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Resident Evil: Apocalypse
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  • umbrella did it again
    well i have to admit they did a great job for a sequel to resident evil.
    if your into resident evil or if you like action/horror flicks then this is a must see.
    i enjoyed this movie they had more money to spend in making it compared to the first one.
    in short this movie takes off where resident evil left off and shows a virus breakout onto the city of raccoon.
    now i dont want to reveal to much ill try to keep it short so as i said above the virus was released due to the fact that umbrella scientist wanted to go back and reopen the hive to see what happen to the hive.
    they underestimated the outbreak of the virus with in the hive which in turn they couldnt contain it and was released onto the city.
    alice was awaken as well as nemisis an alternate plan of umbrella to see which is stronger and be more viable as a bio weapon.
    that is about all i will say if i told the whole story you wouldnt want to see the movie.
    the actors did a great job once again bringing it to life as well as some comedy in the movie as well.
    i enjoyed this but i liked the original better anyway if you collect resident evil items then this is a must have as well as a must see.
    i rated it a four star due to the fact that some of the special effects just didnt fit in place with the movie as well as they did what they could on making nemisis real but with todays technology i feel they couldve done better.
    the pace of the movie is nonstop and the feel of the movie was great as well as the sounds effects were great also.
    the other con to the movie was the film angle of the zombies or how should i put it they zipped them in and out persay its hard to describe once you see the movie youll know what i mean.
    now the other con is the zombies themselves before i saw land of the dead i thought resident evil zombies were great and made perfect but when i saw land of the dead and george romero zombies well im sorry romero wins hands down.
    i feel that they couldve done a better job with makeup and effects on the zombies but it looked like they spent alot on the lickers in the movie so that mightve put a crimp in there budget and they had to let some things go as far as in detail.
    overall its a great movie and a must see and turn out the lights grab some popcorn get ready for some good fun....more info
  • 3.5 stars (slipt in the middle)
    thought its ok slipt in the middle about it, it had its moment of good scenes but i have seen worst when they are doing sequels...more info
  • Blu-ray Resident Evil ... WOW!
    Same movie, definite upgrade on visuals and sound. You have to have the 1080P TV and Dolby Digital capability, otherwise just buy the DVD....more info
  • Breaks the mold. By far the best movie of the three.
    While I felt the first and third movies in this trilogy were entirely average, this second part of the trilogy is nothing short of excellent. Here's why.

    This movie breaks the mold of survival horror movies. The usual formula places a group of characters together and kills them off one at a time over the course of the movie. In Resident Evil: Apocalypse, the story progression is much more open ended. We follow the stories of several different groups of characters in different parts of a city sealed off from the outside world to contain the outbreak of a virus. While many characters do die, in this case, it is happpening to unique groups of people all making their own way to survive in a city over-run by zombies. Their storylines eventually converge of course, but the storyboarding developed to bring about this connection is stellar. As icing on the cake, all of these characters feel excellently cast and developed.

    There are special effects in this movie, but they do not overpower the realism of human acting. The zombies, and most importantly, the Nemesis monster, are real actors in elaborate costumes and makeup.

    The directing and set design are also excellent. This movie feels like a horror movie whereas the other two simply pass as alright action movies. The sets are intricately designed, with the very smallest attention to detail throughout. They are dark, filled with well placed streams of light and shadow, and dirty looking, in direct opposition to the clean, slick nature of the first movie. Everything really feels much closer to what the games envisioned in this outing. The directing is outstanding, filled with inspired camera angels, and the knowledge that true horror does not come from throwing scary beasts at us, but through the unknown about any scenario. The church scene is particularily inspired, giving us only the smallest glimpse of three attackers stalking the characters being portrayed. The level of suspense is masterfully built slowly to a climax around wonderful camera angels and the mood of the set. It is also no wonder why the acting in the movie feels so superb as well. It may not be the stuff of oscars, but it is outstanding by action/horror standards. A great director can bring out the best talent from their actors and actresses. Another classic scene portrays frantic citizens of Racoon city trying to leave through the one exit in the barrier surrounding the city until one man at the front of the line succumbs to infection and the exit is shut tight for good.

