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JumpStart World Kindergarten
List Price: $9.99

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Product Description

Welcome to JumpStart World Kindergarten, a series of 12 Adventure Packs or learning units that actually progresses in response to your child's own learning pace. It's super-personalized, wildly imaginative and really fun, but don't let that fool you--it also teaches critical skills correlated to state standards so kids get a real jumpstart in life.

Over 60 learning games and missions

Unique 3D design and immersive play

Kids can make the world their own

The Smart, Fun Way to Achieve Kindergarten Success
Your child's adventures start at Camp JumpStart! Get ready to become the Ultimate JumpScout by earning the first two JumpScout badges. Kids learn about friendship and teamwork as they meet the characters, discover the learning arcades, the art studio and My Cabin, and play and learn together.

Stay Connected
As part of your JumpStart World experience, we've designed a Parents Corner where you can get additional tips and ideas to help your child enjoy learning even more.

  • Get educational tips and creative ideas from our monthly gurus and experts.
  • Search hundreds of Parent Tips to help turn everyday moments into learning opportunitites.
  • Get instant access to tips and activities that reinforce your child's learning.

Reward Your Child
Studies show that children learn better when parents are involved. The Super Gem Reward Store allows you to reward your child's performance with customized certificates.

  • Delight your child with rewards that only you can create.
  • Create Rewards that your child can redeem: A Trip to the Park, Going Out for Ice Cream, Going Ice Skating, and many more.
  • Use our simple tool to create your own rewards to honor your child's learning achievements.

Get your First 2 Adventure Packs Today:

  • Over 60 learning games and missions that teach more than 30 skills

Subscribe to Keep the Adventure Going:

  • Get a new Adventure Pack automatically downloaded to your computer for just $7.99 each. Based on your child's progress--at least one each month. 12 total Adventure Packs per grade.

Each Adventure Pack Includes:

For Kids:

  • Over 30 learning games and missions
  • Over 15 skills
  • New areas of the world to discover
  • One new badge to earn

For Parents:

  • Progress report e-mails and Parent Tips
  • Access to the Member's Website and online access to educational experts
  • Access to the Super Gems Reward Center

See what your child can learn in JumpStart World
At the heart of the JumpStart World is the Learning Curriculum containing hundreds of lessons around key skills to help your child advance progressively.

Take a tour of the specially designed 3D world
New studies show that children who learn in rich media environments retain knowledge longer.

JumpStart World surrounds your child in a 3D world with learning and fun, as it rewards and recognizes each achievement along the way.

Key Features of JumpStart World

  • Children pick a character and explore a world full of exciting places.
  • Unique 3D design and immersive play make kids feel like they're inside a world of adventure and learning.
  • Challenging missions teach math, reading, spelling, vocabulary, science, art and more.
  • Kids can make the world their own: They can create art in the Art Studio to decorate the world, customize their cabin, or make a Me-shirt for their character to wear.
  • New lands and new challenges open up according to your child's progress.
  • Children can choose from over 15 pets to adopt and care for--groom, feed, and buy hats for their pet to wear.
  • Race other JumpScouts in tournaments for trophies in Dinosaur Raceway.
  • Play fun games with JumpStart characters--Hops likes Hide and Seek and Kisha likes to race.
  • Kids earn Super Gems at the Math and Reading Arcades. They can then trade in their gems for special rewards.
  • Kids earn badges on their way to becoming the Ultimate JumpScout Explorer.
  • The World changes with the seasons and holidays using a real-time calendar.
  • Parents receive personalized progress reports and activity tips.


  • 4-6 years

Skills Taught

  • Math: Sorting, Shapes, Graphs, Counting, Measurements, Calendars
  • Reading: Rhyming, Phonics, Letters, Sounds, Listening Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking: Spatial Awareness, Visual Discrimination, Directions
  • Social Skills: Friendship and Teamwork
  • And much more!


  • Empowers Children to Succeed
  • Builds Confidence
  • Rewards Achievements
  • Enhances Social Skills
  • Stimulates Creativity
  • Engages Parents

Research: The Building Blocks of JumpStart World
Research has shown that children's "play" can encourage and improve their ability to learn. JumpStart World keeps children motivated to "play and to learn" because JumpStart World recognizes each achievement along the way. The result is non-stop play and learning that will involve the entire family.

