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Men in Black II
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  • Biggest disappointment in awhile.
    The plot completely ruins the sweet and touching ending of the first. Patrick Warburton character and Smith's love interest are completely unnecessary and sometimes annoying. The villain pales in comparison to the cockroach guy in the original.
    By the end of the movie, you simply do not care how it turns out.
    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible....more info
  • re-tread sequel
    MiB2 was fun to watch, but when it's over, it's hard to separate the flick from the first movie which it follows in just about every way - with the painful exception of just how edgy its premise was at first. For anybody who forgot (or has been "neuralized"), the MiB are a hyper-secret bureaucracy that monitors aliens on Earth, while preventing any other Earthlings from doing the same. The joke is 2-fold: while hidden, the aliens themselves are so prevalent among us that there's no mystery to them at all, and the fact that Earth is surrounded by myriads of powerful and oft hostile alien civilizations is an acceptable fact of life, as long as nobody on Earth finds out about it. The punch-line of each joke is that, if you think somebody's either an alien or one of the Men in Black, you're probably right (pop-stars, mail men, politicians...) The other joke is that MiB is the latest in a short line of films that combine the esoteric (alien civilizations) with the mundane (a huge government bureaucracy with no oversight) - the other great example was "Ghostbusters", with pre-modern demigods and the legions of the dead having to battle a blue-collar exterminators.

    As in the first flick, the joke works too well - if aliens are Earth's worst secret, why bother to keep it secret at all? (The joke might work if the script gave our heroes more inventive ways to keep spectacular extra-terrestrials secret, instead of merely wiping clean the minds of witnesses using handheld flash-bulbs called "neuralizers") As in the first flick (deja-vu?) Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) must prevent an evil alien from obtaining a powerful weapon with which to conquer the universe. Only Agent K knows the location of "The Light" - which was thought to have been launched into space by K years ago (in an incident comparable to an interstellar Potstdam, and immortalized in a cheesy amateur documentary by underground UFO watchers; apparently, the makers of the documentary weren't neuralized - which only raises the question of why anybody bothers to even try wiping clean those ridiculous and unbelievable memories). Seerlana (Lara Flynn Boyle) - an evil alien who manages to stay sultry even when she's got tendrils sprouting from everywhere - wants the light, and moves to conquer MiB HQ in her bid to extract its location from K's mind. (The ease with which she overruns HQ is only one more sign of the script's lameness).