    Resident Evil: Apocalypse is an A grade movie, and by far the best of the series. If only all three were this good, and the director of this movie had been brought back for the third installment. It isn't a perfect film, but it is excellent in all the most important places. If you only buy or see one movie out of this trilogy, see this one. It is expertly crafted....more info
  • Good
    This second in the trilogy is good, but as many of my friends warned me, not as good as the first. You have the zombies, demon dogs, etc. as well as a monster who has 'very familiar eyes', but it seems a little dark and shadowy, which seems to rob it of some intensity. It feels more spooky than action packed. Perhaps because they're still stuck in the city fighting in and out of the buildings it just seems too cramped, and too much like the first. I did like it though and it's good enough to stand on its own without watching the first in the series.

    Chrissy K. McVay - Author...more info
  • As Cool as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
    Please read this review before you decide if it's helpful or not. Seriously, I played the games they are fun, I saw the first film, it was pretty good, this one does not have much going for it. If you want a good shoot-em-up Zombie film see the remake of "Dawn of the Dead" or even the great comedy "Shaun of the Dead". Both of those movies will give you so much more than this one. The "Lickers" in the Church is a good scene, and a brief scene with Zombie Hookers is cool, and that is the two stars I give it. Nemesis (The huge monster villian in this movie) looks no better than a Power Rangers creature I kid you not, and the acting is non-existent. If you are the kind of person that will enjoy anything with the "Resident Evil" tag you may like it just fine, but people with a higher-standard on their action/horror films REALLY should look elsewhere..........the Zombie Hookers are cool though. ...more info
    I'll admit, when I first saw they were going to be making "Resident Evil" into a movie I thought it was going to be horrible. Now that the second installment is out I have to say I am more then just a fan and am eagerly awaiting for the third movie to come out.

    Apocalypse picks up right where the first one left off. Racoon City is being sealed off as the virus can't be contained. Alice and a handful of others must find a high ranking scientist's daughter who didn't make it out of the city. The ending leaves you wanting more as well.

    Filled with action, and much more exciting plot (still you must see Resident Evil prior to this one), Apocalypse delievers one wild ride of a movie. A must own for any fan of the game or great Sci-Fi movies....more info
  • Amazing!
    People are mad because it has nothing to do with the game but they have to get over it! It was a fun movie to watch.....why do we have to analyze every part of every movie we see. This movie was entertaining and thats all that matters. Cant wait till #3....more info
    A RUSH OF NON-STOP ACTION-Lou Lumenick,The New York Post


    This movie is pretty good.I thought it was better than part1,because is has more action.I recomend this movie if you liked the first movie or if you like the game.I am gonna talk about the dvd aspects of this 2 disc special edition dvd.

    The biggest problem is black level,as darker scenes often look muddy and a bit grainy. Putting both widescreen and fullscreen transfers on the same side of the disc has also resulted in higher instances of digital artifacting than normal.


    If there is a reason to watch this movie,its the sound design,which really shines in DD 5.1 mix included here. I dont know if its because its only audio track and has thus been given more room to breathe or what,but this is one of the liveliest mixes I've head in quite some time. The front soundstage is very wide,with dialogue always coming in clearly from the center and excellent panning and directionality across the mains.The surrounds are active throughout,whether they're carrying echoes of gunfire,the moans and shuffles of zombies,or the annoying numetal soundtrack. Check out the showdown with the lickers in the church early on for a good example of what I'm talking about: As the creatures crawl around on the ceiling,stalking their pray,the mix track their progresses from left surround to right surround and into the front channels.Very Impressive.

    Full Motion menu with music
    Scene Acess with 28 cues and remote access
    1. 2 Original Trailers
    2. 9 Other Trailers
    3. 20 deleted scenens
    4. 9 Featurettes
    5. 3 Feature/Episode commentaries by director Alexander Witt,produvers Paul W.S. Anderson,Robert Kulzer,and Jeremy Bolt,actors Oded Fehr,Milla Jovovich,and Sienna Guillory.
    6. Poster Gallery
    7. Blooper Reel
    2 disc
    Picture Disc

    ...more info
  • Resident Evil - Apocolypse
    Good, but weird movie! Not for the faint-hearted. Although there are similarities to other movies, there are plenty of differences to make this (and the other Resident Evil movies) good. ...more info
  • Okay I guess.
    When are people going to learn how to make a decent video to screen adaption?? Have'nt seen it yet and I don't think I will. Sorry but I will stick with the games....more info
  • RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE begins almost immediately where RESIDENT EVIL ended.
    Resident Evil: Apocalypse has made some big changes ever since the first Resident Evil and trust me they are worth seeing. This movie is full of scary parts and humorous moments and great action sequences that trust me you will never forget. I was a little disappointed though on how this movie was not as scary and sinister as the first But many people jumped at many various parts of the movie including me.

