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USB Powered and Most Efficient Metal Cooler Pad with 3 Built-in Fans for Laptop Computer
List Price: $13.99

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  • 3 built-in 60mm fans for maximum thermal heat dissipation. Compatible with USB 1.0 & USB 2.0. Built-in On/Off switch.
  • Aluminum panel with heavy-duty design and silver anodized finish. Ergonomic designed angle for easy typing.
  • Plug and play, no external power supply is needed, no software installation is required.
  • Airflow : 28 cfm. / Fan Speed : 1500 rpm / Noise: 25 dBA / Voltage : DC 3 V / Power : < 0.9 W / Current : < 180 mA / Dimension (mm) : 300(W) x 240(D) x 40(H)
  • Brand new, one year warranty!

Customer Reviews:

  • Good idea, a little outdated
    I just got mine in the mail today, and with the cheap price tag, i wasn't surprised to find that my 15" laptop hangs off about an inch on both sides. This chill pad would be nice for 13" notebooks and smaller. It still stays stable on my desk, and the completely open bottom makes sure cool air gets circulated. It's pretty quiet as well. As far as the issue of my laptop hanging off the sides, I'm assuming this is an older product that didn't account for all laptops being widescreen in the future. Just a guess.

    Good product for the simple function of keeping your notebook cool....more info
  • Love it
    Before I bought this...
    I was playing World of Warcraft and after about 3 or 4 hours, my pc would overheat. The bottom of my laptop was scalding hot, and would reboot.
    I bought this, and I can play World of Warcraft from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. (11am, to 1am at least) (yes, im a nerd!)
    AND my laptop is COOL TO THE TOUCH.
    After I purchased this, I closely monitored the temp of my PC, while it was being shipped to me, so I could compare the numbers.
    Before I used this, my PC was running 70 to 90 degrees. (terrible!)
    After I used this, my PC stays around 40 to 45 degrees ALL DAY.
    I have no problems with the back, as it stays on my computer desk and I personally dont have a problem if I take my laptop away from my desk I dont play WoW anyway, and then my pc doesn't over heat.
    Anyway. I recommend this one of all things. ...more info
  • Cool thighs for me!
    I got this fan a week ago and ever since my computer (hp) has been cool to the touch. Even my charger has cooled off. Both were often too hot to touch, and my puter would burn my thighs. No more burnt thighs for me! I love the price and it functions excellent!!! oh and i dont have to plug it in to the wall so that great too! thank you techmann890!...more info
  • Open back???????
    What good is a LAPtop cooling pad if you can't put it on your LAP??? Nowhere in the basic description does it mention the open back. If I sit it on my lap the fans hit my legs b/c they are totally open! I would have to put a book then the cooling pad and then the computer. Rediculous.
    Don't waste your money....more info
  • The price is right, and my laptop is cold.
    I lost my first laptop to heat death about eight months ago, so when the time came to replace it, I wanted the new laptop to avoid the fate of the one before it.

    I use my laptop anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, depending on how much work or play time I have. This cooler has been under my Inspiron 1721 since October, and it's still working as quietly and efficiently as it did on the first day. The bottom of my laptop is quite cool, even after a long day of work.

    I only wish that this were available in a size more appropriate for 17" laptops. Approximately 1" of the laptop sticks out on each side, although the cooling efficiency doesn't appear to be affected by this. That having been said, I can't fault the manufacturers on this point - I bought this unit fully knowing that it was made more for smaller laptops.

    Given that this cooler will likely extend the life of my laptop significantly, I'd say it was well worth the modest price....more info
  • Laptop cooler for home!
    The good things about this laptop cooler is that it's super cheap and it comes with three fans! Most other coolers come with only two. It works as intended but the only faults with this cooler is that the underside is exposed. have it on your "lap" isn't such a great thing and since it's designed this way it's not really on the go friendly. I'd be scared to get stuff snagged on the wires and such. The middle fan did go out after maybe two months though. I'd say if you were planning on using this on the go then I'd steer away. Just for home? then it should be a definite buy....more info
  • A lap is not a desk
    Love the device -- really works, easy to fix (when the time comes) and inexpensive. Only problem is the angle; it's fine for a desk, but it tips the laptop farther up in back, which makes for an uncomfortable sight angle when held in the -- well -- lap. Designers needed to treat a laptop as a LAPtop and not a DESKtop. I might glue a strip of wood under the lower edge to compensate. Couldn't hurt it....more info
  • GOOD product not bad at all.
    I was a bit cautious about buying these products here but I've recently had some electronic problems with products that I've bought here at this website. However, this product works very well! The sound is not loud at all in fact it matches of the one from my own laptop's air fans. You get use to it very quickly and they work very well. Plus the extra 4 USB plug ins come in handy! The only reason why I'm giving this a 4 stars is because the box was beat up and it seemed like this product had been used appose to been new like I requested. So that gave me a bad feeling about how it was going to work but I've had it for a few weeks now and it continues to work just fine!...more info
  • Works
    I have never seen one of these things but knew I needed one because my laptop will get hot and the fan sometimes goes on and off too often.
    Pretty neat with the 3 fans. I don't hear them, yet they seem powerful enough. Won't hurt your finger if you accidently touch them.
    Money well spent but not completely happy because it is a bit too small for my 15.4 screen laptop....more info
  • Works well, priced right
    For my HP laptop this works fine although I wouldn't say it super cools my computer. It does do what I wanted though which is to keep my laptop cool enought so it wouldn't shut down by itself (especially when playing computer games).
    Great price for the product, I like the tilt positioning too....more info
  • Below expectations
    Sub par product, after two months has develops a squeaking sound, looks like a child built it, and its not even strong enough for the computer fan to turn off. I only give it two stars because it still runs....more info
  • Cheap
    There's a reason the product shots are taken from the top. This device has exposed wiring underneath. It's a piece of 1/8 inch stamped sheet metal with the electronics bolted on underneath. The plastic knobs that the laptop sits on are simply pushed into place and hang there loosely. If you actually use a laptop on your lap, this item is not recommended. With no bottom surface to speak of and exposed components, this pad only makes sense in a desk-mounted setting. I chose to send mine back....more info
  • I Wasted My Money
    **Edited to add that I did not purchase this through Amazon.

