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Hollywood Homicide
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  • A disappointment
    This movie would have been OK with any other star than Harrison Ford. He has made truly entertaining movies and I was disappointed in his choice of this one. When great stars do a lesser script, you get the feeling that it was done only for the money, with the guarantee that a lot of people will view the movie (as I did) because he stars in it....more info
  • Mixed Thoughts On Ths One
    Hollywood Homicide isn't a good film when you get right it down to it, nor is it a really bad one. Hollywood Homicide is a film that was butchered in the editing, script department and really lacks what it needed to be a hit in the summer time which is more action. The trailer pretty much gives away the plot which at some points in the movie goes haywire it seems like the studio was forcing Ron Shelton to give everything into the movie so it could be a big summer tent pole release but alas for a movie of this nature to be a big summer tent pole release in my opinion I would have changed a few things. Number one- replace the non acting Master P with the more rounded Mos Def (who can make any bad movie pretty enjoyable hence his work in Showtime). Number two - make the film R rated you can't make a movie about Gangster rappers and not have profanity, I mean honestly how many ganster rappers do you know that release clean CD'S by choice ? As much sex as Hartnett was getting the film could have showed some T&A ! Number three - Give the very underrated Isiah Washingtion more screen time as the villain ! I think that version of Hollywood Homicide would have been good to release in the summer. Although Ford and Hartnett have good chemsitry the film that is made here would have been better suited as a winter or fall release. So like I said I still have mixed thoughts on this one I liked the film for Hartnett and Ford and the many cameo's and pop culture refernces but the story line and lack of action upset me. I give the film ** stars. ...more info
  • Ford is at his best
    surely enough I enjoyed this buddy cop movie. Ford and his partner/wannabe actor/yoga teacher Hartnett investigate a murder at a local club. blending comedy and action in is great. Harrison Ford has never been cooler and funnier and Hartnett is great too. favorite scene is when Hartnett and Ford are in seperate rooms and they are interrigated and Hartnett is doing yoga and attracting the lady officer while in the other room Ford is going wacky. for fans of Ford or the handsome Hartnett and yes I think hes handsome, he has a face smoother than a babys bottom...more info
  • The memories
    Leah and I saw this. Our only date. I was depressed when someone through the ticket stub out the window and that was two years after we saw it....more info
  • Drama and comedy just didn't work
    For some reason this movie may have tried a little too hard with the comedy. A got a few snickers here and there from Harrison Ford's part-time Realtor gag and Josh Hartnett's attempt at becoming an actor, but somehow those scenes were really reaching - for something (especially in the interrogation rooms with IAD).

    I have a feeling that when the Distributor screened the final product with the Producer, Director, Editor, etc., they just said "Uhhh,okay."..."It stars Harrison Ford; it's got to be worth something!" I also have a feeling that at the Post-Production process the director may have winced at the ending scene as said "It's a Crapshoot," and then took a vacation.

    This movie just didn't work out right....more info
  • Unfunny Drama
    The film begins at a shooting range. Next we see scenes of Hollywood with a sound track that hints about this story. Customers are searched upon entry to a club. Two men prepare to shoot up this club. The crowd panics and flees, the police are called. The written note hints at humor, so do the actions of the detectives. Joe needs to sell his house for financial reasons. There is a comic scene with "Wanda"; it wasn't funny. The scene with the talk show host isn't funny. Then we see who ordered the attack at the club. Back at the police station Joe is under investigation. Then there is an incident out in the parking lot that pads out the film. The detectives visit a recording studio to gather information. The scenes change, and the story plods on. Do you find them funny?