    Alot people have been talking about the zombies lately. I would have to say they were not scary...they seemed to be alot weaker as if you could push them over. I took it as kind of a joke and sometimes it makes you want to take pictures of the zombies then laugh later. But new creatures have emerged and are even more sinister like the "Nemesis" and the "licker".

    Second the addition of "Jill Valentine" was simply very intelligent but you did not get to see her in full action. She was a little too much of the "sidekick" but you do see her kicking zombie [...]!!!

    The visuals were amazing. The story was very good and you always wonder what will happen next. There is also the addition of new humorous moments that make you laugh by a new actor in the movie. The fight scenes were GREAT. THIS IS DEFINELTY A MUST HAVE!!!!!!
    ...more info
  • Another bad zombie movie.
    It's another bad zombie movie. Compared to the majority of thhe others, the only difference here is the main character is a female. The plot is the same. The action scenes are not engaging. Special effects are so so....more info
  • Well... that was.... interesting
    I dunno quite how you should rate this movie. Certainly, it is bad, but it is also amusing. 3 stars and a C seems fair, I suppose. Anyway, It's really quite a sight. You don't often see movies in this day and age with this kinda of budget that is as flatly goofy as 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse'. The original RE film was stupid, yes, but it really wasn't in the same league as this one in terms of sheer wackiness. (To the best of my recollection, anyway. It's been quite a while...) Still, you've gotta give RE: Apocalypse this: It's gotta whole helluva lotta action. It's quite nonstop the first like 2/3 of the movie, though it actually slows down some towards the end. It actually gets a little dull for a while, but the final fights, particularly the outrageous kung-fu battle between Alice and Nemesis are sufficiently hilarious as to get the movie back on track, or at least as on track as it ever was.

    Anyway, this one takes place directly after the original, with the zombies and various other monster having escaped the Hive and laying waste to Raccoon City (It's adorable that they kept that name, by the way.) It is shortly sealed off by the Evil B*stards in charge of Umbrella. Also, there's a scientist dude who invented the T-Virus and isn't quite as evil and he wants to get his daughter out out, and there's Nemesis whose been let loose in the city and he's a jerk, and Alice is there too and a bunch of STARS people and a reporter and also this jive-talking black dude who is quite likely to offend those who are wont to be offended by things and blah blah blah. Anyway, they've got to run around and yell and shoot a lot of zombies and lickers and some zombie dogs whatnot. And so they do.

    To give credit where credit is due, the set design and art direction in this film are generally quite excellent. I particularly like the large church/cathedral they take refuge in. However, the cinematography and editing leave a lot to be desired. It's trying to be hypermodern and flashy but it's mostly just chintzy. I'm not really opposed to this kinda thing in and of itself, but it's easy to screw it up, and that's what they've done here. The action scenes aren't exciting, but they do have a sorta goofy energy to them that makes them fun. Also, the film is never in the least bit scary, but what can I say, I'm a sucker for zombies. These ain't the greatest zombies ever, but they work. However, the film is utterly devoid of gore, which is quite aggravating and unforgivable. We don't even get any notable close-ups of zombies getting their brains blasted out, and you need like a bare minimum of 15 of those in your zombie movie. (You could perhaps go a bit lower here, as shooting them in the head isn't necessary, but there need to be a lot more than none of them, anyway.)

