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  • Can't help but love it!!!
    This movie is so cheesy it's ridiculous, but you can't help but have a huge smile on your face every time you watch it.

    The plot is obvious and the characters are clearly cast and dressed to create interest (thanks for that - I wish all movie villains could look like Lucy Diamond). This is like Charlie's Angels with a mild lesbian twist - I say mild, as you don't really see much.

    If you're out to watch a no brainer with a lot of fun, you'll love this movie. ...more info
  • Do not quit your day jobs girls...
    Now, my girlfriend bought this for us because she heard it was a fun lesbian movie, but let me tell you, it sucks.
    The writing is horrible first of all. The entire plot can be described as weak at best.
    The actor is even worse. I am sorry, I have seen many a low-budget film in my day, but this is one of the most boring and stupid.
    There is not even much teasing in the way of lesbian action! There is like a scene where two girls almost kiss. If that was all that we were looking for, I could watch "The Haunted" and get more lesbian sexual tension out of that film, and with a sexier actress.
    This movie is a joke, it has to be. That is about all that I can chalk it up to.
    So waste your money if you want, but do not egg these people on, please, for there own sake....more info
  • D.E.B.S review
    D.E.B.S is one of my most cherished dvds. It is worth every single penny I spent on it. It is funny, romantic and one of the best written movies ever in my opinion. Jordana and Sara have a lot of chemistry so the relationship is believable and that just adds to making it one of the best.

    Well that's all I have to say.

    ...more info
  • D.E.B.S Totally Rocks!
    I just loved this movie. I mean it was funny and action packed with a cute little romance to underscore the whole thing. If you're looking for a movie to watch w/ a bunch of friends this movie is it--you'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll get to see an explosion or two. DEBS Rocks!!!...more info
  • I love this movie!
    This was the first movie I'd ever seen with a lesbian relationship. It's cute and funny; I think it's a wonderful alternative to other romantic comdedies, since it does have some action as well! Angela Robinson, I'll be looking out for your other projects!...more info
  • Hallarious!
    This movie is so funny and stupid... but it is great. I love it!! Jordana Brewster is hot. ...more info
  • A pleasing oddity
    D.E.B.S. the movie is a wonderful oddity. At first glance it is like Charlie's Angels, only less intellectual... But then, like an optical illusion, you change viewpoint slightly, and suddenly it's a surreal comedy. Teenagers in schoolgirl uniforms who are deadly superspies, indeed!

    Proof that it isn't your ordinary Hollywood big-canvas thriller:
    1) It has a lesbian lovestory at its center!
    2) And one of the main characters smoke!!

    A couple of examples of the wonderfully satiric touches: the supervillain, Lucy Diamond (!), played by the gorgeous Gordana Brewster, has to flee rapidly in a big convention center, and she stops to consult a diagram of the building...
    And the same supervillain needs to find the girl she has the hots for, Amy, in an big building, so she pulls out a palm sized device, and on the screen magically appears a 3D wire diagram of the building. But not only that, rotating the diagram, red spots appears, the first two are labelled "not Amy", and the third one is labbeled "Amy". That's just a wonderful parody of the trappings of the spy thriller genre.

    Sadly, to enjoy it you have to suffer the sight of pretty young women running around in very short skirts. Alas, everything good has a price.

    By the way, what explains how it's untypical of a feature film is that it originated from a ten-minute film, which originated from a little comic book, and all done by the same woman, Angela Robinson. Even the feature film was done for $3.5M, which is ridiculous for any film and not the least a spy thriller, and it looks surprisingly good for it, in fact it looks good for a film of any budget.

    Another of the actresses is Devon Aoki, a gorgeous girl who has the shortest skirt of the four DEBS. ("Mommy, why does he keep talking about skirts?" - "Shh, I think he's gay.") I suspect that she was actually the bread crumb trail I followed to this film. In DEBS she affects a hilarious French accent and addictions to both nicotine and sex. Update: it turns out she's a supermodel, but I'm not ashamed of not knowing that, since neither was the director. Also, Devon herself came up with that great accent.

    Don't miss the commentaries. The director is real film geek, and the girls are cute and funny. The actresses' comments vary between insightful/funny and "OMG, I love how your hair looks in this scene," so many times that they themselves start making fun of it....more info
  • Light hearted comedy dramas with beautiful girls always works for me
    Jordana Brewster and Meagan Good are both absolutely gorgeous, and having a few more pretty girls offers additional pleasant eye candy for movies that I don't want to have to take too seriously.