    Ever hear a worse script? Does it make much sense? If you think the film has hit bottom after the half-way point, just keep watching. Will a car chase wake up the audience? There is lots of action at the ending, and the good guys win. No surprises here.
    If you want to watch a funny police drama see "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot"....more info
  • A Hollywood Flop!!!
    The main positive of this film is you get both the widescreen and fullscreen versions of the film on one DVD. I really like seeing that feature, and wish more movies gave that option.
    In this flop of a buddy cop comedy Joe Gavilan (Harrison Ford) is a cop who is more into his real estate business and K C Calden (Josh Harnett) is his younger partner who would rather teach yoga classes and flirt with the yoga students in his class. Calden is also a wannabe actor. The movie begins with the murders an up and coming rap group H20 Click (hip hop artist Choppa one of the members lip synching terribly). During the investigation all clues lead to recording executive Antoine Sartain (Isaiah Washington- True Crime, Ghost Ship, Soul Food Series Season 1). In an even bigger twist (if you can even call it that) the former partner of Calden's father, Leroy Wasley is in charge of Sartain's security. The actual police case that the film is supposed to be investigating takes a back seat to their second jobs. In fact you are so irritated by the constant ringing of Harrison's cell phone you forget what this lousy movie is about in the first place. The rest of the movies is spent solving the case and Gavilan trying to sell the house that could give him a huge commission. Gavilan can't sell to save his life!!! Calden is seen rehearsing for a Street Car Named Desire. All I wanted to do was scream at my TV "Stick to being a cop and yoga instructor!!!!!!" The funniest part of the film was the K-Ro (Kurupt) chase scene. Kurupt had me laughing with the way he was running, and the crazy things he said, and did. Aside of that I had to struggle to watch this disaster of a film. Hollywood Homicide pretty much could describe the careers of anyone who starred in this flop. Will someone please inform Hollywood putting some rappers in movies is not going to guarantee a hit. All rappers can't act, so stop putting Master P in movies!!!!!! Uuuugggggghhhhhhhhh

    Gladys Knight has a small role as mother to K-Ro. Lou Diamond Phillips has a role as a male hooker undercover cop; Martin Landau as a has been director; Smokey Robinson as a cab driver; let's just say all the cameos in the world could not save this pathetic movie!!!

    The only reason I'm giving this movie a two rating is because of the Kurupt chase scene. I'm so happy I borrowed this from my local library, and did not spend my hard earned money to rent this. This movie is supposed to be a comedy, but trust me, you won't find yourself laughing. I'm usually a huge fan of Ford's, but this is one movie I would not watch again. I guess every actor has to have that one movie on their resume that they did just to collect a check. This sorry flop is Harrison's. The chemistry between the two "buddy cops" seemed very forced.

    The best Buddy cop movie will always be Lethal Weapon, with Rush Hour coming in second. Rent those and leave this horrible movie on the shelves.
    ...more info
  • What was Harrison thinking
    Hollywood homicide is a total joke a buddy cop film starring Harrison Ford and young actor Josh Hartnett. I am upset with Harrison these days he hasnt done a film that I've liked for years since The Fugitive in '93. This film is a boring film with no freshness or cleverness. Just another slam bang action film. I'm glad I didnt pay to see this film in the cinemas. I saw it on digital cable. I have to say Harrison Ford did'nt look like he was enjoying himself, he seemed disgruntled and is looking a little haggard these days. Whens the next Indy film coming out please he needs that old excitement back in his movies again. Why do Hollywood Homicide didnt he read the script before he did the film or was he forced at gun point to do this film....more info
  • Funny, over the top comedy
    Although I thought the previews did not look good enough to see this in the theater, I did rent it. No, it is not Oscar material. But it is funny in an over the top way. I liked the characters both Harrison Ford (a crusty seen everything cop who sells houses to make ends meet) and Josh Hartnett (a new age who teaches yoga on the side and really wants to act) play. Master P has a good part as a club owner who ends up buying a house from Harrison Ford's character. It is a good light comedy with a little action thrown in. Overall, not bad. ...more info
  • A bad odor here ...
    I'm a Harrison Ford fan, but this movie is hard to watch!!
    I didn't even want to give it one star!!