    Performances are generally either comical or flat. Milla Jovovich is quite dull and really not all that attractive as our crazy semi-mutant hero Alice. Sienna Guillory is our second major protagonist, Jill Valentine, and is better than Milla, or better looking anyway, which is what mostly counts in this kinda movie. As you probably already know, they dress her as Jill was dressed in RE3,(i.e. tube top and mini skirt) which amuses me to no end. This does not strike as the most practical battle outfit, but she didn't really have time to prepare, I guess, and she does look pretty damn hot, so I'm not complaining. Also in attendance is some dude playing Carlos. I do not remember a single thing about him, apart from one utterly hilarious line of dialogue. There's also this Nickolai dude. He's pretty cool. He's my favorite character, in fact, but he hasn't got that much screen time, sadly.

    As if I haven't made this clear yet, this is definitely a good-bad movie. I wasn't quite laughing at it, but I was smirking, continually, which is about the same thing. I had a good time watching it, what can I say. Wouldn't mind watching it again some day. It gives me hope for future video game movies, that they can still be stupidly amusing. They've headed in a bad direction as of late, with 'Silent Hill' and 'Doom' being stupidly boring rather than stupidly watchable. RE:Apocalypse gives us the real goods, at least as far as this kinda movie goes.

    Also, it does have perhaps the greatest line in all of film. Some STARS dudes are discussing how, after they've been left in Raccoon City, they don't matter to the corporation and they're expendable and then Carlos (I believe) says: 'We've just been expended.' HA!!!!!!!!! That is frickin' hilarious. I believe the proper term would be spent. Anyway, an entertaining movie.

    Grade: C...more info
  • laugh fest
    One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Mindless garbage with no substance whatsoever....more info
  • Awesome
    I loved this movie more than the first one..the casting was very good especially Sieena Guillory (very very hot) Adding the new charectors valentine and olivera was a good choice however i would of liked to see chris redfield since hes in the first game. plus the nemesis was an awesome boss but i think he was portrayed as a pansy in the end though. but with that aside a good film leaving an opening for the next chapter in the series....more info
  • Its good
    The movie itself is good, but the to see a zombified children in school was not good. ...more info
  • Resident Evil Apocalypse
    Resident Evil: Apocalypse [Blu-ray]MILLA JOVOVICH, MILLA JOVOVICH. NEED I SAY MORE. I THINK NOT. ...more info
  • A Dramatic Improvement
    Those who are praising the first movie and turning their noses up at this one must have either been asleep or very high for both films. While I felt I was generous by rating the first one as a 5/10, this film is easily a 7/10, perhaps even a borderline eight. Everything in this movie, from the acting, to the writing, to the direction, to the scope of the story and its execution is miles better than what we saw in Resident Evil, the first film.

    Raccoon City is taken over by zombies and becomes sort of a playground for the Umbrella Corporation. They see the apocalypse of this town as a chance to test out some of their most recent experiments, such as the genetically altered Alice and the hulking monstrosity called the Nemesis. Watching a new cast of much more interesting characters--with Milla Jovovich returning as Alice, of course--deals with the zombipocalypse already ups the ante of this film, giving the team a chance to flex their special effects muscles and expand the scope of the story.

    Another thing is that the melodramatic triteness of the first movie doesn't pop up as much here. In fact, there is quite a bit of comedy, making this film a much more watchable and enjoyable--and even believable--movie than its predecessor. Everything from the lighting, to the directing, to the colorization of the picture is an improvement. From the chaotic beginning to the intense climax, fans of the game and/or movie series will be captivated.

    Are there negative aspects of this film? Yes. Some of the acting was bad (particularly Razaaq Adoti's stilted performance as Peyton Wells), and Jill Valentine's (Sienna Guillory) was beyond gratuitous. It made her look very video gamey, which--admittedly--was probably the point, but the whole 'female empowerment' theme of the film takes a blow because of the overly sexualized portrayal of Jill and, to a lesser degree, Alice. Also, the way Alice meets Jill and her crew was laughably ridiculous. The whole motorcycle-through-the-window scene was unforgivable, but thankfully there's enough good in this movie to gloss over the really bad parts.

    7/10...more info
  • Superchick
    Anyone who has watched "The Claim," with Milla Jovavich, and then the "Resident Evil," movies, would have to shake their head a few times and say, Is this the same actress? Well, yes it is. And I like both. In the Claim, a retelling of Thomas Hardy's Mayor of Casterbridge, you see MJ give a performance that should of at least netted her an academy award nomination (and she can sing!). But the Academy, being the sink hole it now is, ignored that wonderful movie and the performances in it. Fast forward things a few years, and Milla is kicking tail in better than Tomb Raider style. A business decision on MJ's part? Who knows? But Hollywood can be cruel to women as they age. For my money, it's clear MJ can do anything, and if B-movie Superchick is her choice, then enjoy the ride.