    Unfortunately, as in the last film, the script's conceit works against itself: the MiB work so hard to convince you there's no alien menace, that you begin to believe them - and soon forget the story. Spectacular FX are undermined by our everybody's' unwillingness to be bowled over by anything. The script does make great use of Tommy Lee Jones as the perfect interstellar bureaucrat and Will Smith as the "new hotness". The story could have used more of Rip Torn, and whatever Linda Fiorentino asked for, they should have paid. In short, I finished this flick wondering if I'd been neuralized....more info
  • Men In BlackU
    This movie is about two men who must stop aliens from attacking the earth.They are funny and couragousat the same time.I thought the show was exciting because two men fighting aliens.I would recommend this show Men In BlackU because very funny movie....more info
  • back in black...more like boredom....
    yadda yadda yadda....sorry but this was very dull...after waiting so long for a sequel i would of thought it could of been better...
    it just seemed to be lifeless and dull..glad i got it on discount and not full price it was that dire......more info
  • Did I see the same film as everyone else?
    In light of all the recent negative reviews, I feel I have to say something about this film. This happens to be an excellent movie, loaded with laughs, great acting and, most of all, fantastic special effects. C'mon... You think the effects in this film are bad?!? If nothing else, Rick Baker and ILM, the leaders in their respective industries, do a stupendous job of realizing Sonnenfeld's vision. Yes, the plot is simple and flimsy... This is a si-fi comedy blockbuster, remember? Yes, the film is derivative of the first film, to at least some extent. But this is a sequel, right? Same characters, same design elements... I can think of MANY other sequels that are MUCH more derivative or their originals. I think people have grown far too accustomed to expecting their own, specific opinion of what a movie should be override their ability to enjoy an artistic experience. This film is at least as good as the original and certainly much better on a technical level....more info
  • A Mild Disappointment
    "Men in Black II" is by no means a bad movie. There are plenty of amusing moments in the film, and some creative ideas (such as the entire society living in a bus terminal locker). Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are two of the most watchable actors performing today - they both have versatility, and make their craft look almost effortless. The main problem with the film is that much of it seems to consist of rejected ideas from the first film - again, some funny ideas, but ones that didn't quite make the original cut. The cast seems to be just "going through the motions" for much of the film, and that lack of inspiration seems to extend to the writing, and even some of the "creature creation" that was done so well in the original film. "Men in Black II" is amusing at times, but falls well short of the original....more info
  • Not the Original, but Still Good!
    I started watching this movie with very low expectations. I will tell you, I was impressed. Will Smith does a great job reprising his role as Agent "J." It was also neat how they brought Tommy Lee Jones back as "K." You will have to see the movie....more info
  • Your all Wrong!
    Anyone trying to bash this movie is wrong. If you are considering buying or watching the movie... DO IT! They could make 10 Men in Blacks and as long as Tommy Lee and Will Smith are paired together, you'd find me at the theater. They ar fantastic together. I was a huge fan on the first and am not at all dissapointed with the second. I might even like it more. So ignore the negative reviews and make a move on MIIB. Get the superbit edition, it looks amazing!...more info
  • If this were a real emergency, you all would've been eaten, because you don't listen!
    This movie is so cool and funny! It's even better than the first of the MIB movies! It follows an alien named Serleena who takes on the form of Lara Flynn Boyle. She's on Earth because she wants a light device that will help her planet and race thrive. Soon, she finds some victims to get information out of, but it's to no avail. Meanwhile, our returning MIB heroes are still looking out for more evil space scum and soon after offing a whole lot of it run into Serleena and some of her minions. The fights happen and soon Serleena herself is the only one left. Ultimately, she makes one last attempt to achieve her goal before being blasted to bits by Will Smith. This movie is funnier than the first, cooler than the first and it brings back memories of good times in my past. You liked the first Men In Black movie? See this one with no delays or hesitations. ...more info
  • Saving the Earth From the Scum of the Universe, Again...
    After successfully saving the planet from a deadly alien threat and raking in big money at the box office, the boys at 'MIB' were livin' the good life and enjoying all the perks of being beloved by moviegoers. Which is probably why Columbia Pictures felt the need to bring more intergalactic action and hilarity to the masses with a sequel to the highly popular film with the hopes of starting a franchise. So, 5 years after their first big screen adventure, Agent's K and J (Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith) are back again to save mankind from the worst scum of the universe, in Barry Sonnenfeld's "Men in Black 2".

    "Men in Black 2" finds Agent J (Will Smith) having a difficult time keeping partners while protecting the Earth from alien threats. After he de-neuralized his former partner/mentor Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), J feels he's better as loner agent than partnered up. However, when a deadly new threat comes to Earth in the guise of a lingerie model (Lara Flynn Boyle), J and 'MIB' must bring in the one agent who will stand a chance of stopping this threat and saving humanity once again, Agent K. The only problem is, he doesn't remember anything about his life in 'MIB'.

    What happens when a movie is so successful that it makes tons of money, turns its young lead actor into a mega-star, and catches audiences completely by surprise with how good and unique of a movie it was? Well, the obvious answer would be to make a sequel and cash in on the original film's success, which is exactly what Columbia Pictures did. However, there is a slight problem with this plan, how do you top what's already been done? The surprise factor is gone, the freshness has worn off, and it's possible that due to the mediocre animated series that was spawned from the original movie has diminished people's interest in the series.

    To solve their possible problems Columbia Pictures brought on two writers that can handle the type of material needed for this type of movie, meaning plenty of action, humor, and sci-fi fun. Next, the powers-that-be managed to convince the main cast to reprise their roles from the first film, and lastly bring back the director that made them successful in the first place. So, did Columbia's plan of action work for this film or was it to fall prey to being yet another inferior sequel in an already long list? The answer, mostly yes, but there were some issues with the movie.