    If you want to enjoy it, go into it thinking it's
    a comedy, just maybe you'll be a little entertained!...more info
  • This movie has its moments
    A nice but ultimately weak effort to breathe new life into the buddy cop movie, this action flick stars mismatched partners Ford and Hartnett as the gruff elder and the na?ve youngster, both serving as LAPD's finest. The movie's big innovation is that Ford moonlights as a realtor while Hartnett is an aspiring actor and yoga instructor, and they are far more passionate about their respective side jobs than being cops (at least the movie makes it appear that way at first). As the action progresses, Ford becomes enmeshed in a plan to negotiate a house sale between two of the principle witnesses, which leads to some pretty good jokes. There's also an ongoing joke that Ford is getting too old to physically run down the suspects, and his heavy breathing after an attempt is pretty funny, if only because so many other movies in the genre ignore that kind of thing. But the humor is limited to too few springboards, while the action is so standard that it might as well not even be there. Ditto the plot, which is a total paint-by-numbers good guys versus bad guys clich¨¦. In the end, Hartnett decides to stick with the force, as he has taken a renewed pleasure in fighting for justice. The direction had some nice moments, and a surprisingly gritty feel for such a goofy innovation; the script had some good zingers in keeping with convention. Ultimately, the plot is where this film failed to keep our interest-a fifteen minute action sequence towards the end leaves absolutely no room for doubt or suspense, and that's just the final fight scene....more info
  • exresident of area

    ...more info
  • so so so so so so bad
    I love you Harrison - but this was the worst, most packaged, ill-concieved piece of stinky trash I have ever wasted my time on. So bad....more info
    This is my favorite movie - as a matter of fact, if I were a homocide detective instead of a software salesperson, this could, in fact be my story. Anyone who has ever gotten a real estate license and worked another job understands this far more than the casual viewer. I particularly liked when Harrison Ford is doing a foot chase through LA after a murderer. On the street is a Buyer for a home on which he's negotiating. A counter offer is made by the Buyer and . . . well, you just gotta see it, it's fabulous. I bought this movie and I have loaned it to other realtors who have LOVED IT! This is a MUST SEE!...more info
  • Hollywood Homicide
    Great movie! Fun and entertaining! Great music and story plot.
    Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford did an outstanding job. One of the best movies last summer!...more info
  • Oh Solo, why have you forsaken us?
    Harrison Ford nails it here as a professionally clever, world-weary detective with a heart of gold and a new partner who can't stop squinting when he reads his lines. The razor sharp, whoops I mean razor thin, story and dialogue can be distracting, but never at the expense of making you not hate this movie.

    I've added up Ebert's stars for Harrison's last 10 films and it comes out to 3.5. I don;t mean an average of 3.5. I mean 3.5 out of a possible 40 stars. Maybe Harrison should try and branch out a bit, yes?

    Now, I'm a bit of a ladies man, so don;t get the wrong idea, but I do find Josh Hartnett to be a very attractive man. In fact, I often find myself having this recurring dream of him. We'll be all like having a light picnic lunch in the park, a nice Sauvignon Blanc to complement our bruschetta and olives, when he leans over to me very closely and says, "Did you know I think you're the most amazing man, I've ever met?" I usually wake up at that point. But Josh if you ever do read this, "Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not interested." ...more info
  • Flatliner
    This film couldn't be flatter. Even if you stomped it into the ground, went over it with a steamroller and landed a plane on it. Even as a bog-standard 80's direct-to-video, el-cheapo cop-thriller this would be the crap-de-la-crap. Hollywood Homicide (rubbish title!) thankfully and fortunately flopped big time in the summer of 2003. Though the audience who said `no' to this were probably the same people who contributed to Bad Boys 2 (and equally terrible film from the same writer) being a success.

    Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett play cops who moonlight as a real estate broker and yoga instructor. But Hartnett has aspirations to be an actor too (the irony is somewhat lost on him) and ends up yelling lines from A Streetcar Named Desire whenever he can. Oh stop it! My sides are splitting!

    After a couple of rappers are gunned down in a nightclub they investigate. Ron Shelton manages to stretch out this incredibly NON-existent plot for very painful, very boring 115 minutes.