Children and Technology White Paper
(.pdf - 84k)
JumpStart World White Paper
(.pdf - 124k)

JumpStart World™ Kindergarten is a revolutionary 3D world of learning that progresses in response to your child s own pace. It s the smart fun way to achieve Kindergarten success!System Requirements:PIII series 1 GHz or better Windows XP 32 MB DirectX9.0c compatible video Card 1.4 GB Free hard disk space Broadband Connection 256 RAM Format: WIN 98ME2000XPVISTA Genre: EDUCATION Rating: NR UPC: 876930001642 Manufacturer No: 20218

  • The smart, fun way to achieve success in school
  • Personalized learning that responds to your child's pace so that kids stay challenged and motivated
  • Interactive learning design provides new play experiences every time your child signs on
  • Parents get activity tips, helpful ideas, and progress reports
  • Unique 3D design and immersive play

Customer Reviews:

  • Jumpstart blackmailing parents to buy a subscripton.
    All of the Jumstart World 3D Adventures require you to purchase either a yearly[...]or monthly subscription[...]to have access to the other levels that are not included in the original CD purchase. Please note that I said it gives you "access" to the other levels of the game. Once you quit Subscribing your child can NO LONGER PLAY any parts of the game that they previously downloaded & played during the subscription period. After you unsubcribe your child only has access to the first 2 levels again that came on the CD. You have to have high speed internet access available at all times in order to play these games. You can't use them on the laptop in the car or on the plane. You can't play them while your internet connection is down for pete's sake. Why would anybody pay that much money for something you WILL NEVER ACTUALLY OWN?...more info
  • Disappointed - requires expensive subscription
    My kids love this program. I was very happy that I purchased it - but I did not realize that it only comes with the first two levels. So for $20 you get your kids hooked and they very quickly master the games in the beginner levels and they can't go to any new "worlds" unless I pay $8 per level. Very Disappointing!! I thought I was buying a package. I would have gladly paid a flat $39 -$49 for an all-inclusive package. But $20 plus $65 (that's the bundled rate) is too expensive!!! (I have a kindergartner and a second grader so I'm in for $170 for both "worlds".) I'm sorry that I bought it. My kids find so many excellent educational websites for free!!!!...more info
  • My Kindergartener loved it!
    We weren't sure about this game after having a bad experience with Jumpstart Advanced Preschool, but we picked it up on a whim at Costco for our son's birthday. He wasn't excited about it after playing the older game either, so it sat on the shelf for a couple of months. Then he started talking about playing computer games at school so we brought it out, blew off the dust and installed it (on a relatively new vista laptop).

    The difference is amazing! Instead of a static cartoon-based game that crashes frequently (Advanced series), Jumpstart World is a 3D world not unlike a simplified version of a Pixar movie. The character is controlled through the arrow keys to walk around and interact with other characters in first person perspective ("camera" behind your character's head so you always see what's in front of you). I can imagine the 3D graphics being pretty taxing on an older computer, but it ran smoothly we only had it crash once or twice in the several months he's been playing it.

    The learning games are great and appropriate for a kindergarten level. The progression is logical, and best of all, the "fun" features are slowly unlocked so that your child has to play and pass the learning games in order to continue the fun part of earning "badges" and discovering new areas and abilities.

    Our son engaged with the characters and talked about them like they were real friends. Eventually, we had to establish limits on how long he could play each day because he was starting to get addicted! All fun aside, this has definitely helped him in school. We just bought the 1st grade version and he's playing it right now - very excited.

    It is kind of pricey to by all 12 adventure packs, but well worth it to me for the many, many hours of entertainment and enrichment. A parent, you just have to be educated and know what you're getting into here. You can register up to three kids, so our three year old is playing too - just at a much slower pace.

    Why didn't I give it five stars?

    You MUST start the game with the CD in the drive. Totally unnecessary and very annoying considering the content is mostly downloaded from the internet. Just don't lose or scratch the disk and you'll be OK.