    I bought this around May 2007 and when I took it out of the flimsy soft cardboard box I found that one of the three fans did not work. I immediately called customer service and was offered the choice of sending it back for a full refund or sending it back for a replacement with the shipping fees at my expense. Well reading the great reviews about this product I decided to send it back for a replacement, after all the broken fan was probably just a fluke, little did I know that it was just the beginning.

    About two weeks later I got the new one and it did what it was supposed to do and kept my laptop cool even during the hot summer months, however I found that the open bottom did not allow me to use my laptop on my lap comfortably. I had to tape a piece of cardboard to cover the back when I didn't have a table or desk handy. Also, I found that not having a cover on the back made it very loud. Sometimes I would have to turn the fans off if I was listening to something on YouTube or watching one of my soap operas online. Then in September of 07 the USB connection started to loosen and the fans would stop running until I played with the connection a bit. In December 7 months after I purchased this it died completely.

    I ended up buying a two-fan cooling pad, which is much more quiet, has a back cover that I can use on my lap and is still working today, ten months later.

    I'm glad so many of you like this product and have had success, but I guess it just wasn't the one for me....more info
  • good but too much inclined
    I kinda like its design but it is too much inclined and I am not comfortable working with that much inclined keyboard. It would be great if it would be horizontal or slightly inclinedh....more info
  • Excellent Product
    First, i was thinking to get Notepaul for my 17" notebook. However,after reading the review i thought let't try this first. Fortunetly, this product went beyond my expectation. The fans operate in very silent mode and i have to check once in a while whether they are running. The notebook don't get heated much even i operate it for more than 6 hours.Product is also very light and i carry the cooler with me always. This product doesn't cover my notebook completely and this is why i am giving 4 stars only. I wish they have a bigger notebook cooler fan like this.

    I would really recommend this product to every one....more info
  • Good desk unit, but not a good mobile unit!
    A few posts say that it's "open in the back", but it's really open on the bottom. The fans and wires are exposed, which gives you the feeling that you could damage them. Some type of guard for at least the wires would have been nice. If you're keeping the unit stationary, like on a desk, then you'll be happy with the cooling. If you want to use your laptop on your lap, then you might want to consider getting another chill pad. To use this unit on your lap you could put it on a box or a thin board, but that's probably not something you'll want to do very often. ...more info
  • Helpful in many ways!
    Not only does this product help to cool your laptop, it also protect your laptop from licquid spills if you are using it on a flat surface! Excellent product! I have three (3) laptops. i have a cooling pad for each one!...more info
  • nice product
    I love this cooler pad. It has a low profile and a constant fan. It is quiet. I set it on my lap desk under my computer. It is lightweight and unobtrusive, but elevates the laptop by less than inch in front. If it saves my thermal pad from replacement (it failed before I bought this product) then I will be a happy girl....more info
  • Good job Done
    This product is a nice solution for the laptop heat. My IBM Z61t used to heat up a lot and i was looking for something like this. This is really a nice laptop/notebook cooler....more info
  • Good Product
    This is my second cooling pad after the Targus I orginally used. The design is nice with the open metal frame and 3 fans. Other reviewers have complained about the open design but I fail to see any problem with it. The product seems sturdy and not cheap like the plastic Targus. After about a month, my laptop has no problem with heat. I also like how the back is raised which makes for easier use....more info
  • Pretty good cooling pad
    Here is my simplified review:

    -It serves its purpose pretty well.
    -It is not any louder than my HP laptop's fan.
    -It blows air up, so it is probably best for a bottom air intake laptop.
    -The bottom is open, so it is not even an option to use on your lap.
    -If you use a powered usb splitter to power it, then it would be great!

    Powering a device from your computer (like this cooling pad) means that your computer is working to power it. My computer does feel cooler, but it runs just as much or more.

    For use on a desk, this is a good cooling pad and price!...more info
  • Cheap and Terrible!
    BEWARE. Arrived loosely in poor packaging, looked like it came straight from a factory in China. Cheap quality and ineffective. Died immediately and caused power surge in my USB port. Tested on various computers, same problem. NOT WORTH THE LOW PRICE- worth it to spend an extra ten bucks to get something with some quality guarantee. Though seller "cuberternet" tried to blame my computer, I am now happily using a high quality Targus cooling pad from Target, only $25. ...more info