    It tries to be funny, and thinks it is, but this arrogance only amplifies the tediousness of the rank-amateur script. I kid you not; I could have got a 12-year-old, hyper on Buzz Cola, to write something better and more professional.

    Hollywood Homicide is UNBELIEVEABLY bad. And, I never thought I'd say this, it actually makes Showtime look good in comparison.

    The DVD is 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen and Dolby 5.1 sound. There are extras but I couldn't care less coz this film is rotten....more info
  • What a movie
    This movie was really good but I expected more.This is a clever comedy action movie.Harnett always makes mistakes and Ford has to set him straight.This movie is worth watching, my sisters didnt like this movie that much but i loved it....more info
  • Hollywood Homicide
    This is one of the stupidest movies I have ever suffered through. A colossal waste of time....more info
  • A Different Kind of Movie.
    If you're looking for a movie that is full of action, interspaced with a little comedy and that is basically a buddy flick, then HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE is not what you're looking for. HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE has some action and is full of comedy, and it's mostly a buddy-flick. However, it's not an action-comedy buddy flick. Instead it's a dramatic-comedy buddy flick.

    Harrison Ford plays a Hollywood detective who also has a second job as a real estate agent. Josh Harnett plays his partner who also has a second job on the side as an yoga instructor, but what he really wants to be is an actor. The duo gets involved in a case involving some singer murdered at a local club. Along the way, there are all sorts of comical interchanges, some more hilarious than the Keystone Cops.

    I had heard a lot of negative things about this movie before watching it, so I watched it rather reluctantly. However, I was quite surprised. Granted, the film doesn't fit into a typical drama and the plot isn't that original. However, it really does work and work well.

    I think there are two reasons this film has been undeservedly panned. First of all, the vilians really aren't much of bad guys and are more like villians taken from an animated flick and blown up into a real person. Ford and Harnett's characters and many of those around them are fleshed out. However, the villians, who are so central to the plot, come off as being nothing more than cardboard cut-out bad guys. Had they been a little more interesting, then I think people would have enjoyed the movie more.

    The other main reason I think the movie has gotten negative reviews is that the film was advertised as a action-comedy, but it's not an action-comedy. It's more of a dramatic-comedy with a little action innertwined. Of course, the film also takes place in Hollywood and perhaps it reminded people of how much they loath what goes on in Tinsletown.

    Anyway, HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE is an underrated gem. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you have a quirky sense of humor and enjoy a comedy filled with drama and a little action, then you probably will enjoy it....more info

  • not funny, and not interesting
    A film by Ron Shelton

    There really isn't a lot of positive things that I can say about this movie. The premise is that there is some rappers are murdered in a nightclub. Two detectives investigate the murders and find that it isn't a straight forward murder, but rather something that has deeper implications towards a music label and perhaps the police force itself. Joe (Harrison Ford) is the older cop who sells real estate on the side (and sometimes on the job). He is paired with K.C. (Josh Harnett), a young detective who is also a yoga instructor and an aspiring actor. Somehow all of this is brought together, but it really doesn't matter.

    The movie is a comedy. Director Ron Shelton can direct comedy, he has done so in the past with Bull Durham and Tin Cup (these were slightly more serious comedies). This movie was supposed to be funny. You can see some scenes working very hard for a laugh. It's just not funny. It is dull, uninteresting and I believe the last half hour of the movie was one long chase sequence. There are supporting performances and cameos from Master P, Gladys Knight, Lena Olin, Bruce Greenwood, Isaiah Washington, Lolita Davidovich, Dwight Yoakam, Lou Diamond Philips, and Martin Landau. The movie has enough quality ingredients that it should be a better movie. It isn't. It's a rather bad one. Skip this movie....more info

  • Romper Room
    All in all the story and plotline is very formula; there are good guys that are misunderstood and bad guys that are silly and scared. The good guys chase and chase and chase the bad guys. Will they catch the bad guys? Will the bad guys confess to unbelievable crimes? Or will just once the bad guys get away. Don't hold your breath.