    The cast was excellent, which isn't surprising given the talent assembled here, but as much as I enjoy Will Smith in most movies he makes, at times he actually felt boring to me here. I understand that the goal was having his character in the place of Tommy Lee Jones' at the beginning of the movie, being the serious career agent, no longer the care free rookie, but he came off like he was bored, leaving his performance feeling stiff. Now, I will say that once Tommy Lee Jones' character was back in play, Will Smith lightened up and the movie quickly picked up and felt more like the original, but the early part of his performance does put a bit of a damper on things. Tommy Lee Jones returns to playing the role that he does best, and apparently it's the only role he knows how to do, the no-nonsense serious man with a mission and a really dry, subtle sense of humor. Though the schtick is the same as before, it's still fun to see these two characters interact on screen, easily erasing the crappiness of the children's animated series. The supporting cast was solid throughout, I did grow tired of Johnny Knoxville's character, but he did provide some humorous moments. The rest of the cast was fun, and giving more screen time to Frank the Pug and the 'Worm' guys was a nice touch.

    The story was a good follow-up to the original, with plenty of humor, though not as much as I'd hoped for before Agent K returns, but still the jokes were funny. The action was energetic like before, though a little more over-the-top in places than even the previous film had done, and the sci-fi elements were inventive. However, with all that being said, the story did suffer some from the fact that it had lost its freshness and originality since the first one was so much of a surprise and audiences didn't know what to expect, but this time we had a pretty good idea. Honestly it didn't matter what anyone did in this movie, no matter what was tried they just couldn't match the original, which is unfortunate since the characters are so fun and story potential is everywhere, but in the end you still can't do better than what's come before. This is actually one of those rare cases when the potential for a sequel is there, but the studio should avoid going through with it for the simple fact that you most likely won't be able to do better than what you already have done.

    "Men in Black 2" is still a fun movie, though not as good as the original, but that doesn't mean the movie's not worth seeing or owning. Yes, there are some problems with this movie in some areas, but most are overcome early on, leaving audiences with a rather enjoyable movie experience.

    "Men in Black 2" is rated PG-13 for violence, language, and sensuality....more info
  • great fun
    This movie is more of a continuation of the first movie than a sequel. Agent J (Will Smith) finds he needs Agent K's (Tommy Lee Jones) expertise on a certain case. But if you seen the first MIB, than you know that K was deactivated and went back to live a "normal" life. The first part of the movie is spent tracking K down and reloading the MIB info into him.

    One of the funniest scenes in the movie occur when J finds K running a small post office. You get to see the inside workings of the post office and it just made me laugh out loud.
    Laura Flynn Boyle is the "bad guy" in this flick and she finds out something I've always suspected - you _could_ rule the world if you look like a "Victoria's Secret" model.
    The extras on the dvd show how various creatures were made, deleted scenes and of course, various bloopers. This movie is not going to make you think harder about life but it is an enjoyable way to spend an evening. If you looking for great fun and you enjoyed the first "Men in Black", this is an excellent choice for you. Watch and laugh - laughter is supposed to be the best medicine....more info

  • Back in Black
    Personally, I hated the first MiB film. Which makes me wonder why I even bothered watching the sequel, but I'm glad I did.

    I REALLY enjoyed MiB II. Its entertaining, its witty, the visuals are crisp, the story moves along quickly, and the dry humor is just hilarious.

    I could watch this time after time and still enjoy it. It isn't over-stuffed like some sequels are. This movie was a delight....more info
  • Not as good as the first, but still very enjoyable
    The first movie is special and one of a kind, but MIB II is still extemely funny and I cannot wait for MIB III !!!!...more info
  • Funniest American Movie I've Ever Seen
    Smith & Jones make a fabulous duo. Lara Flynn Boyle is marvelous in her role as bad girl. The timing of all the actors is impeccable. The jokes never stop, and many of them are shoulder-shakingly funny. ...more info
  • 5 Reasons Why I Like This Sequel Better
    This sequel to a popular first film was a pleasant surprise to me. In fact, I think I like this better than the original, much better. Why? Well.....