    You MUST be connected to the internet to start the game. However, once the game is started, you're able to disconnect from the internet and you just need to connect again when you exit the game (records are uploaded to the website for you to view on the parent page and track progress).
    ...more info
  • Good Value, enjoyable but caveat emptor !
    Our 5 yr old daughter really enjoys these learning games.
    The three things you should know about this software:
    1. Its really well done but takes some getting used to. Sit down and run through it with your child, just dont install and set them free. It can be frustrating at first and a bit overwhelming. The program starts and the child is immediately introduced to characters, told about earning gems and badges and playing games and on and on, but after a little patient investment, all of it starts to pay off. I thought it was a bit confusing to begin with, but after 1 month, she and I understand all aspects of the game.
    2. While its true you only get 2 units with the starter pack (out of 12), there are numerous activities, games and things to see and explore within those two units. Going beyond those two units, IF you chose to do so, will cost you money, either one at a time or you can buy the rest in one transaction. At first I thought it was a screw job, but I see there is a lot to the program and for $20, I think its a good value and well done.
    3. The makers of this program are trying to get you, the parent, involved in monitoring the progress. You will get reports, you can see where your child is exceling and needs more work, etc. If you wanted a simple install and set em free experience (numerous titles available for that), this isn't for you. So far we're pleased and she really enjoys the interaction, characterizations and all that.
    For example, there is a portion of the program where you can create cards via a painting routine. That painting routine is full featured allowing for lots of imagination from adding your own pictures, to your own sounds (only if you have a microphone) and lots of options. The quality of that one little aspect of the program is indicative of the time that went into the entire program. She loves it and could just paint and doodle for an hour.
    In summary, we're pleased with the small investment; its better than most of the "learning" programs out there. Is it worth $80+ for all 12 units. I can't say. That is a lot of money for a program, but maybe it IS worth it. I can say its a good value for $20, just be advised that you'll be prompted to continue on a subscription basis for additional units, and that is never good. Subscriptions are notoriously difficult to terminate.

    May 08 update: We ended up purchasing the whole program; all 12 "units" as their called. My 5 yr old daughter loved exploring this program. Its a great combination of learning activities, task performing and rewards, and just plain good ole exploring a virtual world...on a 5 yr old's level. I noticed she spent equal time doing all 3 and I know that the learning games echoed what she learned in school or will be learning in school. I reviewed her progress on this learning program with her teachers and much to my (pleasant) surprise, she was doing the same things in school. She performed very well in school; therefore I think this program is a perfect compliment to a preschool program....more info
  • Better than others that I tried. My son loves it!
    My son loves this game! It's designed so much better than the others that he has (and he has Disney kindergarten Bundle, Clifford Thinking Adventures, and Franklin).While other games are entertaining (especially Franklin goes to school), Jump Start World has way more games than other CDs and the graphics are great!My son is currently on the second module and I am definitely getting the rest for him. He can play for hours and even though the game only has the first 2 units on the CD, it's still more than other CDs offer.And the need to get the lessons mastered to progress to the next level really makes him learn!...more info
  • only 2 levels included
    the 2 levels included are fun and GREAT for learning. my child advanced quickly through them and now, we are prompted every game to buy more levels. i have had problems in the past with cancelling subscriptions so i am very wary. think i will stick with the original 2 levels and call it a loss. too bad, i would have purchased more jumpstart product......more info
  • WARNING: Paid Subscription needed to Unlock Software
    As another reviewer mentioned there are 12 levels and the intro encourages each "Jump Scout" to earn all 12 badges. What they dont tell you is that you can only access the first 2 badges, then you need to pay $[...]/month or $[...]/year to unlock the remaining 10 levels. Lastly, whenever you exit the program it contines to "advertise" the paid subsription for about 30-40 seconds, to further try to "hook" the kids/parents into the paid subscriptions. Both of my kids were really dissapointed when I told them that they would be unable to get past level 2. I was aware that the software allowed more games to be accessed with a paid subsription. What I didnt know was that the software is basically crippled without the subscription. Maybe I am "Old-Fashioned" but I thought that if I paid for the software I would get more than just some "trial software".
    Caveat Emptor!...more info