    There is an added wrinkle as both Detective Joe Gavilan (Harrison Ford) and his rookie partner Kasey Calden (Josh Hartnett) take care of outside interests while in pursuit.

    Mean time it is fun watching this almost cartoon like execution, as they run past all the familiar landmarks out and about Los Angeles, California, USA:

    Beverly Hills, Hollywood & Highland, Hollywood, Los Angeles Subway System, Mt. Olympus in Hollywood Hills, Pacific Palisades, Parker Center Police Headquarters -at 150 N. Los Angeles St., Parking Lot, L.A.P.D. Hollywood Station at 1358 Wilcox Ave., Santa Monica, Venice Canals, and Venice.

    ...more info
  • Very funny cop movie
    I think Harrison Ford has a real effect on making this a funny
    good good cop and bad bad cop movie.
    As funny as a people grinding murder mystery movie with homicide detectives can be. All that is bad about Hollywood is
    made fun of here in a low impact that you might miss if you weren't paying attention.
    The plot writing and dialog is excellent.
    I really enjoyed this movie:
    I met people very like these when I lived in LA....more info
  • impressed
    very impressed with the action and plot. Awesome music. The car chase in this movie is one of the best ever. If you like great car chases and a very whitey plot you will like this move. You will also be suprised by the chemistry between Josh and Harrison....more info
  • powerful among many things
    this movie:
    made me laugh hard
    made me cry at times
    touched me
    shocked me
    thrilled me
    great movie
    great plot
    great characters
    great actors/actresses
    see this movie

    it's worth the laughs more and more every time I view it on my dvd player. I will watch it more over the days, months, years, it will still be a big hit 90 years from now. because of the whole movie. and the people who played in it and starred in it. whoo hooooo what a powerful movie this is and always will be
    see Indiana Jones if you like Ford
    Spawn from HBO series if you like Keith David
    I got the hook up if you like Master P
    Blow dry and other movies if you like Josh Hartnett
    Alias if you like that one psychic woman in this movie...more info
  • Hollywood Homicide (Alias Harrison Ford: What Were You Thinking?)
    Ever since I was a kid seeing "Star Wars" for the first time more than thirty years ago, I have always been a big fan of Harrison Ford. However, the mind-boggling poor judgment he has exhibited in the last decade as to what box office failures he is willing to star in can no better be witnessed than in the astoundingly awful and unfunny movie, "Hollywood Homicide," which doesn't rate any better than a bargain bin rental.

    Prior to viewing, I hadn't seen any movie with Josh Hartnett before, so, frankly, I didn't know what to expect from him. Still, I already knew director Ron Shelton writes relatively solid screenplays, and the supporting cast (including Lena Olin, Bruce Greenwood, Keith David, and cameos by Lou Diamond Phillips, Smokey Robinson, among a few others) seemed well-chosen. With those positives in mind, I gave "Hollywood Homicide" a home DVD screening recently on a Saturday night.

    Here's the premise: two mismatched L.A. homicide cops (Harrison Ford & Josh Hartnett) are partners on the gang slaying of a hip-hop rap group amidst a melee in a downtown nightclub. Ford's character, Joe Gavilan (who is also desperately trying to sell off a lavish monstrosity of a home in the hills in his part-time gig as a real estate agent), also has the burden of covering for his distracted, young partner (Hartnett), who wants to give up police work to become a 'serious' actor.

    Meanwhile, the drug-dealing thug (Isaiah Washington's character) who masterminded the multiple-homicide has a corrupt cop on his side (who, conveniently enough, has ties to the death of Hartnett's father, also a cop). To add a little extra spice to the storyline, another corrupt cop, this one with Internal Affairs, is cracking down on our heroes for their outside interests.

    Not too original, is it?