    Sure, this film evolved into a mild lesbian love story, and whether you are into that kind of thing or not, these two girls make it look like it was simply meant to be. Lucy Diamond, the diabolical evil threat to national security and the overall safety of the world (but somewhat insecure with mild assertiveness), and Amy Bradshaw (superior in intelligence, but yet confused and cautiously submissive), come together with a pleasant teasing of hesitation that makes you (the audience) impatiently sexually frustrated because you DO want to see them get a moment together alone. There is an extension of their time together on the bonus extras.

    Yes, I'm a guy, and I'll admit that I usually like to watch (borderline) chick flicks, but what can I say? I love watching beautiful women in film. This is why I love Bollywood films! (movies from India). Bollywood has the most beautiful women you'll ever see on film. A good example is "Bride and Prejudice" with Aishwarya Rai and Namrata Shiradkar (which is an american film made Bollywood style, with several famous Bollywood stars consequently speaking English, no subtitles needed).

    Another one of my favorite movies to watch with beautiful women is "Chasing Papi" with Roselyn Sanchez and Jaci Velasquez. This is sexiness, "Latina style". Innocent enough for a general audience, but yet definitely: "Hot delicious eye candy!". ...more info
  • fun movie!!!!
    I loved this movie...the actors have a terrific chemistry...it is fun and funny and also a touching love story...The special edition has deleted scenes...song video from the soundtrack....which is terrific. I highly recommend this movie!!!...more info
  • Excellent
    I love DEBS for a number of reasons

    1) I saw this after seeing Brokeback. I'm so GLAD there is a HAPPY ending in this film.

    2) All the subtle jokes in the backgound, signs, etc.

    3) A love story-- I truly believed the romance in this film.

    4) All the women in this movie had very unique personalities.

    5) It was laugh out loud at times, and down right sad at times. I ran through the gambit of emotions here.

    6) The coming out story is so true to what a lot of us had to go through, denial, hiding, shame, try to change, finally acceptance for ourself (even if friends and family won't)

    GREAT MOVIE!!!...more info
  • Cool and Stylish
    This is a pretty good movie. The story is not that memorable but the characters are what makes this film. I remember the first time I saw this film. It was by accident. I couldn't stop watching it. It's harmless fun.

    Lucy Diamond, master thief, meets and falls for Amy while trying to commit a crime. The rest of the movie features the two girls getting to know each other and a few funny spy spoof moments.

    The DVD features two commentary tracks: Director's Track, Cast's Track. Also included are deleted scenes, and a few featurettes about the making of the film.

    Recommended....more info
  • This one's a Keeper. Campy, with elaborate sets and Hot Chics in skirts
    I watched this movie, and had to own it. This movie spoofs many other movies, but not in a blatant manner. The plot lines are solid, and the girls do not bend over backward to make a campy spoof scene. Although the viewer may wish they were bending over backward, the scenes are flowing (as opposed to some campy movies which break stride to make a joke).

    I really enjoyed the movie, and I know that I will treasure this one in my collection.

    How can you lose? Arse kicking, hot chics with lesbian overtones and lotsa leg and skirt action. Teenage boys would love this.

    The movie is well made, and I recall being very impressed. Usually, a hot cover is a coverup for a bad movie, but in this case the cover is truly indicative of the actual film inside the case....more info
  • Better than Expected
    Indeed, D.E.B.S. is another babe-hero film, chock full of predictability & well-used story lines. Most guys love these kind of films because, well, they are made for guys...sorry ladies!
    The shining star & saving grace of this film is Panamanian knockout Jordana Brewster (playing the "Bad Guy"), who amazingly has acted in only a handful of films. Jordana has that certain electricity glowing about her; beautiful yet simplistic & magnetic is her prescence throughout the film. One can easily see how the other D.E.B.S. girls feed off of Jordana's energy & how painfully boring this film would have been without her. B+...more info
  • A Beautiful Movie
    Don't get me wrong. In this lifetime, I didn't set out to be, or pretend to be, a movie connoisseur, but currently, I'm 60 years old (and a white, heterosexual male, by the way, though my wife doesn't know I'm writing this review) and must have seen thousands, several thousand, movies.
    Now, I have seen D.E.B.S. at least three times on my 37" TV. Liked it enough to buy the DVD. It is fun and vastly entertaining - just as it says on the DVD cover. Anyway, just received the DVD today and I watched it on my big screen (projector + 92" screen). WOW! Even better! And, I've noticed, you get to see every single FLAW in a movie when you watch it on a big screen. D.E.B.S? No flaws worth talking about!
    I believe the writer/director, Angela Robinson, applies an "eye" - absolutely comparable to the famed Japanese director Kurosawa - to each and every single scene in this movie.
    No intention to belittle Kurasawa, but in his movies, every now and then you would be STRICKEN by a fabulous framed shot. In this movie under review - D.E.B.S. - those fabulous shots are so commonly encountered, they look, errrrh, commonplace.
    Now, honestly, looking at the movie on my (new) big screen - I'm rather certain I have my priorities all screwed up. That is to say, thinking about the camera angles, picture quality, beautifully framed shots. Those are all wonderful, but, hey, this is a very pleasing love story (genders be damned), good plot, a "real" script, happy ending.
    And, the more I think about it, a good movie for all ages. Well, let's face it, Shakespearean plays were done with an all-male cast playing all the genders. IT MADE NO DIFFERENCE! So, here we have a love story featuring two girls. I think any young ones, pre-adolescents, watching this would consider it just a fun "play."
    I'll shut up in a minute. But I have to think that Angela Robinson put more exhaustive thought, more tireless fashion sense, and more artistic eye and sensitivity into this movie than I've ever seen before in any other....more info
  • Cute
    Cute movie, as long as you don't take it too seriously. A very fun little spy spoof, very funny....more info
  • Fun and funky romance movie sadly sold short by its cover.
    Don't judge a DVD by its cover!