    Resident Evil: Apocalypse is the kind of movie that critics hate, and movie goers love. It's fast, it's furious, and don't try to make much sense of it (Example: the motorcycle crashing through the church window. But hey! It LOOKED great!). Devil dogs, zombies (very lame ones, who fail the Romero zombie shuffle test), evil corporate scientists, and a band of heros out to save a little girl. That's all you probably need to know. This particular chapter of the RE series is probably closer than the original as far as aping the game, with various moments in various rooms where something hideous awaits. As genre work, this movie is pretty good, with one star missing due to zombies being used as only background noise. Check it out! ...more info
  • Wasted opportunity
    This isn't a bad zombie movie, but then again it isn't a good one either. Although one knows what to expect in such a movie,
    any kind of plot usually keeps things exciting. In this case
    however the plot is not particularly interesting. As so many people get slaughtered during the first 20 minutes, we the
    viewers do not really care anymore about a little girl getting saved or not. Milla Jovovitch's stunt fights are surreal and her battle with Nemesis, clearly a distant relative of an Uruk-Hai from Lord of the rings, looks silly. I think this movie is unlucky that the crowd's appetite for zombie movies is starting to temper a little. We now want a reasonable story as well.
    Just shooting zombies isn't enough anymore. Shame about this movie though, as it obviously is a lot better than the previous part. This just looks like a wasted opportunity.(SARR)

    ...more info
    Resident Evil: Apocalypse may not be as good as the other two Resident Evil movies, but it's still a rather exceptional zombie-horror/action film. This is a zombie film that is definitely worth checking out for any zombie movie fan.
    WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Raccoon City has been completely overrun by the zombies infected with the deadly T-Virus. The Umbrella Corporation can no longer contain the infection and have now sealed off the the city and will not let anyone else leave and plan to nuke the city off the face of the earth to kill the virus and not let it spread. So a group of people Alice (the main protagonist with mysterious powers and abilities she received through the T-Virus), Carlos Olivera ( A member of the S.T.A.R.S. unit who was left behind by the corporation and became freelance), Jill Valentine (A sexy, unapologetic, police officer), LJ (A criminal who was released from prison when the infection broke out), and Angela Ashford (A little girl who's father created the T-Virus and she has the virus) must go rescue Angela Ashford for her father in exchange for giving them directions to a helicopter which would be the last transportation out of the city before it gets nuked. So they must avoid zombies and the terrifying Nemesis; an abomination armed with a mini-gun and a rocket launcher; who specifically goes out and kills S.T.A.R.S. members and tries to kill Alice as part of a sick kill-or-be-killed survival game planned by the Umbrella Corporation. Alice also has visions of memories of what the Umbrella Corporation did to her after they took her and an environmentalist named Matt from the Spencer Mansion after the first outbreak and experiment on them and cover up what happened in The Hive.
    MUSIC: The music sets the mood, and has adrenaline rush to it at times during the hectic shoot-a-thon scenes between Alice and the Nemesis or during encounters with zombies and other creatures. I especially love the song played in the credits by Killswitch Engage (The End of Heartache).
    GORE FACTOR: This movie along with the first one really lack in this area, thank God, the storyline and action scenes make up for it.
    ACTION: Sometimes the hand-to-hand combat gets cheesy during some scenes which also damages the quality of the movie. But the shooting scenes and zombie action really make this a polished zombie-horror/action flick.
    ENTERTAINMENT: This film is very entertaining and the storyline will really keep you interested and willing to follow it through every plot-twist and character development. It's a real treat for people who love zombie films and action films and is definitely worth more than just a rental.
    OVERALL: It may lack gore and the hand-to-hand combat may get a little cheesy and disappointing, but the storyline and action really make up for most of those flaws.
    THE GOOD: Great shooting scenes, cool zombie and creature designs, great story, cool characters, and Milla Jovovich is hot.
    THE BAD: Lack of gore and some fighting scenes are cheesy....more info