    I simply couldn't believe my eyes as to how terrible this movie really is. Every conceivable cop movie clich¨¦ is here (the mismatched partners, corrupt cops, Internal Affairs, stupid car chases, vicious drug dealers, etc.), but Shelton's generic script doesn't bring anything new to the table. Harrison Ford (playing a cop for the umpteenth time) clearly looks bored out of his mind, and seems no doubt as tired and haggard as the grizzled character he plays. Josh Hartnett, as Ford's yoga-loving sidekick, doesn't provide even adequate back-up, since he too knows this movie is simply a contractual obligation and nothing more.

    All in all, the movie felt completely artificial to me in that none of the performances were remotely plausible (with the exception of Isaiah Washington, who at least redeems himself as the chief villain). It just seemed like I was watching movie stars acting for the sake of acting vs. seeing them portray the cops and the robbers they want you to believe they are.

    As an example, the film's worst scene (there are far too many to choose from, mind you) arguably comes at the climax in which Hartnett commandeers a family SUV (complete with Mom and two little kids in the backseat) to prolong a violent chase sequence. Listening to Hartnett's character banter with the kids while chasing the bad guys is a painful lesson in bad taste in terms of needlessly endangering innocent lives for a cheap action movie thrill.

    Instead, if you are looking for a solidly funny cop action-comedy that actually makes good on its promise of ridiculing cop movie clich¨¦s, I would recommend checking out 1987's "Dragnet" (w/ Dan Ackroyd & Tom Hanks) and/or 1988's "The Naked Gun" (w/ Leslie Nielsen). They are both far superior to this uninspired rehash.

    Perhaps Harrison Ford was aiming for a similar type of action comedy spoof or maybe he was somehow conned into believing that this would be the next big "Lethal Weapon"-like franchise. However, the reality is that Ford, pardon the expression, ends up shooting only blanks here, and, yes, frankly looks a wee bit too desperate for a hit movie (particularly, next to a supposedly hot young actor like Hartnett).

    In the end, here's my suggestion: carefully examine the promo picture on the DVD box. To me, it was the only honest thing about the movie, because it delivers exactly what you are going to see: a generic buddy cop flick. Still, from that picture, if you can somehow convince yourself that Ford and Harnett look even remotely interested in selling this movie, then maybe you should give "Hollywood Homicide" a chance. Otherwise, you're definitely better off finding something else to invest your time and money in.