    1 - It is extremely entertaining and just an hour-and-half long; 2 - It has a much softer edge to it with more humor than the original; 3 - the special effects with the variety of little aliens are excellent; 4 - it's easier on the profanity than the first film, making this more kid-friendly; 5 - at 90 minutes the length of the movie is just right.

    Yes, the story can be stupid at times, but so was the first one, and the good qualities listed above far outweigh that negative. Tommy Lee Jones is fun to watch again and Will Smith isn't as arrogant as he was in the first movie.

    This is a no-brainer played strictly for laughs and it succeeds beautifully in that regard. ...more info
  • Aimed toward younger audience
    I remember watching Men in Black a long time ago and I remember it being pretty good. So naturally, when I heard Men In Black 2 was coming I was ready to go see it. It turned out to be nothing I expected. I think the directors aimed this movie toward a younger audience. Because the jokes were very childish and my niece thought it was hilarious. Anyway, for a children's movie, it was decent, but I'm not watching it again, even though I like Disney movies.......more info
  • Not Nearly as Good as the Original
    The story's entertaining and there are plenty of laughs, but the original was way better. Still, I'm glad they made this movie and I'm glad I saw it. It isn't so bad that MIB III is out of the question (I hope)....more info
  • I watch movies for the characters...
    ...and MIBII delivered. I'm rather surprised at the negative reviews I'm seeing here, since I haven't talked to anyone personally who didn't enjoy the movie.
    For me, Frank the Pug's appeal came largely from the fact that he was an eager promotee into a new role, and seized it with all the enthusiasm of a dog -- while vehemently insisting he *wasn't* a dog. And the voice and attitude perfectly matched the face. It's not just a talking dog, folks -- it's an alien, and a personality. That's not all that easy to create with a nonhuman actor.
    Tommie Lee Jones' role here is as a *deadpan* comic -- you're complaining that he's "wooden"? -- he's *supposed* to be. Geez.
    Agent Jay is burned out as an agent -- burnout makes you snarky and sarcastic. Will Smith is playing a role, not "being rude to white people." It's not about race -- it's about personality, and since Smith is an actor, he is creating a personality, not fitting into a slot. He does a pretty good job of taking Agent Jay forwards a year or two, after the fun and glamour have worn off the role. *Agent Jay* is tired -- not Will Smith's acting. There is a difference.
    I did not find Michael Jackson's cameo funny, I'm afraid -- the poor guy's made himself into a real alien, and I just found it pathetic and sad.
    The special effects were perfectly fine for this movie. The humor of a Victoria's Secret model taking over the Earth should be obvious. The scene where Kay and Jay go into Kay's old apartment and open the secret wall behind the family watching TV is definitely one of the highlights of the film.
    If you are interested in the characters, I think you'll enjoy the film. If you are easily "bored" by lack of novelty, go watch something else....more info
  • The men should have stayed gone
    I remember having such high hopes for this movie, but it turned out that the movie trailer had served up all the laughs and the rest of the flick was shockingly dull and un-orginal. But I get it. Sequels are hard and Hollywood are usually a greedy lot. The plot re: returning the Light couldn't have been more campy or paper thin if you tried. But, and it's a big but, it may have worked a little better for children. I'm not sure. I don't have children. Anyhoot, if you have absolutely nothing to do or you're searching for what NOT to do with a sequel, check this film out. Otherwise, watch the first movie and then pretend that this one never happened. Where's a good nuturalizer when you need one?...more info
  • the first is way better
    sorry but this movie just made me mad. I was eagerly anticipating watchin this movie as I had seen the first and really enjoyed it.

    Ok ive seen it now and I just have to say it is not up to the standards of the first. Its good and at times its a bit funny but for how long can a talking dog be funny? Its funny the first time, mildly amusing the second time it speaks and makes jokes but from then on you just wish it was out down.

    It isnt really funny and didnt make me laughing out loud like the reviews said it would. It was just a film. An average film and not even the soundtrack that will smith done for this film was played during the film, it was only played in the end credits which is useless.

