And my regoiun 4 version didnt even come with the production notes... no that it would have helped .... but the great Late Chris Farley should have a little more respect for his great movies he did in a short time, compared to the way this one has been treated....more info

  • Very Very Good
    Haru(Chris Farley), is shipwrecked as a boy on the coast of Japan. He is picked up by a group of ninjas who believe he is the fullfillment of the "Legend of the Great White Ninja". Raised amongst the ninja elite, Haru develops into a big, fat talentless ninja. When he is on guard duty of the doku while the rest of the ninjas who have graduated are out on a mission, a women enters and asks for help. She explains her situation and Haru becomes convinced she is a damsel in distress. He goes to the states to help uncover her mystery and save her and unbenounced to him is accompanied by his "brother" who is the most talented ninja. In the states Haru is put up in a fancy hotel where he meets a bellhop (Chris Rock) who he is determined to train to be the "Great Black Ninja". In the states Haru only gets his beautful blonde babe, himself and his ninja brother into more trouble as he blows his cover as a counterfeiter for the babe's boyfriend and is forced to kung fu fight with his assailants. THis movie is great and even has some good action scenes....more info
  • Worst of Chris Farley?
    I really enjoy Chris Farley in Saturday Night Live and in Tommy Boy, and I was hoping for that quality of comedy in this movie. This movie, though, shows me that he can't carry a movie on his own. This movie has an incredibly lame plot which is predictably boring. Normally Farley flipping and flopping around is funny, but in this movie, it is rather forced instead than his natural zanny stunts. Half way through this movie I asked my friend if we should stop watching... It's that bad! There are a few slightly funny moments in the movie, but they aren't worth the pain of sitting through the rest.

    Chris was a great comedian, but let's not fluff our reviews out of sympathy for the deceased....more info

  • Depressing
    Though an occasional laugh, Beverly Hills Ninja is not funny. I have no idea why, but it reminded me of Saving Silverman. Why I titled my review "depressing" was because of the late (and great) Chris Farley. While he was definately overweight in "Tommy Boy," he still had a cute quality. In this film, he is even heavier, ... Often it seems like he is uninterested in the film, and while the tale of a large American as a Ninja, or a "mighty dojo" sounds funny, this is poorly executed. The story is pretty straight foreward; Chris Farely, as a baby, winds up on the shores of Japan. The legend had it that a minority (to them) would be an excellent warrior. That obviously isn't true. While Farely shows excellent physical comedy, it is apparent that there is a second layer beneath this funny man. Dissapointing. Chris Rock has a cameo....more info
  • An all-around good movie
    I think it's safe to say that Chris Farley may be the last person you'd expect to see as a ninja. For one thing he's white. Not to mention he's fat, slow and a bit dumb. But that's what makes this movie so great. The now deceased Farley has left us with some of the best comedies known to man. That being the populars "Tommy Boy" and "Black Sheep", for anyone who is not a true fanatic.

    This movie was mostly overlooked, even by some Farley fans. It's very funny, and it's good to see Chris not using his obesity and lack of brains as means of 'good' comedy. Although that's what he did best. In this movie he plays Haru, a white kid who washed up onto the ocean shore of China. He's then picked up by a group of ninjas and attempts to learn their ways throughout his life. And, as you may have guessed, was not very good at it. And that's where the comedy is generated here. It's the fact that Haru shouldn't be doing what he's doing that makes the movie what it is.

    If you are wondering where Beverly Hills comes in, you're not alone. I never really got why the girl went to China to find a ninja. A lack of a good plot might be the way to explain it. It makes sense once you see it, but it's kind of stupid. No, 'stupid' is a harsh word; it's more of a stretch. It's also one of those movies where you can guess everything that's going to happen. There's never really any surprises, or things that make you say "wow". But I do have to say the appearance by Chris Rock was a plus for the movie. Rock plays the apprentice of Haru, something that is rather droll, yet impresive. And the way Farley attempts to teach him is hilarious; one of the best scenes, I thought.

    The reason this movie got 3 stars was for the acting. Chris Farley does a great job as a ninja, and he gives us more than just a few laughs. And him taking off his shoes before he enters the hotel, every time, is by far the best part of the movie. If the movie had a better story it might have reached 4 maybe even 5 stars. All in all it is a very funny movie; and if you liked Chris Farley you'll like this film. Whether you liked him in "Tommy Boy" or not, I recommend this movie to you. Enjoy it for what it's worth, we owe Chris at least that....more info

  • Beverly Hills Ninja
    This one was funny but I think it could've been a little better. Chris Farley in BEVERLY HILLS NINJA was a good role for him and I have to give him his props because he did a lot of his own stunts and he studied and trained in martial arts for months before they started shooting this movie. And like all Chris Farley movies, there is loads and loads of physical comedy in this one. And who could forget his side kick and another SNL alumni, Chris Rock.

    The story outs that it is written that one day a foreign child would come to a clan of ninjas and that foreign child would be the Greatest Ninja ever. Boy were they ever wrong! Now 20 years after the arrival of Haru (Farley) and still no sign of greatness, his master and father feels that he will never be a true ninja. One night while training by himself, a woman stops in their dojo and tells Haru of her problem that she suspects that her boyfriend is doing something illegal. After spying on him, he finds out that her boyfriend is a crime boss and now Haru must travel to America, stop him and protect the girl. But he won't be alone because following him in the shadows is his friend Gobei (Robin Shou).

    You can't deny it, this movie had a lot of funny parts to it like when Farley is disguise, the fight scenes are also good in the sense of a goof martial arts fight scene and they're pretty funny as well (the sushi bar fight). My problem with this movie is that Chris Rock's character really didn't get to be funny. He was pretty much just there and he really didn't do much. My other problem was that Robin Shou was trying to be funny and he's just not funny at all. I just thought he was trying a little too hard and it didn't turn out right.

    In any case, I still think it's worth picking up. Those were my only real problems with this movie and I actually only wanted to take off ? a star but I can't do that so I have to give 4. While you're at it, check out Chris Farley and David Spade in TOMMY BOY, Robin Shou in MORTAL KOMBAT and Chris Rock in LETHAL WEAPON 4 and DOGMA....more info