    In this respect the movie has been horribly misrepresented by the fetish-porn styling of its cover: Don't be put off! This is a quirky, left-of-centre romance story which plays it cute and camp rather than provocative and sexy.

    The film sees one of our DEBS heroines falling for their evil nemesis, Lucy Diamond. Subsequently, the girls play for laughs as the remaining DEBS try to catch aforementioned baddie whilst the central romance continues undiscovered, under their noses. Imagine James Bond falling for and dating Le Chiffre while he, M and British Intelligence are supposed to be hunting for him!

    It's all very tongue in cheek, a Charlie's Angels/90210/Spy Hard mix, and it does drag at times, its sketch show origins are obvious, but what it lacks in full-on belly laughs it makes up for by being warm-hearted and sweet. The actors are uniformly brilliant and appear to be having a ball throughout with Jordana Brewster as Lucy Diamond stealing the show but no-one is taking themselves too seriously and that's exactly the way you should approach this film: popcorn, pizza, fizzy drink of your choice and leave your brain in another room....more info
  • D.efinitely E.ntertaining, B.eautifully S.urprising
    I thought this movie was going to be like Charlie's Angels or something, but it was a comedy, spy spoof movie. There are some funny parts like when Lucy Diamonds is lip-synching the song "A Little Respect" by Erasure. The director obviously had a message which was to show a positive spin on a homosexual or lesbian relationship. It was nice that it had a happy ending because I thought that Lucy was going to die at the end, but that would have ruined the movie.

    Megan Good is really beautiful in this movie as Max, and so is Jordana Brewster as Lucy Diamond. Lucy Diamond was so halarious in this movie! She kept trying to get with Amy and Lucy Diamond was so cute with her nice smile. Some people might give a bad review of this movie, but it is what it is, and it depends on what you like.

    I would give it 3 or 4 stars because it was not what I expected. The lesbian twist was unexpected. I would recommend that you rent it or borrow from the library before you buy it so you can see that it is a good movie. There are a lot of cute and hilarious scenes. Devon Aoki's French accent is mad funny. The girls are just entertaining in those sexy outfits as well!!!

    Bryan...more info
  • Brilliant simple story.
    Just got done watching herbie fully reloaded, love the directing, and a friend recommended D.E.B.S. I have no idea what this movie was all about, but picked up the DVD anyway.

    It really took me by surprised. It's really cute, and very lovely. There are 2 types of expressions that I just couldn't get rid of my head. One is the cool expression from characters played by Jordana Brewster, Meagan Good, Devon Aoki, and Holland Taylor. The other is the hilarious expression from characters played by Sara Foster, Jill Ritchie, and Jimi Simpson.

    It's stunningly funny and very entertaining. I can feel a persistent smile on my face.

    A great start for sequel, and good choices of team members. Imagine the 2 lovely on-screen couples continue their adventure with the friends, perhaps in Barcelona. That would have been great. Diversity is good, it's what the reality is.