    This whole fim was sloppy and tacky and it aint good enough. I wasted money renting it and I just hope they dont make another men in black after this....more info

  • too bad they let the aliens direct
    ouch... wotta waste of a great franchise. It was painful to watch....more info
  • Where this sequel is strong, it is v-e-r-y strong. Where it is weak, it is v-e-r-y weak.
    Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith are back and, IMHO, and their chemistry is as good if not better than in the original (this time IMHO Jones deserved top billing). Rip Torn is given some lines that I'm sure made him wonder if the $$$ he received from being in the second movie was worth the public embarrassment. Tony Shalhoub, on the other hand, is hilarious during the deneuralizer scenes (even though the writers saddled him with stolen lines).

    On the other hand, with the exception of Johnny Knoxville as Scrad/Charlie, the villians are downright awful, and, as much as I like Patrick Warburton's other work, his short appearance here was pretty bad.

    The Superbit technology doesn't get as many opportunities to shine as in MIB, although it is quite noticeable during the first subway scene and at the end. I'm still impressed enough with Superbit to choose it over other formats, even if I sacrifice the DVD "bonus features" to have it....more info
  • Men of laughs
    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return to their Ray-Ban glasses and Armani suits in the 1997 sequel of Men in Black.

    New creatures, special effects and lots of humor characterize this adventure of director Barry Sonnenfeld. Capturing the ability of its predecessor, the movie finds a way to play with the relationship between agents J and K.

    The movie starts with J, who has been going through a lot of partners since J retired. A new villain named Serleena comes to Earth looking for something called Zartha's light, and the only one who can stop her is K. Obviously, the agent returns to MIB headquartes and alongside partner J, will try to stop Serleena.

    MIB2 exploits comedy from K's amnesia and how he assumes the leader role in his partnership with J. On the screen, Jones and Smith relieve his weird chemistry and take us to the crazy infiltrated-alien city of Manhattan.

    The movie clearly was made to get more money out of its predecessor, but at least is not cynic. The complete lack of seriousness is a favorable quality in MIB2, because is in sync with its intention: get easy laughs from the spectator.
    ...more info
  • The Stars Are for the Effects, Not for the Stars
    Actually, that's not quite fair -- Tommy Lee Jones rises above the material he's been handed (mostly, anyway -- the "I do the driving" sequence isn't very funny and doesn't redound to his credit) and actually manages to make some of the shtick he has to do more than merely competently funny.

    Will Smith, unfortunately, doesn't. In fact, he fully lives down to the weak script.

    In fact, films with Smith seem to play to the easy side of his characterisation -- the strutting blowhard who isn't nearly as competent -- or as funny -- as he likes to believe.

    Add to that that this film is pretty much a rehash of the first, and that the basic McGuffin is instantly obvious to fans of either the Tom Baker-era "Doctor Who" or the fifth season of "Buffy", and you have a recipe for a film that is fun to watch for the special effects, not particularly offensive, and i'm really glad i didn't pay for a ticket to see it.

    On teevee, as is often the case, some of the special effects that probably looked Really Kewl up on the big screen come across as not particularly impressive, particularly some of the opening subway sequence.

    The best thing on the DVD is a short feature entitled "The Chubb Chubbs" -- a shaggy dog story akin to the old joke about "Big John's a-comin'!", in which a crummy bar on some cheesy planet is populated by characters like ET, Darth Vader, Robbie the Robot, the Robot from "Lost in Space" and so on. ((Given the comic book origins of "Men in Black", i found myself irresistibly reminded of a series entitled "Tales from Munden's Bar" that ran in the back of "Grimjack" years ago...))

    If you haven't seen this film and you were thinking of doing so, my advice is to watch the first film again, instead....more info