    Side Note: As for the DVD special features, they are all standard issue, so don't expect anything redeeming in that regard for your potential purchase. ...more info
  • Shelve this movie in the cheap movies bin
    This movie is not worth watching. It had a subpar plot and to be honest not a lot of action you would expect with a Harrison Ford movie. If you are looking for a great movie that stars Harrison Ford, please see another movie. By no means not this one!!!!. ...more info
  • Good Action Movie
    Three actors that I really like: Ford, Hartnett, Olin. Action movie done in good taste. Some laughs. The good guys win in the end....more info
  • Hollywood Homicide
    One of Harrison Ford's best appearences in a action movie as he is getting older. He is an inspiration to us older men that "wish" we could act out some of the scenes he does....more info
  • Another wannabe LETHAL WEAPON misses the mark
    Indiana, say it isn't so? Please say that making films like "Hollywood Homicide" isn't what has become of Han Solo. Please.
    It's hard watching screen legends tarnish their legacy. Marlon Brando tried his best to make everyone forget his earlier performances with repeated bombs like "The Island of Dr. Moreau" and now it seems that Harrison Ford is content on doing the same.
    Ford is a homicide detective trying to make ends meet as he investigates the gangland style murder of a hip-hop group.
    Forgive the glossing over the plot. Just trying to follow the film's example.
    After all, the reason for this film is not the plot, it's to see Ford and co-star Josh Hartnett take their turn at the buddy comedy flick.
    While shows like CSI making cops look like the smartest, wittiest people on the planet, director Ron Shelton (the force behind "Bull Durham" and "White Men Can't Jump") decides to play his detectives a little differently.
    K.C. (Hartnett "Pearl Harbor") doubts whether or not he wants to remain an officer or chase his dream of becoming an actor. K.C.'s also a yoga instructor who is only teaching the class for the slew of 20-something year old would-be actresses who attend the class.
    While his partner has a rotating lineup for his bedmate, Joe Gavilan (Ford) is enjoying his three-week anniversary with Ruby, (Lena Olin from "Alias") a radio psychic.
    The film's walking joke (it starts off as a running joke, but it gets used so much it had to slow its pace to a walk) is that Gavilan is also selling real estate and buyers and sellers keep calling him at the wrong time trying to close deals. It's good for a few chuckles early on, but it becomes too much a crutch joke after a while to remain humorous.
    In chasing a suspect, our low-rent Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker pursue him around a duck pond. The suspect paddles with his hand on a paddleboat while K.C. runs around the lake telling him to step away from the duck waste. My, how clever.
    This truly is the film's defining moment. But that definition could read "Hollywood Homicide" - n. 1. Seriously unfunny buddy flick 2. Yet another would be Lethal Weapon 3. Last call of Harrison Ford's movie career.
    With the film's comedy component dying on the respirator, the dramatic aspect doesn't fare any better either. K.C.'s father was killed in the line of duty and there was suspicion that his partner may have had something to do with it.
    Just so the audience can understand everything, K.C. kindly explains to his partner of four months that the investigation was closed before anything was discovered.
    Matter-of-factly, Joe offers to call on some favors and learn what happened on the case. That's not the kind of conversation that happens oh, say, on the first month?
    Dollars to donuts (pun intended) that K.C.'s father's partner is running around involved in the criminal shenanigans. Whatever were the odds?
    Bruce Greenwood ("Double Jeopardy") gets a thankless role as an Internal Affairs officer intent on bringing Joe down for humiliating him years ago. It's another needless subplot in a movie so wrapped up with creating new subplots that the whole point of the movie doesn't get addressed until three-fourths of the way.
    Shockingly (gasp) all of these clich¨¦ puzzle pieces fit exactly into place. As K.C. pieces everything together, there strangely was no "well duh!" subtitle at the bottom of the screen.
    Speaking of thankless roles, Isaiah Washington ("Romeo Must Die") gets typecast once again as the bad guy and gets to be quite menacing until he gets into a slugfest with Ford.
    Washington is a talented actor desperately need of better material.
    Clearly, there's some sort of an attempt to mimic the cop buddy-flick feel of "Lethal Weapon" here, but even at the series' most outrageous, there was a modicum of common sense. Imagine if you will, instead of having the younger and more unbalanced Mel Gibson chasing after the bad guy, his older, veteran partner Danny Glover is going after them. Granted, Ford is a much bigger star than Hartnett likely will ever be so it's understandable that he's treated like the big gun. But Ford barely looks like he could run two blocks, let alone maintain a citywide chase without passing out. Age takes its toll on even the Blade Runner.
    If only this movie would go as fast...
    ...more info
  • Hollywood Homicide
    I love this movie it took forever for me to find this movie on dvd. I was so happy I found a copy that was not a boot leg copy. I would recommend this to anybody who is buying from this dealer. ...more info
  • Lower your standards already.
    My gosh, if you hear so much bad things about a movie then go into the movie with lower standards. I enjoyed this movie. Yea, don't say, "WELL HOW DID HE LIKE IT AND I DIDN'T!". I liked it because it was...

    The plot sucks. No, not to the point where you say it's stupid but to the point where you don't care. Then there are the bad guys. At the end of the movie, you still won't know any of their names. They made the bad guys seem like nobody so you probably won't care about them by the end of the movie.

    The movie is comical though. Harrison Ford does a great job. Borrowing/Stealing a bike from a little girl in which he has to scream to shut her up, a funny elevator scene, and even a cool car race. I mean, the beggining 10 minutes were bad, but the movie picks up and eventually ends on a high note. Harrison Ford and Josh do alright together, although the movie is mostly Harrison Ford.

    Lower your standards. Don't expect Raiders of the Lost Ark or Air Force One or even The Last Crusade.. Just watch the movie....more info