    The 90-minute length commentary is a marvelous idea. We can get to know how the girls work with each other in the film making efforts, and what they feel about each scene....more info
  • A movie that comes ones in a lifetime
    Love Story, Schindler's List, Titanic, The Return of the King, and many other are the movies that we will always remember; these are the movies that will stay in our minds and hearts for the rest of their life. These are the movies that win awards and make 8, 9 and 10 figures sums at box offices all around the world, mesmerizing us with songs, characters and images we will never forget. But some times there comes a very modest movie that even though you can't compare with the greatest box office crushers, comes on our screens, and at the end of the day you wonder how on earth could anybody make such a masterpiece. One of these movies was D*E*B*S*. A simple, very controversial, and tasteful film, about two young girls tht fall in love with each other, even the though they are enemies, with an outstanding unknown cast (Sara Foster, Jordana Brewster, Jill Ritchie) and others, in my opinion this movie is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. BRAVO D*E*B*S ...more info
  • Good movie, ok special features
    I bought the DVD and thought the movie was very entertaining. It blurrs the lines between villans and heroes, straights and gays, and female and male stereotypes. I found the casting credible and the acting fitting. The pace of the movie is good.
    On the dvd special features: It would have been fun to see more deleted scenes and behind the scenes footage aka the making of the movie. ...more info
  • Finally a lesbian themed movie that leaves you with a smile
    I wish more movies were made like this, the girl likes girl story line is subtle, the actresses are playing their parts convincingly, it is a light hearted feel good movie with a campy sense of humor.
    I have seen quite a few lesbian themed movies, and this one shoots right to the top of my favorites in my collection.
    This movie is definitely something you can see again and again over time.

    The only thing that was a shame is that the original "short" is not on the DVD, and the cast commentary is rather weak.
    It is the best 'lesbian' themed movie I have seen in a long time and to my opinion is only superseded by 'tipping the velvet' and 'Fingersmith'....more info
  • Highly Entertaining!
    Rarely do you get a watchable movie with this low of a budget, but director/writer Angela Robinson makes the most of it and creates a wonderful and amusing little film. The bare bones of the movie is the hero and villain fall in love with each other. I know it's not the most original of stories, but what makes it unique is that the hero and villain both happen to be women. What makes it even more unique (and ultimately why this is a movie everyone should check out) is that the lesbianism/female-female relationship is never an issue. The main conflict is because the good guy and bad guy (or girls in this case) fall for each other. The fact that it's a lesbian relationship never really comes up.

    Okay, so the story makes this movie good. What makes it great? Answer: Sara Foster (playing Amy, the good girl) and Jordana Brewster (playing the villain Lucy Diamond). Not only are these two actresses gorgeous, but they have great chemistry on screen (a necessity for this story). Their attraction to each other is very believable and they are a joy to watch throughout the entire movie. Why Sara Foster is not in more films is beyond me. She's fantastic. And I kind of fell in love with Jordana Brewster after seeing this movie.

    Anyways...just watch it already!...more info
  • Cute, funny, and sexy!!
    I usually consider myself pretty versed in the world of lesbian movies, but somehow, when D.E.B.S was realeased it came in under my radar. I finally rented it this year and was plesently surprised at how well it was written and how the director (Angela Robinson) did not try to hide the relationship between Amy (Sara Foster) and Lucy (Jordana Brewster) under a more mainstreamed heterosexual love story. What was even more surprising was how much chemistry these two actresses displayed on screen. It was not difficult at all to imagine them as being in love.

    This movie is a funny as it is romantic, with all the characters frequently spouting off hilarious one liners and priceless facial expressions. Angela Robinson did a wonderful job balancing comedy, drama, and a little bit of camp to make this a movie you will want to watch again and again.

    The special features offer a bit of insight into how D.E.B.S came about as well as the people (both cast and crew) that are behind it. The deleated scenes made some of the scenes in the movie make more sense and honestly left me wishing that many of them had been left in (especially the extended love scene between Lucy and Amy).

    In any case, I would certainly reccomend this movie to anyone who likes comedy and romance, and anyone who doesn't have a problem with the idea of two girls falling in love....more info
  • Pleasantly suprised
    My best friend told me about this movie and I had no desire to watch it. She then tolde me it was cheesy like the movie BRING IT ON and as entertaining as that movie was. I went to the video store and rented it. Was I suprised when I was watching it. I found myself smiling and laughing along with the story. I also have to admit that I was doing a lot of drooling. Ms. Brewster is HOT!!! in this movie. Sometimes it is just good to sit in front of the T.V. and watch something that requires no real thought process. I like movies like the Inside Man, but to me this was just as good. It was just on the opposite side of the spectrum. What do critics know? They gave Ghandi two thumbs up and 5 stars, etc.. I watched that movie and fell asleep. Leave D.E.B.S. alone and let us have our escape into frivilous fun....more info
  • Should have been a bigger cult hit
    I've seen the words stupid and cheezey to describe this alot. I would add Kitchy and Hammy to those adjectives and then wonder why it is so many people (critics especially) watched this literally rather than as a farce, where the cheese, the ham, the kitch and the stupidity are there for a purpose. Where have I seen a nymph in a school girl outfit wielding a weapon she couldn't possibly deal with to massive plaudits? Oh yeah, Kill Bill. Now that was stupid. This was making fun of it in a hokey way. This was written in the same vain as say an Austin Powers.