  • More of the Same
    Honestly, I bought this for a friend for Christmas (at their request), so my purchase doesn't reflex my desire to see the film. I saw it on video when it came out at Blockbuster, & it was OKAY. Not bad, not great. Too much CG, not enough human interaction. It's pretty much just more of the same stuff that was in the first movie, which is dissapointing considering how many years there were in between the two movies. I will say however, that this is the time I had ever seen or even heard of Rosario Dawson, & she acts well throughout. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to mention, Lara Flynn Boyle is incredibly hot....more info
  • feels like a warmed up outake
    rather than a sequel. [Weak] plot, horrible acting and dialogue (this is supposed to be a comedy?) warmed over costume and set designs. Movie is also very short (thankfully)- Barry Sonnenfeld obviously has no talent and has ruined what should have been a slam dunk sequel....more info
  • Rent it, don't buy it.
    Only a shadow of the original. Almost no new ideas. Flat uninteresting script. Dull dialogue.
    See it only if you are bored and have nothing else to do.
    The film was VERY formulaic and non-original. Especially the stupid talking dog gag.
    Major yawn....more info
  • It started off so promising.
    I am starting to believe the hype that all great movies get disappointing sequels. I loved the original Men in Black. I think it was one of the finer movies released in the latter part of the last millenium, with great acting, superb storyline, and a sense of humor that was present in many of Will Smith's earlier films.

    So, it's no surprise Men in Black 2 turned out to be quite bad.

    They completely forgot everything that made the first movie so great, taking out Tommy Lee Jones' character, Q, (for a while), giving J a love interest, etc. I don't see why this movie was made to begin with. it was probably for the sole purpose of trying to make some easy money, because very little time and effort was spent trying to make this film good or watchable.

    The humor that was so present in the original has completely disappeared. About the only time I laughed out loud was when J and his group of bug friends go to a family's house and push a button which unveils a weapons lab behind the wall. Other than that, nothing. The dog was not funny, the characters were not funny, and J made very funny few lines (besides the racist lines, which could be offensive anyways.)

    The storyline is that an alien is coming to earth to secure a precious diamond-type metal which is the key to earth's survival.. or something. It just gets so confusing later on when it turns out it might actually be better for J and Q to GIVE HER THE DAMN THING, when they actually don't.

    About the only thing I liked about this movie was that they actually had some sort of continuity this time. As we all know, at the end of part 1, Q wiped out his memory of MIB, so J spends most of this movie helping Q remember who he really is. It's too bad it can't save this dull effort.

    Like I've said before, there's no reason to see this. It's boring, brutally unfunny, and the story stinks. I hated the characters, and most of the special features are boring as well. The bloopers are okay, but who wants to waste time hearing what the worms thought about the movie?

    It's quite sad when the best thing on the DVD is a music video for a song called "Nod Your Head."

    Please don't watch this if you value your sanity....more info

  • Yes! Finally!...Wait a minute...
    When I first heard of the Men in Black sequel I was like "YES! FINALLY! I LOVED MIB! THIS IS GONNA ROCK!". Then I rented the film, after having no chances of seeing it in theatres.
    W-w-w-...what is this?
    ...was my first thought after the end credits started rolling.
    The dog was funny, yes, and the plot was...original, I guess...but it seemed that the creators had done a half--- job with MIIB.
    It was nice and short, with many a laughter...but really, couldn't they have made the conclusion a lil' better than that? The woman goes into space. She is the "chosen one" was all happening so fast! And then the locker part in the end?! W-w-w-
    ...What IS this?! We all live in a giant locker and we don't even know about it?!
    I found it easier to like this movie without going deeper into the plot. I had to do that with Spy Kids 2, and now I actually want to see it again, like this movie....more info
  • Deception
    I realize that I paid a low price for this item, but the description left much to be desired, such as truth.

    The disk came in a ratty, beat up case that was not the original, but some generic case they just threw the disk into. The disk was so badly scratched that none of my DVD drives would play it, not even the ones in my computers. The disk should have been pitched in the trash because it was garbage, not sold to some unsuspecting boob. This is one unsuspecting boob who won't quietly go away.

    All attempts at communication failed miserably, they either don't check email or don't respond to it.