    The only thing that is serious in the film is the relationship and as generic as romantic-comedies have become, this should be given high praise for the cute, somewhat silly, believable romance. The fact that it is two women is better still because typically lesbians in film are a) background noise in a straight movie or b) the focus of a lesbian themed movie that ends up depressing the hell out of you (if these walls2, monster, lost & delirious). And I just loved the matter-of-factness about their sexuality. Sure their relationship is questionable but not because Amy is questioning her sexuality, but because she has issues with Lucy's career:)

    And on top of that, as a guy myself, I liked that the men were not utter douches. The ex is needy, but not unlike a lot of guys I have seen after a breakup. But he's not bad. And Scud was a great character, although he definitely was channeling some Ryan Reynolds.

    So give it a shot. Just don't take it seriously....more info
    D.E.B.S. is about two women, one, a crimefighting member of the DEBS, a group of scantily clad female secret agents, who just broke up with her boyfriend. The other is Lucy Diamond, a notorious and much feared criminal mastermind and lesbian, trying to open up to love again after a breakup 2 years ago. The movie is a hilarious spoof, which fully encompasses everything necessary to make an excellent spoof film, as well as showing a lot of leg.

    I loved this movie from the first hilarious moments of awkward tension between the two women, and I continued to love it through all the exaggerated, unbelievable scenarios and adorably romantic moments. Plus, It has a really happy ending (though, like all elements of this movie, hilariously unrealistic).

    I'm not a lesbian, but this movie appeals to everybody and anybody. It's charming, funny, romantic and memorable. ...more info
  • Predictable, But What Isn't?
    Predictable, but how can you not like this film? I used this film for my Queer Film class last semester and got an A on the paper and for the class...a nice, short, almost cute film - Robinson does a good job of keeping the audience entertained with the spoofs and parodies....more info
  • A Smart dumb comedy
    When Young women write their SATs for entrance to college there is a covert test to measure their propensity to lie, cheat and steal. Those who score high on these factors are then recruited to become D.E.B.S., or spies keeping America safe from villians. Sara Foster plays Amy the D.E.B. with the perfect score and high expectations. On a stakeout to watch Jordan Vrewster's Lucy Diamond she feels an attraction which leads her to start doubting her calling.

    This film is obstensiblya silly romp with little redeeming valie. On the surface it can fall into the category of an American Pie or Not Another Teen Movie. There are some laugh out loud moments not only due to the outrageousness of plot and over the top moments but also due to some clever script writing. The movie watcher who looks just below the surface may notice that this movie is not just another dumb comedy but is actually quite clever in its handling of certain themes. Probably the most obvious of these themes are friendship and its true meaning as well as friendship taken to the next level love. Loyalty and trust are also addressed in this theme but then the movie also examines in an entertaining way expectations both of oneself and those that others place on oneself. I really had little expectations watching this myself except to be entertained for 90 or so minutes and this movie exceeded them in its cleverness and fun value. It is almost a 21st century retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story in a Juliet and Juliet twist but do not seek to ask readers of this review to dig that deep into the movie only that they give it a viewing and watch with an open mind and a metaphorical sling for their funny bone. Both Brewster and Foster are attractive young women which helps the movie out but this film is about more than eye candy....more info
  • D.E.B.S. funny comic comedy
    es una pelicula que te hace reir y esta basada y tienes que tener la mentalidad que estas viendo un comic con personas reales como batman o los "fantactic four"...more info
  • Cheesy? Yes. Believable? Maybe. A Must See? Definitely
    I wasn't too sure that I would enjoy this movie, having only read about it online. However, considering I started watching Xena when Xena was at its cheesiest, I had to give it a try. This is such a great movie to watch no matter what night of the week it is. It's the type of movie that doesn't take itself too seriously but you find yourself enjoying the storyline and characters entirely too much anyway.

    I especially love the fact that the two main characters of Lucy and Amy, played by Jordana Brewster and Meagan Good, really are believable as two people on opposite sides of the law who actually just fall in love. And, as has been said before, to see a lesbian relationship like this on the big screen with a happy ending?! Makes this lesbian's heart feel really good!

    ...more info