    This is the first (and I hope the last) time I've had to give an Amazon vendor a bad review, but I have no choice, this transaction was terrible and borders on fraud. I gave it one star because it wouldn't zero stars....more info
  • Just feels off!!!
    This from the very beggining feels off. Something is missing from this one that was in the first. And it's not lack of being original, because the story works, and it's not flawed preformances because everyone brings it to the table. Just the heart of the movie is gone. It feels witout a skelliton.
    Each trick seems to be like that guy at the party thats always funny but just having an off night. I'ts fun in places, but when it's not, you feel it ten fold. Rent, don't buy....more info
  • 4.5 stars: a funny and entertaining sci-fi comedy!
    When this long-awaited sequel to 1997's Men In Black was released in July 2002, it was not very well recieved by critics or audiences. But it managed to make 190 million US dollars at the box office. While that was not up to par with the 250 million of Men In Black I, it was still a good profit. Frankly, I think this is just as good as the first. The FX are better, along with one or two more action sequences then the first. I like this movie, but it seems everyone else hates it. But if you haven't seen this movie yet, don't pay attention to all those one and two-star reviews. This is one heckuva movie!...more info
  • Good action but not an improvement on the original
    MIB II features Will Smith as Agent J, taking the lead this time to save earth from a Medusa-like alien in the guise of a Victoria's Secret model, or in this case, Lara Flynn Boyle. Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K had his memory neuralized at the end of episode I, so it's up to J to recover his memory in order to save the day.
    Smith and Jones don't bring anything new to the show this time. Jones looks more haggard from boredom than his usual cragginess. There were some funny moments, such as the zealous sycophants proclaiming J as their leader. I also liked the worms, with their low-ceilinged flat, SWAT team tactics, and bravery in the face of danger. I'm kidding about the last one.
    The bloopers were funny, and I could see where working with Will Smith might be a crackup....more info
  • Wonderful.
    Almost as good as the first one. The special effects alone are worth the buy. Have already watched this several times and will keep on watching it....more info
  • Will Smith and Special Effects doesn't always make a film .
    A lomg-awaited sequel. Never had I heard some much bad word-of-mouth about a movie even before it premiered. I was very disappointed in Men In Black II. I somewhat enjoyed the first film. Will Smith just seems to be playing the same smart-aleck character in every film he does. In this one, he is cutting people off in mid-sentence wanting them to shut up. Being rude and insulting to white people in this film was really a turn off. Bad writing. I did not feel there was enough screen time for Mr. Tommy Lee Jones. Is there even a plot in this film? Interesting was the cameo appearance of singer/actor/entertainer Michael Jackson. Perhaps Michael Jackson would have been better than Will Smith. (Michael Jackson was good in THE WIZ [1978]). The outtakes were of just Will Smith taking up valuable time just to be silly and get attention. The Blooper reel shows just how unprofessional Will Smith can be whereas Tommy Lee Jones can prove how much of a consummate actor he is. Tommy Lee Jones can be serious and jump right back into character when the director needs it. The sequel just might have killed the entire Men In Black franchise once and for all. Will Smith and Special Effects doesn't always work for a film. They say in Hollywood, that if a film needs unnecessary, unrelated cameo appearances and then a shot of the Statue of Liberty, it's probably a bad film in trouble. Men In Black means "black suit" not "ethnic". I would like to see Tommy Lee Jones do a Men In Black without Will Smith. I like the alternate ending when Will Smith was put in the egg pod. They should have cut right there and left it like that. Watch Tommy Lee Jones in THE EYES OF LAURA MARS (1978)....more info
  • Well, How Could It Be As Great?
    The first movie contained so much bright, original writing. The concept was thoroughly new, the characters had depth and interest.

    It's a high standard to measure up to. The huge commercial success of MIB I was such that a sequel was almost an economic necessity.

    So, here it is. And, with much more extensive and expensive special effects, it falls very flat. It's sad, but at the core of this lack of lustre is actually the loss of friction and fun in the interplay between Tommy Lee Jones and Wil Smith. They played off one another brilliantly in the first movie, but here it seems like they're just going through the motions.

    Sad. I could watch the first movie a dozen times (and maybe I already have), but this one cannot stand up to repeated viewing....more info
  • Ho-Hum comedy
    A mildy amusing film, which pretty much rehashes the same story. It gets a little tiresome and the plot was non existant (I'm sure it was somewhere, I just couldn't find it) Most part 2's aren't as good as the first one, this falls true for MIB too. It had some funny moments, especially about how all Post office employees are aliens. I got this DVD as a present, I don't think I would buy it......more info